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Sapphire 11180-00-40R HD 6850 1GB GDDR5 PCIE Graphics Card
Sapphire 11180-00-40R HD 6850 1GB GDDR5 PCIE Graphics Card

3.0 out of 5 stars Persistent display driver issues, 14 Jan. 2012
This is a beast of a graphics card, but something which my setup just doesn't seem to gel with.

I have an AMD Phenom II 1100t X6 processor, an Asus Crosshair IV Formula motherboard, 8GB of Kingston RAM running at 1600 MHz, and a brand new install of Windows 7 64-bit on a 64GB Solid State Drive.

I have the latest drivers and BIOS for all of these components, including the graphics card. Yet, by default, the system will regularly hang for 30 seconds at a time when doing mundane, CPU-friendly tasks, like opening Microsoft Word or Firefox. This will always be met with an "AMD display driver stopped working" error, which it can find no solution for.

A quick Google search shows other people with the same problem. The problem arises from the fact that when you open a program, with Windows Aero (3D graphics etc) enabled, the graphics card jumps from an idle 100 MHz to a higher clock to handle your program. Windows 7 has a timeout feature, so that if the graphics card seems to take too long to increase its clock speed, Windows 7 complains with a driver error.

After much searching around, I've found a workaround; create a 'profile' using the AMD Catalyst software so that the GPU clock ALWAYS runs at 850 MHz. This will use more power, but stops the crashing issue. Unfortunately, I have to manually change to the "improved" profile every time I start up my system.

That said, I can run Crysis and other games on their highest graphical settings and this graphics card doesn't seem to care. I can throw anything at it when it runs at 850 MHz. However, it occasionally lapses even running at 850MHz. I can't watch a YouTube video on Firefox without the video "freezing" briefly every 10 seconds or so. Playing games is generally faultless, though it will occasionally lag for a couple of seconds, even though it doesn't appear to be struggling and there are no framerate issues.

To summarize what has been a slightly convoluted review, I am disappointed. I decided to give this card a try as it is made by AMD, like my processor, so I thought that would minimize compatibility issues. My previous graphics card - an older nVidia card - worked fine. And when I can afford to upgrade again, I will be going back to nVidia.
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Samsung SyncMaster B2230H 21.5" widescreen LCD monitor (1920 x 1080, 300 cd/m2, 70000:1 (dynamic), 5 ms, HDMI)
Samsung SyncMaster B2230H 21.5" widescreen LCD monitor (1920 x 1080, 300 cd/m2, 70000:1 (dynamic), 5 ms, HDMI)

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Blurry Text, Blank Margins, not 1080p, 8 Oct. 2011
This is a lovely looking monitor, until you switch it on- then the problems become apparent!

I'm running Windows 7 64-Bit, and bought this monitor to handle HD Gaming/Blu ray films, so the fact that it runs 1080p was an important factor in my decision to purchase this monitor.

By default, this monitor is set to AV mode rather than PC mode. Using the touchscreen buttons on the monitor, you need to navigate to Menu >>> Setup&Reset >>> PC/AV Mode >>> PC.

Immediately, my text is nice and clear and crisp after changing to PC mode. However, I'm running my PC at resolution 1776 x 1000, rather than the 1920 x 1080 that this monitor is supposedly able to handle. When I try to run at full 1080p, the text becomes blurry and a strain on the eyes. Therefore, I'm stuck with running it at a lower resolution. I should mention that I've connected the monitor to my PC using HDMI. Oh, and if it makes any difference, I have an AMD Radeon HD 6850 graphics card- not cheap!

Also, there's a frustrating amount of black space surrounding the entire screen, even when I run it at 1080p. I want my screen to utilise the entire LCD screen, but it's as though the monitor was built too big for its own resolution, and I have to make do with a good 10% of the screen in black nothingness.

I'm disappointed, given the level of 5 star reviews. It's quite possible that there may be some settings I can tweak to get it to run to my satisfaction, but this is neither clear in the manual nor to my common sense. Nowadays, we should expect things to run reasonably well out-of-the-box.

Having said all that, the 1776x1000 resolution is nice and crisp and the contrast levels are pleasing enough. If anyone can help me to run this at 1080p without blurry text, and without black outer spaces, I would be delighted.

Quite frankly, I regret buying this monitor. Go for a different manufacturer.
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Shogun 2: Total War (PC DVD)
Shogun 2: Total War (PC DVD)
Offered by LTLE

22 of 50 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars I really REALLY tried!, 12 April 2011
I will start off by apologising for giving a predictable one-star review. But I have had NO positive experiences with this purchase, so a two or three star review would be unjustified. I cannot review the game because, quite simply, Steam won't let me play it.

