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Auf Wiedersehen Pet - The Complete Series 1 [DVD] [1983]
Auf Wiedersehen Pet - The Complete Series 1 [DVD] [1983]
Dvd ~ Timothy Spall
Price: £12.25

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5.0 out of 5 stars One of the best TV series every made, 28 Jan 2007

Tim Healy - Dennis a bricklayer from Newcastle

Kevin Whately - Neville a bricklayer from Newcastle

Jimmy nail - Oz a bricklayer from Newcastle

Timothy Spall - Barry Taylor an electrician from Wolverhampton

Christopher Fairbank - Moxey a plasterer from Liverpool

Pat Roach - Bomber a bricklayer from Bristol

Gary Holton - Wayne a carpenter from London

Auf Wiedersehen Pet - The Series began in 1983 with 13 episodes.

The series is about three bricklayers from Newcastle in England. The lads are constantly on the dole and when they are working going from one building site to another, times where hard in England in the early 80's and with the families to support the lads decided to try there look in Germany.

The lads land in Germany and are shipped to a building site and are forced to live in a wooden hut that reminds them of a prisoner of war camp. This is where they meet up with four other builders from other parts of the UK. The series covers there six months there, and covers there antics and lives during there stay abroad. The series covers growing friendships between the characters. Barry is a boring so and so, Wayne likes the women, and Oz is arrogant and is always upsetting people. This all bonds them into the "Magnificent seven". The series won many awards including a BAFTA nomination.

******** Episodes Copied from the Box Inlay ********


1. If I were a carpenter.

In desperation to find work in jobless Britain, 3 Geordie bricklayers decide to head to Germany to work on the massive rebuilding programs that are happening there.

Dennis, Oz and Neville hope to find tax free wages, beautiful woman and cheap beer.

What they find instead is a wooden hut.

2. Who won the war anyway?

Oz's mouth and attitude to the "foreign people" lands him the sack. Neville becomes a hero when he discovers an unexploded bomb from the war.

3.The girls they left behind.

Oz's wife is desperate to find him to get more money, and she contacts the wife of Dennis, Who tells her where he is. Oz returns home with a hang over.

The problem lies with the lads back in Germany, think they have seen the last of him, they auction his stuff and send the money to his flat. The problem is Oz is on his way back to Germany.

4. Suspicion.

Possessions start to go missing from the hut the finger gets pointed at everyone. The lads blame everyone and Oz takes things into his own hands.

5. Home thoughts from abroad.

Bomber gets a phone call from home; his daughter has runs away from home and turns up in Germany. Only problem Bomber has returned to Bristol to try and find her.

6. The accused.

Oz upsets the Germans far too much this time, and none of them will even speak to any of the English workers. And to make matters worse, Neville is wrongly accused of assaulting a German girl, and it takes more than his English friends to get him out of trouble. It is Helmut and some of the German workers who track down the real culprits and turn them in to the police.

7. Private lives.

Synopsis - All Dennis wants is to spend some time with his new girlfriend Dagmar and keep it from the rest of the lads, but Oz's practical joke on Wayne and Barry wrecks any chance of that.

8. The fugitive.

The lads decide to have a few days to there self and go fishing in the country, they pick up a hitchhiker who is very mysterious about his motives.

9. The alien.

An unwelcome guest moves in to the hut. With Bomber away, they cannot remove him by force. So how are they going to rid themselves of McGowan the violent Irish nutter?

10. Last rites.

When a acquaintance of Dennis and Neville dies, he last wishes are to be sent back to the UK.

Oz then decides to try a bit of smuggling; he starts his imported pornographic video business.

11. The lovers.

Barry persuades the lads to do up the hut and make it a bit homely; the lads have to pinch the paint from the site. Oz falls in love, making out to be a rich tycoon.

12. Love and other four letter words.

When Dennis wife comes to Germany, she tells Dennis she wants him back. Meanwhile Wayne admits to Dennis that he has fallen for the site secretarial assistant Christa.

13. When the boat goes out.

The work on the site is nearly done, and Dennis temper is being taken out on everyone. Oz has a serious accident which makes Dennis realize how important his mates are. The series comes to an explosive end.

Auf Wiedersehen Pet: The Complete Series 2 [DVD] [1983]
Auf Wiedersehen Pet: The Complete Series 2 [DVD] [1983]
Dvd ~ Jimmy Nail
Price: £12.50

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5.0 out of 5 stars Magnificent Seven Rides Again, 28 Jan 2007

Tim Healy - Dennis a bricklayer from Newcastle

Kevin Whately - Neville a bricklayer from Newcastle

Jimmy nail - Oz a bricklayer from Newcastle

Timothy Spall - Barry Taylor an electrician from Wolverhampton

Christopher Fairbank - Moxey a plasterer from Liverpool

Pat Roach - Bomber a bricklayer from Bristol

Gary Holton - Wayne a carpenter from London

Bill Paterson - Ally Fraser

If you loved the first series, you will love this. Oz is still as bad as ever and Barry is still worried about his future wife to be. A great follow on to the first series.

