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Hellfire Club
Hellfire Club
Price: £16.49

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4.0 out of 5 stars Welcome to the Freak show...!, 30 Aug. 2008
This review is from: Hellfire Club (Audio CD)
Now I only discovered Edguy about a year ago and therefore am in a better position than long term fans to judge their new material compared to their older stuff as I haven't got caught in a pre determined mind set to what Edguy became known for up until Mandrake. Hellfire is their 6th album and the first to stray from their power metal roots and adopt a more hard rock approach whilst it does keep some power influences. The guitars are more heavy and not as fast in melody as previous outings, there are also fewer solos but the ones that there are pretty good and more hard rock sounding. Hellfire is a strong album although not perfect; no song here matches their best which IMO is `Tears of a Mandrake' and parts of some songs sound as if they could have been much better e.g. the solo in `King of Fools'. Tobias is strong on vocals and has more attitude than ever before and Jens is good on lead guitar although you feel as if he could have done slightly more during some parts and Felix Bohnke is great on drums. The other 2 are just as usual the foundations but nothing overly spectacular from Dirk or Eggi.

Ratings out of 10

1) Mysteria- 9.1
2) The Piper Never Dies- 9
3) We Don't Need A Hero- 8.9
4) Down to the Devil- 9.6
5) King of Fools- 9
6) Forever- 8.4
7) Under the Moon- 9.2
8) Lavatory Love Machine- 9.7
9) Rise of the Morning Glory- 8.8
10) Lucifer in Love- ? (Weirdness)
11) Navigator- 8.7
12) The Spirit Will Remain- 8.5

Overall this is a good album, better than the following Rocket Ride but maybe not quite as good as Mandrake, my opinion on this changes regularly but the best 2 are `Mandrake and `Hellfire Club'.

The Savage Poetry
The Savage Poetry
Price: £14.72

3.0 out of 5 stars Promising Debut, 30 Aug. 2008
This review is from: The Savage Poetry (Audio CD)
When this was written the Edguy's were only 16 years old and the original recorded in 1995. In 2000 Edguy re-recorded their debut because demand from fans for their debut was high, however when they listened to it they decided that the quality of the music was simply below par and was at the level they were at 5 years previous. By this point they had grown into more mature and talented musicians. Seeing potential within the original material they re wrote and re arranged the music into something more worthy of the Edguy name.

The album kicks of with `Hallowed' which has a great beat and like all good Edguy songs a catchy chorus. `Eyes of the Tyrant' is this albums epic song and arguably their best. The 2 ballads are `Sands of Time', which is pretty good and `Roses to No One', probably their best ballad as of the date this review was written. The other tracks are all pretty average and don't improve on other material they have done. The lyrics as a whole are poor compared to `Mandrake' for example and the music although decent not the best they have done, the solos from Jens are below his usual standard for the most part.

I would recommend `Vain Glory Opera', `Mandrake', `Hellfire Club' and `Rocket Ride' ahead of this, when you have them if you still need an Edguy fix then get this or `Theatre of Salvation' an album which myself although good universally over rated by most fans.

Slash: The Autobiography
Slash: The Autobiography
by (Musician) Slash
Edition: Paperback
Price: £6.29

4.0 out of 5 stars Getting Slashed, 5 Aug. 2008
This book is one of the most captivating I have ever read and is undoubtedly an essential read for all Hard-Core Guns `N' Roses fans. Slash is one of my all time favourite guitarists and idols, not because of his life style which to say the least is very questionable (yes this is an understatement), but because despite everything he was still able to produce some of the greatest guitar riffs/solos ever recorded.

Every subject you could want to know about is covered in this book and the honesty is complete. Of course the events are from the view of Slash, this is his autobiography after all but everything he says is plausible. I won't go into any details as that will take away the interest from reading through it, but I will say that there are tons of brilliant and interesting pictures throughout.

For any aspiring guitarist/musician this book should be read, although I must say his more extreme activities should not be repeated. It does however show that with enough dedication anything can happen and life long ambitions can be reached and there are many lessons to learn within.

This is brilliant and well worth looking at, it has inspired me even more so to want to pick up a guitar and blast out `Paradise City'. Slash to me will always be the soul of Guns; this book just proves it even more. The only thing I wish that to me knocks a star off is that there wasn't enough focus on the individual songs, such as where they were written, what inspired them and what they meant to him. There is a lot of talk in the beginning about the `Appetite songs but not so much of the `Illusions' tracks.

