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Verbatim 49065 64GB PinStripe USB 2.0 Flash Drive - Black
Verbatim 49065 64GB PinStripe USB 2.0 Flash Drive - Black
Price: £16.42

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1.0 out of 5 stars Give the stick to the dog, invest in a rugged little hard drive...anything, 31 Aug 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I own an old Mac. Amazon knows this. I'm having great difficulty in bringing myself back here when items like this soil my serial ports.
USB 2? Yes. 64GB? NO - Not even close.
One of the 55-59gb sticks went straight off to a friend with Windows which is why I'll not complain about the single star.
What I will complain about is the fact that not only does it not take kindly to mac native HFS+ journaling formatting, when you can mount the thing it'll only ever take it up the DOS/FAT32 file system.
That's what I needed it for.
What I didn't need was all the data regularly purging itself with no encouragement from me, often holding cripplingly frozen anything it's attached to.
I'm not imagining these faults, they've happened repeatedly at random times and the stick has been repaired on PC and mac from 7xZero Out Data.

Endgame : these things DO NOT LIKE MACS AT ALL.

LogiLink ID-0071 5 Button Silicone USB Optical Mouse
LogiLink ID-0071 5 Button Silicone USB Optical Mouse
Price: £14.24

1.0 out of 5 stars Enormous, unwieldy and RSI-risk inviting. Run away..., 21 Aug 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Oh my god it's disgusting run away.
It feels like a mastectomy, is made for giants with huge hands who can see through the black silicone covering all of the buttons so you can never tell without studying it intensely where the buttons are actually located under the mess that feels exactly like the game controllers from eXistenZ.
It's clumsy, impractical and horrible - the "wheel" consists a button at each end where a normal mouse has a wheel, so to scroll down a page you have to lean forward, extend your arm further to reach over the middle nipple button (which seems to only be configured to mute computer audio), then you can make the RSI-inducing full-on motorcyclist revving the engine, your wrist travelling several inches further than is comfortable, covering a peaked arc about 5 inches altogether. I have fricking arthritis - that's why I find a multi button mouse so useful.
This mouse is only serviceable as something to give to Lenny to stop him from squishing the bunnies.
I think I threw up a little.
I can't wait to return it, get it out of my sight!

Eva (2011)
Eva (2011)
Dvd ~ Marta Etura
Offered by DaaVeeDee-uk
Price: £22.59

5.0 out of 5 stars ¿Qué ves cuando cierras los ojos?, 19 Aug 2014
This review is from: Eva (2011) (DVD)
I only discovered this beautiful sci-fi this year (2014), but have totally fallen for it. This original Spanish import (at a guess due to price, content, rarity and the desperate shame that DISC TWO with the special features (below) is devoid of subtitles) is primarily visually gorgeous, excellently thought out story in terms of characters, technology and their ethics.
Having said that , DISC 1 (movie) is a beautiful picture and two options for Spanish audio, 5.1 or two channel stereo (with perfect English subs).
The film itself is very "Del Torro does sci-fi" in feel - on DISC 2 you get to witness some of the immense detail they went into with motion capture, a LOT of chroma/greenscreen work and endless preproduction artwork and design, heavily theory based in the very near future.
The best part though for me was the enormous amount of s*** footage left unused, chronicling the story you don't see in the film, of the three adults at college way back when, which though conveyed well within the film, makes for almost a short film of its own - the ONE crushing thing was one outtake involving the CGI cat, which is only partially finished and really wants to be in the movie.
Don't think that you won't like it if you're not into sci-fi: it's essentially a family drama with moments of comedy.
I'm not a Spanish speaker, but there's nothing off putting about the design or content, and as long as all these features are on the copy you're looking at buying, get it.
And get it from davey dee too - very fast and I'm looking forward to returning to unearth more gems from around the world.
Oh, my title?
You'll have to watch it, sucker!