The "Magnificent Seven" have returned home from Germany after new laws about foreign works forces them out. The gangs are reunited to help Barry complete some building work on his house. Dennis is working for a crooked businessman, Alley Frazer after running huge debt through gambling. Frazier wants his country manor renovating and Dennis gets the lads to do it. The building turns out to be a listed building and work stops. The police turn up on the scene enquiring about Alley Frazier and his business. Alley, doesn't like the police being nosey and looking around and heads to Spain. Alley finds the lads work in Spain building a swimming pool for his villa. The gangs are mistaken for criminals and find them selves all over the papers back home in the UK.

Gary Holton - Wayne died whilst making this series from a drug overdose.

*************** Episodes Copied From the Inlay **************

1. The return of the seven. (Part One)

Barry begins to realize his house will not be done up in time for his wedding, he sends for the lads. They all answer his call except Oz. Moxey decides to escape from prison to help him out.

2. The return of the seven. (Part two)

Dennis has to return to Newcastle, where he meets up with Oz, and when he returns to Wolverhampton, he has Oz in tow. The magnificent seven back together for the first time since Düsseldorf.

3. A law for the rich.

The lad's get a job from Ally Fraser doing up Thornley manor, the police are involved, and the local bar owner where the lads are stopping takes a distinct disliking to them.

4. Another country.

The lads have to stop working on the Thornley manor, after finding out it is a listed building, and to make matters worse, the lads have been kicked out of their lodgings due to Wayne's 'exploits' with the landlords daughter.

5. A home from home.

The lads are forced to squat in the manor; it is while they are renovating the manors basement that the find two videos, one of which is amateur porn film starring the pub landlord... Arthur Pringle. A bit of Blackmail is on the cards.

6. Cowboys.

The seven become eight as they are joined by a new member, Harry Blackburn, a plumber, crazy on country and western music. The truth comes out about Dennis' debts and the lads all go on strike. Ally Frazier annoyed to here of this sends in his boys to sort them out.

7. No sex please, we're brickies.

The lads get more motivated to finish work as Ally wants them to extend the swimming pool in his Spanish villa. Arthur gets his own back on Wayne by shopping him to customs and excise for not paying import duty on his car.

8. Marjorie doesn't live here anymore.

When Oz returns home he is horrified to discover that his family has moved.

Anxious about his son, he tracks him down to his school where he learns that Marjorie and her boyfriend are taking Rod to live in Italy.

9. Hasta la vista.

After getting all fired up for Spain and getting through customs, Dennis gets a phone call from Ally in the departure lounge saying they are not going yet due to complications.

10. Scoop.

The lads arrive, at last and after many difficulties, in Spain. The lads check in to their hotel, some of them with mixed opinions. When the lads arrive at what they think is Ally's villa, they decide to go nude swimming in his pool. It was of course not Ally's villa, but the villa of a very posh upper class English couple, who of course report this to the local police. Then a British journalist gets the wrong idea about the lads, splashing them all over the Fleet Street papers.

11. Law and disorder.

Ally has given the lads two days off work to reinforce the impression that they are just tourists. Ally realizes that his dodgy dealings may have earned him a permanent residency in Marbella.

12. for better or worse.

Hazel has arrived in Spain, Barry can start to try and work out his wedding plans. Meanwhile Ally tries to work out a way of smuggling his money in to Spain without the customs sussing him out.

13. Quo vadis pet.

Dennis finally gets one up on Ally Fraser, and he uses it completely to his advantage. With Ally in Tangiers, Oz makes the most of the Glaswegians girlfriend Vicki. Barry gets fired up for his wedding; having decided to have six best men, bet you cannot guess who they are. The night before the wedding, Oz wins the Spanish lottery, and celebrates in Style. Barry and Hazel wed out at sea, and Ally turns up on another boat. Meanwhile yet another boat draws in on them. The customs. In a panic, Ally and Kenny make for Tangiers, with several unofficial passengers. And this is where we finally leave the magnificent seven, once more ending with them, this time all of them, advancing the ocean to another country

No Title Available

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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic for the newbie, 18 Dec 2006
My BiOrb Review

I got a surprise last week from my kids; they decided to buy me a fish tank for Christmas.

They had spent quite a bit on the set up, including two plants, a fancy ornament and a stand for the BiOrb to sit on.

