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5.0 out of 5 stars Possibly the best coffee machine ever....., 9 Feb 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Bought this for my Dad, who has trouble with his hands, and he absolutely loves it. I purchased the cafe duck as well, because he didn't really want to use the pods, and this has been invaluable. He loves his own coffee and finds it very easy to fill and place into the machine. It heats the water very quickly and gives a lovely crema. Also, because of the design you can use your favourite mug too (be aware that if it is a large mug, make sure you press the 2 cup option).
Having read other reviews, I think that I have found the answer to the "chemical/plastic smell in the water". When I first took off the plastic water tank, yes it did smell funny. So I used boiling water and some bicarbonate of soda and left it over night. Rinsed it out in the morning and hey presto!, no more smell. I have found also that if you empty out any excess water at the end of the day and don't replace the tank onto the machine until you are ready to use it the next day, that the smell is completely gone and there is no after taste in the coffee. We are lucky that we live in a soft water area, so I think that helps too.
So all in all, a great little machine - and the fact that its under £50 is a bonus.
Would definately recommend for older people to use - not so many things to go wrong or fiddly bits to fit.

Mens Long Duffle Coat -- Brown
Mens Long Duffle Coat -- Brown
Offered by Duffle Coats UK
Price: £169.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Not as described..., 30 Jan 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Do not be fooled into thinking that this coat will be full length - its not! As other reviewers have said, the arms are far too short and so is the length. I purchased this for my Dad who is 6'3" approx 21stone, so I got him the biggest size (50) - hoping that it would be okay. It wasn't. The arms came up 4" above the wrist and length was 7" above the knee! This is advertised is a LONG duffle coat - well its not. Overall the quality of material was excellent, although the toggles are held on by leather straps - and one of them broke on the first wearing! I emailed the company and they happily refunded the money for it (eventually!) - even though I had to pay to return it. It is a shame because it would have been ideal for him - especially as it comes with a hood - but I am left feeling very disappointed. I really do feel that the company should change its description from long to 3/4 length because that is what it is.

De'Longhi EC330S Machine
De'Longhi EC330S Machine
Offered by eTwist
Price: £173.61

2.0 out of 5 stars Not for the faint hearted...., 30 Jan 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I purchased this for my dad for a christmas present - wish I hadn't! Unfortunately we had to return it as the pump stopped working. We hadn't even made a cup of coffee! We were only flushing it through as recommended in the user manual and on the 6th flush, the pump packed up. Luckily Amazon were very good and refunded us the money. The other thing to say is that it is not very user friendly. My Dad cannot use his hands very well and found the coffee holder very fiddly to fill and actually fit onto the machine. He also likes a mug of coffee but we could not fit his favourite mug under the machine, so would have had to buy special cups to use - extra money to fork out when this machine is already over £100. I am now going to get my Dad a Senseo machine (with "duck") which looks alot easier to use (and at under £50, alot cheaper) and which he will be able to use his own coffee AND his own mug!

Bush 320GB Hard Drive Freeview Recorder DTR with Twin Tuner (Amazing Price)
Bush 320GB Hard Drive Freeview Recorder DTR with Twin Tuner (Amazing Price)
Offered by The Electronic Cabin
Price: £139.95

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2.0 out of 5 stars A good product, at a good price (udate 16th October)., 27 July 2010
I had to buy a replacement for my TVonics freeview digital recorder - as it crashed! - and I couldn't find one that I liked at a reasonable price. I found this while searching through - and thought I would give it a go.

It is quite large - considering the size of the TVonics one that I absolutely loved and am still grieving for - but there was plenty of room under the TV, so that wasn't an issue. Very easy to set up - gives you clear instructions on how to connect to your tv, and video recorder as well. Simple on screen instructions on what to do - good for me, as I am not very technically minded! - and within 10 minutes you are up and running! You have a 14 day EPG (electonic programme guide) - but bear in mind to use this facility it does take a full 24 hours to load up. There is the option of topping up your tv, but I have not done this. It said in the hand book that it comes with a top up tv card, mine didn't. But as I don't want to use this, that isn't a problem. Recording programmes is easy - and once recorded, they are automatically put into folders depending on what it is ie film, factual, childrens, etc., or they are just listed by recording date on the first page. It will also give you the option of recording a whole series - very handy - and unlike my TVonics one, does not record the repeats!! It also uses twin tuners - so can record two programmes at once. I have used this feature, and although I was skeptical, it does work!

The only down side is that it does have quite a loud humming noise - which is always there, even when it is off (ie on standby). The only way to stop this is to turn it off from the wall - which is slightly irritating and you can't do that if you are taping something over night. It also feels quite warm to touch - but again, I assume that is part of the design.

All in all, a good product - and a good replacement for the dearly departed TVonics.