Panasonic DMP-BD75EB-K Ultra Fast Booting 2D Blu-Ray Disc Player (Old model)
Panasonic DMP-BD75EB-K Ultra Fast Booting 2D Blu-Ray Disc Player (Old model)
Offered by PANDY
Price: £79.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Be afraid - BE VERY AFRAID - APPALLING, 12 Mar 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The last DMP I bought was a Philips, which broke and gave up after just over a year (funny that). However, it was better than this. I sent an explicit list of features I required to the shipping company when they contacted me [i'm not available daytime, mostly] referring to the wide variety of formats it needed to play and functions I required.
Whilst it does play most of the formats, with the exception of half of the mp4 files I had made my movies into for compatability with the Philips unit (I think it's the AVC layer of the Mpeg format, layer 10 it does not have codecs for, and doesn't know it either so won't ever download it during any software upgrade) the unit has a gazillion drawbacks.
1. It doesn't play files in any kind of playlist, or have any function to do so. It returns to the root menu after every single thing you watch. Irritating beyond belief.
2. Further irritating than that, and something I specifically asked about - the USB port, whilst considerably sturdier than the Philips, hates USB hubs, though it will play THROUGH one - but it will only house ONE USB stick at a time. That's right - you can use a USB hub, but you'll still only be able to use one port at a time. To change ports, you must first remove the stuck you were using, replace that stick with the new one, and wait for it to recognise you've put a new one in (if you have a drive of a TB or similar, this can take 30 seconds or more. It is promoted on its fast loading for BluRays - which is, basically, true, kind of. But for USB access it's appalling.
Let me recap that: you CAN use a USB hub with it, but IT WON'T ACT AS A USB HUB, it will still only read one of the sticks you have plugged in and furthermore, upon power up, it doesn't recognise a USB stick already plugged in. So you gotta take it out AGAIN and put it back in.
3. The power button is placed in one corner on the top of the unit, so if you put, for instance, a book, on top of the unit, you will more than likely turn it off. Then you have to replug-in the USB stick, of course.
4. The shipping company have not been at all helpful with regards my enquiries with regards these flaws: I asked them which kind of USB hub I needed to make it work properly, they suggested I PHONE PANASONIC, and never followed up on this. Also, retards they are, and also that i am, they flogged me a floor model which has probably been used already more than a year, so I'm not hopeful of the life expectancy. I know this because they forgot to reset the box to factory settings, and when starting network services, I saw plain as day - "Floor Model" - as the already programmed settings.

I feel genuinely ripped off by this transaction, and impotent to do anything about it. The shipping company told me they were giving me an upgrade to the newer model at no extra cost, which I guess is just shoptalk for "I'm going to stitch this sucker up like a kipper and there's nothing he'll be able to do about it".
Also, I can tell Amazon aren't going to do a s****1ng thing about me getting ripped off either, as THEIR idea of customer service seems to be throwing my delivery of computer parts down a flight if outside stairs when I'm not looking then not ringing the bell and not even leaving a note to let me know they were even here.
Poor quality/featured unit.
Very bad quality service.

Samsung SE-208AB/TSBS 8 x DVD+/-RW Slim Portable External DVD Writer - Black
Samsung SE-208AB/TSBS 8 x DVD+/-RW Slim Portable External DVD Writer - Black
Offered by The Component Shop
Price: £25.49

2.0 out of 5 stars You deserve better & So Does Your Mac, 17 Nov 2013
OK. First off, u know (when you are a Mac user), that finding a cd in the box of a drive that claims to be plugnplay 4 MAC+PC - it SOOOOO isn't. It means drivers, it means it was designed to run on windows, then probably hooked up to a Mac 'something' to see if the lights went on or not.
So bad news from the off : I've had an earlier model of this design which was far superior but only lasted about a year.
This one waited until 3 DAYS AFTER THE WARRANTY WAS OUT to stop working with my fairly old Mac, and despite showing early signs of comparability, it's now firmly with a mate's PC where it should be at home. Never burnt anything.