The BiOrb

This was the BiOrb 30 which is the latest in the growing range from BiOrb. Made from strong clear acrylic with a capacity of 30 litres of water, when full it weight is about 60+ pounds, and is ideal for most types of fish. The BiOrb are comes in a variety of eight colours. The first thing we did was unpack all the extras I got in this pack; I was very impressed with all the extras which included; A Guide, Cartridge system, Air pump, Led Light, Tropical Heater pack, Water preparation chemicals, and Feng Shui pebbles, and ceramic media. The BiOrb gives you a perfect 360 degree view and it gives you a great view of the fish.


A pretty good guide on how to look after your BiOrb and your fish, there is also a section on how to clean you BiOrb, a list of the parts in the BiOrb box. Information on pump installation and filter cartridge installation. Also covers what to do with adding the water and adding your fish, and also how to install the LED light and heater. The guide also has a very good "Frequently asked questions" section, which covers all problems you may come across.

Easy change filter cartridge system

This is meant to be so easy to use all you have to do is change the filter every few months; it's very easy to fit. It comes with a long tube with a lid on the bottom that you screw into the filter cartridge. You then place the filter system into the bottom of the BiOrb and place it in the cage at the bottom and turn to lock into place.

Air Pump

The air tube is already installed into the BiOrb at the base and all you have to do is connect the end to the pump. The pump is then plugged into the main BiOrb transformer.

LED Light

The light is very easy to fit, the bulb was already installed and all I had to do was plug the wire from it to the BiOrb transformer. It comes with a switch so it can be turned on and off without unplugging from the transformer.

The Heater

The heater is easy to install, it comes with two suckers that you attach to the inside of the BiOrb. The wire is attached to a plug and just plugs into a extension, I personally recommend a surge proof extension.

Water preparation chemicals.

This was a great addition; it balances out your tap water that you have placed in the BiOrb. I presume it because of the chlorine and other elements that are present in our water.

Feng Shui pebbles

Even my BiOrb needs to have positive energy; a happy BiOrb gives happy fish?

Ceramic media

I think it's a type of lava rock; it looks nice in the tank anyway.


That's all the TECHNICAL out of the way....Lets get started with the Setup

We started to set this up last Sunday and took around half hour and that included the making up the stand. The stand was very easy to make it consisted on two bases and three legs, easy to follow directions and was built in 5 minuets.

Firstly we made up the filter and placed it into the base of the BiOrb and locked it into place. We then added the lava rock (which has to be washed) as instructed in the guide, and then went on to fit the heater onto the suckers, this was not as easy as it says in the guide, took a few attempts to fit but we got there in the end.

We then placed some extra things we bought, two live plants and some very bright small lava rocks (washed) to give some colour. We had also gone and bought a nice ornament a "Grecian Goddess" which sits over the tube where the bubbles are pumped out; this hides the plastic tube very well. We also added the real plants as it more beneficial to the fish. I connected all wires ready to be plugged in to the transformer, but first we had to fill it.

I found the best way to fill it was to place it on the stand and place the setup where you really want it, you don't want to have to move the BiOrb when is full as it weighs around 130 pounds, I got the hose pipe connected to the tap as filling it up via jugs would have taken a long time. You fill the BiOrb about 2 inches above the bubble tube as directed in the guide. After everything is done we could then switch it all on :).

When we switched on the BiOrb the whole thing came to life, the light LED light worked fine and the pump started to pump the air through the tank. We then added the Water preparation chemicals, which helps to settle the tank down. The guide tells you can add fish after 24 hours, but I asked at Aquamania and they suggested I should leave it at least a week to let it all settle down. After about two hours of running, the water started to be a cloudy; I was told by Aquamania that this would happen as it's the filter cleaning itself etc. after a few days it had become very clear and I was looking forward to putting some fish in.

I had to wait a week looking at a fish tank with no fish in it; well today I went and got two fish (hurray). The guide tells you not to add more than a few fish in the first few weeks as the fish and the filter have to get use to the conditions, and also Aquamania suggested I only put a few fish in the BiOrb in case something went wrong and minimise my money loss, as tropical fish are not exactly cheap.

I went to Aquamania and got two nice looking Dalmatian Sailfin tropical fish, which are a lovely black with speckles of white on them and when I saw them I just had to have them. I could have got eight neon's but everyone has them :)

At last I have some fish in my BiOrb. I have to take a water sample and if everything is fine I am going to add two more next week.

So as a newbie to indoor fish keeping I am well impress with the BiOrb, as I said earlier the BiOrb comes with everything you need to get your self up and running....In fact on the box it says just add water and fish.

According to the manual for the BiOrb you should never have to clean the system if you keep to there guidelines, and if you ever do need to you have to keep 1/3 of the original water and never clean the media with tap water only the water from the BiOrb.

