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Pink Guitar Stand - 'A' Frame Shape Stand for Electric, Acoustic & Bass Guitars
Pink Guitar Stand - 'A' Frame Shape Stand for Electric, Acoustic & Bass Guitars
Offered by Karacha Music
Price: 12.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Its a pink guitar stand!, 3 Dec 2011
What can I say? Being a pink guitar stand, its pink, it works, and you can stand your guitar up on it. In all seriousness, I play a lot of guitar - I play in bands and do solo stuff too so I have a few stands I use often which are all a bit more expensive than this and ummm... aren't pink. We got this for my little girl as we've bought her a half size guitar for christmas - the guitar is pink (well, shes a fan of pink things) and this just fitted the bill. It works, its pretty sturdy and it looks good. Its also a lot cheaper than a load of other stands out there - and unlike guitars themselves, these things only need to be functional, not finely crafted, exclusively sourced works of art - so it does exactly what you'd expect and at a decent price. We're happy.

Down To Earth (Remastered)
Down To Earth (Remastered)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Back to down to earth again, 18 Feb 2010
This was probably the first proper 'rock' album I bought way back in 1979. It was a big step for me as Id been used to listening to stuff like Genesis, Yes and stuff. At the time (I was still quite young, mind) it blew my socks off and made me want to grow my air long, play loud guitars and misbehave a lot. Trouble was, I listened to it so much that I ended up tiring of it pretty quickly and discovered other bands I preferred like UFO, Iron Maiden and all the NWOBHM that was going at the time - so I probably havent heard this in its entirety since the early 80s. So, where am I going with all this? Yes, bought this as a download last month and stuck it on in the car for nostalgic reasons more than anything and got the shock of my life - it's still good! As this was only my introduction to Rainbow I found later I prefferred the Dio albums, but this is a more earthy, more blues based album that the three with the wee man, and probably because of that it hasnt really dated as much as the others. The singles, All night Long and Since you been gone still sound fresh (SYBG maybe less so, as it seems to be included in all the soft rock compilation cds over the past 30 years or so), Eyes of the World, Lost in Hollywood and Danger Zone are still fairly big rock pieces and No time to lose is still an absolute belter of a song. Makin Love is a bit of a whimper, but you cant have it all I suppose. The playing is excellent and fresh sounding, especially Cozy Powells drums and Bonnetts voice - Roger Glovers production is also noticably crisp and tight - one of those rare albums where everyone gets a good sound. In all, I was well happy to revisit such a landmark album of my plooky youth and find it was still a great piece of music. I doubt if anyone will be saying the same in 30 years time about anyone spawned forth from the X factor...
P.S. I also downloaded Weiss Heim, the B Side of All Night Long and stuck it on the end of this - WH was recorded at the same time as this album and its one of my favourite guitar pieces ever - an instrumental that really packs in the emotion - a very rare beast indeed!. Also, it sits very well as an album closer - dont know why it was never included when this came out on CD. Id recommend anyone buying this album does the same.
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Jamo i300B - iPod Speaker System - Black
Jamo i300B - iPod Speaker System - Black

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5.0 out of 5 stars What they said..., 25 Nov 2008
I dont think Ive seen many 5 star accross the board reviews on Amazon but I agree with everyone else. We got ours about two years ago now to replace a good quality stereo that cost me a fortune many years ago and we havent been dissappointed. It might not have the volume we used to have (I almost considered dropping a half star there) but the quality, simplicity and sheer detail from this system more than makes up for it (half star reinstated). I dont think they make this model anymore but I'm sure the newer ones will be just as good. We also plug our personal CD players in the back of ours, and although it needs turned up a bit further to drive it, the sound is just as good, so its as versatile as you can get. And I dont miss the pile of wires and dusty connectors of the old hifi...

The Resurrection Club
The Resurrection Club
by Christopher Wallace
Edition: Paperback
Price: 10.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars An unexpected gem, 17 Mar 2004
This review is from: The Resurrection Club (Paperback)
This was a book I bought and didn't get round to reading for weeks and weeks as I always seemed to find something else to read. When I actually did pick it up I found I was very quickly caught up with the imaginative layout and storyline and also by the authors immaculate eye for detail.
This is a grisly tale reaching back as far as the 18th century and is crafted around several of the more obscure (but strangely true!) tales of old Edinburgh. The plot is fragmented into three general strands that revolve around a 'wideboy' PR consultant who has the task of promoting an obscure performance scam during the Edinburgh Festival, an interview with a survivor of a traumatic event and the fanciful designs and murderous doings of an eighteenth century Edinburgh surgeon. To tell how it all fits together would be giving the game away, but it was most certainly one of the most imaginatively constructed books I have read for a long time.
I did feel that having gripped the reader so well for the first half of the book, the momentum did slide in the middle, however as the story reached its end the authors skill with mixing fact and fiction returned with a vengeance and treated the reader to an eerie, grisly, satisfying and strangely upbeat climax!
I would also have to congratulate the author on choosing the very best of anecdotal company for his own characters, it made the read just that little bit special for an Edinburgh dweller such as myself who has at one time or another sought out all the names, places and tales woven into his own.

