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Flight Simulator X - Acceleration Expansion Pack (PC)
Flight Simulator X - Acceleration Expansion Pack (PC)
Offered by Gamesbuyer
Price: £19.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Microsoft Flight Simulator X Acceleration -As good as it gets, 11 Oct 2009
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Great addition to the stand alone product FS X!
with a few extra aircraft added. and loads more missions...
graphics are just as amazing.

some how, having this expansion makes you feel even more complete. don't ask, cant explain!

great Acceleration..... for a flight simulator expansion.

Xtreme Express (PS2)
Xtreme Express (PS2)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Warning! this isnt a Simulator! It's a Racing game with Imagination!, 25 Aug 2009
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Xtreme Express (PS2) (Video Game)
The title says it all..
Note to you, this is just a arcade Racing styled Train game..
with some fun imagination.
why moan about a arcade game like this when it's type for a arcade racing genre is actually unique when all you normally get in arcade styled racing games is cars,
cars, cars, and MORE CARS!!! dont it make yer feel sick when arcade racing style has no imagination. alright i'll give it some credit, F1, Monster trucks, Bikes... Nothing new...

Now X-Treme Express Is very unique, imaginative, and for FUN purposes only.. and as arcade, its not supposed to be taken seriously! Sure, this like all arcade racing styled games, its dated, its becos its an ARCADE game! arcade is pure retro.. most of it is anyways..

This is NOT a simulator.

I love this game, it shows that there are developers that are or used to be out there with TRUE imagination and not following the same ideas!!!

thats one thing i love about this game.. i love trains as it is.. and this game makes me giggle ALOT!
cos it's trully fun and funny, becos it is original, sure its dated now, but so what? does it have to be new to enjoy it? most of the best games are dated! sure some new games these days are fun. and some are not, just like dated games too.

personally i would give this a 10/10 for excitement, fun, for a excellent laugh, originality, imagination for creativity...:)

Not reccomended for people who will get bored easily!
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Saitek X52 Hotas Flight Controller System Joystick (PC)
Saitek X52 Hotas Flight Controller System Joystick (PC)
Offered by AVIDES u.k.
Price: £129.82

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5.0 out of 5 stars the real deal, 19 Aug 2009
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
if you are limited on cash but like me dont want a disapointment on a cheaply made joystick and throttle package for ur flight simulator...then pick SAITEK X52!!!! with so many functions a led display that even tells you the time and date, and is flexible for ur useage, then buy this...

it simply is perfect...

simply said...
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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (PC)
Microsoft Flight Simulator X (PC)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Flight Simulator X IS indeed The ULTIMATE FS EVA!!, 27 July 2009
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Now Before I get down with My very satisfactory Review..
I will add a few pointers That some people are making out about FSX
and here are the pointers: (FAQ)

Q1:How new does my machine have to be to beable to run it at an average speed and quality?
A1: Not at all, as long as it has XP(256MB RAM), or Vista(512MB RAM), With a 32mb Graphics card that supports Lighting and Stuff, this should NOT be a problem. (Even with this you can even have an decent average Quality n speed Tune up with the flight sim, Please note, Objects and Traffic will slow your machine down much more noticeably, the higher the settings you choose if you dont have a powerful machine) I have been testing out, because I myself Havent got the powerfullest of machines.. so you should beable to trust my review :)

People make out that you do need top of the range machine, yes sure, if you want the absoloute best, maybe then yes, But if the best doesnt bother you, then dont bother listening to their rubbish! Because you really dont need a high spec machine for having an average experience :)

Q2: Do I really need a Joystick or an alternative Controller?
A1: Not at all, its very easy to fly just with the mouse, If you cant afford a Joystick or as such, Mouse Is reccommended Best. If you have a laptop and you are stuck with the mouspad, well simply buy a cheep Small mouse from your local Retailers, or wherever you want :)

Q3Is there Anywhere I can get Free Add-ons???Or Commercial???
A1:Make sure you have lots of Hard Drive Space, because there's lots of commercial, payware, freeware, shareware addons out there for Flight Simulator X As we all know :)

Right FAQ out of the way and to keep you in relief.