Fresh Horses
Fresh Horses

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4.0 out of 5 stars The Legend, 17 Dec 2006
This review is from: Fresh Horses (Audio CD)
Garth Brooks - Fresh Horses

This is Garth Brook's Sixth studio album. Fresh Horses was released in 1995, and went on to sell over six million copies in the US alone.

Fresh Horses continues the rise of Garth Brook's to "legend".

A fantastic fresh albums, Full of upbeat and slow ballads, and has a strong mix of rock and pop and of course country.

"The Beaches of Cheyenne" is a fantastic love song which covers the cruel world of loss and pain, and I think this is my favourite on the cd.

"Cowboys and Angels" and "That ol' Wind" are great ballads and I really like "Beaches of Cheyenne" and the song "The Change" is a great ballad that will pull at the heart strings, also Garth does a old Areosmith cover "The Fever" this time he mixes it with a rock influence to it, Very good version to be honest.

Other tracks I liked are "Ireland" which is all about being in the war and wanting to go home.

"Rollin'" is a great song all about a female trucker's life on the road, "It's Midnight Cinderella" is also a catchy soft rock tempo song.

It's not my personal favourite of Garth Brooks but it's still a very good album.

The cd I bought has the lyrics inside a glossy book :)

This is a must for all Garth brooks fans.

The tracks on the cd are

1. Old Stuff

2. Cowboys and Angels

3. Fever

4. That Ol' Wind

5. Rollin'

6. Change

7. Beaches of Cheyenne

8. Its Midnight Cinderella

9. She's Every Woman

10. Ireland


A little information about Garth Brooks....Garth was born February 7th 1962 in Tulsa, Oklahoma and is the biggest country music star there is, He is what Elvis is to rock n roll.

Garth was massive in the 1990's with his mixture of Country infused with Pop and rock, The Country music scene wasn't to impressed with this type of mix, but it soon became a massive smash all over the world.

Garth Brooks has sold more records than any other country artist EVER!.

Garth has had over 70 hits singles and 15 hit albums, and has sold over 115 Million albums in the US alone, he has broken so many records he has even been mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records.

Garth decided to retire at the end of the 90's due to family and music conflicts.


Made history as the first album to have 8 out of 10 tracks on the country music singles charts at the same time.

His follow up album broke that with 12 out of 14 tracks on the singles charts.

Garths Double Live album is the best-selling live album in music history.

Garths Double Live album has gone on to sell over 32 million worldwide.

Garth has had three albums at the top of the US charts at the same time in 1998.

Garth has four albums certified diamond

Olympus Camedia C-460 ZOOM DEL SOL  Digital Camera
Olympus Camedia C-460 ZOOM DEL SOL Digital Camera

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4.0 out of 5 stars A great camera thats easy to use, 17 Dec 2006
The Olympus Camedia C-460 Zoom:

My Review for the Olympus C-460 :)

I got the Olympus Camedia C-460 from Curry's, I paid about £170 for it. I was very cheeky and said "what do I get if I buy it from here" they asked me what did I mean and told them "I wanted a bigger memory card free" after a bit of haggling I got the 512 meg card for a £10, They was selling them for £30. If you don't ask you will never know, I got a pc for a friend from Comet about 2 years ago and got them a printer free :)

I got home and the first thing i found as with a lot of cameras etc was no batteries. Why or why do they just not put the price up by £10 and add the rechargeable packs?

Lets get on with it....The box is nice and has loads of information on it. Covers the specifications of the camera etc. Open the box and oh look a little bit of advertising showing you the "compact leather case" "quick charge batteries" that you wish you had bought when you picked the camera up :)

The box came with various items including, USB cable to transfer pictures from the Olympus C-460 to your pc, also software to install so your pc recognizes it, The Windows XP users out there don't need to install the software as XP auto detects the Olympus C-460. Also a AV cable that you can plug into your TV so you can watch your real time video via the Olympus C-460. There was another software cd that is a paint package and lets you do allsorts of things to your pictures.

The basic manual which is in English covers around 45 pages and comes in 4 different languages (French, Dutch, and Spanish). The instructions for the Olympus C-460 are very easy to follow, with nice easy diagrams of how the camera works, the manual also has a very good trouble shooting, I have only needed to use it once it nearly 2 years of having the Olympus C-460.

A note of Olympus about the "life" of the batteries and how to reduce the wear on them, for example, the battery power will still be consumed when connected to the pc, and of course it recommends you buy there "Olympus battery pack", as said before just go and pick up a pack from Argos with the charger for less than £10. Information about your "Picture Card" also comes in a small manual, telling you the do's and don't of the card. In fact there are other manuals that cover the "safety precautions", your warranty.

