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RealFoodSource Certified Organic Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil in 500ml Glass Jars (2 Litre (4 X 500ml))
RealFoodSource Certified Organic Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil in 500ml Glass Jars (2 Litre (4 X 500ml))
Offered by RealFoodSource Ltd
Price: £26.79

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5.0 out of 5 stars Nice clear white colour, 11 July 2014
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Lovely coconut oil. Nice clear white colour, smooth texture and slightly coconutty smell. It tastes good even on its own.

Very good service from the company: good communication and next day delivery. I think it is one of the best value for money choices I could find on the internet for virgin coconut oil.

TeckNet® X9800 High Precision Programmable Laser Gaming Mouse with 8200 DPI, 9 Programmable Button, Weight Tuning Cartridge, Omron Micro Switches
TeckNet® X9800 High Precision Programmable Laser Gaming Mouse with 8200 DPI, 9 Programmable Button, Weight Tuning Cartridge, Omron Micro Switches

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5.0 out of 5 stars Very good mouse., 12 July 2013
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I like this mouse a lot. It is comfortable and performs very well. I was initially worried how the side bottoms work and if all of them will be easy to click. The answer is YES! They are very well designed and all you need to do is to rest you thumb on top of them and apply different pressure on each of them. For example, to use the front side button you press with the tip of your thumb, to use the middle side button you move you thumb up a little and to use the back side button you press with the mid section of your thumb. It all feels pretty natural and I don't tend to click not the wrong button by mistake.

The mouse initially felt pretty big but it feels OK now and I even stopped using my wrist pad because I feel that my wrist is like 1-2mm over the table top.
The only thing I would improve about this mouse is to move the wheel a bit to the front of the mouse and to position the very front button next to the wheel like on the Sharkoon Fireglider. Then I think the mouse would be perfect. Also the very front button seems loose and it rattles a bit but I don't really notice that when I play.

I think it is very good mouse and a real bargain too.

Edit on 08/02/2014: After two months I bought another X9800 as a gift for my brother. We both have used our mice since then and we are very pleased with them. They are still as good as new (Touch wood!). I think the mouse is a great, comfy choice for a gamer or general PC user.
When my mouse gets broken, I will definitely look at TechNet offers again. If I saw a mouse with the same X9800 general design but with with changed wheel (Sharkoon Fireglider) and more rubberized extra buttons to provide ever greater feel for them, I would give my old X9800 to somebody else and buy the new one straight away. Also with a driver update, it might become a lot more useful for office as well.
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Men Of War: Assault Squad (PC-DVD)
Men Of War: Assault Squad (PC-DVD)
Offered by AllGoodDealz
Price: £9.89

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2.0 out of 5 stars Low budget and seriously overpriced., 4 May 2011
= Fun:2.0 out of 5 stars 
Seriously overpriced.

I bought and reviewed Men of War a year ago. Since then I have been playing and enjoying MoW SP and MP a lot. I had high hopes for this expansion but I must say I totally agree with the previous reviewers. First you must realise that AS is a very low budget production with very limited support form the original MoW developers. It is more like a mod with lots of tweaks and limited new content. You won't see an improved MP lobby, a new game interface and new infantry animations. Overall I think that this game is less fun and provides you with far less content than the original MoW and I will try to explain below.

Single Player:

If you are only interested in SP and you enjoyed the other releases and then this game might be a disappointment to you. First of all, AS skirmish has nothing to do with a real skirmish: you can't select a map and fractions and nor you can buy units for yourself and the computer, just like, for example, in Total War. Play the demo to see what it is like. You will have two missions and you can trust me that the rest 14 missions are the same. Each mission has a different pretty map but all maps sizes are the same, flag locations are the same, AI never stops sending the same waves of infantry, light vehicles and tanks at regular intervals and you have pretty much the same types of units to buy regardless of the fraction, even the dialogues are the same. Moreover, when you look at how the maps are designed you often see the same pattern: river, empty fields, some urban area, fields, urban area. The only exciting part is the start and the middle part of the game, after that you will unlock some special unit (air strike or super artillery) so you can just sit and watch how AI get slaughtered. This is so in contrast to the original MoW missions, in which there always is some nice surprise and challenge waiting for you at the end of each mission.

