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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PC)
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PC)
Offered by rockaway-records
Price: £4.12

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5.0 out of 5 stars Flawless....., 22 Feb 2004
Finally, the latest game in the Grand Theft Auto series is on the PC. Having played all of the previous games I was disappointed that I had to wait so long after GTA3 for Vice City, however some things can’t be rushed and thankfully Rockstar games seem to agree.
In Vice City you play Tommy Vercetti, a man who is not shy to indulging in a bit of crime. Having spent 15 years in Liberty City jail he has been sent to Vice City to head up a new section of the Mob. Things don’t go too well though as during the first deal he loses millions and the coke which he was meant to collect. Now, with his boss on his tail he has to recover the money and get some revenge.
Vice City starts off similar to GTA3, you have your hideout, where you can save the game and various points around the city you have to get to get a job. What the job is depends on the client and those crazy people at Rockstar who think these things up.
In Vice City they have made things a little harder from the off. For example it does not take too long before you’re into gun fights and end up blowing things up. A good example is a mission where you demolish a building, and it’s no tiny one either. Using a remote control helicopter you have to plant 4 time bombs in certain places in the building to help it collapse. Once you have done that, the building explodes, collapses and the mission is over.
Missions do vary a lot and amongst the hard one you can pick up some very easy ones that help your rank and allow you to advance a little further in the game.
The layout of Vice City is a little like GTA3. You have various islands, which make up the city, but you only have access to one. The great thing about Vice City is that the other islands can be unlocked very early in the game, allowing you to explore the whole city at your leisure.
Now, the game is very similar to GTA3, the concept remains the same and everything you can do is almost the same. I say almost because they have added in some things that I think every fan of GTA3 wanted. Namely Motorbikes and Helicopters.
Yes, it has been a while but they have got round to adding bikes back in for the first time since the first game. Now you can steal a bike by punching the other driver off and charge down the roads weaving in and out of the cars. The best thing about the bikes is that you can now explore the city at speed. Whereas before you had to get out of your car to look behind buildings or down side streets, now you simply jump on a bike and ride down there. It’s definitely a great addition, but not the best!
The best bit is the helicopters. They are one available once you unlock the second large island but they do make it easy to move about the city and if you’re not bothered about the missions but just want to explore for a while you can see everything on offer. The controls do take a little getting used to but once mastered you’ll be able to go literally anywhere.
The graphics in Vice City are very different from GTA3. The main reason is that the game is set in 1986 in a coastal city where there are massive beaches and the weather is hot. To reflect this, the majority of the cars look and handle differently. Also the clothes you wear are more 80’s and Hawaiian than before.
The cars have been improved over the GTA3 versions with regards to the damage they can take and the general look. An example is that you can take a baseball bat out and practically smash the car to bits, also you get glint off the sun on the windows and edges. The wheels can also be punctured, usually by spike strips thrown into the road by the police during a chase but also by simply by hitting a wall or curb at the wrong angle!
Every aspect of the game engine has been improved, people now walk in groups, wait for buses and fight amongst themselves without you even joining in. More weapons are also available. Many of them you cant carry at the same time but the variation does make it better. You can pickup a knuckle-duster, golf club, cleaver, sword, chainsaw and a number of guns, all of which cause mayhem when let rip in the middle of a group of people.
One area, which didn’t really bother me in GTA3, was the ability to buy buildings or houses. Sure now I have seen it I think it’s a great idea but at the time it was not something I thought of. What I am talking about is a new feature in Vice City that allows you to buy certain buildings or parts of a building. You start off in a small flat near the beach but throughout the game you can actually put your money to use. Outside some of the buildings are little spinning blue or green icons. If you walk over them you are given some information about buying that building, which includes the price. If you want you can buy clubs, apartments and even a luxury condo.
The radio in Vice City has also been overhauled. The music really matches the location and some of the voices will definitely be recognisable from GTA3. You get nice mellow music, some rock n roll and the songs are all real. Yes, Vice City is fully licenced! (Thanks for ponting out this stupid mistake Seth)
Overall Vice City is the best. Better than GTA3 in almost every area. Loading times are down, it now takes less time to access different areas of the city and even get into the game and there are more hidden packages and vigilante missions to complete. If you loved GTA3 you’ll definitely love Vice City! Rockstar have definitely improved GTA3 and I’m in no doubt that the next GTA game will be even better. All of the additions are well worth the asking price!

