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Grace For Drowning
Grace For Drowning
Price: 13.79

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5.0 out of 5 stars Your musical marathon executed without any exhaustion, 28 Dec 2011
This review is from: Grace For Drowning (Audio CD)
If you know previous works of SW then you probably know what to expect because this music is natural evolution of him. Many people say that this record is not easy to listen to, but i don't think so. It is much easier than "Insurgentes", not because the music is simple or straightforward, on the contrary, it is complicated enough, but the reason is that this record is consistent as a whole, is very well crafted and there are very few moments that interrupt you from very comfortable listening. It is obvious that Steven doesn't want to stay at the same "place" for a long time, instead he is always searching for new territories. On this record he decided to incorporate some jazzy and even classical approach to the music. And the influence of old King Crimson is also present here. The first CD is a bit lighter than the second one and for me also a bit better. Songs like "Sectarian" and "Remainder ..." are highlights with their dark (King Crimson) atmosphere. "Deform ..." and "Postcard" (Blackfield) are both very nice slower, piano driven pieces with nice vocals of Steven. From the second CD i would pick up the longest piece "Raider II" which is progrock at its best and "Like dust ..." which is beautiful closer of this opus. Great musicianship was expected and after first listening also confirmed, not only because of the big names on the list... For me the drummer Nic France did a great job here. The production of SW is also very good, almost perfect. If you want to buy a real piece of art then don't hesitate and order this CD without any doubts.

Sound Awake
Sound Awake
Price: 11.60

5.0 out of 5 stars fresh breath from fifth continent, 1 Nov 2011
This review is from: Sound Awake (Audio CD)
I don't exactly remember how i discovered this band, but to order "Sound Awake" was happy to step. Before it arrived to my CD player i read a lot of articles about the album, so i had some imagine. I was expecting mixture of Tool, Oceansize and even The Mars Volta. However, after first listen, this expectation was confirmed, but only in a few aspects. The true is that the music here is very fresh, innovative and also listenable at same time, which is quite remarkable. The music can be described as progressive rock, but its progressiveness is different from creation of Dream Theater or Flower Kings for example. For me this is more natural (and i think more difficult) way how to create progressive music, there is always song in the first place. Of course the musicianship is top notch but you will hardly find any shredding. The opener "Simple Boy" starts the journey and deploys the bar really high. But don't be affraid this standard is no problem for the rest of songs. The next one "Goliath" with its perfect beginning is the evidence. "New Day" is maybe my favourite song on the album. It starts quietly , but it is building and building till the beautiful chorus. "Umbra" starts with almost grunge like atmosphere, maybe because of the guitar riff, but then it is spread to really impressive piece of music. "All I Know" could be without any doubt surfing on radio airwaves, and world would be much better place...The album closers are two epics "Deadman" and "Change", two longest pieces on the album, but you will not fall asleep at all, because they are very cleverly crafted without any dull moment. They showed us that even long songs can be interesting from start to finish. As i mentioned before the musicians are excelent, but for me vocals and drumming are really perfect. Only small problem that i have with this release is production. Yes, it is modern and clean, but sometimes, especially in choruses it is little bit too loud, too in your face wall of sound, but it is only minor complaint of otherwise awesome piece of art. Highly recommended.

Offered by mrtopseller
Price: 6.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars new and very nice adventure with Opeth, 30 Oct 2011
This review is from: Heritage (Audio CD)
As many reviewers stated before, Heritage is completely new direction in Opeth's discography. The band said goodbye to death metal growls, crushing guitar riffs...dark atmosphere from previous works is still there, but this time it is created by different "tools". The question if it was good decision is very easy to answer. 100% yes. So what we have here instead of mentioned trademarks? First of all, beautiful clean vocals from Mikael, many acoustic guitar and bass guitar parts, clever and very nice sounding drumming and a lot of keyboards, both acoustic and vintage. The first and last song are two mellow acoustic pieces, good way how to start and finish the CD. But don't expect that the rest of the album will some agressive beast. Instead will be prepared for many quiet, almost ambient parts which are only sometimes interrupted by louder attacks. Only a few pieces can be considered as up beat rock songs, The devil's orchard, Slither and maybe The lines in my hand, which is surprisingly not a bad thing at all. The songs like Nepenthe or Haxprocess are the best examples how good this new direction suits them. The only problem that listener could suffer from is the way how they change directions in almost each song, maybe too "drastically", without any warning and at the first listens it almost makes no sense. But this complaint gets smaller and smaller with each listen. The special mention goes to the sound of the CD, which is really nice, not too polished, but every instrument is clearly listenable, especially drums sounds great. Mikaels dream to create classic album with 70's feel to it, came true and i think he can be more than satisfied with the result.

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