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Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody
Price: £2.49

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5.0 out of 5 stars I really enjoyed this film, 18 Jan. 2016
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This review is from: Mr. Nobody (Amazon Video)
I really enjoyed this film. I appreciated the lack of clarify throughout the film, which could have suggested someone going psychotic, amnesia and trying to remember who he was, perhaps creative imagination, thinking about life choices, a dream, or possibly something else. To criticise, I felt the ending was a little too explanatory and would have liked it to have been more mysterious. As a result, it may be the type of film you see again to really get all the references and brief moments at the start, unless you have a good memory. I also felt the adult nemo and 8 year old nemo was a little gormless. I think that was the whole point of the adult nemo, someone who has a touch of low self-esteem or dissociative personality disorder. The ageing nemo was ok, but the 'old person' suit was a little unconvincing, but I guess these are budget constraints etc. These things aside, I really enjoyed it and would recommend it.

Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad
Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad
Price: £37.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars Keyboard is nice to use, 23 Sept. 2015
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Keyboard is nice to use, I bought this as a replacement for the original keyboard that came with my 2008 iMac. The original keyboard lasted 7 years and still works, it's just some of the keys are very worn, slight dip in the 'n' and 'm' keys, and the '0' key on the numeric keypad fell off after a few months of buying it - I guess should have returned it to manufacturer. This new keyboard however, worked fine since purchase in July 2015, but 2 months later, the 'u' key no longer works. Rather gutted as it cost nearly £40. Otherwise it was great, slim, gentle to press buttons etc. It has a 1 yr warranty from manufacturer so amazon agr33d to tak3 it back v3ry kindly

OXO Good Grips Digital Thermometer
OXO Good Grips Digital Thermometer
Price: £13.49

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2.0 out of 5 stars Build quality issues and died after 4 or 5 months of weekly use, 4 April 2014
It has performed well in the first 3 or 4 months when it started playing up. It can take maybe 10 or 15 seconds to come up to temperature but that is to be expected of any digital thermometer. I have cleaned the metal probe part with a washing up brush and on occasion the housing when it was accidentally dropped in some warm milk for a second or two. The other day, it started behaving very wierdly, it wouldn't go to C mode, but stayed reading F (the C/F toggle button did not respond or if it did it would display C for either a second or two and switch back or turn itself off). Also it wouldn't switch on half the time. It continued to behave like this on and off for about a month or so before finally dying. When it first malfunctioned, I thought maybe the battery was finished, so I tried to remove the battery compartment with a 20p piece which was a good fit into the plastic battery compartment lid slot but it totally mangled the slot. A cheap metal back would have worked without getting mangled and rendered this item more usable, assuming it did not fail prematurely. Maybe it would have been better using a round coin or a screwdriver, but perhaps it still would have had the same effect. To avoid mangling the slot, a coin thickness piece of plastic should be used - but who has something like this? It went in the bin, would not buy another.

Silver Machine
Silver Machine
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £4.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Compilation Album, 5 Dec. 2013
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This review is from: Silver Machine (Audio CD)
This isn't really a review but more a specification of what this item is, as the mp3 download is of a live album and the audio CD is a compilation album with one live track. The audio CD is (P) 1988 Hallmark and has the following track listing (all compilation of previously released studio recordings except last track):

1. Hurry on Sundown
2. Space is Deep
3. Motorhead
4. Mangu/Angels of Death
5. We Do it
6. British Tribal Music
7. Ghost Dance
8. World of Tiers
9. Urban Guerilla
10. Earth Calling
11. Silver Machine (Live)

Please note that in spite of the album title 'Silver Machine', this compilation album does not actually contain the original studio (single) version of Silver Machine.

H. R. Giger's Biomechanics Limited Edition
H. R. Giger's Biomechanics Limited Edition
by H R Giger
Edition: Leather Bound

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4.0 out of 5 stars How much?, 26 Oct. 2013
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Over £1000 for a used copy of this out of print book? Nice try. You can get a copy on an auction site for a lot less, probably around the £80 to £120 mark, but still that's a lot to pay for a short art book. Morpheus Publishing told me they would republish the book, but when? Hmmm. If you have more money than brains, then it's a good buy, but not at these prices, let alone £1000!!

No Title Available

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4.0 out of 5 stars Generally good but a few minor issues, 17 Oct. 2013
Overall, it's a very good unit. Customer service is very slow but good. A few design issues but can't complain too much. If I was to buy again I might look at the competition more closely first to see if they have fewer usability issues.