One more very important reason to play the demo is to make sure you will not have technical issues (esp. if you have an ATI card): like crashes, freezes or terrible lags. You might experience terrible FPS drops (less then 10FPS) and stuttering in less than 1/3 of the mission.


Assault Squad appears to focus a lot more on MP. If you have never played MoW, you could watch some commentaries on Youtube to have an idea what it is like.
First of all, for me AS MP fails again to provide value for money: not a lot of new units, only some units are HD retextured and only about 10 new MP maps. You can buy a DLC on Steam which contains 5 new maps for £5 (actually one map is taken from an older game). I believe they put so few new maps in the released version in order to sell DLCs, which in fact is not a good strategy coz it will divide the MP community into haves and don't haves and since the community is not so big it will make finding games more difficult.
Those who are enjoying the MoW MP will be interested in the changes and improvements in AS. Well, there are lots of tweaks for example:
- everything is a lot more expensive;
- bigger field of view;
- more realistic rate of fire;
- higher velocity of guns;
- artillery firing barrages (one howitzer will fire 6 shells pretty quickly and they have a longer cooldown);
- slightly increased ranges but only for some weapons (mostly for tanks).

Factions are better balanced (hard to say whether Germany is stronger than Japan).

But how does it play? Well, AS is different form MoW. First thing you will notice in AS is that the opening gives you a lot less tactical options: you can only afford to buy a regular infantry or a jeep. ( In MoW, you can buy all types of infantry, light vehicles or even a light or medium tank; the ability to buy trucks, light vehicles and infantry is especially good for bigger maps.) After that, it quite linear and focuses on tank combat so you will see yourself buying better and better tanks as the game progresses. Since everything is so expensive you will be most likely going for the most viable options. Since tanks have higher CP (command points), heavy tanks are 40CP for example, so first you will have to lose your medium tank in order to buy a heavy one, which is, IMO, a game flaw. Basically, you get punished for killing enemy tanks and keeping your medium tank alive for too long, coz the opponent will have a chance of buying a heavy tank first, with which he will proceed to kill your medium tank and wipe the rest of your army defending a flag.

The overall army builds are pretty the same as in MoW: on average you will have 20 infantry, a tank, mortar, some artillery, armoured car, etc. The difference is that soldiers see a lot more (no need for snipers or officers) and that means heavy infantry losses (tanks snipe them with HE shells from max range), poor chances of successful flanking with tanks or hunting tanks with infantry (bazookas). You spam infantry more in AS but infantry tactics are a lot less effective against tanks. Flanking tanks is not very effective due to high chance of penetrating a tank with crew injuries only (small calibres can penetrate tanks' side more then 10 times and kill only 2 crewmen).

Those are some of differences between MoW and AS. I would say AS is a more accessible version of MoW. It is easier to play: less hide and seek, less viable options meaning simpler strategies, less heavy tank spam, factions are better balanced.

To sup up: AS is a low budget overpriced expansion. SP is very shallow and lacks the fun and tactics the previous titles offered. MP got easier and less tactical. Spend your money on a different game you like and shop around for AS and look for a big sale. One more reason to wait is that currently the company is still working hard on improving the game and releasing patches every month: many bugs have not been fixed yet.

Browning Platinum Nano 75 Badminton Racket RRP £300
Browning Platinum Nano 75 Badminton Racket RRP £300
Offered by Racketworld
Price: £39.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Solid racket but not a complete package., 28 Nov. 2010
I bought Browning Platinum Nano 75, played with it and this is my review based on my first (some very personal) impressions.

Browning Platinum Nano 75 is a solid offensive racket but unfortunately it is not a complete package. Whilst I am pretty impressed with the frame the strings are not that good.

Weight and frame:

The total weight is around 95g, so this racket may not be for everyone, esp for players who prefer playing with light rackets.
Personally, I like heavier rackets coz they help me to produce better power. The racket is well-balanced (maybe a bit head-heavy) so it doesn't feel very heavy. The frame is the widest I have seen and the racket benefit a nice comfort grip (no need for overgrip), both of which might affect the overall weight.
The frame seems very solid; it is one piece so you won't see the usual top cap. Even the handle is made of carbon which is good news for all players with sweaty hands who need to regularly dry the wooden handle of the racket. There are even small grooves for a thumb and a forefinger position which I find very helpful to grip the handle better.

