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Halo (Xbox)
Halo (Xbox)
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5.0 out of 5 stars Oh My, HALO Lives up to the Hype..., 31 Jan. 2003
This review is from: Halo (Xbox) (Video Game)
From the earliest moment and after the first few seconds into the game I was completely immersed into HALO's storyline. It twists and turns and never fails to grasp your attention tightly. It is a casually pleasing surprise that a shoot'em up featuring supreme examples of gameplay can incorporate such a thrilling, almost intellectual plot to keep it's audience absorbed and anticipating the game's next plot twist. Your are in the feet of a mysteriously armoured warrior, you are elite and have been revived from a cryogenically frozen state to be the saviour of humanity. Things, however are a lot deeper and a lot more interesting than this and it's what you are saving humanity from that eventually becomes so enthralling.
Obviously the story is never what you should base your overall verdict on a game upon and HALO really does make sure of this by impressing so many with it's amazing gameplay, to such a degree that all hype has been lived up to and oh so much more, putting FPS games back up there to rival the PC.
Graphically the game is excellent, especially considering it's release was way back at the X-Box's launch. Textures and scenery are colourful, vibrant and good looking throughout and together they easily make up for any graphical flaws or slowdown that you as a gamer may come across. Character models do not perhaps meet everyone's wishes but they definitely more than satisfactory and are never really of any importance. Anyway, the enemy models are extremely nice to look at (from one point of view anyway!), they are well detailed and feature some nice designs which is good for you see a large number of them when you play through the campaign.
HALO is fast, frantic and a darn good way to make a judgement on the genre of first person shoot'em ups. You are surrounded by a tonne of enemy aliens, each one armed with a ferocious plasma gun, each one with amazing AI for a game and you are thrown in to not only disarm but take the lives of every single one of them. They often move about, dodging your fire at a quick pace, sometimes they will attempt to take cover, sometimes they will strategically try to lead you to an other covenant party or otherwise they will charge at you sending you into an immediate panic whilst limiting your time to come up a solution on how to waste it. Don't get me wrong however, this is no Quake or Unreal style shoot'em up, it is a much more "intelligent" style game where elements of strategy are often needed to accomplish your goal in a level.
Co-operative campaign options are not merely a side line inclusion to HALO, they are part of what makes the game, they are almost like a new game completely for teamwork is always the key to survival and different, varied strategies are not only used but needed when working your way through. You will find this co-operative mode a whole lot of fun and more attractive to play than it's single player alternative. I mean there's nothing like one of you sniping an oncoming group of covenant members whilst your companion rushes in with an assault rifle blasting any larger enemies nearby. However, one frustrating point to the multiplayer campaign is where you both enter a situation where you each stray opposite directions, sometimes accidently and the auto-load feature comes into action, often spawning the two of you in the wrong direction, this can be a pain but is normally overcome by basic teamwork.
Of course, no real shoot'em up is without your regular death match option or 'slayer' mode in HALO's case and obviously this game is no exception as it includes a literally huge collection of multiplayer options allowing up to four players per console blasting each other in a nice variation of maps. You can at each other alone or if you're a fan of the co-operative mode you can work in teams. Many other modifications are around, each one is a huge provider of fun- although an inclusion of 'bots would have been nice.
Vehicular combat for HALO really is a supremacy. The feeling of racing about with velocity in a warthog, losing control every second as you pick up speed is pretty much undescribable. At first, you are bound to find the controlling system for use of these vehicles are difficult one, where basic steering becomes a large frustration and crashing occurs on a regular basis! But, when you learn the art, you never forget it and you start to have some real fun. The Warthog can hold up to three players, one in the driving seat, one in the back gun turret and the other in the side seat. Once in, gameplay zooms out into a 3rd person view which actually works well and the transformation is never a hinderance and boy does it feel good when you skid the back of your warthog into a bunch of unsuspected enemies, for vehicles are included into both campaign and multiplayer modes. Other vehicles include Banshees which basically allow you to go airbourne, ghosts which have a sort of hover basis which brings a halt to any ground surface obstacles.
Weaponry is an other positive point for HALO, some would complain about the lack of weapons you can hold at one time but it is a realistic strategy and you should be able to overcome it. Guns vary not only in shapes but in sizes and realism, pistols, assault rifles, plasma rifles, more original weapon designs such as the needler are at your hands and of course no games involving guns are complete without use of a destructive rocket launcher. Grenades are yet an other pleasing feature to the game and it is suprisingly amusing to watch an enemy wriggle about in a frenzy when there is a plasma grenade firmly stuck on it's back.
As a whole, HALO is a VERY intruiging, inventive and damn right cool video game where the controls are suited perfectly and one would find hard to criticise. It not only lives up to it's huge hype but is worthy of 'Game of the Year' title not only for the X-Box but on any format. All I can say is if you have an X-Box and you don't own HALO already, Buy, Buy, Buy!!!

