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WWF: Vengeance [DVD] [2001]
WWF: Vengeance [DVD] [2001]
Dvd ~ Stone Cold Steve Austin

4.0 out of 5 stars "Chris Jericho becomes the 1st ever Undisputed Champion", 8 Feb. 2011
This review is from: WWF: Vengeance [DVD] [2001] (DVD)
After a entertaining Survivor Series pay-per-view, with the Alliance dead and buried, it was now time to focus on who will be crowned as the WWF Undisputed Champion at WWF Vengeance.

Four superstars were involved and they were:
1. Stone Cold Steve Austin (WWF Champion)
2. Kurt Angle (Olympic Gold Medalist)
3. The Rock (World Heavyweight Champion)
4. Chris Jericho (Y2J)

The first match of three matches began with Stone Cold Steve Austin defending his WWF Title against Kurt Angle. The match itself was brilliant and we all know that both Austin and Angle can put on a good match, which led to Austin giving Angle the Stone Cold Stunner for the victory, which means that Austin will be defending his WWF title again after the Rock and Jericho match for the World Heavyweight Title.

The second and best match of the pay-per-view involved The Rock defending the World Heavyweight Title against Y2J Chris Jericho. Chris Jericho was totally dominating The Rock, with The Rock getting the odd bit of domination here and there. The match ended with Jericho defeating The Rock to become the new World Heavyweight Champion. But I have to say that Jericho performed at his very best.

The third and last match of the tournament was to actually crown our first ever WWF Undisputed Champion. It was down to Austin and Jericho who put on a worthy and decent match to finish off the pay-per-view, though it ended up with Jericho walking out of Vengeance the new Undisputed Champion.

WWF Vengeance 2001 was a great finale of a pay-per-view to finish off the year 2001. To where this pay-per-view will be remembered for Chris Jericho becoming the first ever Undisputed Champion.

WWE - Royal Rumble 2009 [Blu-ray]
WWE - Royal Rumble 2009 [Blu-ray]
Dvd ~ John Cena
Offered by uniqueplace-uk
Price: £11.93

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5.0 out of 5 stars WWE Royal Rumble 2009 in top class HD, 7 Feb. 2011
WWE Royal Rumble 2009 was good on DVD, but WWE Royal Rumble 2009 is way better on blu-ray :). Today I managed to purchase myself a copy of the 2009 Royal Rumble for just £9.00 :) :) :).

The Royal Rumble match itself was just amazing with the Viper Randy Orton living the dream on winning the Royal Rumble match, to where he will be heading to the main event at the twenty fifth anniversary of WrestleMania.

Matt Hardy and Jack Swagger put on a worthy opening match for the ECW Championship, John Cena and JBL put on a decent match for the World Heavyweight Championship with HBK delivering the Sweet Chin Music to both Cena and JBL, plus Jeff Hardy and Edge put on a great match for the WWE Championship with the shocking ending of Matt Hardy turning on his brother Jeff, to where Edge took the opportunity to recapture the title he lost at Armageddon 2008.

The extras were exactly the same as if you were to purchase the DVD. You get a great little interview with R V D and you get to see the return of Shane McMahon on the very next night of Monday Night RAW.

Match Favourite: Royal Rumble Match
Worst Match: N/A

WWE - Judgment Day 2006 [DVD]
WWE - Judgment Day 2006 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Wwe
Offered by DVDBayUK
Price: £1.98

4.0 out of 5 stars WWE Judgment Day 2006, 31 Jan. 2011
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WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match

Gregory Helms vs Super Crazy


Not a bad little match for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

Super Crazy got the match to a high flying start, with some high flying moves, in and out of the ring.

In the end though it was Gregory Helms who cheated his way on retaining the WWE Cruiserweight Championship, with the use of the ropes.

Jillian Hall vs Melina


Possibly the worst match of the night, as it was an all out scrap fight.

Don't get me wrong, both these WWE divas are true talents, but this match didn't work for me.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match

MNM vs Brian Kendrick & Paul London


Not a bad opener to the pay-per-view, with both teams being very competitive throughout the entire match. Mercury and Nitro were the dominating team, and had lots of chances of retaining their WWE Tag Team Championships.

