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5.0 out of 5 stars Stunning, melodious disco, too good to resist, 23 April 2012
This review is from: Fame (Audio CD)
I have known about Grace since I was about 13 I guess. Heard "Pull Up To The Bumper", found a 12" single of "I'm Not Perfect But I'm Perfect For You" and sporadically got into her stuff. At 17, 2001, my Mum bought me the Compass Point Sessions which had some songs I really liked at the time, nowadays not too much on it appeals to me as I am totally back into disco. Around 20, I read Jussi Kantonen's and Alan Jones's book "Saturday Night Forever: The Story Of Disco", an excellent book by the way, and found out that before the eighties hits, Grace was an underground disco diva who released three essential disco albums: "Portfolio" (1977), "Fame" (1978) and "Muse" (1979). Well one day whilst rifling through the cd store (ah, remember them...) I found "Portfolio" for ten dollars. I got it, of course, and was sucked into the hits "Sorry", "Thats The Trouble" and THE hit from that album, "I Need A Man", which must have cemented Grace's outrageous image in the gay and straight clubs alike at the time. The rest has those lush Sigma Sound ,er, sound, that although is a corny medley is still quite wonderful. Anyway...for years, I have wanted "Fame" and "Muse" but found out that "Muse" had never been released on cd at ALL, whilst "Fame" was available on Amazon....for $500. Not being the sort of lad to have $500 to splash out on a cd, unless it comes with a vial of Columbian coke as well, I had to wait...well, wait no more ladies and gentlemen, because Gold Legion have released "Fame", complete with a booklet full of info from Christian Wilkane.

Grace has an unusual voice, many would say it is limited, but I like it and this material suits her a lot. In reality, without the amazing work of John Davis, undoubtedly one of Disco's BEST producers and arrangers, the stunning sweet vocals from the Sweethearts of Sigma and Tom Moulton's mixing, this album wouldn't have been that strong. But combine them, with amazing lush romantic melodies and you have...heaven. At first I was cautious. I stuck to what would have been the A-side as I only had heard of "Do Or Die" being a minor hit. But the medley of "Do Or Die"/"Pride"/"Fame" is so wonderful that it didn't take long to reach the proverbial top spot of the chart in my head. The melodies...the campness...the determination...those trademark strings of John Davis that in "Pride" echo his own album from that year "Ain't That Enough For You" (criminally, no John Davis material has been re-released on cd), it is just great. On the "second side", it opens with "Autumn Leaves", a song sung in French, and the only one that doesn't 'wow' me, but it is pleasant and I like portions of it. Then we have "All On A Summers Night" and "Am I Ever Gonna Fall In Love In New York City", both hopelessly romantic and with a sound that would have easily been played on the deck of one of "The Love Boat's" discotheques...delicious rhythms that are simply wonderful. Finally, "Below The Belt" is also great, in which she sings with force that she trained hard for this fight...Grace and the gang, you delivered a wonderful album. Sure it sounds like it was created in 1978 and to most of my generation they would see it as a camp, outdated novelty. But to those of us that love our lush strings, over the top dramatics, beautiful melodies and for the music to take us away...this is your ticket. One oddity is that the reviewer mentions a non album b-side called "Anema E Core" yet Gold Legion didn't include it as a bonus track. Still that is a minor quibble. I'm so glad Gold Legion have released this and put it onto Amazon, unfortunately in the disco community GL's reputation has been tarnished, and this is a shame, because they have some great product but reportedly take a long time to deliver the goods, but waste no time in taking your money...those scare stories have ensured I will never buy from their site, but will wait for them to come on to Amazon. All I can say is I can't wait to get "Muse"....brilliant.....

Original Album Series
Original Album Series
Price: 12.54

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4.0 out of 5 stars Mixed bag of goodies from the beginning and end of disco era, 23 April 2012
This review is from: Original Album Series (Audio CD)
When I realised I only owned one "best of Sister Sledge" album, which I had bought at the age of 13 (15 years ago!), I decided that when I saw it for twenty dollars, I just had to get it. I wasn't sure what to expect with the earlier stuff. I knew the classics: "We Are Family", "He's The Greatest Dancer" etc, but were they good before that? The answer is: mostly yes! So lets start off with the first album "Circle Of Love", released in 1975. The one hit off this is "Love Don't You Go Through No Changes On Me" which is as glorious a mid seventies soul record if ever there was one. Much of this album was written by renowned soul artist Gwen Guthrie. Other songs that connected with me was the opener "Circle Of Love (Caught In The Middle)" which kind of sounds like the Supremes, and "Protect Our Love" I quite like, again, it has that throwback late 60s sound, with a bit of mid seventies thrown in to keep it current. "Give In To Love" is a dirgy ballad, and most of their ballads do little for me, but this one is so syrupy that I do like it quite a lot, full of odd vocal changes and sweeping'll either love it or hate it.