Blade II [DVD] [2002]
Blade II [DVD] [2002]
Dvd ~ Wesley Snipes
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4.0 out of 5 stars No Improvements But Still Highly Enjoyable..., 27 Jan. 2003
This review is from: Blade II [DVD] [2002] (DVD)
I had high expectations for this movie ever since the announcement of it's arrival. The original has always impressed me and to tell you the truth I was expecting, or perhaps hoping for an improvement on the first in the 'Blade' duo. Of course I set my hopes up high and I should have known that it's a rare occasion when a sequel excels over it's series first. Don't get me wrong, throughout the film I sensed the typical cool and stylish 'Blade' elements that so many have learnt to love but when finished the film left me hungry for more.
Wesley Snipes performed to the classy way in which we all expected him to, stylish one-liners and intense action scenes really brought the 'day walker' to life and gave Wesley Snipes great credibility as an actor. I was glad to see Kris Kristofferson back as whistler, 'Blade' simply wouldn't be 'Blade' without the guy. His return was quickly explained however I felt that his twist in the film went the wrong way.
Despite other people's reactions, I felt that the film's plot was of a good one and that the 'evil' vampires forming an alliance with Blade was a nice idea to keep the film on a fresh note and the incorporation of a whole new faction of enemies was highly a positive as well, all of which combine to connect an interesting string of twists to the film.
As far as action goes, the film is at a supreme. It provides incredibly stylish ways of killing the vampires, introducing original yet fancy weapons to Blade's array of weaponry. The fighting really raises some eyebrows what with the visually impressive martial arts based fights. Gore is plentiful in this blood-fest as it lives up to it's 18 certification, all fight sequences are graphic which really do add to the intensity and atmosphere of the entire film.
This sequel to a popular vampire flick is dark, gritty, atmospheric and totally awesome. It is fast and furious and provides non-stop action. So, the word 'good' is definately an understatement and for vampire fans this one is a treat. However it unfortunately does not bring itself over as being 'ground-breaking' unlike it's predecessor and whilst being an action provider it may also provide disappointment to it's audience in some respects.

Star Wars: Rogue Leader - Rogue Squadron II (GameCube)
Star Wars: Rogue Leader - Rogue Squadron II (GameCube)