Now if only Axl were to release an autobiography for his version of events.

Stranger In This Town
Stranger In This Town
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £6.10

5.0 out of 5 stars Stranger in this Town, 11 July 2008
This review is from: Stranger In This Town (Audio CD)
Under rated is not even remotely close to describing this album, in fact you would have to invent a whole new word in order to truly get across how under rated this album truly is. When I got this album from Amazon it was only £2.98 so I ordered 2 one for me and one for my girlfriend as lets face it, at that price even if there's only a few really good songs it's worth it. But there weren't a few decent songs the whole album is absolutely outstanding every song is a master class. This is one of the best albums I have ever heard and as a whole one of the 10 best albums ever recorded. This album possesses the best guitar work Richie has ever done, better than what he has done with Bon Jovi and the lyrics are amazing as well. There is not a single weakness with this album and despite the fact it was originally released in 1991 it sounds so fresh it could have been released yesterday. This is a Blues/Hard Rock album different from the style normally done in Richie's full time band Bon Jovi. This album is best listened to at night with the lights off, laying back on your bed with your eyes closed and an open mind so that the music can just pick you up and take you to a place of music perfection.

Track by Track: Ratings out of 10

1) Rest in Peace- 7.5
2) Church of Desire- 10
3) Stranger in this Town- 10
4) Ballad of Youth- 9.6
5) One Light Burning- 9.7
6) Mr. Bluesman- 9.5
7) Rosie- 9.4
8) River of Love- 9.1
9) Father Time- 10
10) The Answer- 10

Overall Rating 9.48

As you can see this is almost perfect and I can say that as a 20 year old teenager this album is beautiful. I am also going to order another album for my dad; this album has so much emotion and power that people of all ages and generations can enjoy it. I love other bands like Edguy, Metallica, Nightwish, Savatage, Bon Jovi, Trivium and Guns `n' Roses and these bands are different from this... basically what I am trying to say is even if you tend to only like bands like Metallica, still try this there is a very high chance you will love it. This album is almost perfect as you can see from the rating; I just hope Richie does another album like this in the future. Richie would definitely have a great solo career if Bon Jovi were to ever split, one of the most talented guitarists of all time something that isn't all that obvious on Bon Jovi albums.

Recommended to people who like Eric Clapton, Gary Moore etc

Cross Road: The Best of Bon Jovi
Cross Road: The Best of Bon Jovi
Offered by Bridge_Records
Price: £3.95

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4.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant but Pointless, 5 July 2008
Now I am of the opinion that greatest hits/Best of CD's should only be released at the end of a bands career and be a much larger album 2 discs minimum possibly more. The only acceptance of this is after a huge event such as the death of a band member, where you could release a best of in their memory and to show their contribution to the band. Now Bon Jovi's release is a mystery to me as there was no real reason to release one other than to make money as far as I am concerned. This doesn't mean the album is bad because every song contained is brilliant but it misses out some essential songs that within this kind of Bon Jovi release should not be left out, but there still is no point for its release. Although `Always' was released here I don't know why they didn't just save it back and put it on their next album that ended up being `These Day's' rather than on this pointless greatest hits.

There are only 2 types of people that will probably want this album

1) Hardcore fans who want `Always' as this is the album that song was released on and finding the single version will be difficult, plus the fact any real fan would want it on the real disc rather than as just a download.
2) Casual fans who just want to hear some great Bon Jovi classics but aren't to bothered about having the whole collection.

Now I bought Crossroads as my first Bon Jovi album believing that a greatest hits should show me whether they are really as good as `Living on a Prayer' had suggested, then if I really like them I could proceed to get some more albums. The album was amazing and there was not a single weak track although obviously there are songs that are stronger than others. A lot of the songs are ballads and most are based on theme around love. Some of the songs `In These Arms' and `Bed of Roses' are a bit soppy but are very good, whereas `Living on a Prayer' and `You Give Love a Bad Name' are huge rockers with powerful guitar riffs, others like `Bad Medicine' and `Lay Your Hands on Me' are more arena sounding in the sense they are more directed towards being massive during live performances and finally there are also a couple of cowboy sounding songs `Dead or Alive' and `Blaze of Glory'.