** I also got a Olympus innovate protection called "yellowtag" where you register a code that is given to you in a book on the internet and you fill in your details. You stick your unique sticker on your camera, and if god forbids you loose it, the nice person who finds it enters the information by email and you are supposed to be contacted etc. Seems a great idea but would people of today be honest enough to do it ?

Two batteries where included in the box, but they lasted all of 15 minuets. This is why rechargeable batteries are a must!

The camera itself is a sexy silver little item, it measures 10.5cm in length, and is 4.5cm in width, and stands at 6cm in height. Turn the Olympus C-460 around so the back is facing you and you can see a viewfinder and a LCD screen to the left and 6 buttons. The buttons are for moving around the onscreen menus. There are two buttons on the top of the camera, one is a zoom lever and the other is the main shutter button. When the batteries have been inserted, you operate the Olympus C-460 by moving the lens barrier. This brings the Olympus C-460 into life, the lens pops out and your LCD screen comes into its own. The LCD screen shoes you what you are pointing at, but if you press the "OK" button at the back it put the LCS screen into the menu option where you have a huge selection of things to play with.

Different things in the menu you can do...

You can set the date, the language, and the quality of the image or movie. You can see what images you have taken or even view the movie you have just recorded. There is a option to choose from the "auto" setting right down to the brightness. The images that can be shot are "Portrait" "Landscape" Night Scene" "Self Portrait" and of course "Movie".

Other options include how to use the flash, Red eye reduction and how to set the self timer so you can take a hands free picture, the Olympus C-460 lamp flashes for 10 seconds then 2 seconds later the Olympus C-460 beeps and the picture is taken, it takes some setting up to do when you want to use it but it can be fun trying to sit back down with the time you have. That all I am going to cover in the menu options but there is a lot more you can play with, I could go on for ages.

The images

The Olympus C-460 takes very good quality images. I did some christening pictures for my friend as they had asked me to be a God parent, and after people had seen the print outs, I was asked to do some family shots and made a bit of money, so that cant be to bad. I find the shutter speed of the camera very good it takes fast moving objects very well (see pictures of dolphins I have taken whilst on my holiday); you can set the quality on the Olympus C-460 to what you want, either low quality up to Super Quality. I have to be honest I have not really got around to using the movie option, so I can't comment on it. I may give it ago someday, I bought the Olympus C-460 for the camera side of it anyway and I didn't know about the Movie making until I got it home.

I love this Olympus camera; it must be easy to use if I can use it :)

The Specifications of the Olympus C-460.

Still picture - Digital recording - JPEG.

Movie - QuickTime Motion JPEG Support.

Memory - 16-512 MEG Card (when a 16 MEG Card is used)

2,288 x 1712 SHQ = 5 images

2,288 x 1712 HQ = 16 images

600 x 1200 SQ1 = 32 images

640 x 480 SQ2 = 65 images

Obviously I use a 512 Meg Card and using High Quality 2288x1712 I get about 200 images

Number of effective pixels - 4.000.000

Lens - Olympus lens 5.8mm to 17.4mm.

Digital ESP Metering, Spot metering

Shutter Speed - 1 to 1/1000 sec (night scene 2 sec)

Shooting Range - 1.6ft to Normal (Macro Mode 7cm)

LCD - 1.8TFT Colour LCD 130.000 Pixels

Outer Connecter - DC-IN, USB, A/V out Jack

Calendar - 200 to 2099

Weight - 165 grams
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Call of Duty 3 (PS2)
Call of Duty 3 (PS2)
Offered by media-4-u
Price: £9.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Nnothing better than getting shut of a few Nazi's, 6 Dec 2006
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Call of Duty 3 (PS2) (Video Game)
Published by: Activision

Developed by: Treyarch / EXAKT Entertainment

Call of Duty is a 1 or 2 player first person shoot em up.

ESRB Content Descriptors: Blood, Language, Violence

Also Available On: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox, PlayStation 2 and Wii

Through the eyes of four Allied soldiers, Call of Duty 3 brings players closer than ever to the fury of combat as they fight through the Normandy Breakout, the harrowing offensive that liberated Paris and changed the fate of the world.

First thoughts

C.O.D has had its graphics tweaked; this makes it a lot better to the eye.

Well I have been playing this on the Playstation 2 and noticed an improvement from the other Call of duty games I had played before. The developers have made more of an effort in the storyline. In between the missions it shows a cinematic footage of what is happening around you and what the missions expects of you, this makes it seem more real somehow.

Playable armies include American, Polish, Canadian and British.

The setting has changed; Call of Duty 3 takes place during the Normandy landing. The game starts on June 6th at Normandy and covers the 88 days before Paris was liberated. This covers 18 missions to get to your goal.

