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M. Geraghty "Celtic Muse" (Ireland)

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Apple iPod classic 80GB black
Apple iPod classic 80GB black

6 of 13 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars I was Wrong. Thanks to one of the people who made a comment on this., 5 Jan. 2008
5 out of 5 and an extra one for getting me to think different. The Road to Damascus!!
(I got an ipod classic for christmas. It works and looks great. But the software that puts music on the player the worst rubbish and most difficult program I have ever had the misfortune to use. So be aware when buying into the apple ad showing it so easy to work with. Itunes is terrible. I like the ipod and have even put some movie files on it. But using itunes takes all the pleasure out of this item.)
The above was my review until Tony in a very helpful e-mail and comment below helped remove the blinkers.

I've just had a religious conversion. Or like Darth Vader as a member of the evil empire of Microsoft users, Luke(Steve Jobs) is holding me and I'm telling him you were right, you were right. The light has dawned and the Apple philosophy has been understood. There was some apple understanding in me after all. I have turned from the dark side!
I have my ipod kicking ass at the minute. The break through came in understanding Apples filing system as opposed to the way I have been used to doing it. Microsoft/Windows sees folders and works from those. The files can and could be in any state and it will still probably work on the surface anyway. Apple work from the Proprietary Tags. Once this is understood then the filing system has to be really tidy with all the proper mark ups. The proprietary tags can be found by right clicking on the music track and then clicking on summary. The ipod will be a mess and not work at it's best unless these are all clearly marked up. Album name, Artist name, track number. The cover flow system and albums will be an absolute mess with out these tags filled in. It really boils down to good computer housekeeping and the only way the click wheel on the ipod and cover flow system will store your music and sort your music. It is also why the ipod is really easy to use and when it works, it works so very well.
I have to absolutely apologise to apple, ipod and everything that the think different philosophy really means. The ipod is a quality product and is meant to work with files properly looked after and marked up neatly from the inside out. I have a lot of ripped music here. I've been buying cd's for years so it's not illegal. I imagine if your buying music from itunes or where ever this is all done for you and the problem only with music you have ripped or music you have to try before you buy;-).
But the filing system I've used based on windows and it really, really was a mess. Spent the last few days cleaning up the Proprietary Tags and adding in Album art using a free program called Album Cover Art Downloader and my ipod has just become everything it was meant to be. It means a little work on the music I've bought over the years. It is a hassle of trying to fix up the filing system that really is the problem of using Billy Gates OS and not one that keeps everything neat and tidy like the Mac Os in the first place.
My only advice to Apple is you really should make this clearer. I had to fight a battle to understand this and now I do it all makes sense. So for me coming from a windows experience of computers I felt like I'd hit a brick wall. But now after understanding what just was going on I can appreciate where the ipod, apple are coming from and the difference between windows and apple.
The ergonomic and ashetic of the ipod really, really impressive. Apple are not just saying here is a music device, stick your tunes on it and away you go. It's like an evolution of sorts. Look remember all those lp's and cd's you prided yourself on at a time, well here is away of doing it in the digital age.
It really, really does that. The ipod is asking you to build a music collection that you can value and can be proud of, take care of. That's the philosopy behind it anyway. Digital music is not seen as valueable and apple I feel have readdressed that feeling with the ipod. Why am I ranting on about it is because I feel good. It has made me feel good about music, about the music I have and had forgotten about because it was on cd's and all over the place. Now just run through the cover flow when your looking for an album and it feels so very very good. The images of the albums as you flow through them such a really nice thing to look at. It brings back to me all the value music once held for me when I was younger and one flipped through real albums in a record store.
When they boast "Think Differently", they are stating a fact.
Once the basics are worked out it's easy. I've even got a program that with the click of a button it renames all the Proprietary Tags automatically for you. Manually doing this is a chore but finding that out kills any work that I was doing and thought had to be done.
Then the album cover finder is as simple as dragging the folder of music into the program and it sits there. You right click it to go find the album art. It searchs Amazon and a few other places on the net and if it gets it, it adds it to your folder and makes it associate it's self with the music tracks. 9/10 it gets it perfectly right. The other one time you might have to find the cover and drop it into the program where it does the work. Or you can make your own. I did for a collection of songs that didn't belong anyplace.
The hardest part is finding all this out.
Now I have one really cool music device and an organised music collection that I've tidied up, sorted, added covers to and reburned and archieved in a more ordered and valued way.
The video function on the ipod really good too. But this about the music as understanding and converting all video files to mp4 was easy to understand from the off set.
The defeat of chaos, just what evolution pushes us for.
And why I've changed my mind on the ipod.
In saying all this I now just use itunes to drag and drop my music into my ipod and in a way it has lost all the teeth that I got bitten with the first time I used it.
Now it took me exactly two weeks to get to this point but hopefully this review will help you in less time get the best out of your ipod.
Comment Comments (3) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Jan 11, 2008 9:59 PM GMT