Track by track ratings out of 10

1) Living on a Prayer- 9.5
2) Keep the Faith- 10
3) Someday I'll be Saturday Night- 9.3
4) Always- 10
5) Dead or Alive- 10
6) Lay Yours Hands on Me- 8.5
7) You Give Love A Bad Name- 10
8) Bed of Roses- 10
9) Blaze of Glory- 10
10) In These Arms- 9.3
11) Bad Medicine- 7.5
12) I'll Be There For You- 9
13) In and Out Love- 7
14) Runaway- 8
15) Never Say Goodbye- 8.5

Overall this is a very good album and really opened my mind and ears to the world that is Bon Jovi but having now heard their music I know that I may as well have started out with a proper album, I recommend unless you fit into one of the above categories that I spoke about you should instead buy `Slippery When Wet' `New Jersey' or `Keep the Faith' and slowly get their studio albums instead. This is 4 stars for the content being as good as it is. The star off is because it's not really worth it plus `Dry County' isn't here probably their best song!

Guns N' Roses Greatest Hits
Guns N' Roses Greatest Hits
Price: £5.94

4.0 out of 5 stars Irrelevant and pointless, here's why...., 30 Jun. 2008
Now I am a massive Guns `n' Roses fan and have been since about the age of 10 when I first heard Paradise City, I then went and got all of their albums from my local music store. Now the problem with this CD isn't the quality of the songs, tracks 1-9 and track 11 are fantastic, but...

1) Irrelevant because it isn't even a greatest hits. Some of the tracks are extremely poor and have no place here, for example `Since I Don't Have You', `Ain't it Fun', `Sympathy for the Devil' and `Live and let Die'. Now although these songs are good when you consider some of the songs not included on this so called greatest his such as `Estranged', `Breakdown', `Rocket Queen', `Don't Damn Me' and `Dead Horse' the songs included have no place on this CD.

2) Pointless because Guns `n' Roses only have 4 studio albums (one being a cover album, which isn't worth buying) and 1 mini album (Lies), and so therefore you are much better off just getting all these albums instead especially considering you can purchase them quite cheaply if you shop around and by doing this you will get all of their greatest songs.

Track by Track:

1) Welcome to the Jungle- 9.4/10 (Fantastic)
2) Sweet Child O' Mine- 10/10 (Amazing guitar solo)
3) Patience- 9.2/10 (Nice acoustic side to a bad ass band)
4) Paradise City- 9.8/10 (One hell of a catchy chorus and Slash is as ever kick arse on guitar)
5) Knocking on Heavens Door- 9.1/10 (Better than original)
6) Civil War- 9.9/10 (Great lyrics and fantastic guitar melodies)
7) You Could be Mine- 10/10 (Great lyrics and fantastic guitar melodies)
8) Don't Cry- 10/10 (Beautiful lyrics and great guitar solo)
9) November Rain- 10/10 (Best song ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
10) Live and Let Die- 8.2/10 (Better than original but not worthy of being here)
11) Yesterday's- 8.7/10 (Good lyrics and nice funky beat)
12) Ain't it Fun- 8.4/10 (I like the attitude in the lyrics and the guitar is great as ever, but GNR have much better songs)
13) Since I Don't Have You- 4.5/10 (Decent guitar solo but that's it)
14) Sympathy for the Devil- 3/10 (Better than original but still not great)

Now although this is an amazing CD for the reasons I have already given above this is not worth buying, for a start `Estranged' isn't even here. Listen to this song and explain how Sympathy for the Devil or Since I Don't Have You are better, then you'll see my point about poor song choices. And aside from `Estranged' there are half a dozen other songs that should be on this disc and aren't. Although the rest of the songs make this 4 star album (1 star knocked off for tracks 10, 12, 13 and 14) don't bother getting this just buy the following albums.

Appetite for Destruction
Use Your Illusions 1&2

This was originally only released to whip up an interest in Guns `n' Roses again as at the time `Chinese Democracy' was supposed to get released, however suffered a delay as has happened many times now.

Price: £7.66

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5.0 out of 5 stars Born of the Waves, 23 Jun. 2008
This review is from: Oceanborn (Audio CD)
Oceanborn is officially Nightwish's second album although I consider it more their proper debut as Angels Falls First sounds a bit under developed at times and comes across as a demo (don't get me wrong it's a good album that I treasure in my collection), just not as polished as it could have been. Oceanborn however feels like a properly produced album with not a single weak point, apart from it only lasts 53 minutes and let's face it, its Nightwish so you're going to want more.

