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Tortuga "twistedthoughts" (London)

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Character World Disney Marvel Comics Double Rotary Duvet Set, Multi-Color
Character World Disney Marvel Comics Double Rotary Duvet Set, Multi-Color
Offered by HomeSpace Direct
Price: £19.72

5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars, 1 Jan. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Very happy and fast delivery

Marvel Iron Man Hand 3D Nightlight
Marvel Iron Man Hand 3D Nightlight
Offered by yao mei
Price: £37.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars, 1 Jan. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Brilliant for the kids bedroom

The Invincible Iron Man Watercolour Effect Stretched & Mounted Canvas Art Print Brand New
The Invincible Iron Man Watercolour Effect Stretched & Mounted Canvas Art Print Brand New
Offered by Canvas Art Print UK
Price: £9.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars, 1 Jan. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Very happy with the canvas and prompt delivery.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (PS3)
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (PS3)
Offered by Bridge_Records
Price: £9.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely Spanking!, 15 Oct. 2008
Right, before this I last played MGS2 Son's of Lib (Big Shell) and for reasons largley due to the cut scenes I avoided MGS Substence and then number 3 on PS2. So I had reservations about MGS4 this time around and also had some gaps in the story.

Focussing first on the game itself, I was hugely impressed at the AI of PMC's and militia forces. Each act has set choreography whereby the ongoing battle between the two takes place. This essentially means that you can take a back seat and admire the fantastic action of the game that you would normally see in a decent movie. You can move quietly around the maps watching the battles unfold or on the other hand, you can engage either side in your own gunfights and pick off individuals from distance with sniper fire.

Of course, should you take this option, you will create Alert status and the enemy will engage, sometimes in vast and infinite numbers.Some people may not know that you can gain the admiration of the militia troops by killing PMC's and by giving them your supplies. This in affect gains their support and means that there is one less army to shoot at you; and there are several disguises that you can gain only through fighting alongside the militia. My biggest pleasure of this game is that you can go through it basically killing everything in your path, including taking down tanks and aircraft (assuming you have the correct weapons); or you can attempt a wide range of differing ''stealth versions'' (zero alerts, zero kills etc) in order to gain emblems. Some of these of course do require several playthroughs dependant of the criteria attached to each emblem. In addition to these, there are a number of special weapons and camo masks / suits that you can unlock by completing various tasks which I wont spoil (best you get a decent walkthrough)but I will mention the ''Predator'' style invisible Camo suit. Very Very Cool.

SO Ive beaten the game once using a every gun and explosive I could get my hands on. Sure I won some emblems but I have missed loads, and since I killed everything, I didnt get any of the special gear that I know is there for the taking. In doing so, I picked up almost all the weaponry you can get and modified most of it. You can buy weapons to but you need DP's for this, which you get from racking up kills and collecting weapons. Once completed you can save the game and carry everything forward to the next playthrough soooo I will play the game again with the emphasis on Stealth and attempt to get the stuff I missed.

Gameplay wise, I would reccommend any good gamer have a look at the controls options, as I found the default settings quite slow and clunky. I found the levels extremely well laid out with a wide choice of paths to follow. Some of which are well hidden but they are there and can either assist the stealth attempt or enhance the action.

Graphically the game is a masterpiece and far outshines anything else I have seen including COD4. The attention to detail is extreme and is usually something I bitch about. One example of this is that the cutscenes are setting specific so if you are carrying a grenade launcher and wearing a Camo mask - thats whats in the cutscene. Everything looks fanatsic and the only thing I could find to bitch about visially was that when Snake drops off a ledge / box etc, his gun dissapears from his hands. Thats it and very trivial I know.

In game movies, well they also look fantastic but there are alot of them and some are very long. I didnt mind so much as I did miss some of the story from prior games, and found it quite interesting to follow, even if some of the dialogue is typical Manga stuff - deep and slow paced. That said, now I beat the game, I dont have to watch them again so the second playthrough will be far more enjoyable and quicker as they are largely skippable save the last few.