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4.0 out of 5 stars Take part in the 'Star Wars' trilogy..., 19 Dec. 2002
The hype is lived up to as 'Star Wars Rogue Leader- Rogue Squadron II' get as close as possible as being an exact transformation from a popular film to an amazing video game on Nintendo's latest, the Gamecube. There are simply not enough complimentary words in the English dictionary to sum up the graphics which this game boasts. The crisp visuals show so much attention to detail and that combined with the limited slowdown is a big plus to any game of today. Sound for the game is a real companion to make 'Rogue Leader' a real 'Star Wars' experience, it is as though you are sucked right into the space craft, given the opportunity to relive your favourite scenes from the sci-fi favourite with a high sense of incredible realism.
'Rogue Leader', is perfectly fitted to the original shape of the Gamecube controller, making use of all buttons and setting each command well to each button. Nothing ever feels out of reach and it is only a matter of simplicity to execute all functions of your spacecraft. The game's first mission- 'Death Star' is of no real complexity and whilst your novice gamer will fit in perfectly, those with more experience in the gaming department should pretty much flow through it (whilst of course, admiring the scenery!), simply following the instructions. However, there is no time to settle in to this kind of difficulty as after the first couple of missions the whole learning curve is pretty much decimated as the challenge heavily increases to such a level that even the most avid of gamers would struggle through. On one hand, this is a bonus on the game's lifespan, whereas the on the other it can put people off and perhaps becomes a game that should not be recommended to a beginner. Another 'flaw' would be the striking similarities to its predecessor on the N64- the original 'Rogue Squadron', many of the missions are almost identical, removing the element of surprise when some players of the previous title venture into the game.
All moaning aside, there is indeed a nice variety of missions that you come across which should please newbies to the 'Rogue Squadron' series, each 'main' mission that you approach contains several little side-missions which often need accomplishing within certain time limits. For example, in your third mission 'Battle of Hoth', you are instructed to take down 3 AT-ATs by flying up close carefully and wrapping tow cables around their legs. It's these such missions that do make the game entertaining and despite constant frustration after the sudden difficulty rise has settled in and you begin to fail, this game really does have superior gameplay to not only it's predecessor but a large quantity of other 'Star Wars' games for that matter.
I have already discussed the close relations to the actual films, well to expand your experience the crafts are almost identically reconstructed from the 'Star Wars' trilogy and they include such classics as the 'B-Wing' and the 'Millennium Falcon', each craft responding in the air with a unique fashion which really does add to the game's interactivity. Some may say that the game is linear in the way you are set out to complete specific tasks, but as you are controlling your craft, options are often brought up to offer you another path to take a stroll down, options are also provided to make you feel as though you are in charge on what goes on during the game. Indeed the game does have a controversially long lifespan and the gameplay may have it's argued flaws but 'Rogue Leader' is a graphical masterpiece and the whole experience really does put you straight into a interactive movie and a pretty darn good shoot 'em-up at that!

Minority Report --Two Disc Set (DTS) [DVD] [2002]
Minority Report --Two Disc Set (DTS) [DVD] [2002]
Dvd ~ Tom Cruise
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £1.44

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4.0 out of 5 stars Futuristic film with a difference..., 8 Dec. 2002
It seems like Minority Report was a target for all critics since day one and from then on it has been underrated in all factors. Now I have not read the short story written by Philip K Dick on which the film is based so I cannot make comparisons on the transfer to the big screen, but I can say that the plot is very deep and enthralling, with a somewhat frightening look at the future using a noir effect to darken the atmosphere.
Cruise is indeed on top form, putting on a grand performence as Detective John Anderton, the best of the best for cops who is revenge driven, in search of the criminal who abducted his son years ago- he is still haunted by his son's disappearence and therefore has a habit of self-medicating drugs which is a fairly unbelievable concept for the film and should have been focused on a lot more than it was to make it more convincing. Nevertheless, Tom Cruise plays his role out well throughout the film's duration.
The film is set in the years to come as previously mentioned and is about a system called pre-crime where people are arrested for crimes they have not yet commit! Sounds peculiar but there are 3 psychics know as the pre-cogs who can see into the future and will have visions for these crimes before they occur. This means that the fate of crime and justice is reliant on these pre-cogs' psychic abilities. This "lottery" system seemed to be working, reducing the capital's murder numbers all the way to zero- in fact it was so pleasing that it was almost ready to go national. However, one vision came through, one vision identifies the chief of pre-crime, Detective John Anderton (Tom Cruise) as being a future murderer. Anderton understand's his innocence and is determined to prove it, but if one thing became clear to him on what to do, that is to run. Anderton grabs his opportunity to do so and begins his mission on putting himself in the clear.
However, things can't be that simple as Anderton soon realises that if he knows his own innocence then what about the potential innocence of everyone he has arrested in the history of pre-crime, as well as this Anderton is of course in search for the abductor of his son. "Minority Report" delivers the sort of plot where you will keep asking questions and only discover the answers in the final scenes as you ride a violent rollercoaster of twists and turns. The special effects are stunning as action scenes flow together perfectly keeping the audience absorbed to the whole "Minority Report" experience.
Like "AI", "Minority Report" is of a fair length however Spielberg corrected his previous mistake of letting the film drag on, I felt that if any of the plot was removed it would all fall out of place whereas in "AI" there were several un-needed scenes incorporated. Like Tom Cruise, Steven Spielberg is back on form as has struck well with this action packed futuristic film with a difference.