Razor Blade Smile [1998] [DVD]
Razor Blade Smile [1998] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Eileen Daly
Offered by CP UK And Global LTD
Price: 9.23

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5.0 out of 5 stars If Hammer were around today..., 17 Feb 2004
...and Tudor Gates were a young savvied up screenwriter, this is the film he would have made. I've always been of the opinion that a film with real character will never age, even if it begins to look dated and low budget. After all, if this weren't true, why have all the Hammer films been so popular on DVD?
Firstly though, I would have to be honest, and say that even from the opening moments, this film looks as if it was filmed on the budget of a gnat's shoestring. But (and again, as with the Hammer oldies) the actors ham the roles up with so much relish that you can't help but get completely drawn in to it all. They all seem to enjoy it all so much that it just can't be make believe, can it? I mean, Lilith has a point from the word go - what would a real vampire do for a living today? She would do something she was good at of course - killing people discreetly and making money from it! Would she hang about in gothy clubs debating the finer points of Stoker and Le Fanu with fake fanged vampire wannabees? Of course she would! It would be fecking hilarious for her!
And that film that Hammer would have made - Sexy buxom chick? Check. Cleavage? Check. Token lesbian tendancies? Check. Gratuitous blood and violence? The good old 'sex = death' equation? Hammy bad guys and secret societies? Yes, all present and correct squire, as well as the period costume flashbacks, the Elstree mansions and (ooer missus) huge big guns used with little effect by the bad guys.
This is a movie that deserves to live a long and celebrated life, not as a budget project that gets by on novelty value but as an updated hommage to all that was scary, exciting and fun to a generation of kids who bribed their way into staying up late on a Friday and Saturday night and are now old enough to make their own movies. It's definitely a love it or hate it affair but I honestly believe that only the most po faced of film afficianados would choose to berate this thrilling yet tongue in cheek labour of love.
Bride of Razorblade Smile, anyone?

Nineteen Seventy-nine: A Big Year in a Small Town
Nineteen Seventy-nine: A Big Year in a Small Town
by Rhona Cameron
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars A hilarious and touching personal memoir..., 17 Oct 2003
Somewhere in literature there must be some classic quote about how comedy is borne of tragedy. Just like there must be other clever quotes about how the pain of adolescence and peer pressure in a small town can amplify that suffering from being merely lonely and painful into something much worse. If I was smart and articulate enough I’d probably pull them out of the literary hat right now to illustrate Rhona’s biography, however I’m not so I won’t. Fortunately, neither does Rhona, despite the fact it must be tempting. This is the least pretentious and painfully honest book about growing up I’ve ever read. So ignore the TV personality bit, the ‘gay icon’ bit or the desert island bit - this is the no holds barred story of a formative year in the life of a young girl who, as well as having to cope with the usual teen crises, finds herself painfully confused by her own sexuality and her place in an environment that openly scorns anything other than the right fashions, the right football team and the ruthlessly-adhered-to popularity pecking order.
Biographies aren’t usually my thing as I tend to find them a bit dry and self obsessed, however this book had me hooked all the way through – I found it engaging, well written, and interspersed with diary entries and conversations with colourful characters from her own imagination. It was by turns hilarious, shocking, touching and tragic, and gives the reader a snapshot of true insight into the background of one of the countries best contemporary comedy talents.

Crazy From The Heat
Crazy From The Heat
by David Lee Roth
Edition: Paperback
Price: 6.29

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5.0 out of 5 stars Dave tells it as it is..., 11 May 2003
This review is from: Crazy From The Heat (Paperback)
Imagine being down your local watering hole and bumping into some bloke you recognise from some band or other. Imagine he offers to buy you a beer and tell you some stories about this band he's been in. Thats exactly what this book is like: forget the tabloid tales of excesses, the bitching and accusations from his erstwhile Van Halen mates; the 'handbags at dawn' comments from his peers; Dave writes his autobiography as he remembers it with a refreshing honesty and a philosphical insight that some may find surprising. Yes there are tales of the excess, tales of ridiculous amounts of money, groupies, and egos the size of small African countries. Told in the same breath, there are also tales of his family, his mates, the roadcrews, his past loves, what he like doing in his spare time (climbing in the Himalayas, exploring the Amazon basin, etc...)and the music he loves so much. This isn't just a book for Van Halen fans, this is for anyone who remembers rock 'n roll when it was big, loud and fun.
Be assured, Dave still has that magical 'it' where most of his contemporaries now do not.

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