If you want to be able to play a game for half hour or so, this isnt really for you. You need alot of time, not just to watch the movies but to understand the complexity of the huge variations of playing styles, weapons and items; not to mention all the hidden stuff that you will only find by exploring the use of the above. So I can see why so many people have been badly dissapointed and given the game a low rating.

For me, this is two games in one - a fantastic action game and a fantastic stealth game which looks incredible. I got my copy for a fraction of full price brand new so I am well pleased with it for value for money. I would reccommed it to everyone but bare in mind two things, my review above and the following quote.

''You can play through this game and not even scratch the surface''.

I would guess the 1 / 2 star people out there just didnt get into it as it certainly derserves far more respect and of course - time. Dont buy brand new and if you are going to get it, play it through at least twice as I will.

Haze (PS3)
Haze (PS3)
Price: £4.98

4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Average..Reviewed upon completion.., 11 Oct. 2008
This review is from: Haze (PS3) (Video Game)
Okay so hugely disappointing for so many reasons. The game starts off reasonably well but the first thing that stands out for me is that the three typical visual effects (cinematics, cutscenes and in game play) are massivley different in quality. The cinematics are exceptional and much like in Army of Two they are so far beyond the in game play graphics - photo film quality. Then there is the middle ground of cutscences, which look basic and blocky. Why oh why do developers do this?

The game itself is based on you starting life as a Mantel Trooper but unlike the other members of your army, you have broken the hold of the nectar drug and have started thinking for yourself. You then defect to fight for the rebels. thats the plot in a nut shell and it should have been far more interesting as you apparently gain all these different skills as you defect to being a a rebel.

The problem with the game is it just doesnt do itself justice in anyway shape or form. As a Mantel Trooper, you can use a pistol, assault rifle, sniper rifle, flame thrower, shot gun etc which have yellow bits on them so you know which army they belong to. As a rebel you get all of the above with red bits on. Given that the rebels are rag tag and were formed only to fight Mantel, you wonder how and why they have the same kind of fire power and why there arent variations on the theme. hand made weapons etc. A Mantel trooper uses nectare to highten senses and this literally highlights the rebels for easier kills. (should be cool but it isnt) Rebels can use nectare bombs to OD the troopers so they kill each other (should be cool but guess what - it isnt).

As opponents, Mantel Troopers have big yellow helmets (deerrrr look at the cover) and may as well have a target painted on them as well or a big sign saying ''shoot me''. if that wasnt bad enough, troopers take a hit of nectar just before any bit of action, so whether you have engaged the troopers or not, you hear a distinct ''hit'' of nectare being taken so you know the troopers are there before you enter a room. Is this cutting edge AI? Next hitch is the constant use of vocals which are repetitive and boring. Then there are the vehicle levels which are hugely crap. You wreck your quad bike or buggy - dont worry - there is another fresh one just around the corner which appears from no-where. This means you doint value the vehicle you have at all as you know another is coming if you trash it.

I wont go into all the glitches and stalling problems I had with the game.

The game generally feels like elements of other similar games but doing none of them well or better, and with this nectar factor thrown in. In terms of rating amongst other FPS on PS3, I'd put it above FEAR for entertainment but below Turok as that at least had a bit of a challenge to it.

One thing we can all agree on is that the bar has been set by COD4. That means anything that isnt quite as defining needs to be different, but still very good. HAZE is neither - but it is yellow.

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (PS3)
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (PS3)
Offered by Top brand cosmetics
Price: £15.99

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Almost Great, 1 Sept. 2008
Uncharted is a bit of a paradox for me, because it is far from perfect and has so many things wrong with it I should be scoring it low, but oddly the game scores high from me because for what ever reason I couldnt put it down from start to finish.