Face/Off [DVD] [1997]
Face/Off [DVD] [1997]
Dvd ~ John Travolta
Offered by DVDBayFBA
Price: £3.25

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5.0 out of 5 stars A story of revenge at it's very best..., 8 Dec. 2002
This review is from: Face/Off [DVD] [1997] (DVD)
John Woo now has a reputation of putting his films on the map making them memorising in many a way, normally because of the intense and exciting action scenes throughout the course of his movies, Face/Off is no exception as it provails with flying colours as being an amazing story of revenge with a lot of thrilling action sequences.
Face/Off really does stretch the boundaries of reality with a very intelligent plot of two men switching faces. The film begins with a very insane looking Nicholas Cage playing the murdering villain Castor Troy shooting FBI agent, Sean Archer (John Travolta) whilst also killing Archer's son with the same bullet. From then on it is an emotional tale of revenge with Sean Archer eventually catching his nemesis and putting him into an apparent eternal coma. However this is most definately not the end as Archer discovers that Castor Troy left a bomb behind and only his brother, Pollux Troy knows the whereabouts of this bomb. So Archer goes through with groundbreaking surgery and literally switches faces with his arch enemy in order to find out the bomb's location. Sounds like a simple procedure (with the exception of the face trading of course) but believe me, it's not. Castor some how wakes up in pain discovering his lack of face and therefore forces the surgeons to complete the trade by giving him Sean Archers face. So now they have changed roles and with the new Sean Archer killing all surgeons there is no proof of this ever happening. So after the real, revenge driven Sean Archer who is behind Troy's face, escapes from a very isolated prison camp, he is a wanted man in all aspects and the real action begins to occur.
John Woo really does focus on making the film exhilerating, with the inclusion of his infamous slow-motion gun fire sequences which are so absorbing to the audience. They make the whole "Face/Off" experience so more stylish adding that extra bit of needed quality to the whole movie. The plot does seem a little deep at times but it flows very well to make it a lot more understandable.
As for the acting performances for the film, they are outstanding with Cage and Travolta seeming to be the perfect adversary duo for a film. John Travolta takes the characteristics of Castor Troy after the transformation very well, playing out his new criminal personality brilliantly, he seems to be a better "baddie" in "Face/Off" than he did in the later movie "Swordfish", where is also performs well as a nasty piece of work. As for Cage, he is the movie's highlight in my opinion, he performs with so much emotion throughout you can feel his pain when Sean Archer is behind Castor Troy's face. When he is playing the real Castor Troy you can sense the evil behind him in the role and that evil grin Cage can produce is genuinely scary.
This film is one I would recommend to any movie fan in search of an action feast where the gun fight scenes flow flawlessly in a very poetic manner. It is John Woo at his best, directing some of the most entertaining filmwork I have ever seen with some refined camera work to back up the excellence of "Face/Off"

The Mask [DVD] [1994]
The Mask [DVD] [1994]
Dvd ~ Jim Carrey
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £12.01