Steam is an abomination that you must install along with Shogun 2. Despite buying a hard-copy, typing in the serial code on installation, and verifying my purchase through Steam, the producers of the game find it imperative that I run Shogun 2 through Steam forevermore. I have paid good money for this game, but am totally reliant upon Steam to play it.

I knew I would have to install Steam before playing the game, so I downloaded the program, no problem. I installed Steam, and waited patiently for my game to arrive.

Installing Shogun 2 was slow, to say the least. Steam took an AGE to start up, and eventually I was able to start installing Shogun 2. The first disc took about 10 minutes. Despite having two DVD drives, with disc 1 and 2 in each drive, Steam didn't recognise that I had disc 2 ready, so I was forced to remove the first disc and put disc 2 in its place. Steam seemed to disagree with this, and my computer crashed.

After booting up the computer once more, I waited an age for Steam to load ("UPDATING STEAM", "CONNECTING TO ACCOUNT", etc) then started installing from disc 1 again. I went to make a cup of tea while it installed. I got distracted with some TV, and before I knew it, Windows Vista went into hibernation. I woke it up, but alas, Steam had crashed. Reboot.

I wait an age for Steam to load, before installing from disc 1, then successfully swapping the discs and installing from disc 2. Steam proceeds to download a 600MB update, an update which there is no option to cancel. I have a pretty rubbish internet connection, and the 4/5 hour wait while I downloaded at a shaky 20 kB/s was massaged by the fact that at least I had installed the game, and would be playing it before long... despite the fact that I couldn't care less about the update. All I want to do is play the game that I BOUGHT, FROM THE BOX- WHY ARE UPDATES MANDATORY!?

After leaving the update to download overnight, I'm well and truly ready to play the game. But running the .exe from the disc just takes me to Steam. Steam's servers are having trouble, and I am unable to log in for the time being. Meaning that I can't play my game- despite the fact that I have the discs, the game is taking up many gigabytes on my hard disc, and my internet connection is open and steady.

It took literally an hour and a half to connect to Steam again. FINALLY, Shogun 2 is described ad "Ready to Play". I click "Play". Nothing happens. I wait a few minutes- still nothing happens. I click "Play" again; nothing. I double click the desktop-shortcut. Nothing. I put Steam into "Offline Mode", and click "Play". Nothing.

After trawling the internet, it seems many people have the same problem. Shogun 2 is great once you get going (apparently), but Steam is an absolute nightmare. I followed some instructions, deleting a file from Steam and then loading Steam again. Steam has been stuck on "Steam - Updating - 31% Complete" for the duration of this review. It should be noted that my computer isn't PARTICULARLY old- Windows Vista Home Premium, nVidia GeForce 9600 GT, intel Core 2 Duo @ 1.80 GHz, 3GB RAM, and a poor wireless broadband connection.

I honestly regret parting with my cash- it would be oh-too-easy to download the game illegaly, and not have to put up with the tripe that is Steam. Ironically, in trying to combat piracy, these developers are only making illegal downloading a more tempting option. In some cases, the ONLY POSSIBLE option.

Yup, still 31% complete. What a load of garbage. If I ever manage to play Shogun 2, I solemnly swear to write a new review. In the meantime, steer clear of any game requiring Steam.

***EDIT: it is now 6 hours later. After downloading 500MB of the 600MB at a poxy ~25kB/s, the download rate just died. Dropped to 0kb/s. After waiting for it to pick up, I tried pausing the download and then resuming the download. Steam crashed. I opened Steam again, and it seems to have "lost" the 500MB of data I've been downloading for hours, and I have to start again- this is the THIRD TIME I'll be downloading that data. I really cannot stress enough, how RUBBISH Steam is if you don't have good internet. In the future, I will NOT be buying games that force you to use Steam.
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BlackBerry Bold 9780 Sim Free Smartphone - Black
BlackBerry Bold 9780 Sim Free Smartphone - Black
Offered by Mobile Phone Island
Price: £99.99

27 of 31 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A BlackBerry Virgin, 19 Jan. 2011
I'm going to give a bit of a life story here as I think it is necessary to convey the true reasons why I bought this phone. So, it'll be a slow starter, but bear with me- I WILL get to the actual phone part eventually. Or you could skip a paragraph or two... its entirely up to you.