Okay, so lets tackle the key problems. Your journey is completely scripted from A - B and there are no different avenues to explore. Some of Drakes movements are quite clumsey looking and some of the primary movements such as dropping from a ledge and taking cover are especially clumsey as he can drop even though he is nowhere near a ledge. The flip side to this is you can over-jump ledges and die easily. Others have commented on the far from perfect Assassins Creed, which although has problems - really set the bar in terms of interacting with a climbable environment. Uncharted fails miserably at reflecting the progress made in Creed in this department. One of the earliest levels consists of getting on board a stranded submarine by undertaking a series of death defying jumps and shimmys - when the sub would be easily climbable directly from the ledge of rock its stranded on.

Next is the weapons system, which really seems redundant. A single 9mm shot from a pistol has greater stopping power than 3 - 4 shots from the AK47, which everyone knows is one of the most awesome automatic rifles ever made. This is just silly and hence you spend almost the entire game using pistols although the Deagle and Magnum do spice this up a bit.

In terms of puzzles, there arent any really. Tomb Raider has this element down to a T but the scripted nature of Uncharted means you dont have to do much to keep moving. The game is pretty easy to work out and even the route for jumps & shimmys etc is pretty simple with very few wrong turns & dead ends.

So.. the game had me engaged because to start with it looks awesome, very detailed and lush environments which are used to maximum effect across a series of levels in one location. The cut scene story element is pretty good and although a bit old hat has been done very well with great acting. I've complained recently about the water affects in 'Army of Two' being seriously poor but this is not the case in Uncharted. Water looks and feels like water, Drakes clothes visably get wet and the use of the Jet Ski levels demonstrates how Water & Rapids can be utilised to great affect.

The mixture of climbing and shooting is about right and creates a nice tempo for the game which lasts about 11 - 12 hours depending on how good and how bothered about the treasures you are. I've played through and found 48 of 60 which wasnt bad first time and I would replay the game of Hard difficulty.

The game is lacking any real challenge in terms of puzzles, bosses or wrong turns for you to get lost, fall down or die so I can see the game appealing to a younger audience; and the auto save is good and consistent so anyone looking to hit there PS3 for half hour at a time can make steady progress without having to replay lengthy periods of the game.

All in all, Uncharted looks amazing and I enjoyed it. I feel it could have been so much better, by mixing in some actual stealth elements, a lot more wrong turns, a boss or two and far harder puzzles (think of the prince of persia games). Current value means it is a steal and an absolute must buy for anyone looking to show their little box off.

No pun intended ha ha.

Pumping Iron [DVD]
Pumping Iron [DVD]
Dvd ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger
Offered by Just4-U-Media
Price: £11.87

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5.0 out of 5 stars A solid piece of history!!, 5 Aug. 2008
This review is from: Pumping Iron [DVD] (DVD)
Pumping Iron is an absolute must see for anyone that is into training, whether that is with weights, sprinting or any other sport for that matter! It is sure to boost your approach to working out and is actually very fun and interesting.

The Anniversary Edition DVD includes some great added extra's which were not avaiable on the VHS version. One of these is an open and frank interview with the man himself, shedding some light on some of the more memorable moments of the film. whether or not you enjoy body building (doing it or looking at it) doesnt matter. I have leant my copy to enough people who dont work out to know that it has a massively inspirational impact on who ever see's it.

Yes there are plenty of steriotype body builders who are clearly on more than popeye spinach, but whats great about this film is the way it portray's the intense work and discipline that goes into this lifestyle. The sub plot is the genuine friendships and comradery between 'atheletes', which remains intact to this day.

In addition to the intrinsic qualities, this film is a brilliant insight into the man, that over 30 years ago said he wanted to be the president of the US. Okay Arnold didnt quite make that but he hasnt done too badly, he is at the healm of the 2nd most powerful state. Love him or Loath him, his approach to his life and training are reflected in this film.

Have a dream and make it happen.

F.E.A.R. (PS3)
F.E.A.R. (PS3)

12 of 14 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars For Every Awesome Reviewer!, 7 July 2008
This review is from: F.E.A.R. (PS3) (Video Game)
Okay I am reviewing the PS3 version (As I am guessing you hit a link to look at the PS3 Version). Would someone please PLEASE stop people from reviewing games based on their experience of Xbox, PC and demo's!!!

