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Flymo Chevron 37C 37cm Cut Electric Lawnmower
Flymo Chevron 37C 37cm Cut Electric Lawnmower
Price: 99.95

19 of 19 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars An electric lawnmower that i'm happy with, and is better than the other top brand., 30 May 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Before finally buying this Lawnmower I have tried a similar one to this model. First let me tell you that I had a Flymo hover mower for the past 15 years! The motor had given up the ghost and it wasn't worth the money to replace it. So I bought a Bosh Rotak 340ER 1400w, it was awful. Underpowered the automatic cut out feature engaged because the grass was too long! was cutting in all the time, causing me to wait minutes until it would start again. And the grass collection box handle was so flimsy, whenever you picked the box up the handle would fall out because of the weight! I took it back after one mow. I looked at the new Bosch models and they didn't seem to different to the one a bought. So I bought this thing the Flymo Chevron it has a far more powerful motor 1600w and it DOES make a huge difference. It chomps through even long grass and there's no cut out feature; fantastic. The handle on the grass collection box stays put. Somewhat surprised compared to hover mowers is that it collects grass far more effectively. There is far less loose grass strewn on the lawn then with a hover mower! The one thing I would say is don't use number 1 setting on the grass cutting height selector, it's too low unless you have a perfectly flat lawn.

Longridge Power Band
Longridge Power Band
Price: 7.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Best golfing aid for new golfers and high handy cappers can buy., 2 Jan 2013
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This review is from: Longridge Power Band (Sports)
I bought this after remembering a few times at the driving range strangers kept throwing remarks about my elbows doing the funky chicken! As usual when I tried to keep my elbows in and by my side everything else went wrong. I thought I'd buy this, as it was cheap and I thought it's something that wouldn't hurt too much if it didn't work.

Wow is the results; the more my elbows try to flap it pulls on the other arm instantly reminding me that my swing is going wayward. it really works. I've been playing for about 3 years and never had a lesson (pride prevents me!) this has helped me keep my elbows close and bend my elbows this has given me so much power and I'm NOT straining and hurting my body.

I use it at the beginning of a session and then if I start to fall apart the Power band goes straight back on. This has helped me develop my swing so much and yes I'm swinging easier and the ball is going straighter and far further. If I'd bought this when I first began I think it would have advance my golf by two years no kidding. I bought the SKLZ Tempo Grip Trainer two years ago and I'm using that only effectively now! As it will not tell you if you have a fundamentally flawed swing; oh the time wasted is a lesson learned harshly!
Go and buy the Power Band now it really is a fantastic training aid and cheap as chips and cheaper than a golf lesson too!

2013 Adidas Puremotion Golf Shoes NEW OUT
2013 Adidas Puremotion Golf Shoes NEW OUT
Price: 49.95 - 65.00

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Suprisingly quite good., 5 Oct 2012
I bought these shoes as I was looking for a golf shoe that I could wear like a trainer. And with these you can. Well first thing is the purpose of these shoes are for golf. These are my first and I can say that you can really feel them grip the astro turf on the driving range even if you footing twists; big difference from normal trainers! I've been on grass and these work well on them too. I was playing golf in the rain for two hours and can say these aren't totally waterproof. My right shoe was letting a little wetness in from some place. But my sock wasn't soaked through. It has some mesh material so I wasn't really thinking that it was going to be waterproof. But I'm quite happy; compared to my trainers they would have been filled with water. I wear them all the time as an all purpose trainer they don't look anything like golf shoes. On hard slippery surfaces you do have to be a little careful as the soles aren't designed for all purpose surfaces. Overall I'm very happy with these; they work and look good.

Extended Replacement Spare Extra Battery for Samsung Galaxy S II SII S2 S 2 i9100 3200mAh CS-SMI9100DL
Extended Replacement Spare Extra Battery for Samsung Galaxy S II SII S2 S 2 i9100 3200mAh CS-SMI9100DL
Offered by PowerShop UK
Price: 9.58

7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Good, very good and cheap., 3 May 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This extended battery is exactly what it states. I have bought another extended battery which is labelled 3500mAh from Amazon and I can tell you that it wasn't.

This battery feels notably heavier then the other extended one I bought; and has the added function of having a kick stand, can be very useful and especially when eating! The only other case which has this feature is a Mugen and that one cost 60!

This battery lasts about twice as long as the standard one; I don't worry about the charge for the day now, it will hold for 2 days but I recharge every night anyhow. The case fits well enough, it doesn't fall off and although makes the phone bigger, it's easier to hold as the S2 is so slim in the first place. Seriously go buy one, so glad I did and bought a proper extended battery, I've bought another Cameron Sino battery before and was equally impressed buy this brand.

I've looked at extended batteries for the S2 and there are so many, it's a minefield but this one is good and genuine extended one, not just a cheap sticker stuck on; the seller is quick to post as well.