I am a BlackBerry virgin. I've had a few mobile phones; I remember my Sony Eriksson k800i with fondness. When that decided it didn't want to charge anymore, I found myself in a spot of financial difficulty and had to settle for the Orange Rome, which worked, but the operating system was pretty dire. I ended up with a girlfriend who was on Vodafone, and after months of texting each other and having around half of our messages delayed/in bits, I decided to move to Vodafone, in the hope that our messages would be a little more reliable.

I bought the cheapest Nokia phone I could, along with a pay as you go simcard from Vodafone- but alas, our messages were still being delayed, arriving in chunks, or getting lost altogether. If anything, the problem was worse, and I returned to my Orange Rome in disgust. After a little more research, I found that some BlackBerries were equipped with "UMA technology"- a technology which supposedly uses your house/cafe/university's WiFi network to send/receive calls and SMS messages. I live in an area of low mobile coverage, and can only get a little signal in one corner of my bedroom; to think that I could use my phone all around the house was LUXURY. And, I thought, it might make sending/receiving texts that little bit less uncertain.

So, (this is the paragraph many of you may have skipped to) it was on the basis of UMA technology that I bought the Bold 9780, as a BlackBerry virgin. I must stress that I bought my phone from another website, on contract with Orange, so my review on this page may be a little inaccurate.

When the phone arrived I was impressed with the overall quality in terms of durability (its quite a sturdy little phone) and design; I love the gloss black finish, and the leather back. Getting set up was simple, even though I had never used a BlackBerry before. The trackpad is totally natural to use, and I found myself scurrying around the menus in no time.

Within minutes I was able to connect to my house's wireless network; all I needed was my password. I soon had the preinstalled Facebook application up and running, and was able to update my status and comment and like things and generally do my nerdy Facebooky things. However, when it came to calling, and sending/receiving a text, it had to be done over the Orange GPRS network. I am led to believe that only Orange support UMA technology in the UK, however as I had bought my phone through a major phone company (rather than directly through Orange), my phone was both unlocked and unbranded. I considered this a bonus at the time as I would be able to use the simcard of any provider, but it also meant that the phone's UCID code was different to the UCID code of phones bought through Orange. I don't know the technicalities behind it, but it comes down to this; if you want to use UMA technology, you need an Orange branded BlackBerry, so I don't know if the sim-free would be able to offer this service.

I was crushed, seeing as this was the main reason I went for the phone. But in terms of its connectivity, it outdoes the Orange Rome I had before it. My BlackBerry tends to get better signal, and when I go into an area where I know I should have signal, the BlackBerry will pick this signal up much faster than the Orange Rome. I'm also impressed with the texting system on the BlackBerry- if I don't have any signal, the BlackBerry will simply keep trying in the background until it DOES find some signal, and will automatically send the text. No more checking your outbox.

The BlackBerry also tracks your conversations- no more switching between sent messages/inbox, as the BlackBerry shows all texts, in time order, much like an MSN conversation. When you get a new message, I found that the BlackBerry often starts from the top of the "chat" and you have to scroll all the way down to the latest message, but you can bypass this somewhat by scrolling left rather than down as soon as you open the message. After 3 days with my new phone, this is pretty much the only fault I can find with it.

Ooh, I tell a lie; there is another fault. Very occasionally, you may find yourself on a screen which you're happily scrolling through, when suddenly you lose track of the trackpad. You move up, down, left and right but nothing seems to be happening and all you can do is press return. Also, in one of my text "conversations", it suddenly only showed the most recent text. I physically was not able to scroll up and read the previous texts. I don't know if the text chat was getting too long, but it was annoying to not be able to go back (though the messages hadn't been deleted- after a little searching I accessed another screen which had all of the texts there). Also, good luck with saving messages- you can mark any message as saved, but for the life of me I don't know where these messages are stored. As far as I'm concerned, nothing happens when I save a message, there is no "Saved Messages" folder or anything, the text conversation just stays the same. Anyway, these are small flaws in what is actually some rather amazing and intuitive software.

The BlackBerry Appworld is a delight, though it's nothing on the Apple AppStore. There are some genuinely interesting/useful applications... though most of them aren't free. I found that downloading applications on the computer was a hassle and wouldn't work properly. When trying to download from the AppWorld through my laptop, the Appworld website complained that it could not see my BlackBerry, which was clearly connected to my laptop as I had just synchronised music to my phone. After around half an hour I gave up and decided to only access the Appworld through my BlackBerry (there is a preinstalled AppWorld application) and things have been going swimmingly since then.

