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Spartacus: The Complete Collection [DVD]
Spartacus: The Complete Collection [DVD]
Dvd ~ Liam McIntyre
Price: £29.75

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1.0 out of 5 stars No Extras ??!!!, 29 April 2013
Disappointed to hear that there's no extras on this box set . With Sky showing the series' still I think I'll hang on in case another set comes out with more on them. Might have to check out the US version when out and see if that'll be a better buy.

My rating only reflects the lack of extras , the series' themselves rate 4 and 5 !

Deadly Harvest Original Graphic Novel
Deadly Harvest Original Graphic Novel
by Yannis Roumboulias
Edition: Paperback
Price: £10.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Great SF story, 2 Feb. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Very impressed , not the usual comic book I'd read ,I'm mainly a super-hero geek ,but I read a lot of classic SF prose and this falls right in that category. Feels like the background story behind Alien , well written and illustrated - looking fwd. to the next volume! Certainly wouldn't have been out of place in Marvel's Unknown Worlds mag.

Solomon Kane [DVD]
Solomon Kane [DVD]
Dvd ~ James Purefoy
Price: £3.59

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4.0 out of 5 stars Michael J Bassett's Solomon Kane, 23 May 2010
This review is from: Solomon Kane [DVD] (DVD)
From the title of this Review you'll already see the angle I'm coming from I'm sure . I think there have been so many preconceptions about this film since Howard fans started discussing it a couple of years back that it's impossible to review it as an REH film for one reason only , it isn't one . Even less likely is that a Howard purist will give it a good review because they aren't going to like it at all . It's MJB's SK , or possibly we could call it a pre-REH SK film , because that's what it really is. I'm very much a half-full glass guy so hardcore Howard fans probably won't agree with some of what I'm saying but I've tried to review it from all sides.

As a swashbuckling , fantasy , sword and sorcery film I think it works very well . There are some slow moments and it's possibly too grim and gray for the general populace but genre fans should be happy with it . If any one goes thinking there will be laughs along the way , or cheesy moments , or goofy side-kicks thankfully they'll be extremely disappointed - this is a serous film.

Purefoy is excellent he goes from a murderous evil man , more on that from the REH perspective soon , to a repentant one to one who against his wishes picks up his sword and pistols to save the girl . At this point he pretty well becomes REH's SK and reminds me of his endeavours tracking down evil in Howard's stories.

Very few of the other known actors get to show of their skills to much , they all do the jobs they are asked to . Rachel Hurd Wood is the only one that really is involved and does a fine job .

As a fairly low budget indie film it really looks good on the screen, the sets , costumes etc.evoke the world SK lives in , without a lot of money to spend it's nice to see real battles , swords clashing without wondering what's CGI or not , apart from the end where the Balrog/Satanic Transformer entity appears.

Time to look at the problems REH fans have with it . The origin - new characters these days it seems, have to have an origin story .Personally the idea doesn't bother me one way or the other in most cases , but the real problem is that REH didn't write one so Bassett had to. He gets the blame for this but in interviews both he and Purefoy have said that they didn't want to do one but the distributors, in the US in particular found jumping straight into the character from the books difficult to accept. Thus the challenge was met head on and the origin yarn developed using the Poems as a springboard . So everyone has to accept that and get over it.

SK being a murderous evil man , I admit I did cringe a little at how he was portrayed at the start , as well as during the young SK sequences but those [the young SK scenes] had to be there for the denouement near the end . As for SK's evilness at the start much as been made of the fact that REH didn't say he was ever evil and both Bassett and his critics pick out certain parts of poems to make their points , Bassett takes the poems to the extreme perhaps in that as well as leading ungodly men doing foul deeds he did the doing ! To my mind this is all interpretation , Bassett took things one way his critics the other , only REH could say what really happened . From the films POV it is much more powerful I think in that anyone unfamiliar with SK will not like SK as he starts off in the film and possibly hope he get's his comeuppance . However as the film progresses they'll should become more sympathetic towards him.

Another problem is that in one of Howard's stories it says he was always a good man , obviously Bassett's doesn't portray that but near the end I think we get the impression that as far Bassett's concerned this is the start of his life as we know it , now that's possibly stretching it a bit for REH fans , but it is setting up the real SK for the sequel.

Finally one misconception that seems to be going round that SK sold his soul to the devil which the reaper came to collect , without giving anything away he didn't.

To my mind anyone who likes this type of film will enjoy this , any Howard fans try and take off your goggles and see it , you might enjoy it for what it is - if not the SK you know. I really hope that the film is successful enough to green-light the next film as I think that with Bassett , Purefoy etc. involved I have great faith that it could well be Robert E Howard's Solomon Kane on the screen next time.
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Daredevil Legends Volume 1: Yellow TPB: Yellow v. 1 (Daredevil; The Devil Inside and Out)
Daredevil Legends Volume 1: Yellow TPB: Yellow v. 1 (Daredevil; The Devil Inside and Out)
by Jeph Loeb
Edition: Paperback
Price: £10.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Daredevil ; Yellow, 9 Feb. 2004
Well I've just got round to reading it and thoroughly enjoyed it . DD has probably been , over the years , my favourite solo Marvel character . From his launch , through the glorious Colan years , and then the revitalisation under McKenzie , Miller and laterly Smith and Bendis.
I think Frank Miller did the definitive origin of his version in the Man Without Fear book but for us old-timers this is the origin of the character we were first introduced to by Stan , Bill and Wally which would later lead us to the swashbuckling Romita and Colan version.
Going back and expanding on Stan's origin , and the artwork too , especially , turned back the clock to those days I'd cycle round looking for tha latest issues in the local newsagents.
I don't think there's too many heroes out there who have had two such great books written in recent years re-telling their origin as DD.

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