"Together" was released in 1977 and in my opinion is a much stronger album. "My Favourite Song" is, er, my favourite song from this album, it's so happy and upbeat I can't help but feel optimistic and I had a boogie to it this morning. I also noticed it is written by Michael Kunze, one of the writers of Silver Convention's music, which is brilliant disco music. When dance music was happy..."As" is another song that I like, good melody to it. "Funky Family" is also quite good and lives up to the title, sort of a precursor to their massive family themed song a couple of years a similar vein, "Do The Funky Do" and to a lesser degree, "Blockbuster Boy" are quite funky and sound much more like the year they were recorded in as opposed to "Circle Of Love"

Next we come up to the album everyone knows, and the one that made Sister Sledge household names. Teaming up with Rodgers and Edwards, the team came up with three bonafide classics that continue to wow people to this day: "We Are Family" (in it's full 8 minute version, which is great as nearly all compilations include the radio edit), "He's The Greatest Dancer" (one night in a disco, on the outskirts of Frisco...) and "Lost In Music" which oddly wasn't an American hit, but is absolutely a highlight in their catalogue. "Thinking Of You" also later became a hit in the eighties in the UK and was successfully covered a few years ago and is a sleeper of the album. As with a lot of Rodgers and Edwards work in Chic though, the rest is filler, unless you're in to so so ballads.

"Love Somebody Today" came out in 1980 as disco was on the decline, in the States at least, but it features some great songs, again produced by Rodgers and Edwards. The opener, title track is a jaunty number that is rather happy. Much better is the second track "You Fooled Around" with it's bittersweet funk truly endearing to these ears. "Pretty Baby" is also a very funky song that is easily one of their best, with it's insistent funk and a message to one of the girls children. As Nile would put it, a message song. "Reach Your Peak" is also rather upbeat, a song I have known for a while and is pretty funky, a slower jam that could have seen some grinding back in the day, with a nice string section halfway. "Easy Street" is a slower song, but it appeals to me quite a bit. "Lets Go On Vacation" is a corny number that I can see in a comedy movie, but it is nice enough, just very dated now. Nice strings and harmonies from the girls though. The only two that don't click are "I'm A Good Girl" and "How To Love". All in all though, a solid album that is as good as it's predecessor in my opinion.

1981. A tough year for disco musicians. Rap is exploding and disco is well and truly declared dead in the music press in the USA. Narada Michael Walden steps in to produce the last album in this set, "All American Girls". He did an absolutely great job with the title track, later sampled by Will Smith I think, this is a truly upbeat song, sure it's a little patriotic but it's infectious energy can't help but move your feet. Similarly, "Music Makes Me Feel Good" is a hot little groover perfect for the dancefloors of the year. The last worthy song on the album, in my opinion, is the terrific "If You Really Want Me" with delicious strings, melody, the whole thing is great in a downbeat kind of way. The rest of the album does little for me.

Sister Sledge went on to have one other major hit: "Frankie" which hit no.1 in the UK in 1985, and recorded several other albums with moderate success and have toured consistently off the success of mainly "We Are Family" fact they are coming here to Australia in June, and you can bet I will be there! All in all, this collection is great, good sound, lots of classic material to counter the blander stuff and at a price like this, it is a perfect intro for those who only know the major hits.

"Circle Of Love" -
"Together" -
"We Are Family" US No.3 UK No.7
"Love Somebody Today" US No.
"All American Girls" US No.42

Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: 10.73

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4.0 out of 5 stars Terrific album from the gangsters of the groove..., 28 Nov 2011
This review is from: Candles (Audio CD)
"Candles" is simply one of my favourite albums ever. I purchased the cassette at 17 (11 years ago) and it was at a special time for me...I just met someone and was becoming a man...the songs on this album introduced me to Heatwave proper. Sure I knew "Boogie Nights" and "The Groove Line" both of which are great songs. But this album...great, every track is great. "Candles" peaked at No. 29 on the British charts and 74 in the U.S. "Gangsters of the Groove" is a slick Temperton production that has sizzling synth and their trademarks harmonies in full gear. It also became a hit: No.19 in England and No.110 in America. "Jitterbuggin" is the fun stepper that followed it and peaked at 34 on the UK charts. Lyric: "we're goin' jitterbuggin, all through the night, jitterbuggin' tonight..." "Posin Til Closin" is a killer track, smooth as, and gets all disco friendly towards the end, has a good feel to it. Some funky bass playing and great lyrics in this one. "Dreamin You" IS dreamy. Delicious feel good disco soul that has an innocence that is missing from today's music. It is just a nice song, yet funky. Of the actual ballads, "All I Am" is beautiful, Johnnie's voice is soul at it's best and would be one you'd like to dance with someone special to. "Turn Around" is a solid, funky song, nice horns and bass that chugs along nicely. "Where Did I Go Wrong" is a throwback 50's type song that for me, is the albums low spot, but I don't dislike it, it's just not really my thing. "Goin Crazy" is another full on funk workout, with frantic strings darting in and out and atmospheric sounds goin' on...lets clap, lets clap, lets all clap...and "Party Suite" well, what a lot of fun that is, with it's great intro (it is my ringtone) and full on party vibe. Now we come to the crunch...

My tape broke! I wanted this album on cd for so long. I also bought "Hot Property" and I have to say I much more enjoy this album, probably because it is much more funky and disco than "Property". I heard it was on cd, but then it was out of stock. It seemed I would never own "Candles." But one day, on a net search, what was I to find but "Candles" with photos, notes and most excitingly, bonus tracks! Well when I got it, I was very impressed. The photos are great and it features detailed liner notes from Phil Ramone who produced and Derek Bramble who played on this album. Full discographical information. And the bonus tracks: "Wack That Ax", a funky little number that was b-side to "Gangsters of The Groove" and "Find Someone Like You", a pleasant little song, full of romance and dreaminess. Big Break Records have excelled themselves on this album, and made me rush out and buy "Hot Property" which is also well done by BBR. There is one further Heatwave release they have put out, "Current" from 1982, but I don't have that one yet, as 1982 is getting late for me. If you are a disco fan, who likes a bit of intelligence and FUNK in their music, you must own "Candles".

Hot Property
Hot Property
Price: 8.59

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3.0 out of 5 stars Jazz + Disco + Soul+ Heatwave's "Hot Property", 28 Nov 2011
This review is from: Hot Property (Audio CD)
Andre has really given quite a concise review (I'll forgive the spelling mistakes) but I'll add my two cents.I have been a fan of Heatwave for quite a while.They have a very male sound and quite a unique one at that.Joe Public may only know them for their smash hit "Boogie Nights"(UK#2,US#2) in 1976...but their story is a lot longer than that.They had another big hit "The Groove Line" (UK#12,US#7)and another album but then tragedy struck.Lead singer Johnnie Wilder was injured in an horrific auto accident. He stayed with the band though and with the other boys and producer Phil Ramone they created the mixed bag that is "Hot Property".Despite all the craziness that happened with Johnnie, the album charted and peaked at #38 pop in the USA. Heatwave could never be described just as a "disco band". Their style is harmonious, complex. Lets take a look at the songs."Raise A Blaze" is probably my favourite song on here, and the most commercial too, with its funky rhythm,harmonies and vocoder, strings urgently darting in and out and bass guitar always there. "One Night Tan" is of a similar vein, with its dark synth sound working a treat."Disco" has a very atmospheric chorus ("At the disco, where all the happy people like to go") that would be better if it went longer.It breaks into a jazzy type thing that halts the mood. "All Talked Out" is another high point with a great lyric ("I know we've had our groovy times, but I've seen all the danger signs, ain't no doubt, we're all talked out") and a good feel to it."Eyeballin" was released as a single but did not chart.It is quite funky, though, as in many Heatwave recordings, the vocals and harmonies can be at times grating.Of the ballads, "First Day of Snow" is very pretty.The bonus tracks are the 12" of "Eyeballin" which is better than the original, "Birthday" a bside in both the 7" and 12" version that doesn't really do much for me, and the US version of "One Night Tan" which is only subtly different, but is quite good."We'll Always Say Goodnight" is a pleasant ballad.You may have gathered I'm not such a fan of the ballads (although "All I Am" on "Candles" is excellent.) Big Break Records have done an excellent job with the packaging, the liner notes are detailed and there are some great photos and complete discographical information, which I appreciate.All in all, ,fans of Heatwave will like this once they have gave it some time to sink in.