I started of as an American solider, after a little target practice and to get use to the controls, I decided to start the missions.

I was then told to get in the truck to go to a hot point (not a washer) where our soldiers are being over run. You are sat there in the truck minding your own business when BANG!!! The truck has been hit by an enemy shell. You are then thrown out of the truck and land on the ground, where some of your buddies help you up, all this is happening while rockets and gun fire is going off all around you.

An officer is heard shouting orders at you to get behind a wall, bullet tracers and smoke is filling the air, and this bloke wants me to follow him into the battle. Not for me thanks ill stay here and get my rifle out and pop a few Germans off :)

There is a old church where snipers are hiding waiting for you to pop your head out, somehow you have to sneak around them and then take them out.....ah you think that's a bit better....Oh did I mention the tanks that come crashing through the walls :( Then a plane comes into view and crashes and the whole screen shakes.

After a while the smoke settles and you move up, then the new "Battle action" kicked in, waiting for me around a corner was a German. What's the "Battle action" I hear you ask...its a new way of hand to hand fighting, as in real life he just jumps out at you and you don't have time to get you gun up and shoot, so the clever people who made C.O.D have added his new ay of taking out your enemy at close range, it consists tapping the joypad buttons in combination, it was a good feature, Shocked me at first as I didn't read the book....I just wanted to get on with the game :)

Well I don't want to spoil it to much for you, but you get the picture.

Good improvement in the graphics, loads of realistic smoke and flames, the building come crashing down around you without a warning.

The vehicles are easy enough to handle after a while, and you have a good choice of weapons you can use and even pick up the enemies weapons if you running low

I would say 9/10 for the graphics, 9/10 for the sound, I played it through the sound surround it was like you was really there.

The game play I would give 9/10 nothing better than getting shut of a few Nazi's.

Overall I would give Call of Duty 3 9/10 it will keep you busy for a while :)

The James Bond Collection - 20 Disc Box Set  [DVD]
The James Bond Collection - 20 Disc Box Set  [DVD]
Dvd ~ Pierce Brosnan

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4.0 out of 5 stars Ultimate Bond films, 6 Dec 2006
The James Bond Collection is one of the best DVD box sets ever to be published.

It is the ultimate dedicate to Ian Fleming's and of course his most famous character, James Bond.

This silver box set contains the 19 official movies, which are:

Dr. No (1962)

This was the first James Bond film, starring Sean Connery. Following evidence in the form of radioactive rock samples, Bond sails to Dr. No's island and discover the Doctor's plot.

From Russia with love (1963)

Sean Connery stars again, the film introduces us to "SPECTRE" who are seeking revenge on James Bond for his killing Dr. No.

Goldfinger (1964)

The third time Sean Connery stars as 007. We are introduces to the villain Goldfinger, his plot "Operation Grand slam" is to plant is to blow up Americas biggest vault (Fort Knox) and its down to 007 to save the day.

4) Thunderball (1965)

The fourth film to star Sean Connery as 007. We are introduced to "largo" a part of "SPECTRE ". Largo has stolen two warheads from a plane, Largo and "SPECTRE " blackmail America and Great Britain to pay a ransom otherwise they will blow up two major cities if they don't pay.

5) You only live twice (1967)

The fifth film to star Sean Connery as 007. We are introduced to Blofeld (Donald Pleasence) part of "SPECTRE ". A mysterious spacecraft in space is stealing space craft of the USA & the Soviet Union. Both countries are blaming each other and are on the brink of World War 3. MI6 believes the mysterious spacecraft has landed in Asia and send 007 to find out who is behind the plot to start a war.

6) On her Majesty's secret service (1969)

The only film to star George Lazenby and the only film where 007 is shown to fall in love. This time Blofeld is played by Telly Savalas (Kojak). This time he plans to use biological warfare on the world. He uses his clinic in the alps to brain wash woman to do his dirty work.

7) Diamonds are forever (1971)

The sixth film to star Sean Connery as 007. Huge amounts of diamonds have been stolen from South Africa but have not turned up ion the black market. Bond takes up the identity of a diamond smuggler to find out who is behind it all, everyone who gets involved seems to wind up being found dead. Sean Connery would later portray Bond again in the unofficial Bond film Never Say Never Again in 1983

8) Live and let die (1973)

This is the first film to star Roger Moore as 007. MI6 agents as well as CIA agent are being killed whilst monitoring Dr, Kananga (Parker-Alien) who is a dictator of a small island in the Caribbean. 007 is sent to New York where a agent was found dead and Dr Kananga just happens to be visiting the UN. Also the Sexy Solitaire (Jane Seymour) stars :)

9) The man with the golden gun (1974)

The second film to star Roger Moore as 007. This time the story follows 007 looking for Francisco Scaramanga (Christopher Lee) who is an elusive hit man, Bond wants to find him before he ends up as another hit. Just happens Scaramanga and MI6 are also looking for a vital solar power converter which in the wrong hands would be fatal.