In the end though it was Kendrick and London who found a way of defeating Mercury and Nitro to become the new WWE Tag Team Champions.

Plus after the match, there was a brutal fallout between MNM, who just lost their tempers and started brawling with one and other.

Chris Benoit vs Finlay


What can I say, but an excellent one on one match, involving two superstars who know each other really well.

This match was pretty much a technical match, that had a lot of in ring mat action and a lot of grapples on the mat.

In the end it was Benoit who found a way of defeating Finlay e.g. the Crippler Crossface.

Kurt Angle vs Mark Henry


A tad better than their match at Royal Rumble 2006, with Angle dominating the start of this match, and then was taken over by Henry.

The match itself ended with Angle being counted out, and Henry declared the winner, but Angle wasn't finished with the World's Strongest Man.

Angle did the Angle Slam to Henry, on the announce table which did not break, but the use of a steel chair did, when Angle struck Henry with the chair, and Henry crashing through the announce table.

KOTR Final

Lashley vs Booker T


I've seen better King of the Ring finals, but this match was exceptionally a good one.

Constant back and forth action from both superstars, which had plenty of near pin falls.

Though when we all thought that Lashley had the win in the grasp of his hand, it was taken away by Finlay, who struck Lashley with a weapon, and Booker taking the advantage of hitting a second Scissor Kick, to become the 2006 King of the Ring.

Undertaker vs The Great Khali


Not a bad match, to what many people make it out to be.

I have to admit that the Undertaker's efforts in this match was good, as he wearing down the Great Khali, with jabs and punches, and an exceptional amount of some good power moves.

Though in the end, we the WWE fans were shocked when the Great Khali defeated The Undertaker, with a simple kick to the head, and of course we knew that this rivalry wasn't over.

World Heavyweight Championship Match

Rey Mysterio vs JBL


This match I would give match of the night to, as it really did deliver and these two always have good matches against one and other.

A pretty back and forth action kind of match, with Mysterio picking up some good domination in the match and not allowing JBL to wear him down too easily.

Though there was a point where JBL did have some domination over Mysterio, especially in between the match, with Mysterio busted up.

In the end though it was Mysterio who found the edge of delivering the thunderous 619 to JBL, and Mysterio walking out of WWE Judgment Day 2006, still the World Heavyweight Champion.

WWE - Royal Rumble 2010 (Steelbook) [DVD]
WWE - Royal Rumble 2010 (Steelbook) [DVD]
Dvd ~ John Cena
Offered by SweetBuzzards
Price: £8.99

3.0 out of 5 stars "Edge is going to WrestleMania", 30 Jan. 2011
The 2010 Royal Rumble pay-per-view event was a downer, due to the fact that the Royal Rumble match itself was a little disappointing.

We start off with a great match for the ECW Championship between Christian and Ezekiel Jackson. We have a pointless divas match for the Divas Championship, though I loved the ending where Mickie James got some payback on LayCool. A average WWE Championship match between the WWE Champion Sheamus and the number one contender Randy Orton. We do have a good World Heavyweight Championship match between the World Heavyweight Champion The Undertaker and number one contender Rey Mysterio. To where we come to the Royal Rumble match, where the rumble itself felt very rushed. I always look forward to the Royal Rumble match, to where this Royal Rumble match won't be remembered as the best one that the WWE have produced. I have to admit that the Royal Rumble match is watchable and we get to see the return of the Rated R Superstar Edge, who gets the opportunity to win the Royal Rumble match and to go for a championship of his choosing, to where he will face the chosen champion at WrestleMania XXVI.

Overall the 2010 Royal Rumble pay-per-view event is average and watchable.

Match Favourite - Christian vs Ezekiel Jackson (ECW Championship)
Worst Match Favourite - Mickie James vs Michelle McCool (Divas Championship)

WWE - Bragging Rights 2010 [DVD]
WWE - Bragging Rights 2010 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Rany Orton
Offered by muchmedia_wwe
Price: £8.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars WWE Bragging Rights 2010, 29 Jan. 2011
The second annual Bragging Rights pay-per-view did not really come out as a top class pay-per-view for 2010.