I had no intention of listening to music on my BlackBerry, but mine came with a 2GB memory card and I needed to fill it with SOMETHING! Hence the collection of 120 of my favourite songs... the Blackberry has 2 customisable buttons on the side of the phone which you can designate to do something, be it texting, opening an application, using the camera, etc. One of my shortcuts is to the music centre, where my .m4a music files and album artwork were ported from my iTunes collection, hassle-free. The sound quality is good and it goes reasonably loud. You can also set a music track as your ringtone.

The camera is decent, though it doesn't beat my old Sony Erikkson.

I've had a couple of phonecalls on it, in an area of low signal, and the call quality was good, though the line was dropped after around 10 minutes. I blame the signal. I really don't think you can be better connected than on a BlackBerry, though it does seem to take a good few seconds to start ringing the other person. However, I'm happy to wait if the connection will be stronger. I don't know if it is, but I like to think so!

I love the LED indicator, you can tell at a glance if there is something to attend to, whether it is a missed call, new text, or new Facebook notification. There are numerous free applications for customising the LED colour to specific contacts/types of notification. My girlfriend isn't pleased with being pink.

The BlackBerry messenger is much like the texting system, or rather, the texting system is much like the messenger. Pay as you go users typically pay an extra monthy charge for using BlackBerry Internet Services, which incudes the BlackBerry Messenger. I am on contract and it seems to be working fine for me, I ony hope I'm not being charged extra!

YouTube videos are as easy to search for and watch as they are on a computer, though I found that you cannot pause the video and let it downoad a little so that you can watch it back lag-free. You need to be in an area with a good internet connection- even when I left it for a few minutes, I'd click play and within seconds it would be "buffering".

Initially, the QWERTY keyboard was cumbersome, but by the end of the day I was pretty hot on it, and after 3 days I'm lighting fast. The keys are nice and solid and you soon get a real feel for them. You can also set up shortcuts so that when you type something it automatically displays something else. I found that searching for a specific symbol, like "<", was cumbersome. So for me, I customised it so that typing "ht" would output "<3".

You can choose specific pictures for specific contacts, and store as many numbers per contact as you're ever going to need, as well as specific notes on each contact.

Overall, I am very impressed with the phone- after a spate of bad experiences with phones, I wasn't expecting much, and was very pleasantly surprised. The phone is gorgeous, and more importantly, so is the operating system it comes with. This is my first ever BlackBerry phone, and I really don't think I'll ever go back. Just be careful when considering the UMA technology, and consider going on contract where you can likely get the phone for free. Also, be aware that on Pay as you go, you may have to pay extra if you want BlackBerry internet services whereas on contract it may be included.

There you go- no more paragraphs to skip.
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LG 37LD490 37-inch Widescreen 1080p Full HD LCD TV with Freeview HD
LG 37LD490 37-inch Widescreen 1080p Full HD LCD TV with Freeview HD

38 of 40 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect., 11 Nov. 2010
I will not weigh down this review with meaningless words and phrases- here is my opinion in its most childlike simplicity.

The 37LG490 is a beautiful TV. Its border is gloss-black, as is the stand it comes with. The power indicator shines blue when on, and red when on standby (the only way to switch the TV off is to unplug it).

The manual that comes with the TV is a universal manual that is included with many of LG's TVs, so there's plenty in there that is totally irrelevant to this TV. And, like all LG manuals in my experience, the manual lacks information. However, I managed to set my TV up in about 30-40 minutes. I used the stand that came with it, rather than purchasing a wallmount. The TV was an absolute sod to slot into the stand- we were supposed to lift the TV off of the bed and lower it blindly onto the slot protruding from the stand. After several failed attempts at slotting the TV into place (I used mirrors and everything!) we decided to go against the instructions and bring the stand TO THE TV, slotting the stand into the TV (which was lying on the bed) and not the other way around.

The Freeview HD tuner automatically scanned for new channels when I switched the TV on, and (living in West Wales) these were the HD channels I had access to:
*S4C Clirlun (S4C HD)

I was disappointed not to receive channel 4 HD, but I'm assuming this is down to Freeview HD and my location, rather than the TV itself. Anyway, the HD channels look beautiful, and it's really helpful that I do not need a replacement satellite dish.

I've connected my PS3 to the TV using a HDMI cable (which doesnt come with the TV, by the way) and it looks absolutely GORGEOUS. I had to reset my PS3 to detect that it was now going through a HDTV (when I first connected it all I got was sound).

