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Never Gonna Give You Up
Never Gonna Give You Up
Offered by samurai_media_JPN401
Price: £7.05

5.0 out of 5 stars Cool & Awesome!, 12 Jun. 2009
This review is from: Never Gonna Give You Up (Audio CD)
This sort of R&B song has changed my image of Mai-K! Never Gonna Give You Up is quite different from her previous singles, Stay By My Side and Secret Of My Heart. Of course, I'm not saying the previous singles are bad, but songs like NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP do catch my eye when ladies like Mai-K sing them. In other words, I wouldn't be interested in them if cheerful girls sang them. Particularly, I love the English raps of Michael Africk and Mai. It seems to me as if they enjoyed dating with each other. I bet this is a really terrific collaborative song!

I have had fewer chances to encounter Mai's English songs recently. But songs like NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP make me feel she is very cool and smart because most of the lyrics are written in English. Since most of her fans appreciate her impressive command of English and Chinese, I would like her to sing in both of the languages like she used to!

Fuse of Love
Fuse of Love
Price: £54.06

5.0 out of 5 stars FUSE OF LOVE, 12 Jun. 2009
This review is from: Fuse of Love (Audio CD)
As a matter of fact, I happened to listen to most of the songs in this album, which I found really fascinating! I don't own this album, though. Like the album title says, I'm deeply in love with the tunes because they sound really sweet and melting. Esp., Honey, Feeling For Me drew my attention when I listened to this on Daily Motion. I listened to both the live version and the original, of course! During the 2nd interval of the live version Mai-K was almost moved to tears, saying, "Thanks a lot, everyone!", which I found really unforgettable and impressive.

Anyway, FUSE OF LOVE suits Mai quite well because most of the songs are catchy and therapeutic!

Animals Make Us Human: Creating the Best Life for Animals
Animals Make Us Human: Creating the Best Life for Animals
by Temple Grandin
Edition: Hardcover

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5.0 out of 5 stars A Must Read Especially for Pet Owners And Those Who Deal With Animals, 1 Jun. 2009
I believe nobody understands so much about animals as Dr. Temple Grandin. I have never seen any informative instruction manuals on how to treat pets before. Particularly, I was so shocked when I encountered her explanation about horses because I could associate autism with the characteristics of horses. According to Dr. Grandin, horses are extremely hypersensitive to something unfamiliar, which is likely to lead to fear, rage and trauma. Since I know people with autism/Asperger's tend to panic when unfamiliar things happen to them, I gradually recognize why horses are very similar to people with autism/Asperger's. And Dr. Grandin indicated that crucial point loud and clear. I guess that is because she failed to treat Sizzler, a very difficult horse when she was in high school. And it seemed to me she regretted that she should have known horses are very hypersensitive.

Overall, Temple couldn't have written any books on animals if she were an NT. She can put herself in animals' shoes because she has been through various similar things to animals, I guess. Therefore I would like to recommend you read Animals Make Us Human if you think about dealing with animals.

Emergence: Labelled Autistic: Labeled Autistic
Emergence: Labelled Autistic: Labeled Autistic
by Temple Grandin
Edition: Paperback
Price: £10.99

9 of 10 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Emergence: Labeled Autistic, 27 May 2009
I was really amazed how Dr. Temple Grandin grew up through this book. First time I saw her presentation on autism/Asperger's(a/A) over the net, I doubted she still has a/A because she spoke so articulately and confidently. Although I hear she seems hypersensitive to loud noises and itches caused by new clothes, I could see she has overcome some of the autistic traits such as quick-tempered behavior, temper tantrum, and any other symptoms she used to have in her childhood and teens. This is, I would say, mainly because her mother and her mentors supported her in order to help her acquire her social skills like Temple said in this book. I began to understand why she became so confident when reading Lorna King's message to Temple on p.147. In short, she wasn't an impressive speaker right from the start. It sounds real wordy or verbose, but those who understand Temple see carefully how she has changed better.

Another thing that amazed me was the squeeze machine. I still have little idea how she came up with this, but it seems to help visual thinkers like her reduce a lot of stress and anxiety. I think the main reason is that visual thinkers get it intuitively instead of by verbal explanation.

After all, I would like Auties/Aspies and those dealing with them to buckle down to Emergence whether or not you are familiar with animal science which Temple majors in.

Make My Day
Make My Day
Offered by Founders Factory JPN4UK
Price: £9.22

5.0 out of 5 stars Wow!! Mai's Awesome Rock Song Fires Me Up!!, 14 May 2009
This review is from: Make My Day (Audio CD)
I got fascinated when I came across this up-tempo tune on Daily Motion and I decided to bookmark Make My Day on it. I just felt as if Mai would cheer me up and need me. If you ask me, this tune could be a driving song with Mai. Moreover, I could forget everything that stressed me out with this tune! And Make My Day makes me feel as if Mai would ask me out when I was discouraged. I would feel real ecstatic when I drove with her!

Compared with Feel Fine, I can feel therapeutic with this song. Feel Fine sounds monotonous and flat, while Make My Day sounds more rhythmical and powerful!

Black & Decker Powered Adjustable Auto Wrench
Black & Decker Powered Adjustable Auto Wrench
Offered by Wholesale Deals247
Price: £11.30

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5.0 out of 5 stars This Auto Monkey Wrench Really Helps!!, 6 May 2009
This monkey wrench may be one of the most groundbreaking tools when it comes to DIY. Just insert 2 AAA dry batteries inside the handle in black, and you will be able to adjust the inch automatically. I decided to get this tremendous one as soon as I came across this in some DIY shop! The price was reasonable and flexibility drew my attention. Of course, you can adjust the inch manually like most typical wrenches. If not, I wouldn't have bought this wrench and I couldn't have given it 5 stars on this review.