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4.0 out of 5 stars Jim Carrey and his elasticated face..., 6 Dec. 2002
This review is from: The Mask [DVD] [1994] (DVD)
Yet another film is made by the hilarious facial expressions of Jim Carrey. The visage gymnastics that this man can execute can not be criticized by any critic- it is a unique talent that really does not cease from entertaining the public.
"The Mask", as a film resembles a comic book in several ways, not only is Jim Carrey always a character straight from a cartoon strip but it is a film full of colour and typical cartoon humour containing a barrel load of stupendously childish yet funny one-liners that even the most grown up of adults cannot help but laugh at.
The storyline is very energetic, Stanley Ipkiss (Jim Carrey) is just your average man until he finds the mask that completely transforms him into an over-the-top, stylish character straight from a comic book with no morals whatsoever, to put it frankly there are no restrictions for what the new Stanley Ipkiss can accomplish. Despite his apparent arrogance, he works out that he actually is a "superhero" to an extent. So obviously he will use his newly equipped "super powers" any way he can resulting in outrageously witty scenes.
Computer Graphics are obviously used for the film's animation and it works a treat giving some great effects and lots of bold colours increasing the comic effect.
Clearly Jim Carrey gives one of the best performences of his career but it is not only him as a major actor talent who stars in the film. For it is the first big time appearence for the now superstar Cameron Diaz, she is used well as the heroine and indeed lives up to her role in now typical Diaz manner, performing superbly. An other memorable show would be from Peter Riegret who plays the irritant and petulant police officer who can never truely believe what is going on during the course of the film.
Whether comedy is your prefered genre or not, "The Mask" is definately worthy of a watch. Feast on a comic book creation being transferred onto the big screen in an all time "Carrey classic", this film will definately bring out your childish side.

Dracula 2001 [DVD]
Dracula 2001 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Gerard Butler
Offered by I-Deal Media
Price: £4.05

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3.0 out of 5 stars Average vampire flick with a nice twist..., 6 Dec. 2002
This review is from: Dracula 2001 [DVD] (DVD)
Here is Patrick Lussier's attempt at updating Bram Stoker's story of Dracula into the modern era with style and quality. He succeeds but at the same time creates only an average vampire flick with a nice twist. Admittedly, the twist is interestingly captivating and obvious well thought out with only minor flaws behind it's plot. I won't go into detail but once watched it does make sense with it's curious links to religion in a strange way and is surprisingly thought provoking with a new look at Dracula entirely.
The acting throughout "Dracula 2001" shows a lot of talent and with Christopher Plummers case there is the experience behind it to make sure of this. As far as Dracula himself goes Gerard Butler does a fantastic job of bringing the major vampire figure to life with a lot of creepy realism to back him up in the role. All actors put up a good performence and an other mention has to go to the 3 brides of evil- Jennifer Esposito, Colleen Fitzpatrick and Jeri Ryan (who many will remember from the Star Trek series), they perform superbly as a trio.
However, I would say that the film definately lacks in the action department, even decent acting does not make up for this as the film can get boring at times what with the reduction of blood expected from a typical Dracula film which is somewhat a disappointment. This does take some belief out of Dracula himself as he certainly does not bite people's necks in the true expected manner from a vampire, especially in his role.
The film does however have exciting special effects in parts with some eerie dream sequences and vampire death scenes. For those who are normally into vampire based movies, this is not your class act "Interview with a Vampire" as it by no means lives up to the level in which that is at. But for those who are general fans of the teen horror genre then why not check this film out. As for the rest of the DVD it has a nice number of extras packed in to entertain all of you including a fair amount of deleted scenes and a well put together commentary as well as your normal theatrical trailer. "Dracula 2001" basically transfers Dracula from his early origins to the modern decade in a cool fashion with some nice climaxes and an inventive twist on the original novel.

