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11 of 14 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars size issue, 10 July 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
For those who are wondering the sizing;
I am usually size 6-8 for high street clothing(occasionally 10) and hence ordered size 8.
Whats turned out is that

(1) the outer jacket on its own fits like size 10, especially the arm length. This was not a problem for me, since I preferred slightly larger sizing for that.

(2) the inner fleece jumper on its own fits like size 6. This was also not so much a problem for me, since its right fit to my size and I prefer wearing thin layers for hiking so tight fitting would not bother.

(3) hence when the fleece jumper is combined to the outer jacket, together they work more or less like size 8. This is probably because the fleece front zipper is now behind the outer jacket and so the torso is less tightened due to using the jacket zipper for closing.

In summary, luckily it worked out quite well for me but I can see why some people have sizing issues. If you are in between two sizes like me, I'd definitely recommend larger side.

On the side note, Im quite pleased with the design as its rather stylish and not baggy or bulky.
Time will tell if this lasts for outdooring/trekking/etc.

Toiletries Bag Red Dots
Toiletries Bag Red Dots

5.0 out of 5 stars Clever design and stylish, 25 Jun. 2013
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This review is from: Toiletries Bag Red Dots
I bought this as I travel a lot and usually had a few small bags scattered all over in my suitcase, which I wanted to organise in fewer compartment.

Ive looked through many toiletry bags and although some of the bags seems highly functional with hundreds of pockets, they tend to look dull/guy-ish.
Otherwise some looked very stylish and fancy, but lacks in functionality and doesn't seem useful enough for frequent traveling use.

This one has a good balance of both - functionality and look (and price).
I have used this several times already for short & long travels and proved its usefulness. The material feels versatile and reasonably padded so don't have to worry too much about the bottles scratched/squashed.

In terms of capacity, this could easily fit: 3 x medium sized bottles (shampoo, conditioner, shower gel) 2x 120ml containers (facial moisturiser & cream) a soap, toothbrush & paste, body sponge, few small bottles (skin toner, nail color, etc), several of cosmetic tubes/bottles.

All I have to do is to shove everything I need in this bag, throw it in the suitcase, and upon arrival just hang it in the bathroom. (it has a internal hook you can use to hang it on door/curtain-rail/knobs).

Very good design and all in all, very satisfied with the purchase :)

Craghoppers Nosilife Zip Off Women's Trousers
Craghoppers Nosilife Zip Off Women's Trousers

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3.0 out of 5 stars Craghoppers Women's Kiwi Pro Stretch Trousers, 25 Jun. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I am 5ft4 and after reading the previous reviews I went for size 10 (regular length) as Im usually size 8/10.
The length was right length when wearing thick sole hiking shoes, however the shape turned out to be rather baggy, especially around legs, and didn't fit at all like in the picture.

Its probably designed to focus more on practicality (and it does seem a quality material) so I wouldn't blame them, just that I was expecting the fitting like in the picture so it was rather disappointing in that sense.
Seeing the cuts, sizing down probably wouldn't have made the fit better so decided to return in the end.

White Beeswax Blocks - 2 x 1 oz - Cosmetics/Candles/Polishes
White Beeswax Blocks - 2 x 1 oz - Cosmetics/Candles/Polishes
Offered by TheWaxFactory
Price: £1.65

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Nice on skin, 24 May 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I have mainly used this to heal my heels which are pretty cracked and often hard with old skins.
Creams were long given up to cure this part of my body and scraping the skin off is only fine for quick fix but not good for long run.

What I did is to gently scraped the cracked heel while in a bath (with one of those heel rubber. Don't use metal scraper though!) and afterwards literally rubbed this beeswax on.

Carry on for a week (my mother may need two weeks) and heels are pretty clean, no cracks and no red skins.
Definitely recommended!

Black - Satin Belted Skirt Burlesque Pencil Wiggle Pin-Up Rockabilly Office Work Size 8
Black - Satin Belted Skirt Burlesque Pencil Wiggle Pin-Up Rockabilly Office Work Size 8
Offered by DangerousfX
Price: £25.99

3.0 out of 5 stars You might like it, if it fits you, 24 May 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I am usually size 8 (occasionally 10), and ordered 8 for this dress.

I have tried on, and although the length was perfect for my liking (Im 5ft4 and the hem is at the knee level) I found the skirt little tight around thighs but rather baggy around my waist so not really 'hugging' nor 'pencil' looking. Basically the cut was rather dull.