On Angels Fall First Nightwish had no bassist; here they have recruited Sami Vanska a good player that adds an extra layer of music. All of the music here seems boosted and more powerful than before. Overall I consider Nightwish albums to be in the following order:

Overall best albums by my own average ratings. I get the average by adding all the individual track ratings together and dividing by how many tracks there are: (Note the main reason for Dark Passion Play being so low are the vocals which by Annette are s**t).

· Once 8.86
· Oceanborn 8.73
· Wishmaster 8.00
· Angels Fall First 7.39
· Century Child 7.25
· Dark Passion Play 7.05

There is a very strong fantasy based theme on this album as is evident on all Nightwish albums. The lyrics are very good and the music sounds very upbeat. You will find everything from soft ballads to fast aggressive arrangements as well as everything in between. Nightwish in only 11 songs show everything that they are about, at least back in 1998. Like all good bands they have evolved and changed over the years whether for the good or for the bad is up for individual interpretation.

1) Stargazers- A song about the stars and the moon, I enjoy the lyrics to this song as the universe has always fascinated me. It starts with a strong upbeat rhythm from Tuomas's Keyboards and is backed by the drums before picking up the speed. The lyrics are good and beautifully sung. The song seems it's about to end before a flute gently stars the rhythm again and there is one more blast from the chorus. A good song for the start of an album. 8.4/10

2) Gethsemane- This is one of my favorite songs from the album not because of what it's about but because it's beautiful vocally and the musical arrangements just make me feel good. The song is about a story in the bible when Jesus spent time in the garden of Gethsemane. 9/10

3) The Devil And The Deep Dark Ocean- This is the first of 2 songs to feature Wilska on vocals. I like the vocals by Tarja and the musical melodies, I especially like the final verse it always gives me the Goosebumps. I however don't like the male vocals that much because of the way they are done. I like the idea of having a duet between a male playing the devil and Tarja and the contrast would be interesting however I think they should have got someone that could actually sing in that style though Dani Filth (Cradle of Filth). Overall though I like this song. 8.8/10

4) Sacrament of Wilderness- This is another good song that has very good keyboard play from Tuomas. The song gradually builds to an epic end. The lyrics are very good. 8.2/10

5) Passion and the Opera- This has a great guitar riff intro from Emppu that continues through the song and is the best thing about it. 8.2/10

6) Swanheart- This is the softest song on the album that may be to slow for some people but is worth its place on the album. The song slowly gets more powerful and as the drums come in and then the guitars form Emppu play a nice slow melodic solo. 7.8/10

7) Moondance- This is an instrumental track that is really good and is as good as the brilliant Savatage and Trans Siberian Orchestra compositions. This song has been described as sounding Russian by many other reviewers, however I imagine a land of natural beauty being covered in snow as the moon light illuminates the ground and as morning breaks the local people who live in the forests and meadows of Lapland praise the heavens for the fall of snow. This is a truly brilliant song 8.8/10

8) The Riddler- One of the best songs from the album. The lyrics are really well written and make you think, shows of Tuomas's poetic ability, intelligence and subtleness. They are also accompanied by a great riff from Emppu and melodies from Tuomas. A hugely under rated track. 9.6/10

9) The Pharaoh Sails to Orion- This is another great song that could have been 10/10 if one of the above mentioned vocalists was on guest vocals or at least someone better. The song has really good melodies that have a really good ending. 8.5/10

10) Walking in the Air- This is a cover version of the original song from the movie the Snowman by Howard Blake, only difference is this is better is has more guts with the guitars used towards the end. Tarja is amazing on vocals. 9.3/10

11) Sleeping Sun- This is a beautiful ballad that for some bizarre reason was not included on the very 1st release. It has some of the best Nightwish lyrics ever and also a moving guitar solo. Tarja is amazing again. The song is about the eclipse in Germany, simply a fantastic song. 9.5/10

12) Nightquest- A good song that should have been included on the original release. 8.7/10

Overall Rating 8.73

A great album that is a great place to start for someone new to Nightwish. Anyone that doesn't like this album clearly has problems when it comes to musical taste and therefore opinions based upon music are irrelevant. I highly recommend you get this album.
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Price: £8.35

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4.0 out of 5 stars Wishmaster, 23 Jun. 2008
This review is from: Wishmaster (Audio CD)
Wishmaster is the third album released by Nightwish and is the most power metal sounding album they have done as there are more keyboard and guitar leads in this outing than in any other. On this album Tarja's vocals would be at their most operatic high for the last time as for their next album Century Child she would tone down a little bit. The lyrical theme of this album is based very mush in fantasy like most power metal but a lot of the songs are sad, whereas a lot of power metal songs are happy and give the listener a sense of hope. This is quite a sorrowful album but still a nice listen.