3.0 out of 5 stars A Bit Dissapointing..., 15 April 2009
This review is from: Boa (Audio CD)
I was a bit discouraged by this album; as a whole, all of the songs sound monotonous when it comes to BoA's debut album,"BoA". Of course, I don't hate all the songs, though. Rather than that, this album needed various kinds of music types such as not only dance and R&B styles like Eat You Up but also catchy tunes like Brand New Beat. I could have enjoyed this album if she had tried therapeutic songs like Shine We Are, Brand New Beat, Milky Way in English version. Of course, ballad songs like Love Letter and Key of Heart would be fine. Again, I wouldn't like you to sing the same pattern of songs in English like this debut album in the United states, BoA!

The Japanese version didn't bore me like the USA version. Let me put it this way; Japan Best suits her better than the US debut album. Esp, Brand New Beat, Key of Heart, Sparkling, and Love Letter are my faves! I have no idea why these sort of tunes don't exist in her USA debut album.

Developing Talents: Careers for Individuals with Asperger Syndrome and High-functioning Autism
Developing Talents: Careers for Individuals with Asperger Syndrome and High-functioning Autism
by Temple Grandin
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars This Helps Aspies a Lot Choose the Right Company, 9 April 2009
I should have found this book earlier! - That's how I felt soon after I encountered this book, for I have had a whole bunch of job changes and even today, I have no idea yet what kind of job suits me best. I suppose this book is a must read to know our hidden talents we haven't realized before. Of course, I know all the people between jobs want another job ASAP. However, what if you get a job which eventually might stress you out and would like to leave? Would you like to call this life pointless and boring? So I recommend you to read this book to make out how to be successful at work. And just looking for jobs after jobs means jumping the gun, if you ask me.

Speaking of Developing Talents, Dr. Temple Grandin specifies the tactics and keys to success. Quite embarrassingly enough, I blew a gasket when I answered a very rude young lady on the phone. She failed to mention her name first, which offended me quite a lot! She said,"Is Mr.S there?" very condescendingly twice, which was my last straw! After finishing my job, I complained about her terrible manner, yelling and lashing out at her. During the argument, she cried and the other employees told me,"You've gone too far! You didn't have to make her cry like this." Judging from this book, blowing up doesn't help at all. Like many people with AS, I was more impatient than most NT's, which often scare NT's, esp.,ladies. That's why "Controlling Anger"(p.21) applies to short-tempered guys like me.

Overall, I'd like to read the book thoroughly so I can gradually find my positive traits that might suit me quite well. Furthermore, dealing with this book is a chance for me to think more wisely about my life!

Somebody Somewhere: Breaking Free from the World of Autism
Somebody Somewhere: Breaking Free from the World of Autism
by Donna Williams
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars Somebody Somewhere - Drastic Change of Donna's Life, 3 April 2009
I suppose the story mainly includes her drastic change by meeting a lot of people. I could notice that when I came across the interaction between Dr. Marek and Donna. I guess she could express herself not only orally but by a lot of letters to Dr. Marek. And one more thing that caught my eye was the Miller's family, who really were a lot nicer than Donna's family. At first, Donna seemed to feel distant from Mr. Miller when Mr. Miller tried "Give me five!". Maybe that meant Donna wasn't used to this sort of friendly approach because of her autistic traits. Nonetheless, she came to realize that not everybody was as evil as her mom and elder brother. I would say this implied the release from 'her world'. Besides, I guess she came to notice her autism objectively by meeting those who had the same problems as her.

And I was really impressed by the conclusion of the book which said," AUTISM IS NOT ME." and "I CAN FIGHT AUTISM...I WILL CONTROL IT...IT WILL NOT CONTROL ME." This may indicate she became more positive and realistic about her life.

Appreciating Asperger Syndrome: Looking at the Upside - with 300 Positive Points
Appreciating Asperger Syndrome: Looking at the Upside - with 300 Positive Points
by Brenda Boyd
Edition: Paperback
Price: £12.99

6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A Must To Strengthen Your Understanding on Asperger Syndrome, 30 Mar. 2009
I bet Brenda's Appreciating Asperger Syndrome(AAS) is reader-friendly and
practical like her previous book, Parenting a Child with AS(PCAS). The
difference is as follows; AAS is written for not only kids with AS but also
adult Aspies and those who deal with Aspies, whereas PCAS is mainly for
parents with AS kids. I found the book easy to read and no complicated
structure exists. Besides, I realized something in common between ASS and
Dr. Tony Attwood's latest book, the Complete Guide to Asperger's Syndrome.
Both of them are written quite logically and similarly, which really catches
my eye!

Since the content is based on her and her son, Kenneth's experiences, I
suppose the book is realistic and profound. I was quite shocked to find
Brenda was diagnosed as AS after Kenneth. In fact, I assumed it was the
other way around. However, even now adults with AS are likely to be found
later than kids and we can't change the fact. And Brenda's case turned out
to be no exception. As Brenda said in this book, because of her diagnosis on
AS she could find both the pros and cons of AS. I hear she has been into
what interest her such as painting, singing and writing songs, which seems
to enrich her life.

Consequently, she could never have written such a splendid book if Kenneth
and she were undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. And like she said, she could never
enjoy her life without her understanding husband, Bap Kennedy and I agree!
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