I have considered reshaping/stitching it myself but (as other reviewer have also mentioned) since there are no inner-layer and I found the fabric very thin - to the extent that your underwear lines and little bumps shows up through the skirt.
So not ideal either unless you wear a thong perhaps (which wasn't my option anyway).

Liked the design and length, but everything else wasn't satisfactory so decided to return in the end.

Westlab Dead Sea Salt Stand Up Resealable Pouch 1Kg
Westlab Dead Sea Salt Stand Up Resealable Pouch 1Kg
Offered by Westlab Ltd
Price: £4.75

15 of 19 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great for skin, in many uses, 8 Nov. 2012
Its not clear from the seller's description but the salt is 'fine' rather than 'coarse' which is great for dissolving in water or to use as body scrub.

I made my own salt scrub with this one and got ever so soft and moist skin.

Definitely buying again!
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King Solomon Oracle Cards
King Solomon Oracle Cards
by Itzhak Mizrahi
Edition: Paperback
Price: £19.99

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Oracle cards you have never seen before, 11 Oct. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I read tarot cards and oracle cards, Lenormand and rune, etc. Often I receive great reviews from my friends, although I do not consider myself clairvoyant or psychic.
This card is great for reading particularly for yourself. Quite often I have great success rates reading for other people, but when it comes to my own pressing questions interpretations could be mislead as you may not be fully objective for yourself. (therefore considering all the possible meanings of the outcomes)

The interpretation of this King Solomon Oracle cards comes with 4 paragraphs: Situation, Personality, Advice of action, and Meaning for reversed.
There are 36 cards in total and depending on what is the information you are seeking, you can take all or some of the meanings of the cards.
They are great to read on its own, and are also quite coherent and profound to read together with other cards to give summary or overview of the reading. (e.g. combine with tarot card).
The eery beauty of the images are pleasant and gives you good ideas of the interpretation of the cards. It is quite inspiring yet is not symbolic like traditional Tarot would be - something I found refreshing as I read better with key words and free impressions rather than fixed symbolic meanings.
The meaning of the cards also are well chosen that there isn't much space to second-guess what it might be meaning.
(which is why I think its great for self-reading)
They are not airy-fairy or divine-fold-nonsense. Its down to earth and not over-dramatic. Shorter than some oracle cards but on-the-spot.
The only problem I had is the reversed card meaning - and this may take a little while to get used to, because the interpretations on the LWB are quite often the opposite meaning of the up-right meaning, but I sonetimes find thats not necessarily the case. It could be the weaker or suppressed meanings of the up-right. This could be usually clarified by pulling an another card.

There are few spreads introduced in the booklet using up to using 4cards at the most, and I have also applied this card with other spreads I know (7cards, 9 cards...) - for all the spreads they seem to fit and gives accurate interpretation.
As an extra bonus, it comes with 4 'amulet' cards in Goetic writings - each of them are blessings for Protections, Success, Relationship and Health, which you can carry with yourself as a lucky charm.

Lastly, I think the make of the card is very decent quality - its standard playing card size and thin but sturdy material (not like one of those car-board thick big ones), fits well in hand, great to shuffle and deal with.
Usually I do not buy more than one set of oracle cards from the same author, unless I particularly liked or find it special, since the messages tends to be repetitive and I found one set from a person is enough. This producers are one of those rare ones that I would buy more sets as they are all very unique and seem to give interpretations accurate but in different ways. You could also look at the producers web page if interested:

All in all, I would recommend this little gem to anyone who would like a clear insight in their readings or good reading in general. Novice or experienced.
This one is quite something to have.

My Neighbour Totoro [DVD]
My Neighbour Totoro [DVD]
Dvd ~ Hayao Miyazaki
Price: £11.50

5.0 out of 5 stars A movie for anyone who had a childhood, 7 April 2012
This review is from: My Neighbour Totoro [DVD] (DVD)
I first watched this movie when I was three. Next time was eight. And I didn't understand why people say its a great anime - whatever thats happening in the movie seems so ordinary to me. Of course I didn't have Totoro neighbour, nor have I had magical (or 'spiritual' if you will) experiences. The scenery, the natures, the people, the custom - all of them seemed ordinary to me that I didn't understand why they made movie about such obvious, daily, petty subjects, although I did enjoy the movie. I thought the movies like "Castle in the sky" (also from Miyazaki) or some of the Disney have so much more adventures and thrills.