TomTom GO LIVE 1000 4.3" Sat Nav with UK and Ireland Maps
TomTom GO LIVE 1000 4.3" Sat Nav with UK and Ireland Maps
Offered by InCar-Tech
Price: 139.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Tomtom 1000 in the year 2011., 30 Oct 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Tomtom 1000 review

It's been a while since I used a Tomtom device. However I have just begun a new driving job and so I bought this device. I bought the Tomtom one about 5 years ago and so I thought the technology must have moved on leaps and bounds; however I was quite disappointed. Great hype about IQ routes and recalculating alternative routes. However this device is over sold. Not once did this give me an alternative quicker option to chose when there was traffic, because for most of the time there isn't an alternative route to take. Some alternative routes can add 20-45 mintutes and most traffic jams won't take that long to get through. It will tell you about traffic on route and then you're in traffic!

The advanced routing isn't fantastic, it told me part of the M25 was closed and I chose the only alternative route. What this did was take me off the only junction I could take anyway and tried to put me straight back on the closed road!
The device fully updated, did keep resetting randomly. I was expecting better graphic display but it's really not changed at all.

I must say that the keyboard to type in, is appalling. You have to go very slow and there is a pause in response.

I'm amazed how unpolished this is compared to my Android smart phone. I used Google navigation before this and for something that's free it's amazing. The phone display is typical white simplicity, it automatically zooms in and out for a more useful way dependant on speed. Responsive touch screen, proper drag around and quick zoom in and out. Which is very fiddly to do with this Tomtom 1000. However Google navigation does require data but surprisingly not to much about 30 meg over 8 hours. But it is basic, no rerouting on the fly, but the Tomtom 1000 didn't give me options to reroute while I was using it. Can't see the overall distance to destination and the arrival time is way off, doesn't have traffic avoiding ability or speed cameras. But the address input is far quicker and guesses postcodes and street names far quicker than the Tomtom 1000.
One thing they do share is the fact that you can't use way points or itinerary for multiple destinations. I have found an app for this on the my phone; however a top of the range Tomtom Satnav and they have omitted to include this obvious feature is astonishing; it's is a fiddle to use but no more less then touch the Tomtom on the move.
I've looked at the processor and my smart phone is twice as fast as the 500mhz Arm chip they use in this device. It shows in responsiveness too; I'm not sure if it's bad programming but 250 for a very specific device which is sometimes shown up by a phone, is not good enough.
Let's say something good about the Tomtom 1000. I love the magnetic mount and that's really the only positive I can say about it.

When I bought my first satnav which I was amazed at how I could go practically anywhere in the UK with this technolgy. Since 5 years have past nothing has really been added to the polish of these types of devices. The graphics are still exactly the same half a decade on and no progress whatsoever. Route technology is dependant on the roads available surrounding you. Worth 50 a year I think not, largely you will arrive in traffic in 321 you're in traffic; wonderful. The tomtom is very fiddly to use whilst driving. Voice commands aren't worth it, very hit and miss; and when you come to a problem and want to go back, your're tapping the screen anyway! Tomtom tips are very annoying and worrying when they alert you to go to the tomtom website, parking is availible while driving at 50mph! Lane guidance is useful but doesn't always appear on all motorway junctions. Still a very annoying feature which my smart phone gets mostly right is the direction I should be heading towards when i get inthe van. Satnavs have the response time of a sloth and having to turn around when just setting off is something that these companies should have thought about. Phones have compasses, GPS, accelerometers even barometers yet satnavs companies can't incorporate widespread technology in their products. Even Google map's data is sometimes more up to date than tomtom's maps or Teleatlas! I would say get the chepest tomtom if you really need a sat nav or use a smart phone if you have a car holder for short trips it won't use much data at all.

If someone ever bought out an android Satnav which did not need data streamed to the device and Incorporated traffic avoidance with FM signals then Tomtom and Garmin would really need to think about the products they produce, which aren't great and all have on going ways to get money from you. I've sent the Tomtom 1000 back for a refund; maybe I might go for a top of the range Garmin but I think are they much of a muchness. The reviews for most Satnavs really vary on like and dislike. Sat nav industry needs a kick up the backside. Come on Google give the public something free and useful to really drive these companies into making something functional, reliable and worth the money.
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Only in America
Only in America
by Dominic Holland
Edition: Paperback

4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars You'll laugh in public with this wicked little gem!, 21 April 2003
This review is from: Only in America (Paperback)
What a book to rejuvenate my dormant reading habits. This book is quite frankly fantastic. Short, witty, sweet and so easy to read. The pacing of the story is great, constantly flipping but never confusing. The characters are believable and always fun to read; perhaps because we all know people like them. This is a perfect film in the waiting; and I for one will be begging for it to be made. For Dominic Holland’s first book I can only wait for further treats.

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