Track by Track:


1) She Is My Sin- This is a good song and is one of the songs Nightwish have started playing again with new vocalist Annette. However Tarja here is fantastic and beautiful to listen to as always. 8.4/10

2) The Kinslayer*- This song is dedicated to the victims of the Columbine Shootings and features vocals from Ike Vil. My favourite bit is at the 2:02 mark where the music changes to a nice synth beat. 8.7/10

3) Come Cover Me- This is a good song with an intro that would have been at home on Oceanborn. A good song although there are better on this album. 7.4/10

4) Wanderlust- This song is one of the songs inspired by Tuomas's love of Disney. Has beautiful vocal lines and a nice melodic beat that sweeps the vocals along. 8.1/10

5) Two for Tragedy- This is another Nightwish balled and although good it is not one of their best. Despite the nice vocals and sweet guitar solo there's just something missing from this song. 6.8/10

6) Wishmaster*- This is one of the albums best songs and is one of their most common songs that they play live as fans love it. Has a very fantasy based theme and a fantastic marching melody. Emppu's guitar playing is probably at its best during this song. 9.2/10

7) Bare Grace Misery- This is probably the weakest song on the album and immediately follows one of the albums best making it obvious that this isn't that good. It isn't horrible but it's not spectacular. 6.1/10

8) Crownless*- This is one of my personal favourites. I love the exchange between lines from the keyboards and guitars and the lyrics are nice to. Tarja is obviously fantastic and the speed of the song makes it adrenaline pumping. 8.6/10

9) Deep Silent Complete- This was the only single released from this album and is although a decent song not the best. There is a very nice guitar riff to open the song. 7.8/10

10) Dead Boy's Poem*- This was at the time of this albums release was voted fans favourite ever Nightwish song. The lyrics are very sad and Tuomas is speaking about himself metaphorically. The voice of the dead boy is done by Sam Hardwick who would also provide the voice in the songs Bless the Child and Beauty of the Beast from Century Child, maybe this means the songs are somehow linked in a story I'm not sure. One of the best here. 9.4/10

11) FantasMic- This is the longest song on the album an one I've never really been over struck on although good it doesn't hold my attention. This song a 3 part song in the booklet, the best part being part 2 which is the soft section of the song with beautiful instrumental arrangements in a guitar solo and some woodwind blasts. This song has many Disney references. The highlight in this song is part 2. 7.5/10

Bonus Track:

Sleepwalker (Original) - This is a nice soft song and an average song that is nice enough to have if you can get it. This would have been Finland's entry for the Eurovision song contest if Nightwish had been selected to represent them. 6.7/10

Overall Rating - 8.00

Century Child
Century Child
Price: £7.46

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5.0 out of 5 stars The beast is awakening, 21 Jun. 2008
This review is from: Century Child (Audio CD)
Century child is the 4th studio album from the mighty Nightwish. It is a dark album which, Tuomas described in interviews at the time `as the album that saved his life'. He was going through depression at the time, which is quite evident in the music you will hear. If you have listened to all of the Nightwish albums thus far you will hear the progression of the band, as each album they release all the way up to DPP is musically more epic and powerful than all the previous releases. Tuomas had not yet got to work with a proper orchestra yet however was able to work with the Joensuu city orchestra on 5 tracks meaning there are an extra 32 musicians at work. This album is another glimpse of the greatness that will come...

During the recording of the album there was a line up change where original bassist Sami Vanska, who worked with them on the Oceanborn and Wishmaster albums, was asked to leave the band. Tuomas said that they wanted to get a more proficient bassist and a male vocalist to add more depth to the music. This is how they came to hire Marco Hietala who was well known in the Finnish music scene for his powerful vocals with his band Tarot, he was also a great bass player and so they could by hiring him "kill to birds with one stone" a quote Tuomas gave at the time.