Now My turn of the Review.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Has been Such a Long Series and Has always been great in experience. and like it's infamous quote.."As real as it gets" It probably is, But Now Flight Simulator X has brought all down to realismn, for sure. With Virtual cockpits, Fantastic scenery, Loads to do from, Requesting permissions from ATC to actually flying the plane in the air. And this time we can actually look around in the pilot's chair. even change to the co pilot's seat if we want(Note not all planes have the co pilots view)

FS X is sooo amazing, the graphics are unbelievable and amazing..

I was weary about getting it due to i heard it requires a lot but in reality, it doesnt, and im glad i made the right choice by purchasing this great flight sim..

i give it 10/10 for everything you can do on it

Even lets you fly real time with others, share planes with them or share theirs, Download real time weather patterns, and updates every 15 minutes even offline flights. :) absoloutely breath taking


UPDATE TO MY REVIEW!!!! it's very crucial!for your information! : I have a better system now:
Acer Aspire X1300
Windows Vista Home Premium Service pack 1 updated to SP2
intergrated Nvidia 8200 graphics(Model updated to 9200) 256mb Dedicated graphics,
3GB DDR2 Ram
320 GB Hard Disk Space
AMD Phenom X3 2.20GHZ triple core (6.60GHZ).

But i do know you dont have to have the latest, remember, read the system specs on the box... not read when people say or claim you need the best...
what they forget... best for performance and quality...
but not a best machine to run it at a basic spec...
however, if you dont like chopiness, or low quality simulating then pic an older simulator.
if you are not bothered...

the world of flight sims to chose from is your oyster! FSX is ultimately the best!

Need For Speed: Undercover (PS3)
Need For Speed: Undercover (PS3)
Offered by Game Trade Online
Price: £15.34

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3.0 out of 5 stars They Had The Need For Speed to rush this Game off onto the streets too soon!!!, 8 Mar 2009
= Fun:1.0 out of 5 stars 
Need For Speed Undercover, Is not as good as people say and here are the reasons:

1. No menue, boots you onto the game after all the cut scenes etc...
2. Puts you in an instant Race avoiding the police! and if you havent played Need For Speed before, then this will annoy you becos, and I have played the previous games, anyways, because, you end up failing the cop chase race atleast once trying to figure out the stupid controls!
3.EA Servers automatically boot(They say they lost the connection, but you know the truth!) you off when you want to join an online race(BIG MAJOR FLAW! and annoys me totally)
4.You supposedly have nitro, but no button to use it with! dont unlock areas at certain stages(Which i personally preffered from the previous games!)
6. You start off with a few (Just a few) easy races, then they just give you hard ones after, and rediculously hard ones...till the point you just cant win(That's acceptable near the end, but this is at the friggin' beginning! after the few starter races of course)
7.There's no main menu, but there are menues that are totally just chaotic! I dont like chaotic menues, and i prefer main menues too!
Well, thats all about it for the bad points

Now for the good points:(WARNING!: there arent so many good pointers)
1. Cars
2. The gameplay isnt great, but is alright
3. Options of A Garage so you can build some cars for free and to play single none career races, or supposedly online races(Altho since thats a none working feature then forget the online gaming)
4.(People have said you cant do up ur car in this one except performance, that is not true) They do offer Hoods,Body frames, Rims, Spoilers, you know the basic stuff so dont listen to those people's reviews complaining that you cant, BECOS! you can! Blind bats lol.. have the customisation to each of stuff you build up ur car with, like NFS:Pro Street.
Pro Street was much better than this pile of speedy trash!

So overall, This game was rushed out with SPEED! it clearly wasnt developed enough! and their servers are a disgrace!