Norma Jean (Expanded)
Norma Jean (Expanded)
Price: 7.55

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3.0 out of 5 stars Glossy disco Chic style only hit and miss fun., 22 Nov 2011
This review is from: Norma Jean (Expanded) (Audio CD)
For me, the Chic sound has always been a bit hit and miss. Although obviously they have had moments of brilliance ("Le Freak, Everybody Dance, We Are Family...ok, more than a few), they had their equal share of dirgy ballads, and the, their sound went downhill. It seems there are more of those dirgy moments on this album then not. But the good stuff first: this album is treated nicely by Edsel, and the packaging is very nicely done. It was also great of them to include bonus tracks, which for me, has made it a worthwhile purchase. Those tracks, "High Society" and it's flip "Hold Me Lonely Boy" are the absolute stereotype of the Chic sound: glossy, sophisticated and ambitious. Great stuff. "Saturday" is brilliant: she longs to get out of her mundane job and go out there and disco...don't we all? It's mellow, it's anthemic, it's great. But, apart from "Sorcerer", which is another Chic stomper, and so much better in it's 12" mix which is included here, the album is full of ballads. Although "I Believe In You", "So I Get Hurt Again" and "This Is The Love" are nice, they are not mind blowing. I can't stand "Having A Party". What is that track meant to be??? And "I Like Love"...that is a nice uplifting song, half disco, half pop, that became a hit for Solitaire a few years ago, at least here in Australia. So the highlights:

it also includes some bonus tracks, single edits of "Saturday", "Sorcerer" and "Having A Party" although I don't see the point really. Why listen to the shorter versions when you can get more groove? Full marks for the packaging though. Great to see disco albums on cd...

Stevie Kotey Presents Disco Divas Delight
Stevie Kotey Presents Disco Divas Delight

4.0 out of 5 stars Sophisticated disco with moments of greatness., 21 Sep 2011
First, I would like to say I have been listening to disco for a long time. Although I wasn't lucky enough to be around in the day, I have clocked up fourteen years and counting: thats a lot of disco! The name Steve Kotey is new to me. He's apparently a part of Chicken Lips a dance outfit in the UK. I am always on the hunt for disco gold: this package has enough to sate me. I would like to offer a beef with his blurb about his collection though: "Yes we all know that mainstream disco divas have been covered and featured to won't find any Donna or Gloria here my darlings...". I understand the sentiment behind his statement: those lazy compilations that features 3 minute edits of Donna's "Love To Love You Baby" and "I Will Survive" by Gloria ARE in the plenty, and it gets tiring when you mention the word disco to people and they rattle off the SAME old songs...however, I have become aware of a snobbery that many djs and fans seem to have: as if commercial music is the devil and to admit that any hits are actually quite wonderful is terminally uncool. This is untrue. Donna and Gloria had many great records and the mainstream for me sits comfortably amongst my more 'obscure' stuff like this...anyway, that's my rant...onto the music. The high spots for me are: "Cool It" the hot closing track by Yssane Carniss, with rollicking guitar, and odd vocals. I also really dig "Smile" by Skylite, a great feel to this one that I can't stop playing. "Judith" by Midnight Stud, on the famous Carrere label, is awesome. This would be the sort of song you would have heard once or twice in some obscure it. "Conga" by Hot Sauce is a lot of fun also. Anik's "He's Dynomite" is catchy and very seventies and is growing on me. I like the odd sound effects on Toni Van Duyne's "Be A Star" although I don't find the song that strong. Top Secret's "Dancing Into Midnight" is produced by Pat DeSerio, who I am pretty sure is the man behind the Nightlife Unlimited releases. Anyway, the song is rather cool, quite breezy and some nice strings. I don't hate any of the songs; but the opener "Height Disco Report" is rather bland, as is "I Put A Spell On You", and "Flash O Disk". All in all, a good collection, some interesting liner notes about the songs, and congrats to Kotey for introducing me to some 'new' stuff!

Disco Connection: Authentic Classic Disco 1976 - 1981
Disco Connection: Authentic Classic Disco 1976 - 1981
Offered by Japan-Select
Price: 18.63