I've also connected my home cinema system, which upscales to HD, to the tv. I had to purchase an optical audio cable to get 5.1 surround sound to travel from the TV to my speakers. The TV speakers are perfectly functional- decent timbres and tones, enough volume to upset the neighbours- but I like my surround sound.

Switching between TV, PS3 and DVD player is a simple matter of pressing the INPUT button on the remote (which itself looks classy and has a good range- some remotes are terrible). You can also quickly change the display of the TV to modes such as sport, cinema, game, etc to get the optimum contrast and brightness levels for your multimedia experience.

The stand is good in that it allows you to easily rotate the TV 20 degrees clockwise/anticlockwise to get the angle of viewing just right.

The picture quality is decent enough on the standard channels, but really comes to shine on the HD channels and the PS3. 1080p is a real bonus here.

With a scart slot, usb slot and 3 HDMI slots, this TV should be more than enough for all of your gadgets and toys. I've only had the TV a couple of days, so cant comment on its lifespan and longevity, and it may be that, with time, I find some faults. If I do, I'll let you know in the comments under this review.

For now, I'm ecstatic with my purchase.
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Driving Test Theory Test Express
Driving Test Theory Test Express

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Short-changed, 26 Aug. 2010
This is a good product in that you can test yourself on theory AND on hazard perception. Easy to install, and you can monitor your progress from atrocious to competent!

However, the program is inundated with adverts ordering you to upgrade to 'Professional Version'. The constant adverts on the main screen are a little annoying, but what eats at me is the lack of explanation for your hazard perception test. I only got 48% on my first attempt... but I wasn't allowed to see where I went wrong unless I paid for an upgrade!

I thought I'd already BOUGHT the program. This is just an exploitative way to squeeze as much cash out of you as possible... if the driving lessons weren't costly enough!

Sony Ericsson K800i Sim Free Mobile Phone - Black
Sony Ericsson K800i Sim Free Mobile Phone - Black

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Disappointing., 16 Feb. 2009
I bought this phone about 18 months ago- so I have certainly allowed time to get used to it. After my dated nokia phone, I was looking forward to getting a new one, particularly with such a good built-in camera.
However, as some people have pointed out, the phone does have its flaws. Beware if you have tight pockets! The phone can easily switch on by itself, and I once found that it had connected itself to the internet for about 10 minutes in my pocket.
Normally the key-lock can cover up these problems, but the phone automatically switches the camera on if you accidently slide the lense cover on the back of the phone (an easy thing to do). Battery is soon wasted, and many pictures of the inside of your pocket may come back to haunt you at a later date!
The joystick used to navigate around the menus is okay but I find has stiffened up over time and is less responsive than it once was. This makes it particularly hard to play the free golf game that comes with the phone!
And maybe this is a problem found in many phones, I don't know- but this phone is quite prone to freezing. Occasionally it will just stop, and you have to wait a few minutes for it to kick back into action.
My final gripe is the whole battery setup. I'm not a regular user of my phone, yet my battery was useless after about 14 months and refused to charge. About 4 months earlier, the charger itself was knackered and did nothing to charge my phone- I had to use the link cable that connects to the computer. I barely used the charger, and it appeared in perfect condition, but never mind. Eventually, the battery wouldn't charge even on the computer. I've bought a replacement battery and still have to use the computer cable to charge it- and I'm surprised it still works, considering the little metal links on the end of the cable have gone down in number from maybe 25 to about 5. I've never been rough with the cables, so don't understand how they can now be of such poor quality.
Now, to the good points. The battery initially was very good, and you could leave it on standby for up to 72 hours, and charge up mostly in less than an hour.
The camera is outstanding for a mobile phone- very impressed. Makes this a 3-star as opposed to a 2-star review.
Also has a nice menu etc, much better than my old phone, although this isn't unique to the phone.
The phone itself looks very nice too, and manages to keep in pretty good condition even without a cover. I've had it in my pocket for about 18 months, and the only evidence of this are a few unnoticable scratches on the screen.
Overall, I would say this isn't really worth the money- if you can find a cheaper phone with a good camera, chances are overall it will be better than this.

The Complete Fawlty Towers [1975] [DVD]
The Complete Fawlty Towers [1975] [DVD]
Dvd ~ John Cleese
Offered by HalfpriceDVDS_FBA
Price: £17.97

16 of 17 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Fawltless Comedy, slightly dissapointing extras, 30 Oct. 2008
I am sure that you, reading this review of the Fawlty Towers boxset, are already well aquainted with this marvellous sitcom, and I am not going to bore you with details of the hilarity. Naturally (naturellement!) the episodes themselves are worth 5 stars apiece.