Call of Duty (PC CD)
Call of Duty (PC CD)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome, the best WWII game out at the moment...., 22 Feb 2004
This review is from: Call of Duty (PC CD) (Video Game)
got Call of Duty the first week it came out and I was extremely impressed by the whole game
First off,
Story 9/10
Story isn't much of a problem with these kind of games. But the story is you don the boots of three soldiers, an American, British, and Russian. All three campaigns litterally show a lot of promise, and I mean some amazing sequences but we'll go on with that later. As an American you are Private Martin, a British, Sergeant Evans, and as a Russian, a conscript Russian peasant named Alexei.
Graphics: 10/10
This game's graphics doesn't need a very good video card to run. I have a Radeon 9000 Pro, it runs like a beauty, lighting and shadows are very dark light they always are, fire emits light at a good range, lens flares look real and blinding, there are even facial expressions on soldiers, especially some of your Command Officers. They will look so real, they look just like a true human.
Also the models look real, you will barely see any imperfections on the models except one or two things. Nothing looks like an oversized arm stapled on a 2 foot dummy. And you know how that will look.
Sound: 10/10
This is nothing like what you've heard. It's like candy for your ears. MG42's make the loudest noise in the game next to the tanks rolling by on it's tracks. The sounds are loud, real, and you can even hear some bullets ricochet pass your ears, and you know how that feels in most games.
Each gun has it's own sound, you can hear the ping of an M1 Garand crisp and clear, the cock of a Thompson after you empty out an entire clip, and the voice work has been done extremely well. You'll hear your squad mates say ''Take Cover'', ''Grenade! Get down!'' ''Flank Right!'' ''Flank them!'', the voice acting is so good, you'll feel like your in a war with your own comrades, and soldiers, even if the characters you play as can't talk, you'll still listen to your C.O's and your squad mates debriefing you.
Gameplay: 10/10
There isn't much to say about the Gameplay. It's amazing! Even if the Scripted Sequences make some of your squad mates invulnerable for the entire mission, or for a time, you won't notice much since your gunning down the Germans with your Thompson or their MP44/Stg44. The A.I is great! Your squad mates will lean around corners, give cover fire, chuck grenades, they'll even whack some of the Germans when they get close enough. The Germans are also very intelligent, they will do the same exact thing as your squad mates, but with extreme precision, you'll feel like you in a real war, sometimes they miss like all soldiers, sometimes they'll act like seasoned veterans(which most of them are) and put a bullet between your eyes. It's variable. Their may be a bit of frustration here or there, but the fun factor is more than enough to counter that frustration factor unless your playing at Veteran or Hardened level.
Multiplayer: 0/0
This isn't much of a true factor, since all I've been describing is the Single Player. They multiplayer is pretty decent. There are a lot of exploits in the game, including the clipping, which you can see a good head or arm through a wall. Which gives you the rather unfair advantage of shooting their arm and getting an instant kill. There are also some weapon balance issues such as the PPSH spitting out 10 rounds in 2 seconds and killing a man within 9 rounds. Plus, sniping in this game is WAY too easy, it takes half the skill you would need to snipe in another game to snipe in this game. Overall, the multiplayer is on par, but if I had to score it, I'd say good, since it is fun after all, so if I had counted this, it would be 7/10.
Overall: Average that out and we get the grand total of 9.75 which I round up to 10/10(Excluding the Multiplayer)! Of course there are some flaws here or there, but not enough to actually decrease the Game's Score.
I can't say much more other than a few words, Buy it!

Mario Kart: Double Dash! (GameCube)
Mario Kart: Double Dash! (GameCube)