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5.0 out of 5 stars Superb collection of underground disco smashes!, 16 Mar 2011
I have noted this compilation for years...I have always thought "I should get that...". Finally, it took an obsession with Vince Montanas fabulous cut by Goody Goody "#1 DeeJay" to seal the deal. That song is surprisingly hard to find despite its chart status (UK #55,US #82)and reverence amongst Salsoul and groovy disco fans. But there is so much more onboard worth your money! For a starters, the terrific "You+Me=Love", an 11 minute feast of soul, gospel, and out and out disco by Norman "Car Wash" Whitfield.This minor UK hit (#43) is terrific and will surely have you grinding, unable to stop your boogie motion! Stargard deliver their best Foxy Brown funk with "Wear It Out".Kleeer are here, though disappointingly not with "Keep Your Body Working", but an enjoyable nonetheless "Tonights The Night", despite its silly monster like voice.Still, its slick stuff.Patrick Adams, surely one of THE disco greats is here in 2 incarnations: first, the crazily funky and sexy "Weekend" by Phreek.This track is seriously hot and features amazing vocals, strings and synthesiser work.And also he appears on Candi "Young Hearts Run Free" Staton with her 1979 disco hit "When You Wake Up Tomorrow", a soulful, divaish song that works great.Sergio Mendes and Brasil 88 actually sound a little later than 79 with "I'll Tell You". Its a bouncy, chantlike song that is inoffensive and very upbeat.Change actually open the set with their hit "Paradise" (US #80), a typically Jacques Petrus production, with uplifting vocals, great bass and hedonistic happy vibe. "Lipstick" is a funky little instrumental from a movie of the same name in 76. "Whistle Bump" by Deodato is the other instrumental here and is soul funk, and I imagine would have been popular in the British discos who were so very into their jazz funk sound."Oops I was wrong: there was another instrumental "Sao Paulo" by Chic, a very pleasant song from their first, self titled album in 77.Brazilia! And last but not least Janice McClain, the sweet young thing, is here with her Larry Levan remixed "Smack Dab In The Middle", with its thundering piano.Just a pity it cuts out at 4 minutes! All songs here are around the 7 minute mark, with Janice being the shortest and Undisputed Truth coming in at eleven minutes.There are minimal liner notes and a picture of disco cats lining up at 54. This really is a great compilation and I will be buying the second one.Won't take so long this time!

Warner Brothers Years, The: Hits, Remixes And Rarities
Warner Brothers Years, The: Hits, Remixes And Rarities
Offered by soulsearchingplus
Price: 28.95

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4.0 out of 5 stars Sophisticated disco, 26 Feb 2011
Ashford and Simpson are unsung musical geniuses.This compilation features rare and extended versions of their golden 70s period, thankfully avoiding their biggest hit "Solid" (which I never liked) and featuring the sound heard in the clubs in the mid to late 70s.Of actual hits "Found A Cure", featured prominently on the "54" soundtrack is here in two forms, a long version on disc 1 and an even longer version on disc 2 mixed by Tom Moulton.Great."Don't Cost You Nothing" was also a minor US hit hitting 79 on the pop charts and is funky as hell, great vocals and instrumentation."Send It" the title track from one of their albums is slower paced but is just gorgeous.Love it.Similarly "Top OF The Stairs" has a slow groove with a magnificent break ful of strings.Indeed this set is full of strings which sound amazing."Bourgie Bourgie" is a delightful instrumental and the first time I heard it without the vocals that both Gladys Knight and John Davis presented on their own versions."Everybodys Got To Give It Up" is the earliest song on here and is quite good."Tried, Tested And Found True" and "One More Try" are both flowing , sophisticated pop disco at its best.I love "Over and Over" much more than Sylvesters gospel treatment of it."It Seems To Hang On" scraped into to the British top 50 in 1979, but its brilliant, slick, sophisticated disco in its extended form that it always deserved."Nobody Knows" is not too bad."Stay Free" is good also and features some great lyrics.The liner notes are quite good and actually feature the duo themselves talking about the music and remixes.On to the remixes.Honestly except for the Tom Moulton mix of "Found A Cure", I see no point.I do like Dimitri From Paris for his disco work but really none of the remixes did much for me.The intro and extra percussion on "Bourgie Bourgie" is good I suppose.But you'll be buying this for the rare and high quality ouput of disco era Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson.

