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eRick132 "eric_truong90" (London)

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Offered by LEGS GALORE
Price: £5.77

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4.0 out of 5 stars Wow, 19 Oct. 2014
This is a great product. As a Chinese man myself living in the UK I found it very difficult to find this traditional hat and moustache for my Chinese new year celebrations. Thank you amazon for helping me perpetuate racial stereotypes. ;)

Just Like You[from US]
Just Like You[from US]
Offered by westworld-
Price: £4.98

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2.0 out of 5 stars hm.., 12 Feb. 2008
This review is from: Just Like You[from US] (Audio CD)
I didn't really like this. I think keyshia has a nice strong voicebut picks really boring songs.

Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £1.84

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1.0 out of 5 stars I Am So Disappointed, 10 Oct. 2007
This review is from: Change (Audio CD)
I completely agree with "Jean du Jardin" I think this album is really bad and lacks any depth at all. I don't like the fact that keisha is lead everywhere on the album and I really miss mutya. They are moving further and further away from what made them so good.

I Am
I Am
Price: £11.87

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4.0 out of 5 stars Is good..!, 11 July 2007
This review is from: I Am (Audio CD)
Well i didn't really know what to expect when i got this as chrisette michele doesnt portray herself as one of the more commercial singers of our generation. I wasn't disappointed by what she had to offer. there are so many beautiful tracks on this and her voice is really soothing and dreamy, she reminds me of billie holiday. All the songs are good, her voice is too hypnotic to critisize

Between Friends
Between Friends
Offered by Cragmonster
Price: £16.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars real R&B, 7 Jun. 2007
This review is from: Between Friends (Audio CD)
This restores my faith in real R&B theres so much stuff nowadays that tries to pass itself as R&B but nothing is more real than Tamia's music. Her strong voals and beautiful harmonies make this album incredible.

1. The way I love you (10/10)

2. Happy (9/10)

3. Almost (10/10)

4. Too grown (7/10)

5. Me (10/10)

6. Can't get enough (8/10)

7. Day Dreaming (9/10)

8. Sitting on the Job (6/10)

9. Last First Kiss (7/10)

10. Why can't it be (9/10)

11. When a woman (5/10)

12. Become us (10/10)

13. Have to go through it (7/10)

14. Please prtectmy hear (9/10)

15. Love and I (9/10)

This album is so good. I have no idea why she isnt more popular.

Memoirs of a Geisha [DVD]
Memoirs of a Geisha [DVD]
Dvd ~ Suzuka Ohgo
Offered by DVDBayFBA
Price: £2.83

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5.0 out of 5 stars Love it!, 24 Sept. 2006
This review is from: Memoirs of a Geisha [DVD] (DVD)
Sucha a beautiful film! I love its soooo much.. my favoutrite character is hatsumomo..shes so funny in a bitchy way... the costumes were stunning and the scenery was so authentic... i think i may have liked this film more than others because i read the book after i watched the film and then i loved the book a lot more than the film...

Le Toya
Le Toya
Offered by westworld-
Price: £12.98

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5.0 out of 5 stars "Letoya just too much for you!", 24 Sept. 2006
This review is from: Le Toya (Audio CD)
This is a really great debut album! I didnt love it straight away when i first listened but i knew it was going to be good and After a few listens im hooked on this album! Its got a really good mix of different tracks ... the samples dnt so this album justice because i wasnt sure if it was any good when I listened to the samples but now i hear the whole songs i can see it is really good! Letoya is part of the backbone that brought u writings on the wall and this album shows that beyoncé wasnt the only writing talent behind Destinys child.

1. Intro - 4/5 I kno dis is just an intro but i really like it and i felt in needed to be rated,

2. U got what I need - 4/5 I didnt like it at first but its quite catchy now

3. So special - 3/5 Its got a catchy chorus but not too special to me right now but I know its jus gnna stick to me

4. Torn - 5/5 what can i Say??? This song is da bomb hehehe... i dowloaded the first version i listened to but the album beat is slightly different and I found love in this song again! even though people such as J-lo and nivea have used this sample letoya really made it something! That high note still makes me raise my hands...

5. What love can do - 5/5 this is just good... i cant describe why... its just hits every everything in the right place

6. She don't - 5/5 her second single....i dint feel it at first but i really love it now! The beat is hot and her vocals are nice and crisp

7. Tear the club up - 5/5 Sooo krunk! i love this song! it really makes u bounce like a crazy monkey. Its got an eerie evil thing going on...very cexi!

8. All eyes on me - 5/5 heard this song a very long time ago...but still love it. its got a new rap on it which refreshes the song

9. Hey fellas - 4/5 nice song... can't really describe it but I know its good

10. GAngster grills - 6/5!! I looooVE this sooong like no other! the beat is sooo hype and hot. one of my favourites on the album

11. Obvious - 5/5 very beautiful song, I really love her voice, its like running sand through your fingers....its smooth and soft but u can still feel a bit of grit.. not to be a cliché and compare to beyoncé but I think letoyas voice is more original but beyoncé has more experience since shes been in the limelight more and has time to practice

12. I'm good 6/5 - ok i did another 6 our of 5 but i loooooove loove loooove this song.... its sooo krunk and catchy LOVE ITS!