Years later, I went abroad for study and met this movie again, in a library. I borrowed it only for sentimental reason. As I watched through the movie, I finally understood the beauty of this movie.
This anime reminds you of anyone's childhood that is still alive in you. Its really viewed/scripted from a point view of a small child - like the age of Satsuki or Mei, but with so much reality and truth. And not the kind of 'kid' an adult would think the 'child' would be. Those who have children would understand this immediately. Not Disney decorated fantasy world, nor CG-created colourful illusions.
Everything around them are equally natural and exciting. Just like Totoro lives around you as naturally as bright dandelions grows in a garden, or you can find those 'Traveling Soot' in any old houses as naturally as you can have collections of shiny acorns from forests nearby, etc. As said, somehow this is definitely not a 'movie for children', but rather a movie for any person who had childhood. Somehow the movie is not 'childish'- you have to watch to see what I mean.
Since I thought the sceneries are somewhat culturally oriented too much to Japanese, I wasn't sure if this anime would be accepted in other countries/cultures. Turned out that so many of my friends (grown-ups), from Iran to France to China to UK, etc, have watched this movie and, without exception, all of them loved it to bits.
My partner (Belgian) watched this, without much expectation at first, immediately dragged into it as he saw an old style water-pump depicted in one of the scene.(Reminded him of his grandfather's old house)

There's a scene when Satsuki and Mei grow a forest of oaks in one night.
Ofcourse it vanishes next morning as you might easily guess, but still they find sprouts on the very ground.
There's always little evidences left that it was a dream and yet WASN'T a dream too. And magic lies around, like any natural plants grows.
Its like that.

I assure you, you wont waste your time nor money.

Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling
Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling
by Svetlana Alexandrovna Touchkoff
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £26.99

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Ultimate of fortune telling, 7 April 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Like many divination card lovers, I own multiples of different card decks - tarot, rune, oracle, fairy, Lenormand, etc. If you are familiar to those cards, you would notice that each deck has its character/strong points - some of those are more objective, some of those are psychological, and so on. And each of them are more or less accurate on their own accord, depending on the type of the questions you ask and the answers/advices you are seeking.
In my opinion, this Russian Gypsy Fortune telling cards are darn good at forecasting events (i.e. fortune telling) as well as giving down-to-earth advices. Accuracy comes without saying, and this seem to be true for whether its a long-term forecasting (like month, year, etc) or short-term advice (e.g. questions like "what should I know about the coming important meeting?").

I have used this card in both ways, short and long-terms, and either ways it gives very useful advices as well as the accurate predictions of events that might come up. The advices are, as said before, very grounded so that instead of messages like "Trust your intuition" or "Divine force will guide you", it would say something like "It is up to you to make the first move to ensure the relationship endures. Your action or will power can change your circumstances"(and followed by some more suggestions). Honestly, especially when you are having troubles and seeking for advices, these type of messages are so much more helpful - since obviously you are asking advice because you cannot find or follow your intuition in the first place...! It certainly tells you negative aspects if that is happening/happened, but alternatively gives you hints & tips of wise actions to prepare for or to avoid/minimise the damage.

The beauty of the card is that, because of the system of how the card works, what are necessary will show up. (and so what is not necessary won't). I found this particularly helpful - when you are doing a reading for yourself sometimes it is hard to just be objective and grounded, but intuitive in the same time. Often in tarot cards and alike, you're bound to draw some cards inevitably for the sake of the spread and when you are not too well grounded you might be guessing all the possible meanings of this "reversed-'Star'" card might be mentioning - which could just be saying that you don't have to worry. In this Russian Gypsy cards, if you are worried of something and that something is NOT happening, then the cards will literally tell you that either your worries are for nothing or simply doesn't warn you. If it IS happening, it will most likely tell you what sort of cause it might have and where to look for solutions. Sometimes I get only few pictures, and sometimes 9~12. Quite often when you are more serious and specific about the question, so will be the answer and the number of the pictures that will show up.

Lastly, as many people have mentioned, the images are pretty pleasing. I'm not particularly picky about the images of the cards (Id prefer accuracy) but still I appreciate this hand-drawn looking beautiful images which are pleasing everytime you do the reading (even those 'negative' pictures are pretty... oh well)
And like many people have pointed out, I agree that the quality of the cards are pretty shoddy. Possibly the most thinnest cards I have owned so far. The quality of the book and the casing are fantastic - if only the publisher would spend a little more effort in the quality of the card rather than, say, the casing. I would certainly have to laminate or do something to strengthen this card otherwise this will certainly fall-apart in month time.

Overall, I would recommend this cards to any divination card lovers - beginner or expert.
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