Voudon Gnostic Workbook
Voudon Gnostic Workbook
by Michael Bertiaux
Edition: Paperback
Price: £34.00

7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Voodoo, but not as we know it., 24 Nov. 2007
I have wanted this book for 20 years. Was it worth the wait and the answer is yes. Bertiaux has a very dark reputation in the occcult world and yes that is here but also insights into Magick from a point of view that delivers much good too. It describes this as the expanded edition that was meant to include diagrams. But in the reprinting they were left out. Homer Simpson must have been on the job that day. Thankfully they can be downloaded and printed then added to the book. It's a big read with lots to digest but to me a worthy addition to my Occult library.

Necronomicon: The Wanderings of Alhazred
Necronomicon: The Wanderings of Alhazred
by Donald Tyson
Edition: Paperback
Price: £17.50

16 of 18 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Necronomicon?, 17 July 2007
I was disappointed by this book. Two reasons. Mr Tyson penned this as the written word of Abdul Alhazred the MAD arab. Well the book doesn't read as if Alhazred was mad and had his Mind/Body torn asunder by the dreadful Gods of the nightside. It lacks this punch and left me feeling quite underwhelmed. Lovecraft on the otherhand with his brief extracts weaves a whole different image of this book and what it can do. I like that, because ones imagination picks up and everyone has a loose frame work about this book and it's contents to dream into life. Lovecrafts writing almost reads like a painting of words. He might have been seen as a hack in his lifetime but this was an arist at work who with really so little conveyed an awful lot with his broad brush strokes. Genius!! and well deserved title. After 20 years of reading Lovecraft at least once a year I'm still not tired of his work.
If you really, really want to read the Necronomicon stick to Lovecraft's stories as they are the best in feeling something that exists only in a crack between the stars. The other gripe is the cover design and the artwork inside. It's rubbish. I don't blame Tyson for that as Llewellyn give the authors no creative control over this aspect of their publications. This book was crying out for some art and layout to reflect age, magic and kick the imagination right between the eyes. Instead what little we get isn't well done and adds nothing to give the book a bite. Mr Tyson is a occultist and this Grimoire needed a lot more 'Mad' and art in it to be really effective. Recently I've noticed Tyson has moved to Starfire the puplishers of Kenneth Grants work and They really do know how to get a book out with inspiring design, layout and content. I just wish I had better things to say about this book and from reading some other works by Tyson I did expect more. I would love to see this work juiced up with some MAD and some serious kick ass art to bring the book to 5 stars I wanted to give it and not the 3 I've just given it.
This is not to say this is a bad book. It's a good book and I'm glad I bought it as it adds plently to Lovecraft's legacy but it is let down by its lack of visual imagery and a little to reasoned approach to transcribing the "Horror" that this dread book is supposed to convey. If you love Lovecraft this will add to that and as an artist I know I will find it useful to work with in creating my own ideas on the contents of the world between the spaces that should not be. On Mr Tysons part as an occultist maybe he took this too seriously to let his hair down and flake out in a rollercoaster of insaneness in the writing and I know for a fact that artwise he would not have had much choice in how the book looked as Llewellyn control that aspect of their books to keep them cheap and churned out to the masses asp.

Viking Designs (Dover Pictorial Archive)
Viking Designs (Dover Pictorial Archive)
by A. G. Smith
Edition: Paperback
Price: £8.99

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Nice book to inspire one to better art work in the viking style, 4 April 2007
Viking designs is not a brilliant book by any means. But it is a good book to get one into the style and design of Norse art. The drawings are only reasonable. But it will help one understand the areas to explore and enhance on in ones own art. There are no history or explanations to the designs but this book is what it is. A collection of designs based on Norse art and it's cheap. So okay place to start and develop ones own designs from. It's a taster for Norse art and should not be seen as the bible it might have been. Maybe someone out there can take a look at this and create a better one with original designs. I liked it. But it is basic nothing more.
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: May 24, 2010 12:44 AM BST

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