- powerful

- fast

- really finely blends smoothies and other mixtures, much better than my old, top of the range Philips blender.
- support did not quibble about how I damaged the unit and fixed it free of charge, collecting it and returning it at their expense.

- looks cool

- full manual controls

- minimalist

- light, all-in-one jug - lifts off the base easily. My old Philips blender's jug was much heavier (glass), and as the blade section unscrewed in the same direction as when one unscrews the jug from the motor base, if the jug ever got stuck to the base, which happened half the time when blending with the jug full, if you tried to use force to unscrew it, then you'd end up unscrewing the base and spilling the contents of the jug out all over the blender motor base! It would be quite a job to salvage the contents and remove/clean the jug blade section etc. No problems like this with the Vitamix.


- the jug does not attach to the base but sits on top. This means if you select the maximum setting and turn it on (you're not supposed to do this), the jug rides up and the teeth get mangled on the drive socket of the base. This is what happened to mine (user error). :-( Also it means you can run the blender whether the jug is attached or not - not that important but most blenders won't let you do this. If there was some kind of cut off, whereby the unit detected that the jug was starting to ride up and cut the power, this would mitigate such problems to a degree or limit the extent of damage, but would add additional complexity to the unit. If you are used to wiggling the jug of a blender from side to side to get it to blend properly at the start, don't try it with this blender for the above reasons.

- the Pro of the jug being light is that it is plastic. Glass tolerates heat better and doesn't leach anything into the food. The Vitamix jug is non-BPA leaching plastic. However, all plastic leaches to some degree, esp. when exposed to heat (blending hot food). Can't complain too much as there are pros and cons with every configuration.

- The blades do not disassemble from the base of the jug, like they do on a Philips blender etc., as mentioned above. This makes removing it from the blender more secure, as there is no risk of leakage from the base of the jug. However, it does make cleaning it slightly more complicated. With the Philips jug, you unscrew the base, take the base apart and clean the 6 different parts including the lid. But it's quick as the parts are relatively easily accessible once disassembled. With the Vitamix, it's just the lid and jug, but it's hard to get to the bottom of the jug with a washing up brush. You are supposed to run the blender with warm water and a couple of drops of washing up liquid, but if you don't give it a scrub with the brush first, you end up with gunk still stuck on the sides of the jug. So it's 2 stage cleaning process. Not the end of the world but hey.

- the variable speed knob is very loose, it's not damped at all. It is easy to accidentally knock it to a different speed. This happens to me all the time. Also, if you set it to around 7+, it tends to turn by itself, depending on the vibrations from the blending - it can turn itself down to 5 or 6 or up to 10. Happens frequently. You are supposed to start the thing at 1 every time and turn it up to 10 and stand there, but even so. Damping and tactility feel good and would be fitting here. Without them it just makes it feel cheap or low tech.

- the 4 rubber compound (?) feet do not grip very well. They tend to degrade readily in contact with a damp surface or water, leaving dark stains on your kitchen worksurface, and mine stopped gripping after maybe 6 months. The base then has the habit of moving and rotating when in use on higher settings and with higher workloads, with the lead coiling around the base. I usually intervene at this point but if left it could potentially slide off the kitchen work surface onto the floor and break and spill food/liquid everywhere. I had a Phiips blender for years and it had rubber suction pads on each corner and they worked brilliantly even after many years.

- could do with some automatic controls. e.g. preset programs, rather than having to go through the motions manually the same way each time, i.e. starting the blender on 1 then increasing it to 10, then flicking the switch to maximum. There could be some presets with different rates of increase of the above. But given that you could potentially destroy the blender socket if you selected too quick a speed (if it had such a function), then Vitamix would probably never implement it.

- There should ideally be some clever electronics to stop you turning it on on the maximum setting. It wouldn't be hard to implement. At the very least there should be a switch cover over the variable/maximum switch, as a kind of reminder that seriously bad things could happen if you don't do it properly.

- the shape of the jug is square, but with 'Chris Bangle' style indents in it, so it is very hard to actually get all the liquid out of it, even with a flexible plastic scraper. If it was round, or perfectly square, it would be simpler. The fancy designs on the side don't really make it look better anyway. Would have preferred a jug that you can remove the base from, but cleaning it by running it isn't TOO bad.

- the instruction manual is very poor. Doesn't explain the settings properly, including the difference between '10' on the variable setting and the maximum setting. It would only take a few lines. It is explained in the DVDs but it should be in the manual as well, which is what I referred to initially. I personally hate watching instructional DVDs, I find them very annoying - I wasn't interested in all the recipes etc., I just wanted a simple explanation of how it works.