FEAR is a first person shooter set in a dark and gloomey corner of the world, where a mystery bad guy (who is a bit of a hannibal lector) has taken control of the dark arts - not to mention a legion of cloned super soldiers. Its never quite explained but there is also a young ghost like girl (part based on Samara from the Ring and part based on the chinese girl from The Grudge) who strides around in the shadows, creating some genuinely 'jumpy' moments. Between the ghosts and the soldiers, FEAR has the potential to be a really good FPS.

So the good bits... the game has some very good 'tension and suspense' like any good horror movie, it builds the suspense well and its probably the only game that has made me jump - believe it or not. It does this using the same tools as the movies, sound, music, suggestion - things you think you see but maybe you didnt... for instance, someone walks past you so you turn the corner and they have gone.. and then there are some scenes where you get transported into blood soaked rooms to witness some pretty horrible flashbacks.

The fire fight set pieces are pretty good with the enemy AI reasonably high, meaning they attack, flank and counter fairly well - certainly better than in fall of man. The array of weapons is good and the use of bullet time slow motion is also very good, and enables a different style of gameplay.

So that bad bits... well those super soldiers are hard as nails, I mean to the point where they take the infamous shotgun to the legs and still get up to kill you. Several pin point sniper shots to the head and they can still fire back. In addition, I found the controls and aiming that touch more tricky that usual FPS's, whereas the enemy soldiers rarely miss - and only need to hit you a few times to score a kill. They seem to be able to see you a mile off so there is little opportunity to use stealth tactics. I dont mind hard difficulty, but the game didnt seem at all fair, or that realistic.

Then there is the levels design. You basically have three main areas, all of which have been abandoned with a few straggling security people. Each level is very boring and repetitive. Corridor, stair case, a lift shaft and ladder. The game layout and levels is very basic and the initial 'suspense' tools of lighting and darkness, along with long periods where nothing happens and there is no one to fight just makes the game fairly boring and samey.

This game is best compared to the film 'Dusk Til Dawn'. something that had the potential to be either a really good gangster film, or a really good vampire film. FEAR had lots of potential but ultimately fails to deliver a big scare (or two) on the horror front, or a really solid FPS for action lovers. The combination in FEAR just doesnt seem to work (for me).

The games biggest failing is that it does little to bring anything new, utilise the power or capabilities of the PS3, and it doesnt feel big budget (ala COD4 and even Turok). I have to say that I own some far better FPS's on PS2. FEAR isnt terrible, but is just isnt up to scratch.

Turok (PS3)
Turok (PS3)

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Lost World or Lost Opportunity?!, 3 July 2008
This review is from: Turok (PS3) (Video Game)
I agree with the review on here by Black Tooth! I litetrally just finished this last night (an oddly enough Jurrassic Park 3 was on TV later on, but I will come back to this). Having read other reviews before ordering from amazon, I guess I was expecting something pretty basic. BUT.. Turok turned out to be a fairly decent game. I was a big fan of the N64 game, never played the ps2 addition and have recently played the rather seriously pitched and boring FEAR.

So Turok is quite alot of fun. The graphics are easily better than ps2 and far better than those of FEAR, Fall of Man and Jericho. The story is good, although fairly run of the mill and features some very cliche'd character's. But they are all well rendered and superbly voiced by a decent cast. There is alot of topography in each level which I felt was massively important given most maps are in the jungle and underground, and this add's to the realism of the environments. You get your standard Rambo knife, which now comes with a stealth kill option. This provides a 'Man Hunt' style series of cut scene ''kill sequences'' for both bad guys and dino's. You also get your bow, which can prove useful. In addition you can carry two more weapons and duel weald most of them.

So quickly the good points. Well its light hearted entertainment with an air of hollywood about it. Each level is fun and some are quite tricky. The use of both enemy soldiers and creatures add's a welcome element of chaos, danger and forms of attack as you can use the dino's to your advantage. The game is longer than some of the other FPS's I've mentioned, and will probably take you a few hours longer than usual because some levels are quite difficult due to numbers of opponents and some surprises thrown in for good measure.