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5.0 out of 5 stars It keeps getting better!, 22 Feb 2004
Ah, finally the long awaited and highly anticipated Mario Kart: Double Dash is released! Nintendo has worked hard at delivering this sequel and I can assure you that you won't be disappointed with it.
Gameplay (10/10): The gameplay has been changed from the previous versions of Mario Kart and it doesn't necessary mean it's bad news. In fact the new system works quite well. Instead of having a single karter, you can pick two now. One being the driver and one being the Item Manager. There are also several different karts to choose from, one for each character. This is good change, since you are no longer stuck to driving the kart that is assigned to your karter. Besides from the usual items that we have all known to love, there are also special ''Character Specific'' items. These items are exclusive to the characters you have chosen and have special effects as well. For instance, if you choose Mario, his special item is a fireball and if you choose DK, his item is a giant banana. These new items are a good addition to the game. For reason Nintendo has decided to remove the jump feature from this version of Mario Kart, but it doesn't really affect the gameplay that much.
As usual, the game has several cups for you to choose from being Mushroom, Flower, Star and Special. There are also two secret cups which I won't spoil for anyone :P The racing system remains the same, which is a points system. Each time you come in the top 4 places you'll be awarded with points. For example, if you come first you'll get 10 points and if you come second you'll get 8 points etc. Whoever gets the most points at the end of the cup wins. A cup has 4 tracks and usually you'll have to do 3 laps around each track, although there are a few exceptions.
Surprisingly this version of Mario Kart has unlockables! There are secret characters, karts, cups and tracks to unlock which is a great improvement from the previous versions, since they were a bit lacking in the extras area.
Multiplayer has been improved as well. This is most notable in Battle mode. Each map has been improved and they are easy to navigate, but at the same time rather complex. They well much improved from the Mario Kart 64 battle maps.
Story (NA/10} : I can't really give a mark for the story since there isn't one :P
Graphics/Sound (9/10): the graphics are much improved from it's previous counterparts. Each character model is done nicely and each track is very colorful and the themes involved are quite varied. You won't really see the same track theme more than once. The sound and music in this game is done quite well, but it isn't outstanding either. The usual sound effects return and the music is done quite well. Each track suits it's corresponding track theme.
Replayability (8/10): Mario Kart was never intended for single player racing. In order to fully enjoy the Mario Kart experience, multiplayer is the way to go. You'll have so much more fun in multiplayer racing and especially Battle mode. You can even connect have a LAN session of MK and increase the fun to eight players! Overall, this game is enjoyed best in it's multiplayer form.
Overall, this is extremely fun game and I highly recommened it to anyone who has Gamecube. Single Player can get boring, but multiplayer never seems to get old.

Price: £7.62

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1.0 out of 5 stars How bad can you get?, 20 Feb 2004
This review is from: Sundown (Audio CD)
This album is the worst one i have ever heard! Could they have actually made it any worse? If you have actually listened to this album then you will realise how bad it really is. Seriously why did they bother to make such a BAD album? They are just another manufactured pop band, who happen to be worse then all of the other rubbish that is out there! Please do yourself a favour and don't buy it! You will regret it for the rest of your life!

Casually Dressed And Deep In Conversation
Casually Dressed And Deep In Conversation
Offered by Leisurezone
Price: £5.61

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5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely Classic Debut, 10 Feb 2004
This album is so good. Fact. It is one of the best albums you will ever hear for anybody who likes, rock, metal or anything loud! I could not stop listening to its ear-poppingly compulsive songs when i first bought it. Right through from the excellent 'bullet theory' to the soaring riffs of 'waking up'. The lead singers screams and shouts match the fast paced songs, and their bassist is phenomenal. However the best track on this whole album is 'escape artists never die' with one of the most addictive lyrics and riffs you will ever hear. It really is that good and if you want a refreshing new emo band, who are going to be BIG in the future i can tell you, the buy this now.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (GameCube)
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (GameCube)

5.0 out of 5 stars The best game on the gamecube. fact, 5 Feb 2004
When i read the first review of the windwaker, i was very dubious about nintendo's idea to change the graphics of the windwaker as shown in the E3 show in LA, to the cel-shaded graphics. At first i thought this was a big mistake from nintendo for a such a popular gaming franchise.
How wrong i was.
This is the best game i have ever played in my entire gaming history. It is ALMOST perfect. If you own a gamecube and can only buy one game, make it this one. The graphics look beautiful, and look like they are taken strraight from a comic-book. You will see enemies lumbering towards you and fireflys hovering around lights. However the most attractive prospect of the game is its gameplay and sheer enjoyment. Once you have started playing, believe me, you will want to put it down. The main quest is an absolutely enthralling one, and you will be hooked onto it from the moment the game starts. However im not giving anything away here! You'll have to buy the game for yourself to find out. However if this was the only thing in the game then it would be no where near the game that it is now. There are so many sidequests and challenges availiable to do and these can offer a break from the main story and form a real part of the world, making it dfeel like you are in a real world with real people who have real problems. For example, one such challenge is a letter sorting challenge and the quicker you sort the letters the more money you get. There are so many more for you to do and they form an integral part of the game.
Another main factor is the world in which the game takes place. It is absolutely HUGE. The majority of it is water, and early on in the game, you 'find' a ship and you use it to move around the many locations in the game. It would probably take about 20 minutes to sail from one end of the world to the other, and believe me there is alot of stuff to see in between. the sea looks brilliant, with dazzling water efects, and the weather frequently changes with thundering storms and raging winds, to cloudless skies and brilliant sunshine.
You also meet hundreds of different characters, and each have their own specific personality. Over time you will begin to love and loathe these characters!
And look i still havent even described to you the dungeons and bosses! The dungeons range from fiery volcanoes to leafy woods, with ranging from the impropable to the immpossible! All of the dungeons are well designed and have many challenging puzzles in them.
But the bosses are another thing entirely. Some have been designed so brilliantly you wont want to cut them up with your sword! Others will drive you to the verge of insanity at how difficult they are ( with the exception of the final boss who i think they could have made a little moe difficult!)How ever all of them look amazing and you will gawp in wonderment when you see them for the first time!
To help you defeat them you get a great variety of weapons ranging from the standard sword and bow to the power bracelets and iron boots.
The mainn game will take you at least 60 hours of solid gameplay to complete and that is without the miniquests and side challenges. Overall this is an absolute classic and much more then any nintendo fan could have expected. If you don't have this game then please i be you to buy it now! Your life will almost be changed rom this game and you will love every minute of it.

Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising
Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising
Offered by sicodaddy
Price: £59.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Advance Wars 2 = Great but not brilliant, 10 Nov 2003
I owned the original advance wars and that was certaintly the best strategy game i have ever had on any format. I am still playing it now, and when AW 2 came out i rushed to buy it. The game is very similar to the last one, which is not a bad thing by any means. The brand new campaign gives you much more specific missions, like destroying cannons, finding your HQ and capturing cities in a set amount of time rather then just defeat all the enemies or capture the HQ like most of the missions in AW 1 were.
The CO's have been portrayed better as well and their dialogue is more realistic then before. There is only one new unit, the Neotank, which is rather dull to be honest. There are more missions in the war room, and a few more maps on the Vs mode. After i completed the campaign i felt the same urge as i did with the last game to complete evry war room and vs map, but its just missing some thing. I feel that if the developers had spent a little more time on a slightly longer ampaign, more new units, more new maps and overall a slightly different game. If they had done this then that would have turned this great game, nto an unbelievable game. But as it is this game still rules and i believe is the best gamee on the GBA. Buy it if you dont have AW 1 and buy it if you do have AW 1!!!

Sierra Best Sellers: Tribes 2
Sierra Best Sellers: Tribes 2
Offered by GameBits Console Shop
Price: £13.16

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5.0 out of 5 stars PURE MULTI-PLAYER MAGIC!!, 18 Jun 2003
When i first played tribes 2, i was fairly doubtful about the whole idea of the game. A game virtually dedicated to online playing with basicallly no single player option except for a couple of training missions. Also the idea of role changing during the game seemd to be dubious to me also.
How wrong i was.
Tribes 2 has to be one of the most exciting original, amazing games i have ever played. The most common format of the game is there are two teams and each team attempts to get the opponents flag which is in the enemy base. However there are many other game-styles including Arena, Deathmatch and Hunters. The fact that you can change your role in the game takes it that little step higher over games like UT3. You can change between Scout, Assault or Juggernaut armour at any time during the game. The way you play the game is affected by which armour you choose. If you choose Scout, then you can only carry 3 weapons and you have fairly weak armour. However they are very fast and are difficult to hit when facing them one on one. If you choose to be a juggernaut, then there are seven weapons at your disposal, and you have much stronger armour, however they are very slow and it tskes a long time to move around in them. So in the game if you wanted to try and capture the flag, you should usescout armour. But if you wantto defend the flag the you should use juggernaut armour. It is this ability to change the roles in the game that make it so special. The levels that you play on are absolsutely massive, and on the bigger levels it can take you 10 minutes just to get to the enemy base. Also the introduction of vehicles gives the game a whole new dimension. You can take a scout flier, very fast butweak, or an assault tank, very strong and slow. The range of weapons in the game is also immpressive, ranging from the humble blaster right up to the destructive fusion mortar. However the weapons do depend on the armour that you wear. The graphics are looking a little out of date now, but it more than makes up for it in the gameplay.
This game is outstanding, and anyone who enjoys online games would really enjoy this. Go and buy it now!!!

Hello Rockview/Losing Streak
Hello Rockview/Losing Streak
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £9.97

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5.0 out of 5 stars Dont argue. Just Buy it., 14 Feb 2002
I only started listening to less than jake a few weeks ago nso i am not a hardcore fan yet, but i've just bought hello rockview and it is amazing!!!!!!!! If you like jimmy eat world, offspring, blink and the rest of them then u should definitly consider buying this. All the tracks can really get you high and chris is amazing on the guitar! Even if you dont like this sort of music buy it anyway. There are songs that can suite all tastes. And if you like hello rockview then you should also get losing streak which is slightly more rock than punk but is still a great buy.I would recommend the best songs on the hello rockview album to be metalheads,boring town, youth of america and five state drive.

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