The Others (2 Disc Collectors Edition) [DVD] [2001]
The Others (2 Disc Collectors Edition) [DVD] [2001]
Dvd ~ Nicole Kidman
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £3.53

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5.0 out of 5 stars A Real Horror With a Twist..., 2 Dec. 2002
To put things frankly, the others is one of the most though provoking films, not just from the horror genre that has come about recently. It is a great movie when looked at from all angles providing a great storyline accompanied perfectly with superb acting performences all around.
It is good to see a horror film these days that doesn't rely on blood and guts to scare it's audience and 'The Others' definately falls under the catagory of films which frighten due to the acting, atmosphere and generally spooky occurences.
The film is set in Jersey towards the end of the second world war in what is most certainly a perfect setting for any horror movie, a large, isolated mansion surrounded by thick masses of fog. The movie is made very dark and atmospheric explained by mother Grace Stewart (Nicole Kidman)'s children having an allergic reaction to any forms of bright light therefore resulting in the permanent closure of all gaps with a potential entrance of sunlight making everything extremely dark and creepy and very good circumstances for what is to come.
The film directs you into asking questions early on in the plot with mysterious happenings and appearences in which people are not as such damaged physically but mentally whilst provided only terror of a psychologically factor.
Nicole Kidman performs superbly like she never has in the past, playing her role perfectly allowing the audience to completely understand her situation and personality, you easily notice the development of her mental state and at times she actually seems quite a creepy character. Both children performed amazingly well despite the obvious experience disadvantage because of their ages. James Bentley playing the youngest child- Nicholas was in my opinion the highlight of the two, showing his fear of the ghostly happenings like a gem with some brilliant expressions and sensitivity.
The 3 'helpers' seemed very dodgy right from the start presenting themselves in a particularly strange yet scary manner, especially Fionulla Flanagan in the role of Bertha Mills who acted very well and basically carried the story along and brought it to it's eventual conclusion which was very intelligently crafted with a nice and suprising twist added.
The film often had brilliant camera angles which made things a lot creepier sometimes giving the common horror feeling of 'it's what you don't see that scares you rather than what you do see', I found that this worked very well in 'The Others' making it eerier and more disturbing.
Although the twist at the end was very spooky and though provoking I found that it was fairly predictable with various clues on the matter being scattered about in the film. Maybe this film is not for those who are after an instant gore fest and a movie with no such storyline to follow, just a knife and lots of fake blood.
'The Others' is instead a true horror film with a lot of depth and intelligence is need to understand all of the true happenings throughout. The script has been well written and performed to a perfection in such a quality which many horror films lack. It has been directed to become a classic and that is should do. I wouldn't generally recommend this however to a young child as I would say that it is worthy of it's 12 certification despite the fact that there is no blood, swearing etc in the film whatsoever. Great film which deserves to be watched.