I am instead going to inform you of the things that you may not already know- the quality and quantity of the extras, and the transfer to DVD.

The first few episodes do not have very clear pictures- I bought series 1 on DVD seperately a while ago and the picture on this edition is somehow more grainy.

The interviews are a good accompaniment to the boxset, with a particularly long one from John Cleese. In addition to these is information on what some of the actors have done since Fawlty Towers, which is interesting but a little boring.

I mainly bought this boxset for the outakes- these would no-doubt be a fascinating insight into the actors, and funny also! But they were distinctly underwhelming- apart from John Cleese making silly faces at the camera I only counted 3 proper outakes, of which only 1 was worth seeing.

These faults, however, are totally overshadowed by the brilliance of the sitcom and, although some of the extras felt a little rushed, the extras do make a nice addition to the boxset and make it feel complete. If you already own both series on DVD then there is no real need to buy this boxset. But if, like me, you enjoy having all of your comedy in one place, and if you are itching to experience these extras, then by all means, go ahead. At £13.48, this is an absolute bargain, and if you do not purchase this boxset I shall come around and insert a large garden gnome in you.

Good day!
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Logitech X-230 Multimedia Speaker System - 32 Watt (Total) (2.1)
Logitech X-230 Multimedia Speaker System - 32 Watt (Total) (2.1)

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Unbeatable power at an incredible price., 24 Oct. 2008
I bought this set of speakers from the Used and New section for about £20, to replace my cobweb-encrusted 8 year old speakers that didn't do my music justice!

To be fair, anything would beat the speakers that I used to own, but I was still impressed at the incredible improvement in quality. Suddenly, songs that sounded lacking before, had now developed a bass line! As a regular music listener, I wish I'd bought these sooner.

Controvertially, I do not think the bass on these speakers are too loud- they sound just right most of the time, although sometimes it is a little overpowering (on some more modern tracks). They are never, ever underpowering.

The speakers themselves look gorgeous and nicely complement any PC equipment you already own.

They are so easy to setup as well! I was expecting to have to install some drivers and some software, rearrange the layout of all of my connections at the back of the PC, and even then have problems getting them to work... but this is far from the case. Simply plug into the speaker port on your PC and you have instant sound!

I would recommend buying these brand new from Amazon themselves, however. The company that I bought mine from had not packaged the speakers very safely and when the speakers arrived there was an odd rattling sound inside the subwoofer when you pick it up, as though something has come loose. Thankfully the speakers work fine, but it is not a risk I would like to take again for the sake of £8.

Casio WV-58U-1AVEF Wave Ceptor Men's Resin Strap Digital Watch
Casio WV-58U-1AVEF Wave Ceptor Men's Resin Strap Digital Watch
Offered by Euro-Gold
Price: £24.95

8 of 10 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent watch for all occasions!, 24 Oct. 2008
I shall keep this short- after all, for somebody who wants to buy a radio controlled (thus extremely accurate) watch, I'm sure time is of the essence, so I won't keep you long!

This is one of the cheapest RC watches on the market. It is sleek and sexy, and has all the functions you would expect for a watch in this price range- stopwatch, countdown timer, alarm, etc.

The initial setup is a small hindrance but after the setup, the watch keeps time superbly. However, as far as I can gather, the watch does not constantly update itself as you may expect. You may think, as I did, that if you are in an area of strong signal strength, that the watch would be receiving to-the-millisecond radio signals, constantly. It turns out it only receives signals up to 6 times a day, and from my experience, it does not appear even to do that. The watch can tell you the last time it received a signal... and on Tuesday afternoon, my latest signal was still at 2:03AM on Sunday morning. Nevertheless, manually telling it to receive a signal is pretty easy and you should still be accurate to the millisecond even if you only receive one signal per week.

The blue light displays the screen nicely, although it ism impossible to see in daylight (not that you would need to)!

All of the details you could possibly need are available at a glance on the default page- the date, the day, the year, the signal strength, and of course, the time!

I have no real quibbles with this watch. Waterproof, shockproof, indecently accurate, and complete with a warranty, what more would you want?

On a final note, the screen itself is quite sturdy. I have often found that my screen has scratched over the course of a week or two, but so far the screen is still immaculate. Maybe I've just been taking better care of it!

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