Dcu: Batman: Dark Knight Returns [Blu-ray] [US Import]
Dcu: Batman: Dark Knight Returns [Blu-ray] [US Import]
Dvd ~ Peter Weller
Offered by supermart_usa
Price: £14.12

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1.0 out of 5 stars TOTALLY a Double Dip from Warners!, 2 Nov 2013
[b][i]"NOT a double-dip"?[/b][/i] Are you freaking kidding me? A documentary with Frank Miller that was almost certainly recorded before the release of the individual parts could easily have been included in halves over the original releases - which was, of course, a Warners idea - nowhere has it ever been said "this should really be two separate discs", and then recanted on it only a few months later....that would be pretty poor planning and marketing on behalf of Warners, don't you think?
Make no mistake; though this will certainly be a collector's item, it's -[b]completely[/b] a cynical pre-Christmas drive by Warners in the ever-lengthening shadow Marvel has cast over it in terms of quantity, popularity and strength of product. And notice how the fuss of a pre-emptive Ben Affleck as Batman has been kept alight to keep Batman fresh in the fans and on the shelves?
For fans who aren't minted, it's an extravagance really, especially as there's no Mark Hamill and no Kevin Conroy. Good to finally see Carrie Kelly brought finally to life (and of course, Superman getting the whooping he deserves) , even if - in real years since debut - she'd be turning 38(?) or thereabouts this year, having patiently waited 25years for her illustrious big screen outing.
To be fair to the movie, it kinda IS everything you'd have wanted it to be, and now it's returned to its original form (like the bootleg version that's been out a good 9 months), I'm sure it's much more contented.
(Just don't mention to it they've decided to make another "Watchmen" movie, it might get jealous).
10/10 for story, style and quality.
-10/10 for Warners' strategy marketing it. Bad Warners! Boo! Boo, Warners! Thieves!
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4.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful, but beware...., 9 Oct 2013
The title of the review refers to one thing - the 2x12" 180gm vinyls that come in a sumptuously designed gatefold sleeve are actually beautifully purple coloured, but don't worry about any quality off-set (if you're canny you won't even open it, but I had to know). There aren't any amazing pictures of Hope inside, just a couple of single shots, one of Hope and one of David.

SO HERE'S THE ONE THING: it comes with a nicely designed little "dropcard" with a code on it that grants you mp3 downloads - though I ant tell you exactly what because although the process also involves registering an email, [b]THE DROP CARD IS ABSOLUTELY A ONE-SHOT-ONLY DEAL[/b] - so make very sure your Internet connection's stable (and not being screwed with or the router restarted by some other d**k who lives in the house) whilst you're downloading, because once used, it will NOT allow you to re-enter it, for any reason. You have to contact the site admin who are courteous but secretly probably don't believe you. Really stupid system for anti piracy protection or whatever it's for.

Mazzy Star are probably one of the handful of truly independent artists left in a truly globally duplicitous scene the major label owners have the audacity to promote as free from corporate control and carefully packaged products of bands they push out of their asses. And for this fact alone , you should go and buy a mazzy star release to support them.

Hope's voice just gets sweeter and richer with years, and she looks like she's barely aged a day, and there're only a few grey whiskers in David's sideburns. And stylistically it's almost a return to roots, with a little more sass, the confidence of the years past between the two, and some extra groovy which I'm sure is Colm's MBV influence, though there's never a hint of [i]that[/i] style when he plays with Mazzy.

The music is on the whole what you'd expect - it's lovely, mellow, smoke one in the bath mellow with the familiar drifting, lilting but overall soaring (self consciously) whisps of sexual melancholy that only Hope can produce - fulfilling, but not quite their best, which they still reserve for reserved live performances.

Let's have another a bit quicker though, eh?

Archer - Season 1-3 (Exclusive to [DVD] [Region 1] [NTSC]
Archer - Season 1-3 (Exclusive to [DVD] [Region 1] [NTSC]
Dvd ~ H. Jon Benjamin

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5.0 out of 5 stars Oedipussy - Counter Intelligence, 8 July 2013
How can I sum up the cracking body of Adam Reed's work collected in this 6-Disc collection? "Whhhooooooooooooooooh! Did you not see that? Ok, then, well I guess just pout!". Meaning - this is a comprehensive and totally complete set, no skimping of previous sets' contents - it has everything, and that it also brings great joy, and a hint of sadness knowing that one day in the not too distant future ( maybe only another one or two seasons at most), there won't be any new Archer to digest.
I was lucky enough to have a half-decent mate who introduced me to Sterling before it was aired in the UK, so I've felt like a proud father (God knows he needs it) watching him (not) grow up and gain Adam, Aisha, H Jon Benjamin et al the proper respect due for this beautifully construed archetypal dysfunctional workspace and it's wide-spectrum gamut of uniquely perverse and sadistic but ultimately adorable personalities.
From season one, there are all the original DVD EXTRAS: several fascinating views behind the scenes at Trinity animation, the detail and tech involved generating the 3D surroundings, the carefully low-fi-looking characters, without whose real life personalities so much is drawn from. Also, my personal favourite extra is the "Unaired Pilot", one of the funniest and most bizarre (surreal to the point of Python and then some) animation you'll ever see: Archersaurus. I'll let you discover that gem for yourself.
Subtitles for episodes in Eng, Fra, Esp. (same for all discs).