10) The spy who loved me (1977)

Roger Moore is back for a third time starring as 007. This time 007 chief nemeses is Karl Stromberg (Curd Jurgens), Stromberg is out to destroy the world to so he can follow his dream of having the perfect utopia in a underwater city. He plans to steal British and Soviet submarines and use there nuclear weapons to use on the superpowers. 007 is sent to stop him with the help of a Russian agent Triple-X (Barbara Bach) who has a personal grudge against 007. This is also the first film that Jaws (Richard Kiel) appears in.

11) Moonraker (1979)

Roger Moore is back for a forth stint as 007. The Moonraker space shuttle which is on lone to Great Britain gets hijacked. MI6 needs to get to the bottom of the situation and send 007 to investigate. He is sent to investigate Sir Hugo Drax - Michael Lonsdale (Ronin-Jean-Pierre) who owns Drax industries where the shuttle was made. Bond makes friends with Drax's chief scientist and encounters an old enemy Jaws (Richard Kiel), Moonraker marked Bernard Lee's final appearance as M.

12) For your eyes only (1981)

The fifth film to star Roger Moore as 007. This time 007 has to recover Britain's ATAC equipment. ATAC (ship-based weapons system) which allows the user to take control of the country's submarines so they can be used to attack targets. The ATAC equipment was sunk whilst on a freighter in the Ionian Sea. 007 has a major villain to contend with, Kristatos who is played by Julian Glover (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - Walter Donovan) who is also trying to get hold of the ATAC.

13) Octopussy (1983)

The sixth film to star Roger Moore as 007. This time 007 is up against Kamal Khan played by Louis Jourdan and a crazy Russian General named Orlov - Steven Berkoff (Victor Maitland in Beverly Hills Cop). The general thinks the time is now to invade the west and wants to set off an atomic bomb. Kamal is a jewel smugglers who uses a circus as a cover to transport gains.

14) A view to a kill (1985)

The last film to star Roger Moore as 007.Bond is up against psychopath Max Zorin (Christopher Walken) and his bodyguard May Day (Grace Jones). Zorin intends to own the computer chip market by destroying Silicon Valley by causing an earthquake.

15) The living daylights (1987)

Timothy Dalton stars for the first time as 007.A defecting KGB general Kosov (Jeroen Krabbe) implicates a former KGB general played by John Rhys- Davies (Gimli in the Lord of the Rings) in a plot to assonate British agents. 007 is sent to kill Pushkin but soon learns that US arms dealer Whitake played by Joe Don Baker is behind all the mayhem.

16) Licence to kill (1989)

Timothy Dalton stars for the last time as 007. The villain this time is not a mad man set on blowing up the world, but a drug dealer by the name of Franz Sanchez who is played by Robert Davi. MI6 have nothing to do with this mission it's a personal vendetta to hunt down and kill the man who killed his friend Felix Leiters wife.

17) Goldeneye (1995)

Pierce Brosnan plays 007 for the first time. The Russian mafia has obtained a space based weapon called Goldeneye. Goldeneye explodes a nuclear device in orbit, the cripples a ground location with an EMP (electromagnetic pulse). London is a target and the MI6 send out 007 to save the day. The story has a twist as a former 00 agent who was meant to have been killed appears played by Sean Bean. Robbie Coltrane (hagrid-Harry Potter) also appears as a ex-KGB officer who has a few things to settle with 007.

18) Tomorrow never dies (1997)

Pierce Brosnan plays 007 for the second time. Bond is this time up against Elliot Carver (Jonathan Pryce), this time he doesn't want to rule the world; he wants to rule the worlds media. Carver is launching his own news network, and has decided he is going to make the headlines by engineering a conflict in the South China Sea. A British ship is sunk by a Chinese plane all done by the evil Carver, War is brewing and this is where 007 come in.

19) The world is not enough (1999)

Pierce Brosnan plays 007 for the third time. M played by Judi Dench decides to make thing personal when a very close friend of hers is killed whilst inside the MI6 headquarters, she sends 007 to protect her dead friend's daughter Elektra King (Sophie Marceau). 007 soon find's out that the man who killed her father is a terrorist called Renard (Robert Carlyle), Renard and Elektra have had past dealing as he kidnapped her when she was younger, but she escaped before he got the money, Renard wants to steal a nuclear bomb for vengeance to use.