13. This song 4/5 - Smooth and sweet, even though its about the "naughty naughty" ITs really sweet. nice..

14. Outro 5/5 - this outro is good... its a really nioce rap to her album... its pretty and sweet and I love all her thaankyous at the end. I watched her on a interview and shes soo grounded and humble.. beyonce can be a bit icy and anal... sorry bout the beyonce comparison again

IN all, buy this albuM! dont ask questions put down woteva your lookin at and hit the "add to shopping basket" button now! I can feel a classic coming on.....

Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £3.24

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2.0 out of 5 stars hmmm......, 10 Sept. 2006
This review is from: B'day (Audio CD)
I am a big fan of beyonce but I expected more from her... This album jus feels hollow to me. It just doesnt satify me like beyoncés other albums. She is talented lady and i have all of the destinys child albums and dangerously in love to prove it but this album seems rushed. A lot songs sound very similar to each other.... very staccato and loud! I think beyonce is going to wake up any day now and think to herself "ooops"!

The only songs i like are Deja vu, ring the alarm, get me bodied, upgrade you, irreplacable, freekum dress and resentment but the only song that has a trace of the beyonce zing is resentment. It has good harmonies but beyoncés voice cracks all over the track.

This album is not good but a few tracks stop it from being completly bum...

No Title Available

17 of 17 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars This is good, 31 Aug. 2006
Making the band girls aubrey, andrea, shannon, wanita/Dwoods and dawn. I thought this was going to be weak but I cant actually stop listening to it.. i hope they come out in the UK because der album is hot!

1. One shot 4/5 before the album came out I loved this song but now its kind of shadowed by the other tracks.

2. Heartbraker 3/5 Its ok... its quite catchy but doesnt ring my bell

3. WAnt it 5/5 I love this one. Dawn sounds Amazing

4. Right now 4/5 This song is good but Aubrey's moaning gets a bit embarrassing... The bridge is the best part of the song

5. Show stopper 5/5 "yer we divas but we ride like big boys do!" I hated it when I first heard it and wondered why it was the first single but after about 20 listens I became officially addicted

6. Hold me down 5/5 I think this is going to be the second single, anyway It's a really fierce song. i love it

7. Come over 3/5 interlude... its smooth and a break from all the heavy bass beats

8. ooh Aah 3/5 its ok, I do sing along wen i hear it but i dnt switch straight to it

9. press pause 2/5 I dont particularly like what is going on with this song.... but its not horrific

10. Aint true 4/5 sweet and sassy interlude, i read someone said its something that belongs on the destiny fulfilled album, they're right!

11. Ride for you 6/5 I know I gave six but that is onli because I love it so much! really beautiful ballad that they sang on the show. Andrea and Dawn make this song but i love D.woods b-section

12. touchin my body 5/5 A lot of added vocals to the original and when i say a lot I mean its spilling over! But the oversinging doesnt prevent the song from being a hit

13. BAck up 3.5/5 I havent listened to it enough for it to be a four just yet but It has flair, very amerie-onething-esque rythmn. It was apparently a cheri dennis song (sang Oh lalala theme tune for making the band) and I can see her singing it better...

14. Stay with me 5/5 dark and beautiful.. I love this song andrea and dawn really shine again!

15. Sleep on it 6/5 beyond amazing! scott storch song and nearly didnt make the album!!! that would have been a terrible mistake because this song is incredible! D.wood sounds amazing in this song! Dawns b-section is powerful!


Price: £6.66

12 of 13 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars WOw, 18 Aug. 2006
This review is from: Unappreciated (Audio CD)
This album is soo good! There cherish sisters farrah felisha fallon and neosha are extremely talented. Their vocals are lower pitched than a normal girl group and this separates them from any femalegroup, be it past or present. There isnt one song on the album I dislike.

1.That Boi - 10/10 this song is Krunk, Jazze Pha produced a sexy beat

2. Do it To it - 10/10 this song doesnt get old

3. Chevy - 10/10 smooth and slick

4. Unappreciated - 9/10 second single, Beautiful vocals and harmonies

5. Taken - 9/10 ghetto beat, infectious lyrics and vocals

6. Stop Calling me - 8/10 smooth Rn'B track

7. OooH - 7/10 cute slow song

8. Chick Like me - 7/10 Strong vocals and sassy beat to back it up

9. Whenever - 6/10 Not as strong as the other tracks, but vocals make it an okay track

10. Show and Tell - 10/10 Sexy smoooth Rn'b track, solid beat

11. Fool 4 you - 10/10 Soulful song, very alicia keys

12. Moment In time - 10/10 Beautiful harmonies an outstanding conclusion to a fenomenal album!

I dont know what happend to "he said she said" that song was really good too. This album is the best I have heard this whole year. It is a mixture of krunk club songs and smooth old school Rn'B .A refreshing Debut album!

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