Season two is where it really took off, with "The Spy Who Loved Himself" 2xDVD collection - and again, nothing is omitted from the original issue collection. Archer gets worse, all the drones start to really gel as an ensemble, despite the fact that they're never in the studio at the same time as one-another. Each voice actor comes in when they can (or even literally - not figuratively) phone their lines in, to be assembled by Adam like a big jigsaw puzzle of.....dammit I had something for this.....
Stand-out extras on this season are obvious - "ASK ARCHER" is a brief but colourful interview by the fireside with a pertinent audience-proposed Q&A, plus an update of Archersaurus' life, post-rejection from Archer, and my favourite, "L'ESPION FAIT MAL"; Archer wakes from a coma only to awaken in the body of H Jon Benjamin (his voice), with the comedic complications of not being a 6'plus-tall, highly trained, fit-as-a whippet secret agent, but facing life at Isis as a 5'6" balding, lumpy weirdo (I feel for that). On top of that, probably the apex of the series arcs with the 2-parter colloquially known as "Terms of Enrampagement".

Season 3 comes thoroughly endowed (phrasing!) with its own fascinating stuff. A great feature, though almost completely irrelevant to the show itself, are the three commentaries with the cast, Adam etc, who literally........literally just spend twenty minutes a pop just talking amongst themselves, with you as a lurker, listening in. Occasionally they relate something to the plot, but rarely, and the enjoyment comes simply from hearing the voices you know as characters just kicking back together (most likely recorded at the Comic-cons they visit ensemble, the only place they all regularly gather together at the same time. So don't expect any deep insights into the series, but expect more info as to where to find more of what they do, eg: Aisha Tyler's "Girl On Boy" podcast and so forth.
Also, the 3-Parter "Hearts of Archness" is officially released as a standalone movie (it's been done unofficially since season 2 was extended with 3 extra episodes, which is what they turned into), following Archers tragic OHMSS-style destroyed wedding and his grieving process and his mother's attempts to "rescue" him battling with his stubborn, dementedly childlike obstinance to simply go against her wishes, landing Archer in a fantasy leadership roll as King of the Pirate-Island where he is held for ransom, with his full complicity.
The extras on this volume are a little disappointing if you've already witnessed the bootleg "Hearts of Archness (redux)", which carries the Coppola-parahomage further up the river than this version, but the tv-spot extras or Facebook virals that not everyone gets to see are equally good as the episodes, as bijout sketches anyway - the classy "Book-On-Tape Fail" probably the best, without diminishing the "Spoilers" promo or the "Cooking With Archer" which ties in nicely with the recent (season 4) episodes "Luve and Let Dine" and "Fugue and Riffs", both involving restaurant time with special guests.

And this is one of the best features of all seasons of Archer, as Adam brings together again not only actors but even characters from previous work with Frisky Dingo and unrelated-at-the-hip Arrested Development casts, numerous of which make guest appearances or form part of the core cast. Jessica Walters, for instance, who found her way to the role after idly flicking through a script that described Malory as "just like Jessica Walters in Arrested Development (she still had to audition though), Pirate-slave David Cross from AD, Patrick Warburton taking the weight off his wheels as Joe in Family Guy to becoming swashbuckling douche Rip Riley, Suburgatory's Chris Parnell (Cyril) and even Gator-star Burt Reynolds all turn up, amongst a growing roster of eager A-Listers all wanting cameos alongside the hardest working funniest talent in the US today, name H Jon Bsnjamin, Judy Greer, Kristen Schaal, the list goes on, the stories get bigger and more incredulous, but most importantly, with this box set, you have the opportunity to follow the whole story arc from the beginning in marathon-sessions, and catch another level of the richly-layered spy-cake that just keeps getting better each time you watch it (and every time you Google the more obscure references (Johnny Bench, Benoit Balls, etc) to get the joke, then Lord it over your mates because you GET IT & they don't.