The bad points are the limited weapons. I dont mind the number you can carry as that makes things interesting; but the Nuke and Ceribal Bore to name but a few from N64 would have been very welcome - if only for a laugh. The bad guys in Turok (forgive me) seem to have been pinched from the Helgarst Army (Kill Zone). They look the same, move the same (squads of 4) and sound the same when being killed. This is not a massive issue as the A.I is good and will provide a challenge fos most.

Next is the Dino's.... there aren't enough of them. You got the T Rex (obv..) the raptors (obv..) some other big thing with sharp teeth but not bigger than the Rex, the little chicken size things and one dosile vegi. Then you have some big ass scopions. These are all okay but having sat through half of Jurrassic Park afterwards, I realised how many additional dino's they could have added to spice it all up either as enemies or just set pieces to look at and if nothing else, demonstrate the power of the ps3. Its also worth noting that the game is set of a mystery planet, not earth, so this should have given some artistic licence for some bigger and more unusual creatures. Another thing I missed was the tribe's people from N64 and the village environments that they lived in. This would have added an extra flavour and set of enemies.

After this little moan, it is important to remember that this game is called Turok. Not Turok Dinosaur Hunter. There will be a sequel but I do hope that the developers will build on the good points of the game and include some of the better points of past attemts.

Overall, Turok is fun, entertaining and provides one hell of a boss battle at the end (Kane's Ship, Kane vs Turok Knife fight and Turok vs Mama T Rex with no guns and no ammo......). No its not as good, or as serious as COD4 but its a solid FPS and far better than people are giving it credit for.

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (PS3)
Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (PS3)
Offered by Your IT Delivered
Price: £9.93

4.0 out of 5 stars Cant go wrong for the money!, 27 Jun. 2008
This is the second review I have written for this game, the first wasnt loaded up most probably because I had a massive pop at people reviewing this game port on PS3 based on their Xbox version. please people stop!

PS3 version review only is as follows..

Bought new at full price, I was expecting something pretty basic since how many new games are half price when released? A friend (with xbox) said it was decent and you know what - it is. I can only assume it was so cheap on PS3 release because it had been through the xbox marketing machine once already. So - Lost Planet on PS3...

Is actually quite good. You play Wayne in 3rd person. Wayne has been awoken from deep freeze to help rid the planet of the Akrid, a race of alien bug like creatures much like those in Starship Troopers. Wayne uses a vast array of weapons, gadgets, bombs and VS mech robot suits to get about and destroy pretty much everything that moves, and some stuff that does not.

Graphically the game is very good, with good music and realistic sound effects. Much of the outdoor areas are covered in deep powder snow, and the developers remembered that people tend to walk through snow, rather than on it. A small but nice touch on their part. The indoor areas are varied enough and overall the level's layouts are well thought out and present a small but optional ways of getting from A - B.

In addition to said bug like aliens, you have snow pirates and the Nevec soldiers to contend with (they get their own VS suits and heavy fire power also) so generally there is a wide selection of enemies to battle and a number of different tactics to suit each type of enemy. The bosses of this game tend to by on the harder side of hard, albeit easier when you know how.

In addition, there are a set number of coin / glyphs to find in each mission. Now these must be pretty hard to find as I finished the game having 'explored' and I only found say 30%. This in itself would provide replay value if you can be bothered searching.

Behind the gameplay, is a reasonably engaging story (and back story) behind Wayne and Nevec. This is dealt with by way of silky smooth cutscenes that are on par with any recent Manga release.

Overall I had alot of fun playing this. There are so many different VS suits, and so many weapons to attach to them, as well as the small arms that Wayne carries; that it would be difficult to get bored. The arcade feel of the game is supported by the shear number of enemies to seek out and destroy (and some of them are pretty huge), the music, sound and image quality are easily worth the full price of this, let alone its second hand value.

Like I said, for the money - you really cant go wrong.

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