Disco Discharge: Disco Fever USA
Disco Discharge: Disco Fever USA
Price: 6.92

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4.0 out of 5 stars Cisselin Hot!, 26 Feb 2011
Disco Discharge returns for more dazzling disco delights! First up is Fern Kinney's "Baby Let Me Kiss You", a slick, electronic number featuring Fern doing her moaning sort of thing she did so well on her "Groove Me" single. "Sunshine Hotel" is a rock and rolling disco cut with awesome wah wah, piano and growling vocals."Two Hot For Love" is porno disco from the THP (Three Hats Productions) Orchestra and can be a little overbearing, but is infectious nonetheless.Perfect for late night fun in an alley..."Why Must A Girl Like Me" by Claudja Barry is a campy sort of song, that would fit in on a transvestite road movie, but is quite pleasant and has the typical Salsoul sound behind her."Cisselin Hot" by Chuck Cissel really is too cool for school, this is just such an awesome cut and recently I had the pleasure of contacting the man himself who suggested it should be remade...but personally I think there is no need, this cut is timeless."Holler" by John Davis and his Monster Orchestra is a thumping number with a hot break, it was the flip of his disco hit "Love Magic" in 1979."Like An Eagle" by ex porn star Dennis Parker is a classic cruising cut from Mr Jacques Morali with the only cringe worthy bit being his wailing in the will know what I mean when you listen to it.The instrumental version of Earth, Wind and Fire's "Boogie Wonderland" is great, it reminds you of the brilliance of the original and it it terrific music after all.For me, besides "Cisselin Hot", the stand out track has to be the magnificent "You're The Fire" by Cissy Houston.This has all the ingredients to send shivers down a disco lovers spine: strings, dramatic diva vocals and some hot keyboard by none other than Michael Zager. Marlena Shaw contributes her sexy "Love Dancing" track, Area Code 212 contribute the jazzy "Dukes Train" which grows on me each time I hear it and can be quite funky at times,and the two cuts from the `79 vampire film "Nocturna" are fabulous: Gloria Gaynors rueful sounding "Love Is Just A Heartbeat Away" is better than Vickie Sue Robinsons "Nighttime Fantasy" though,in my opinion.Slick's "Space Bass" is tremendous, a classic I already owned, but with terrific sound effects and vocals ("even in the year 3000..."). Ultimate are here with their classy "Ritmo De Brazil" from their classic self titled lp.Linda Clifford "If My Friends Could See Me Now" is onboard and its a diva centric showbusiness disco item running eight minutes.It should be mentioned, that as usual, all cuts are either 12" or album versions, so no annoying radio edits here.Double Discovery, one of Boris Midneys creation provide the so-so "Step On Out" and Boystown Gang are here with the forgettable and non-disco "YesterMe,YesterYou,Yesterday" cover."Dance" by Paradise Express, is another cut I had played for years, but it is still infectious and fast moving and the intro alone is enough to warrant it on this collection.Teddy Pendergrass is funky as hell on the short "Life Is A Song Worth Singing", a message song that really does speak to you.And finally, the fast "One Love" by Celi Bee and her Buzzy Bunch, a hustle fused groove from 1977.Liner notes by author Alan Jones provides you with a bit of information on the tracks and a few cover shots, and as usual the front cover isn't really disco, but they like to do that apparently, I personally like the disco photos but honestly, if thats the only complaint to have about this fantastic set of songs that most of are quite hard to get,then I'm happy.Another great job.

Bionic Boogie (Expanded Edition)
Bionic Boogie (Expanded Edition)

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4.0 out of 5 stars We must believe in disco..., 31 Jan 2011
I, like many others have been waiting a long time for this classic disco album to be released on cd. A true disco-pop classic from 1977 it includes "Risky Changes", the club classic in both its album and rare-ish 12" form, and the other singles "Dance Little Dreamer" in both forms, which hit US#105 in 1977 but was also a club favourite.Gregg Diamond, the unfortunately departed singer/songwriter/producer is in top form here.His biggest commercial success was Andrea Trues 1976 chart smash "More More More", and you can here elements of that here.Diamonds style was quirky lyrics,odd arrangements and lots of piano,strings,funky bass guitar and some sizzling percussion."We Must Believe In Magic" is very pop,it has that Christian sound that so many disco songs did, a sort of pure on the outside, but naughty disco on the inside feel.If that makes sense."Boogie Boo" has a great feel to it.Very stoned sort of sleazy club feel."Stop The Music" continues in a similar feel to "Magic"."Big West" and "Feel Like Dancing" are two dramatic instrumentals that show off good musicianship and would fit into any soundtrack for 70s cop shows.The liner notes are from Brian Chin, a respected disco music historian, and are quite emotive, we don't necessarily learn too much more about Diamond, but there is enough, and besides this was released by Funky Town Grooves, a small reissue label from the UK, and the emphasis is on the music:it is amazing to have this 1977 disco album on cd in the first place, glossy pages are nice,but not the point.Its follow up album "Hot Butterfly" (1978) was oddly released first by FTG and is equally hot.A must have for disco fans who have tired of the Village People,Abba and Barry White (as great as they all are.)

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