1. Daniel Bryan vs Dolph Ziggler (Champion vs Champion) 4/5

This was match of the night and a great way to start the show off. The fans were really into this match and chating "this is awesome" and I don't blame them because this match was awesome and was nominated for match of the year for 2010. I have to admit that both Bryan and Ziggler are the future of WWE.

2. John Cena & David Otunga vs Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre 3/5

This was a surprisingly good tag team match, with Cena winning the match to become new WWE Tag Team Champions.

3. Goldust vs Ted Dibease 3/5

Good little match.

4. Undertaker vs Kane (Buried Alive Match for World Heavyweight Championship) 3/5

After a disappointing Hell in a Cell match, it was time for the third and final encounter between the Brothers of Destruction, this time it was going to be a buried alive match and have to say that the match got off to a great start. The match got took into the crowd and then a bit of in ring time and then the burial site. The match went downhill towards the end when the Nexus got involved and attacked the Undertaker and Kane getting the win.

5. Team RAW vs Team Smackdown 4/5

This was a great match and a great win for Friday Night Smackdown.

6. Wade Barrett vs Randy Orton (WWE Championship) 3/5

Good main event for the WWE Championship, which had some fun and excitement towards the end.

WWE - Royal Rumble 2007 [Steel Book Dvd]
WWE - Royal Rumble 2007 [Steel Book Dvd]
Dvd ~ Wwe
Offered by rockaway-records
Price: £17.99

5.0 out of 5 stars "The Undertaker Is Going To WrestleMania 23", 26 Jan. 2011
WWE Royal Rumble 2007 in my mind is one of the very Royal Rumble events that I've seen. I totally enjoyed this pay-per-view and would recommend to those who have not seen this Royal Rumble pay-per-view event.

1. Jeff & Matt Hardy vs Johnny Nitro & Joey Mercury 4/5

2. Bobby Lashley vs Test (ECW Championship) 3/5

3. Mr Kennedy vs Batista (World Heavyweight Championship) 3/5

4. John Cena vs Umaga (Last Man Standing for the WWE Championship) Match of the Night 5/5

5. 2007 Royal Rumble Match 4/5


1. John Cena & HBK vs Rated RKO (World Tag Team Titles) 4/5
2. Donald Trump embarrassing Mr McMahon on RAW 3/5
3. Todd Grisham interviews The Undertaker 1/5 (Undertaker does not say anything)

Overall the Royal Rumble 2007 pay-per-view event is defiantly worth the watch and is now one of my favourite Royal Rumble pay-per-view events.

WWE - Armageddon 2006 [DVD]
WWE - Armageddon 2006 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Wwe
Offered by HalfpriceDVDS_FBA
Price: £14.99

4.0 out of 5 stars WWE Armageddon 2006, 26 Jan. 2011
This review is from: WWE - Armageddon 2006 [DVD] (DVD)
WWE ARMAGEDDON 2006 was a great pay-per-view to end the year 2006. This pay-per-view had plenty of solid matches that needs a mention, into buying this pay-per-view on DVD.

The Last Ride Match between Mr Kennedy and the Undertaker was perhaps the best match of the night. I mean this match wasn't just going to be a match where you knew The Undertaker was going to win, it was a match that could have been Mr Kennedy's night. Mr Kennedy had the opportunity to win this match when he threw The Undertaker off the Armageddon scaffolding, to where we thought Mr Kennedy had it in the bag to win this match. But from out of nowhere The Undertaker sat up and totally dominated the last 5-6 minutes of the match to beat Mr Kennedy, with the Tombstone Piledriver to put Mr Kennedy to sleep. 5/5

The second best match of the night had to be the fatal four way tag team ladder match for the WWE Tag Team Titles, where it involved one of the greatest tag teams that are always good in ladder matches e.g. The Hardy Boys. The ladder match itself was unpredictable with some amazing ladder moments, which included an unfortunate incident where Joey Mercury got his nose bust open with a ladder. But overall I think was a excellent tag team ladder match, with the London & Kendrick retaining the WWE Tag Team Titles. 4/5

The Inferno match between MVP and Kane was a decent opener to the pay-per-view, to where MVP got a taste of what it was like to be set on fire. The main event also between King Booker, Finlay who teamed up against World Heavyweight Champion Batista who chose the WWE Champion John Cena to be his tag team partner. With both the tag match involving back and forth action.