Also you get a very interesting bonus disc, containing the following: original documentaries, Behind-the-scenes footage, deleted scenes, theatrical trailers and interactive menus concerning all the movies, as well as meet the cast, theatrical trailer, and teaser trailer, concerning James Bond's latest movie Die another day, combined with a Nightfire game trailer, which is the latest video game concerning the original movies!

This is a must-have for every James Bond fan.

Buy it; it's well worth it!

I got this at half price about a year ago for Christmas. To be honest it has it good films and not so good films. I'm a Sean Connery fan so I like most of his films.

NBA 2K7 (PS2)
NBA 2K7 (PS2)
Price: £16.79

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4.0 out of 5 stars Shoots.....................Scores!, 3 Dec 2006
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: NBA 2K7 (PS2) (Video Game)
The NBA Games have been voted best sport simulation games for the past few years, and i think NBA 2K7 will just help to establish the top slot.

NBA 2K7 gives you the serious action most basketball fans love, chance to become a legend on the court and gain superstar status.

NBA 2K7 has had a bit of a update, comes with different camera views and all new animations

The game feels realistic and looks great when moving you man around, the controls are responsive and easy to master. The shot stick is effective when it comes to scoring (Right stick).

You have to learn the different moves, you just cant dive in and start playing. the default settings are a good place to start, not to easy but not to hard. But once you have started to master the moves you will be amazed how fluid the game becomes. You will be amazed at the types of baskets you can score, and of course amaze your friends, as i think this game is a great one on one game with your mates.

The games graphics are fantastic for the Playstation 2 and the players look pretty life like, The game comes fully licensed NBA roster, So the "All" the players are the proper thing.

The commentary isnt to bad, but the ambience of the players and crowd, you really dont have time to listen to the commentary, it adds to the game.

Music form A Tribe Called Quest, Mos Def, Fabolous, and many others covers the soundtrack.

The game modes are pretty good, loads of one off games, to the huge "Association Mode" where you take control of the best franchise mode in the business, it now comes with multiplayer franchise, 3 team trading, progressive fatigue, and season awards races, which will keep you busy for months (literally)

Real NBA Coaching - Take control of the floor with improved coach settings, new team playbooks and on-the-fly substitutions.

Yes you can play online, It has a most comprehensive online feature that includes "Complete online stats" and online leagues.

2K Sports Online Play - Go head-to-head and compete in leagues and tournaments against the best players on the planet.

The NBA has one of the best franchise around so you get the real players and the real information.

Pocket Garden Troubles Expert (Pocket Expert)
Pocket Garden Troubles Expert (Pocket Expert)
by D. G. Hessayon
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic book that fits in your pocket, 5 Nov 2006
A superb Dr Hessayon book that fits in your pocket.

I came across this book when I started my NVQ in horticulture and to this day it's still a great reference book.

It was the first book of Dr Hessayon to cover weeds, pests, and diseases and disorders.

The book covers all types of problems you may find in the garden.

The pictures in the book are of great help, it covers what pests do the damage and how to get rid of them.

The book has about twelve section including "flower troubles" which has a big area to cover from animals like rabbits destroying your flowers, also covers the weather (frost etc), to soil pests that eat away at the roots.

Other sections covered are "Tree and shrub troubles" also "Vegetable troubles", "Tree fruit and soft fruit troubles", there is even a section on "lawns" and general disorders

It's a small book with a lot of knowledge about most pest and diseases and problems that you may come across.

The Easycare Gardening Expert (Expert books)
The Easycare Gardening Expert (Expert books)
by D. G. Hessayon
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars Some fantastic photos evidence and some very good information, 5 Nov 2006
This was one of the first Dr Hessayon books I bought and still look at it for reference.

I didn't really know much about gardening and what I did was probably from the TV.

But when we moved to our house we gained a big garden and I thought Id better get into gardening pretty quick.

I wanted to do something with it, as there is nothing worse than concrete everywhere.

The book has great tips and suggestion on how to start to make your garden.

Some fantastic photos evidence and some very good information

The sections range from soil, climate & weather, plants and planting and troubles you may come across.

There is a great section on Soils, which covers improving you soil, either by drainage, applying dressings and fertilizers.

Another section covers plants and bulbs, how and what are the best to use.

The book covers climbers, shrubs, trees, fruit trees, roses, how to look after them and how to feed them etc

Annual & biennials are covered very well and also planting and planting methods.

What tools are best for what job are covered.

Greenhouse gardening is covered in a small section, and also a section on water gardening is also covered.

There is a good piece on "troubles" which covers soil pests, fruit problems & weed control.

The "gallery of garden weeds" is fantastic it has drawing of weeds so making it easy to identify & also how to destroy them.

A great book which covers mostly everything you should need to help you get your garden up and running, covering a huge range of things like layering, taking cuttings, mulching and protecting form harsh winter frosts.

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