Max Payne
Max Payne
Offered by Discount_Entertainment
Price: £9.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars A decent conversion..., 1 Dec. 2002
This review is from: Max Payne (Video Game)
A lot of realism helps Max Payne gain a lot of popularity from the public no matter which format he is on and a decent conversion has been done to transfer him from the PC to the console market, the PS2 being one on the list. The realism used is backed up by a good story to make Max Payne a quality game as a whole.
Max Payne is a 3rd person action game containing a lot of guns, drugs, gangs, police and a lot of vengeance caused by his wife and child being killed by junkies early on in the game. Max is eventually framed for these murders and soon does not only have to face New Yorks dirtiest of gangs but is constantly being chased by the police.
The photo-realistic graphics would be groundbreaking however the Playstation 2 does not have the power to make it all appear as pretty as it does on the PC. A lot of storyboards are used to tell you what is going on and to deliver the plot, however poor voice-overs are used throughout the game which is unfortunate as these mistakes are more than simple minor flaws.
Don't get me wrong however, these flaws may be very much apparent at times and indeed Max Payne does seem to carry the look of constapation around with him, but the game is still excellent. A long with the realism and vengeance themes, the game focuses on making your experience very atmospheric and along with the darkness the game is quite disturbing. One part of the game which is disturbing would be where you have to follow the infamous blood trail whilst listening to the twisted cries of your dead baby. To many this has been a note of contraversy and it is really no wonder why.
A large array of guns can be found and used in the game with my personal favourite being the jackhammer, the gunfire is realistic and at times the ai is very hard to get past causing a spot of trouble. When you kill someone, there is a fair share of violence what with the blood often going across the walls, after seeing this you will no longer question the certification for the game. Once being shot, the realism is continued as the only way to heal yourself is to collect painkillers which are often found in cupboards, this is much more realistic than in other games where strange looking healthpacks are spontaniously found spawning on the floor.
Yes Max Payne does have a corny name but that does not change the fact that the game can be a daunting experience and the realism is actually quite frightening but apart from that there seems to be no reason why this is any different to other 3rd person action games. But then there is the real original part, the John Woo style slow motion effects and bullet time, trigger the L1 button and everything will go soooo slow, this works very well as a special effect, especially if you dive towards or dive sideways past and enemy and then unleash a wave or sprinkle of gunfire depending on what gun you have equipped yourself with, the bullets will then drift towards your enemy in a very cool fashion and take them out slow style until they collapse in a heap on the floor. Get a sniper rifle or a head shot and then bullet time will come into play, the camera zooms into the bullet and it slows down so that the bullet is being followed right up until it hits the enemy, normally when this occurs it is a one shot kill. These original forms of killing are very cool and entertaining and you will want more and more oppotunities for kill an enemy.
So if you like games which involve guns and lots of them, gangsters, blood and an amazingly cool slow motion special effect to amuse yourself whilst you take an enemy's life then this is the game for you and you should disregard all the flaws and buy it without a doubt.

Big Daddy [DVD] [1999]
Big Daddy [DVD] [1999]
Dvd ~ Adam Sandler
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £2.72

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4.0 out of 5 stars Can't Help Laughing..., 1 Dec. 2002
This review is from: Big Daddy [DVD] [1999] (DVD)
Another predictable storyline, Another box of laughter. Adam Sandler plays Sonny Koufax and fails to disappoint his large quantity of fans who admire his cocky humour. Unlike some of his other films however; 'Big Daddy' is actually appealing to a larger audience and impresses all who are seeking for an hour and a half of non-stop hilarious entertainment.
I am not going to spoil the storyline but what I can say is that like the majority of Adam Sandler comedy films, they are so predictable. Some may say that this is no sort of criticism and that the humour in the film is what counts but it does begin to get tiresome when you know how the film will turn out half an hour into the production.
Moaning aside, 'Big Daddy' has it's fair share of plot twists, some of which funny and some of which to continue the storyline. The movies also has typical Adam Sandler humour throughout- so if you don't like the jokes he cracks in the majority of his other classic films then I strongly recommend you give this one a miss because to put it frankly- 'Big Daddy' is full of them.
There are some amazingly funny moments thanks to the great combined performences of Adam Sandler and the Sprouse brothers who played the little boy called Julian who Sonny adopted in order to impress a girlfriend, who left him anyway!
As well as some class humour acts in a lot of the scenes, the film has it's touching parts that could bring a tear to someone's eyes and although at times you could guess it, makes you want to continue following the storyline in an attempt not to jump ahead predicting the ending.
An other mention has to go to good ol' Steve Buscemi, who has a minor yet wildly laughable part in what seems to be now all of Adam Sandler movies. He always seems to deliver one of the film's best one-liners and I simply can't help laughing whenever he is on the screen!
Like all of his films, Adam Sandler has taken his role as Sonny Koufax aboard very well hence why his part has been acted out well giving the film the needed sense of quality.
For Adam Sandler devotees or anyone who is a fan of the entire comedy genre, 'Big Daddy' is very worth of a place in your DVD collection- no need to think about what is going on, all you have to do is sit back and be prepared to be entertained.

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