Games worth buying, but wait till its down in price! anyways, hope this review helps you. :)

So 4/10 on this game for me

American Classics (Train Sim add on)(PC)
American Classics (Train Sim add on)(PC)

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5.0 out of 5 stars guess..another LEGEND!! in Add-ons for's true, 15 Jan 2009
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
alright, for some time now, i have found a few of add-ons that are worthy to be marked under Legendary...

Now that i decided to buy this....from justtrains themselves, i can only say one minor thing...and thats the case picture LOL yes i know...but i have to say, the box pic has changed....

just fyi for you readers...still tittled the same though.

It has two amazing steam locomotives...they are seriously breath taking...
This train pack seriously punches more realism on the trains than any other train pack I've layed my eyes on! and for the passenger views? well, dont get me started there alright..people..YES! People are sittin down in the carriages wioth you.. and music again YES! music, is played whilst in the passenger view.. Justtrains who published the product and Train Artisan who developed this VERY Proffessional product.. have really out done them this time... This product not only contains 2 very classic american trains, very detailed in and out of the trains, it does have a american classic diesel train too, comes in frieghts or comes with passenger carriages...

This is for those who would like the chance to drive these trains..
I reccomend this add-on for those who love american classics... or want to try them :)

Theme From Rocky XIII (Aka: The Rye Or The Kaiser (Theme From Rocky XIII))
Theme From Rocky XIII (Aka: The Rye Or The Kaiser (Theme From Rocky XIII))
Price: £0.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Fat and Week..What a Disgrace!, 5 Jan 2009
It's The Rye Or The Kiaser.

Awesome Spoof of the Survivor's Eye Of The Tiger..
If u love comedy get this and Ebay! both from Weird Al Yanovic.
Both as funny, and for some might make their ribs split from laughin too much lol

Damaged (Neo & Farina Remix)
Damaged (Neo & Farina Remix)

5.0 out of 5 stars MP3 download, 5 Jan 2009
I've always Loved The Tune, and each mixed edition are all great.And i see a Tag called POP for it...haha That's nonesence, its a trance tune./..a very awwin one tooo
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Pathfinder [DVD] [2007]
Pathfinder [DVD] [2007]
Dvd ~ Karl Urban
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £2.72

1 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Brutal and Vicious...Very good, 5 Jan 2009
This review is from: Pathfinder [DVD] [2007] (DVD)
This Movie Sets out a Culture of Those Simular to Vikings..
With a Dark Twist to a Fantasy Styled Movie you've never seen before, it grips your heart and makes you keep watching, with heart pounding Action, and Dark Moments...

Very Brutal and Vicious.. Very good.

Its a strange Movie about a boy a Villager found In a Crashed Ship./.

And so the story continues...

Wont spoil anymore for you..if you like these sort a movies..then i reccomend you it, if you dont, then you are on the wrong page people!

Never Forget The Ultimate 90s Collection
Never Forget The Ultimate 90s Collection
Offered by claires_media_store
Price: £19.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Never Forget..The Ultimate Collection, 2b or not 2b that is the question, 2 Jan 2009
Right, let's start..

While this CD Collection DOES lack a certain 90's Feelin that you'd expect
From a 90's album.
It does contain some REAL NEVER FORGET songs, But with it offering 100 Songs.. It is one HUGE Album...on 5 Discs..

But, I do feel they should have Put a REAL 90's Effort on this CD, Not stuff from Back Street Boys, or Westlife etc..(Which people might argue, but think about it, do you really want to have that in a REAL 90's collection?you buy their albums anyways so whats the point?) But This is supposed to be 90's, not some Bad Album with a FEW Decent Songs then to put Back Street Boys and Westlife etc in to claim it the 90's ULTIMATE collection.. ...But, does that really make this ULTIMATELY Great?
What I call Ultimate and great, are very different, Now what I'd expect is Songs that you remember like from discos, or parties, when you were growin up in the 90's like "Cotton Eyed Joe" ...etc...

great cd, but not a ULTIMATE, CD collection.

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