The album itself is in my opinion at least is an amazing creation with 3 of their best ever songs, and many others that are great as well.

1) Bless the Child- A great song that starts with a spoken introduction by Sam Hardwick, the same boy who spoke the final verse of the song dead boy's poem from the Wishmaster album. I has a nice vocal melody and a good guitar beat that is backed by a nice symphonic sound. A good opening track. 8.4/10

2) End of All Hope- A good song that has a good beat but not the most creative chorus in the world. Has a nice guitar solo if you can call it that, it's just too small, needed to be prolonged. 7.6/10

3) Dead to the World- A decent song that is radio friendly and has some nice lyrics and is also the first time you hear Marco on the album. His vocal style somehow works with Tarja even though she is clearly the better vocalist. 7.5/10

4) Ever Dream- One of the best tracks on the album and has some beautiful lyrics to accompany the beautiful music. Nice guitar riff and synth sounds, as well as well as spine tingling backing vocals from Marco. 9.1/10

5) Slaying the Dreamer- This is an angry song that utilizes Marco's Powerful voice to express this. My interpretation of this song is that it's about greed and the evils of money hence the lines
"You bastards tainted my tool,
Raped my words played me fool,
Gather your precious glitter
And leave me be"

There is also reference to vampires,
"Put a stake through my heart!
And drag me into sunlight,
So awake your greed
As your slaying the dreamer".

A great song and one of my favorites off the album, with a great beat that leads into Marco's vocals, a definite head banger at live shows and at home by yourself. 8.9/10

6) Forever Yours- A beautiful soft song that is the ballad of the album. Nice lyrics and slow soft music that compliment the song and that has a surprising amount of power. 7.7/10

7) Ocean Soul- A good song that somehow feels like an album filler. Don't get me wrong its good just not the best Nightwish have ever done. One of the more forgettable tracks but doesn't bring down the overall quality of the album. 6.3/10

8) Feel For You- Like ocean soul its good just not amazing, the best thing about this are Marco's vocals that are strong and are accompanied by a decent beat. 6.4/10

9) Phantom of the Opera- The best musical song of all time that has the amazing- don... don don don don don (sorry couldn't help it). Nightwish do a good job but the vocals in the end when Marco screams "sing for me, my angel of music"; seem underdone as Tarja voice just doesn't resonate from the speakers as you would expect. Listen to their version on End of an Era (9/10) much more powerful and overall a better performance. This version only, 7.4/10

10) Beauty of the Beast- This is the epic track from the album and the best song for it, and at a length of 10:22 is split into 3 different parts. The vocals are beautiful and the lyrics amazing. The music is jaw dropping and at the time their most orchestral song. The melodical changes in the vocals and the music are fantastic and will give you the hairs and back thing. It has since been outdone by the musical scores on Once and Dark Passion Play, but is still epically gorgeous. 10/10

Bonus Tracks:

11) Lagoon- A decent enough track that has a nice vocal melody from Tarja. 7.2/10

12) The Wayfarer- Another decent track. This is the faster of the two bonus tracks. 7/10

Overall Rating 7.25

A beautiful album that is well worth the price. You won't be disappointed if you buy it and if you're a Nightwish fan will find some of your favorite Nightwish songs so far. If you are new to the band I recommend you start with Angels Fall First or at the very least Oceanborn and work up album by album as you can hear the progression and evolution of the band. Another Masterpiece from one of the greatest music writers since the classical giants and a possible Hans Zimmer of the future. Tuomas I have no doubt could one day write a film score, I for one would love to see him working with Hans Zimmer on Pirates of the Caribbean 4 in the near future.

To all Amazonians please try out Savatage they are the most underrated band of all time, if you have good taste you will love them. Listen Now!!!

Angels Fall First
Angels Fall First
Price: £7.62

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3.0 out of 5 stars In the image of a campfire, 10 Jun. 2008
This review is from: Angels Fall First (Audio CD)
Nightwish are a band that was formed in the year of 1996 whilst Tuomas was sitting around a camp fire with his friends. At the time the band consisted of Tuomas, Emppu and Tarja. At the time they were supposed to be an acoustic band but because of Tarja's strong voice this idea had to be altered and metal elements were brought in to create music that would not be over powered by her strong operatic voice. Tuomas at the time said it sounded weird and the music couldn't exist in the acoustic form. Because of these needed changes and the metal elements that needed to be added Nightwish needed a drummer, this is when Jukka joined the band and the acoustic guitars were mainly changed to electric. It is also worth noting that at this point the band didn't have a bassist therefore guitarist Emppu played all the Bass parts. `Thank god' these changes were made otherwise the Nightwish of today may not exist and that would deprive the world of some of the greatest music ever written.