Archer is the funniest, most elegantly constructed animation/concept to ever have emerged from Anerica, and that's a tall order to scramble to the top of (dammit, that was lame). Having evolved uniquely, outside of the usual Hollywoodland straight-jacket, it is a standard by itself that will probably never be matched. Compared to Archer, The Simpsons is a children's comic, South Park is the slapstick intermission, and it even makes you re-assess what it is in other shows such as Family Guy or American Dad or Robot Chicken that you used to like so much, because Adam Reed's skill in crafting this magnificent body of work is matched only by the star's ability to deliver it. Plus it makes Roger Moore's the Saint and even Bond himself look like total pussies.

As to minuses.....the packaging is a bit cramped, and if you ever get ants in one series they'll spread to the others like wildfire(ants).

At this price too, man you just have to. Flog your old ones and grab this Triple (or in Ray's case, more often than not cripple-) Threat axis of counter intelligent awesomeness right now, or face a modified limited rampage yourself.

Oh, Brett! Sorry, buddy - he is just a bullet-magnet, right?
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Thale [DVD]
Thale [DVD]
Dvd ~ Jon Sigve Skard
Offered by videosanddvds
Price: £3.11

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Next Big Thing (That Hollywood Will Ruin), 16 May 2013
This review is from: Thale [DVD] (DVD)
Having first seen this at a screening in late 2011, and myself submitting sets of subtitles for it (as the original ones, when you could get them, were all appalling), I've come to know and love Thale.
On a tiny budget from YesBox Productions, this is a Fairy Tail* quite unlike any other (ok, maybe "Troll Hunter"), blurring fantasy and horror in a truly Grimm way - from the opening with two forensic cleaners on the job, it does zero half-measures.
It's lilting, carefully time-managed intro slowly unfurls into the discovery of a nymph-like creature, the "Hulder" aka Thale, hidden away underground, seemingly all alone. Inquisitive Elvis tries to take on board with relish the mystery of the beautiful mute girl-creature, and with his estranged brother, Leo, discover that they've been living in a world they really haven't known at all well.
At just over an hour fifteen, it doesn't hang around very long before you're engaged in the mystery of folkloric story yourself, with more than a few carefully distributed shocks along the way, not enough to scare the pants off you, but plenty enough to drive the story along & make you re-watch it again & again.
The only negative thing I'm about to say is the following: it's just been receiving a push re-released worldwide with an emphasis on breaking the USA, where undoubtedly it'll get re-made by Hollywood in English, star a 17-year-old wetdream weighing 80lbs as Thale and Ben Affleck & Matt Damon replacing the recurring awesome duo of jon sigve skard & morten andersson, will lose all it's charm and end up ten years on as a Disney cartoon with happy endings galore.
The Scandinavians do fantasy and horror intelligently and lovingly, and it shows.

*Yes, I meant "Tail", not "Tale".

Apple MA026ZM/A PAL DVI to Video Adapter for Power Mac G5 / Mac mini
Apple MA026ZM/A PAL DVI to Video Adapter for Power Mac G5 / Mac mini

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1.0 out of 5 stars Half a star just for looking Mac, 28 May 2012
There is no indication in the Dvertising of this product that decries its' non-comparability with the very system it says it serves. I have a very nice PowerPC G5 Mac, with TWO working DVI ports. THIS PRODUCT DIDN'T WORK WITH EITHER, and I was the muggins who bought this @£14!!

I am VERY disappointed with this "Av adaptor". Being such, it was expected this cable/adaptor provide an S-Video or SVHS feed to my CRT tv : not everybody WANTS a digital tv, I much prefer the warmth of the tube.

So, DO NOT IMAGINE THIS WILL WORK ON ANY TV. Or, for that matter, with a PowerPC Mac, G5 or not. Disappointingly ripped off. [2nd time I've tried to post a negative review]

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