- the unit could have more descriptive labels/print next to the switches. They aren't that clear for a newb. There is not even an LED that lights up when you have the unit switched on.

- Customer Service is very slow - I logged a fault report and nothing happened for weeks. I emailed them a couple of times but still nothing. Called them on the 0800 number but it redirects to a US number that says to call back in office hours (doesn't say which country they are in but it's fairly obvious). They eventually replied nearly 3-4 weeks later, but when I did get a customer service agent on the email, they were very responsive and organised a collection (at their cost) and had it delivered back fixed a week or so later - despite technically it having been my fault I mangled the drive socket. However, I partly blame the instructions and lack of clear labelling on the unit itself.

- if you are EMF sensitive, then don't buy anything this powerful as it emits the same strength magnetic field as a car alternator or washing machine, even on its lowest settings.
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No Title Available

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3.0 out of 5 stars ok but the black paint stinks, 4 April 2013
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The torch seems to be fairly ok. Takes 3 AAA batteries - not included. Unscrewing the back - it feels a little tight and the gasket/seal on the back will get some abuse from battery replacement. Switches on and off ok with the rubber button on the bottom of the torch. However, the black paint covered the casing of the torch stinks like f*** of creosote or similar. Really nasty smell. The packaging also reeked, had to put it straight in the bin outside the house. After a few days of aerating the torch, it still smells, but not as bad as before. I presume it is made in China using dubious paint sources. Item was cheap I guess. After I bought the item, it was shown as currently unavailable although there are identically looking torches in other listings at double the price or more (typical Amazon style with duplicate listings with wildly different prices). The torch lights up the markings I made with a UV pen so it does the job.

No Title Available

5.0 out of 5 stars Robust and does the job, 9 Mar. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Not a cross cutting shredder. Shredded strips could be a touch narrower and should be oiled occasionally but otherwise perfect! I don't need that high a level of security for my domestic shredding.

The Psychic Vampires Guide: To Subtle Body Language and Psionics
The Psychic Vampires Guide: To Subtle Body Language and Psionics
by Lono Fructus Vespertilio
Edition: Paperback
Price: £12.43

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Great book, 1 Nov. 2012
A great book, covers so many different areas. Whilst I don't necessarily agree with the author on everything (believing in spirits and entities), I have learnt a great deal and will keep referring back to it. Needs re-editing in places. For example, the chapter on Feeding, whilst describing surface feeding he stops in mid sentence and the paragraph ends. I am not sure how much was missed from the paragraph but it is very short compared to the others on the other types of feeding. Surely mistakes like this could have been spotted? ;-) lol The images in the book are very low resolution, pixelated (mostly computer generated) and dark. Not an issue for the large part but hard to make out the Mudras properly, so I had to do a spot of cross referencing on the net. Also missing are more full descriptions of ambient feeding, but I found that on the net too. One could argue he should have focussed more on the actual feeding techniques rather than all the other topics he covered. But overall, it's a great book and I'd definitely recommend it.

Practical Sigil Magic: Creating Personal Symbols for Success
Practical Sigil Magic: Creating Personal Symbols for Success
by Frater U. D.
Edition: Paperback
Price: £12.78

8 of 13 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Overall, very good, 1 Nov. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Overall this is a great book. However, a few concepts are described too briefly to be practical IMO. Primarily I am referring to the Death Posture v2. If you find this uninteresting, or it is not your preferred sigil activation technique, then don't bother reading any further. However, for me, it is the only real practical technique. The description in the book is far too short, is somewhat unclear and doesn't quite make sense. Needs re-editing. He mentions twitching your 'upper arms', then later twitching your 'arms'. What exactly does this mean? Also he says that each twitch should be no longer than a split second, but I'd like to see someone perform all of these twitches in less than half a second that he states - assuming they knew how to do it properly. He spends more book space discussing the DPv2 rather than actually describing it properly. Many authors in general often tend to do this type of thing. ;-) I found it slightly frustrating and searched the net for more information about this DPv2. I discovered that he briefly describes Sigil magic in his book 'High Magic'. This actually summarises the concepts of Sigil magic more clearly than he does in his Sigil Magic book ironically, although it does not cover all types of sigil creation. It also includes a description of the DPv2, which is actually much clearer than in this book. However, the technique described is not the same and does not include the chest twitch. I am not sure how much difference it really makes, but it would be good to have some clarity and consistency as to what he personally recommends. Ultimately I can figure out my own preferred way of doing it. Still, buying a second book is no bad thing, but it does mean the author makes a little more money. ;-)

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