At this early point of their career they were obviously not as powerful as they are now and as a result it would be unfair to compare the music directly to what they are producing now because it simply isn't in the same league. This is the first album of a band with huge potential who are all new to the music business and with no experience of the recording process and other such things their first album I think is a very good attempt and is overall a good debut. Therefore the ratings below are for the songs as individual songs on this album, with no comparisons between stuff later in their careers (otherwise most of these songs would only be worthy of about 4 or 5.

1) Elvenpath- This is quite possibly the first Nightwish song you heard as it is the 1st track on their 1st album. It isn't the most mature track they have ever produced and has references to Disney films and mythical creatures, which isn't necessarily a bad thing (e.g. Wishmaster and Wanderlust from later albums are Disney referenced and are great tracks), although some people may not like song of these subjects. The track has a good rhythm and nice synth sounds from Tuomas's Keyboards, also for the first time you hear Tarja's beautiful, powerful and epic operatic instrument that she fully utilizes. A good start to the album. 5.5/10

2) Beauty and the Beast- My favourite song from the album and one I wish they played on the End of an Era DVD as I would love to have seen Tarja perform this song with Marco Hietala (Their full Bassist and Male Vocals from 2002). The song itself starts with a strong violin intro and then you get a sudden thud from the guitars and the drums which get faster. Tarja is amazing on vocals; whereas the male vocals here are done by Tuomas which aren't very good in all honesty they lack power and depth however he is such an amazing song writer he's allowed to have a weak singing voice and this is effectively their practice album. The Lyrics are good and the music is powerful and represents the story really well. It also has a nice guitar solo from Emppu and a powerful end. The song is based on the Disney film. 9/10

3) The Carpenter- The Vocals here are led by Tuomas and are reasonably weak especially when compared to Tarja, who comes in during the chorus which was a bad decision because the voices don't actually compliment each other. It's a decent song with ok lyrics, although Tuomas will write much better stuff for every release since this one. This was also released as a single however I think there are stronger contenders for single release above this one. 4.5/10

4) Astral Romance- A good song with a really good guitar intro and strong riff throughout. This song is also for the last time on the album and for the last time ever that features Tuomas on vocals (except for growling on Master Passion Greed form DPP a full 11 years later) This is another song that like beauty and the beast they should have added to the End of an Era play list as I think Marco would sound amazing on vocals. 8/10

5) Angels Fall First- A really nice acoustic song where Tarja shines on vocals and the lyrics are good. 7/10

6) Tutankhamen- A good song where the instruments conjure up images in your mind of ancient Egypt and create a great atmosphere. Tarja is good on vocals and the musical arrangements are good. 7/10

7) Nymphomaniac Fantasia- A really good song that starts off slow but really starts to pick up the pace. Tuomas is fantastic on the keyboards to create the sounds of the flutes and the synths. 7.5/10

8) Know Why the Nightingale Sings- A really good song with powerful guitar riffs and a fantastic guitar solo. The lyrics are among the best on the album. This song has a good heavy metal feel to it. 8/10

9) Lapland- This song is split in to 4 separate tracks on some versions of this album although is one full track on others. This is effectively Nightwish first epic soundtrack as altogether is reaches 9:22 in length. It has a good acoustic feel to and changes melody throughout. It has an eerie 2nd part with some drums and part 1 is sung in Finnish. Part 3 is the most powerful. The song is very natural sounding which I like. 8/10

10) Return to the Sea- A good bonus track that has a great guitar solo. The lyrics I interpret as evolution going backwards and how the world would be better without humans although there may be some deeper meaning than that. The lyrics are natural and mention a variety of animals as well as Charles Darwin. 7.5/10

Overall it is an essential Album to die-hard Nightwish fans as it is their first album and although it is by no means their best is a good experience to be able to hear where they came from and how hey have evolved. For the casual listener you are probably better starting off with Oceanborn. Rating 7/10

Note: All readers and listeners of good music check out Savatage the most under rated and one of the best bands of all time
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