Update: 16th October -
Well, it has crashed. After just 3 months. I am starting to think that I am a jinx! This is the third one that has crashed now and I am getting really annoyed. I am considering just getting a plain set top box - not so many things to go wrong. The other annoying, and surprising thing, was the humming sound. For a bedroom, it is very very loud and some nights I did have to turn if off from the socket. Be aware, also, if you purchase this item that in standby mode it is using alot of electric - so if you are cost conscious, this might not be the product for you. There are certainly better ones out there, albeit more expensive, that won't drive up your electric bill so high (ours went up ALOT since purchasing this product). If anyone knows if a freeview digital recorder, that actually works longer than 12 months, please let me know?!
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Remington S7902 Wet2Straight Hair Straightener (discontinued by manufacturer)
Remington S7902 Wet2Straight Hair Straightener (discontinued by manufacturer)

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4.0 out of 5 stars A great product for hair straightener beginners, 17 Nov 2009
Having had short hair for most of my adult life, and having only in the past 2 years let my hair grow to mid length, I wanted to get a product that would help with the constant curling of my hair. My friends all use straighteners and they all raved about the benefits of straightened hair but they all use dry straighteners. I saw this advertised on TV and being an avid swimmer and having to wash my hair nearly every day, I thought this product would be good because I don't have to blow dry my hair and can just towel dry and away we go!
The straightener itself is quite easy to handle, and heats up fairly quickly (10 minutes if you go up to the optimum setting of 230 degrees). The ergonomic handle helps - no hand cramp even after 30 minutes! - and the LCD display is a good help. Flex cord is nice and long - helpful when your nearest socket is down the landing, outside the bathroom! I found the instruction leaflet concise and full of handy tips - good if you have never used a straightener before. Leaves hair lovely and soft and shiny - even my hair that is very dry (thanks to the cholorine!) on the ends. Would definately recommend that you use some sort of heat protecting spray though - only because this cuts down on the static frizz. Have bought one for my brother's girlfriend and am going to get one for my cousin - at this price its a bargain!

Miss Congeniality [VHS] [2001]
Miss Congeniality [VHS] [2001]
Offered by auczobe
Price: £5.00

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3.0 out of 5 stars Sandra Bullock as a plain Jane? I don't think so......, 16 Mar 2004
Although Sandra Bullock is a v.good comedy actress, sometimes you have to wonder at the wisdom of some of her script choices. This would have to be one of them. The woman is pretty gorgeous and to try and convince the audience that she is plain Jane in need of a glamorous make-over.....well, its a tough one and for me, it is not very convincingly done. Bullock does her best - shows us unkempt hair, disgusting personal habits, etc. but we all know that underneath all this is one of Hollywood's most glamorous women - so where is the surprise?
Having said that, this film is fairly entertaining, light weight fluff and that is what Bullock is best at; let's be honest.
Michael Caine does a very odd turn as a gay beauty consultant - his scenes with Bullock are good but nothing that would stand out.
Benjamin Bratt (Julia Robert's ex) plays her love interest - but again its not anything spectacular.
So, if you want a fluffly, funny romantic-esque film - this would be it. If you think Bullock is a great actress - don't watch this film.

The Big Tease (VHS) (1999)
The Big Tease (VHS) (1999)
Dvd ~ Craig Ferguson
Offered by catherinesss3
Price: £1.64

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5.0 out of 5 stars Curling tongs anyone?......., 16 Mar 2004
This clever and witty film delivers with each scene. A fictitious film crew from BBC television is following a young Scottish hairdresser as he goes to America to compete in the Hairdressing Championship - and bring home the "Golden Scissors" to Scotland. We follow him as he meets a variying aray of characters - from the over-eager chauffeur driver to the snooty Norweigan hairdresser - right up to the moment of competition.
Its funny, heart-warming, hilarious and just a very good movie - one to watch with loads of popcorn and some hankies (just in case!).

Best in Show [VHS] [2001]
Best in Show [VHS] [2001]
Offered by unclejohnsband
Price: £12.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars A must for anyone who is crazy about their dogs....., 16 Mar 2004
All set in the crazy world of dog shows, this film is an absolute gem. Five sets of people (complete with their dogs) are all travelling to the Mayfair Dog Show - hoping that their dog will be crowned "Best in Show". From start to finish this film had me laughing out loud - some of the actors are not well known, but that doesn't matter one bit - the situations and brilliant dialogue is just so well put together........well, what else can I say? Watch it, buy it and you will never view dog shows as boring again!

Devil's Advocate [VHS] [1998]
Devil's Advocate [VHS] [1998]
Offered by dawlishboy
Price: £1.08

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4.0 out of 5 stars Pacino and Reeves - an odd partnership......., 23 Feb 2004
The odd thing about this movie is the two main actors - one can act his ass off and the other, well, lets just say deep and meaningful is not his thing. Pacino is at his most manic here - the picture of decency and morals one moment, the darkest tormentor in the next. The performance is so polished that its hard to tell when these changes occur - the smoothness and smallest inflection the only outward signs.
Then we have Reeves - well, here is the problem. Its honestly not his fault, some idiot at the studio told him he could act and Reeves believed him! Seriously though, when scenes with Pacino come up it is clear that something is lacking in Reeves' acting make-up. Granted - Pacino is an acting legend but many other actors have managed to hold their own with him, without looking like they just got out of acting school. Something else that bothered me about Reeves was his total lack of chemistry with Charlize Theron - the supposed love of his life. I found their screen partnership awkward and totally devoid of any feeling.
Having said all that, it is one of my favourite films, if only to see Pacino's stunning performance.

The 10th Kingdom: Complete Series [VHS]
The 10th Kingdom: Complete Series [VHS]
Offered by Discountdiscs-UK : Dispatched daily from the UK.
Price: £10.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars A heart-warming, magic story........, 20 Jan 2004
Having seen this on Sky when it was first shown, I was so happy to see that Amazon were advertising it to buy.
Everything about this film is fantastic - from set design, characters that have jumped right out of everyone's favourite bedtime stories and the actors are just so right for their parts. Nice to see a film that appeals to both adults and children.

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