WWE ARMAGEDDON 2006 was indeed one of the best pay-per-views for 2006 and would recommend this pay-per-view for at least four amazing matches.

WWE - Cyber Sunday 2006 [DVD]
WWE - Cyber Sunday 2006 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Wwe
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £14.99

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars "All hail the Champion of Champions, King Booker", 24 Jan. 2011
WWE had changed the interactive pay-per-view from Taboo Tuesday to Cyber Sunday, where the fans still had full control of this pay-per-view to choose everything on what they wanted to see.

Match of the night was D Generation X going against Rated RKO, with the WWE Universe choosing Eric Bischoff to be the special guest referee. The match itself had four of the very best which included the likes of Shawn Michaels and Triple H. Pretty much back and forth action with D Generation X taking control from the beginning, with Rated RKO taking control of the match in between. Didn't really like the ending when Edge and Orton cheated their way into beating D Generation X with a steel chair, but overall a superb tag team match up.

Other Matches I Liked
1. King Booker Vs Big Show Vs John Cena (Champion of Champions Triple Threat Match)
2. Umaga vs Kane
3. Mickie James vs Lita (WWE Women's Championship)

Overall I quite enjoyed WWE Cyber Sunday 2006, with most matches being very decent in their own little way. I would recommend you get this to add to your WWE Collection, as you do get a bonus match from the next night on RAW, where Rated RKO gets a shot at the WWE Tag Team Titles, with has a good ending.

4/5 for the PPV :) :) :)

WWF: No Mercy 2001 [NTSC] [DVD] [2001]
WWF: No Mercy 2001 [NTSC] [DVD] [2001]
Dvd ~ Stone Cold Steve Austin

5.0 out of 5 stars WWF No Mercy 2001 ends with a new WCW Champion, whose name is Chris Jericho, 21 Jan. 2011
WWF No Mercy 2001 is one of my favourite pay-per-views from 2001 and would recommend this to all WWF/E fans.

Chris Jericho shocked the fans by defeating The Rock to become the new WCW Champion, with the match itself getting the match of the night spot.

Edge and Christian had an amazing one on one ladder match for the WWF Intercontinental Championship.

The Main Event for the WWF Championship got the third best match of the night with Stone Cold overcoming the odds of defeating Alliance member RVD and WWF member Kurt Angle.

WWF No Mercy 2001 Match Ratings:

1. Lance Storm & The Hurricane vs Hardy Boys: (WCW Tag Team Championship) 4/5

2. Test vs Kane: 4/5

3. Stacey Keibler vs Torrie Wilson: (1st Ever Lingerie Match) 3/5

4. Edge vs Christian: (Ladder Match for WWF Intercontinental Championship) 5/5

5. Big Show & Tajiri vs Dudley Boys: (WWF Tag Team Championship) 3/5

6. Booker T vs The Undertaker: 4/5

7. Chris Jericho vs The Rock: (WCW Championship) 5/5

8. Kurt Angle vs Rob Van Dam vs Stone Cold Steve Austin: (Triple Threat for WWF Championship) 5/5

Match Favourite: Chris Jericho vs The Rock (WCW Championship)
Worst Match: N/A

WWE - Summmerslam 2008 [DVD]
WWE - Summmerslam 2008 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Wwe
Offered by qualityfilmsfromuk
Price: £14.90

3.0 out of 5 stars WWE Summerslam 2008, 20 Jan. 2011
This review is from: WWE - Summmerslam 2008 [DVD] (DVD)
WWE Summerslam 2008 was an average annual pay-per-view that was watchable.

The match of the night had to be John Cena vs Batista, which was years in the making. Both Cena and Batista showed to the WWE universe on why they are in the WWE.

Edge vs Undertaker inside Hell in a Cell was quite enjoyable, and more of a match that Edge gave it all to steal the man of the match. Though the match itself felt more like an extreme rules match, with more weapons used rather than the cell itself.

JBL had the opportunity of facing CM Punk for the World Heavyweight Championship, with the match itself turning out to be one of JBL's better matches.

The Great Khali had an opportunity at Triple H's WWE Championship, with the Great Khali putting on a worthy match against the King of Kings.

Overall WWE SummerSlam 2008 was average and watchable, with some good matches.

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