Power and control:

Whilst the frame definitely helps to generate decent power and control, without good strings it is really hard to say for certain how powerful the racket can be or how good the control can be. The weight, the balance and the medium flex definitely enable you to produce good powerful smashes. I actually love how the racket feels when I swing it fast. It is hard to describe but the racket feels like a natural extension of my arm. It doesn't feel like a stiff stick with a circle on top. Having said that, the original Browning strings make the racket a hard work racket. When I play with my old Pro Kennex strung with Gosen strings at a very similar tension, I can easily do a backhand flick serve and make the shuttle land between tramlines, which is something I can't do with Platinum Nano 75 yet. The same goes for netplaying: Gosen strings take only a slight touch, however Browning strings seem to require more than that.

Overall, I love it. It suits my game and I just love smashing with it. I would say that, due to its weight and slightly head-heavy balance, it is more suited for singles rather than doubles. For that price it would be hard to find a similar one piece frame. It is also good to bear in mind that within that price range you will seldom see great strings in factory pre-strung rackets. The most important thing for me is that I enjoy playing with it as it is and that I feel that the racket is worth upgrading to better strings coz it looks like it has a great potential.

I find it hard to recommend any racket coz a racket is a very personal thing. Browning Platinum Nano 75 is a good option, but for that money you could have Apacs Nano 999 (another good singles racket) and have it restrung to your preferred tension. If you are interested in used rackets, on E-bay you can find some very good rackets too (some of them restrung with better quality strings) for half the price.


Update after 1 week: I can do the flick backhand serve now and the shuttle lands nicely between the tramlines. :) I feel like I need to generate a bit more power from my fingers in order to do that, but not that much more. I am really happy with nearly all aspect of the game, esp netplaying, clearing and smashing.

Men of War (PC DVD)
Men of War (PC DVD)

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3.0 out of 5 stars Finally something 4 hardcore strategy gamers!!!, 27 April 2010
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Men of War (PC DVD) (DVD-ROM)
If you're looking for a game that will give you a lot of fun and a great deal of challenge, Men of War is your game. If you're looking for a game that looks beautiful and bore you to death, buy Napoleon Total War. In NTW, battles are tooo easy: you can win them without making a single click, even if you are outnumbered. MoW is quite the opposite. The game is not easy at all and, perhaps, not for kids who don't have the patience and mental skills (like concentration and the ability to plan ahead). MoW battles/missions are hard, coz you have a limited number of soldiers, limited ammo, you are required to plan your moves carefully by studying the map and enemy forces and you have to execute your plan well coz your mistakes can be extremely costly.

I loved games like Commandos or Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive, and I love MoW.

Features that deserve special merit:

- the AI soldiers behaviour: they retreat when they think they are losing and they hide behind a cover when under heavy suppressing fire;
- nice graphics; everything is destructible, even when you shoot at corpses the blood still splashes around;
- you can use vast WW2 arsenal with very realistic penetration values (tiger tanks are awesome);
- interesting, varied missions: some offensive, some defensive and some behind the enemy lines; each mission gives you plenty of options of how you want to achieve it;
- big battles;
- mod support, you can active or deactive your fav mods in the game menu.

To sum up, the game is not for everyone, but the hardcore strategy gamers should be pleased.

EDIT: Multiplayer Experience.

MP can be insanely good if you manage to play the game online. It is extremely fun and challenging. But be warned!!! MP is just one BIG MESS due to:

1. Too many patches released within a short period of time. Not all of players play the same version of MP.
2. Incompatibility of Russian patches and international patches. Since about 80% of players use the Russian patches you get kicked from the game quiet often.
3. Lack of information or download links for the newest patches on the official men of war website.
4. Lack of professional tech support for the international community. You just have to rely on the community to get help.

Bestway ,the main company behind Men of War, is really bad at dealing with the international community. Well, the fact that their website doesn't have an English-speaking forum already says a lot.

On top of that, you might be put off by the chat in the lobby which is about 80% in Russian so you may not know what is going on. Plus I have never seen players spam the chat so much. (It is funny how the lobby looks different when Russians go to sleep and the western community starts playing the game.)

Would I still give 5 stars to the game? Well, I managed to sort out the MP issues and I am extremely enjoying the online matches, but I doubt it deserves a perfect score due to the HUGE MP MESS.

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