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Doctor Who - The Two Doctors [1984-86] [DVD] [1963]
Doctor Who - The Two Doctors [1984-86] [DVD] [1963]
Dvd ~ Colin Baker
Price: £5.95

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3.0 out of 5 stars Under rated gem, 7 July 2012
Forever linked with the cancellation/hiatus of the series, opinions of this story have been clouded by that fact ever since.
So the dvd release of THE TWO DOCTORS is a chance to look at the story with a fresh eye. The first thing that stikes you/sorry!,strikes you(couldn't help myself)is the fact that Robert Holmes has written a very black comedy for the program, the
only time he ever did so and is on more than one occasion laugh out loud funny and in a good way to. the fact that no-one else
on the production seems to of grasped that fact with the exception of the two doctors thenselves C Baker and Troughton is by the by
and here in is the problem if the story has one, one half of the production team have in mind what the story is about and the tone
in which it should be told and the other half are simply not on the same wavelength, if ever there was a story of the time that
emphasised the creative gulf between producer/director and script editor/writer, it's this one. The look and the design of the story
are on the whole top-notch if very 80's but you would expect that and the acting from an excellent cast is also top quality,
with the honours being stolen from the two leads by J Strattons Shockeye, a wonderful creation if you look past the orange eyebrows
and siver warts; i told you it was very 80's. The director P Moffat was always pleasing on the eye with his camera work and with this
story he is no different esp: with the lovely spanish locations, however hes not the best at action scenes( he doesn't cut fast enough
or switch angles fast enough for that) and his direction even though fluid and professional can be one paced esp: when the tension and the action in the script kick in. What we are left with from this melting pot of talent is a intresting and thought-provoking
story that runs from action adventure to black farce all in one breath and can't simply decide which would be the more intresting
way to go. Not a classic Who story but a good enjoyable one all the same that nowhere near deserves its tarnished reputation! 3/5
A top class collection of extras for this release which range from studio and location rushes to exclusive interviews and a radio
program at the time. A great yak track and info subtitles head up the great reg features that always get inc: but the stand out feature by a million miles on this release is a special documentary on disc 2 on the writer of this story Robert Holmes.
The man didn't just write 15 stories and co-wrote 2 others for the series, he didn't just script edit the series from 74 to 77, a
golden period for Who, he was the man along with Terrance Dicks in my opinion who re-shaped the series from a dying black and white show to the all-conquering brand/franchise it has become today. Without Holmes there wouldn't of been the likes of RTD and S Moffat,
you can see and feel Holmes sytle and flair not just in there work but most of the modern writers of Who, they have a lot to be
grateful for from Holmes and his stories and so do we and this doc; is a wonderful treat for the fans of the series and a most fitting
tribute to the best writer the program had or is ever likely to have.

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