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Samsung Series 5 ES5500 46-inch 1080P Full HD Smart LED TV - Black
Samsung Series 5 ES5500 46-inch 1080P Full HD Smart LED TV - Black

16 of 17 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The biggest Internet Browsing Experience Ever, 19 Aug 2012
Apart from the superlatives that I can think of to describe the pure picture quality that I am getting from this 46" LED TV whether with my upscaled DVD movies via the Samsung BD5300 player or via HD Cable, I have discovered today that this unit actually supports plug and play with my Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo. I am using the K520 model and it is recognised by the Smart TV immediately without further ado. I am now typing this using the default Samsung Smart App Browser and my keyboard. Not only do I have the biggest LED TV in my life, I am now surfing the web with the biggest display screen ever. Life will never be the same!! Just want to share and make sure that all of you don't miss out on this incredible feature of your smart TV. Enjoy!!!
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Pocket LOOX N100 - GPS receiver - personal
Pocket LOOX N100 - GPS receiver - personal

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5.0 out of 5 stars The smallest kid on the block...and better for it., 13 April 2008
All-in-one Satnav unit.

Does a good job in all aspects. Very smooth and fast routing. Has postcode search and voice tagging capability for addresses. Excellent touch sensitive screen, which can be operated single-handedly by fingertip or thumb. Two taps to operate most functions. Designed for use
by drivers on the road. Comes with 9 maps covering 37 countries in Europe all ready to go without more payment to "unlock" them for use.

Long battery life and compact size makes it a very versatile unit. Can be easily used on foot and kept in the shirt pocket. Built-in SiRF star 3 GPS receiver means fast lock-on to GPS satellites. Signal is maintained even in city areas with tall buildings. Do not required external antennae.

Set to "fastest route" to use motorways all the time. Set to "shortest route" to avoid motorways all the time. There is also a "scenic route" option for your holiday driving. I have found the "Lane Assist" feature to be most helpful, especially at unfamiliar round-abouts.

MP3 player plays MP3 files straight from the box. Latest software update includes a player for video files and a JPEG viewer. You'll be very impressed by the slide-show player. Has zoom, rotate and touch-screen panning capabilities. Excellent way to keep your family pictures with you while you are on the go. MP3 player is integrated into the navigation
software interface, allowing built-in easy and safe access to control "buttons" while navigating on the road.

Also has in-built microphone for voice address recordings.

Believe it or not, PacMan and "Arkanoid" in colour is included. Game "keypad" is cleverly designed via virtual "buttons" on touch-screen. To top it all, you will also find a calculator and a world clock with alarm for your travels.

Built quality is excellent. Comes with a 1 GB mini SD card. Able to read 2 GB cards, so plenty of space for your own files. UK map only takes 300 MB. Hence, can also be used as a portable USB Flash disk. Plug and play with any Windows 2000 or XP computers using supplied USB cable. Also charges via USB cable. Very convenient design for the road warrior.

No other Satnav unit is comparable in combined terms of satnav performance, number of maps included(all of Europe), value for money and multi-functional utility. Good support on the Navigon website too. Only thing missing from the box is a case, which can be ordered on Amazon.

Although not a "well-known" brand in UK, it is a real pleasure to own and use. Give it a try and you will be pleasantly surprised.

It is rapidly rising in my personal "Best buy of the year" charts!!

Highly recommended.

Dynamic Case with Multidapt for HTC TyTN
Dynamic Case with Multidapt for HTC TyTN
Offered by total digital stores
Price: £6.50

5.0 out of 5 stars Superb Fit and Cut..., 12 April 2008
I have always found that a good fitting, well designed case not only protects an expensive handset but also extends its' usability and makes carrying it with you a joy, rather than a pain.

Krusell have continued to prove themselves as innovative and competent phone case makers. They have done a very good job this time with the case for the TyTN2.

Good quality leather. Strong thread stitching all round, gving strength and adding style to the overall look. All the appropriate slots to access the buttons, USB port and microSD cover are in place. There are even mesh
windows for the phone speaker on the back panel and a detachable second back layer which allows access to the main camera for the phone.

This time round, the plastic sheet protecting the keyboard fits much better with no struggle and the whole phone sits snugly in the leather mould. A perfect fit, to be exact!!!

The phone is further secured with a leather screen-frame, which buttons on to the opposite side of the case. Form and function, well thought out!!!

The belt swivel clip is robust and is exactly the same as the N95 case so they can be used as "spare parts". This is one of the things I like very much with Krusell cases. Different models, but interchangeable parts. No waste when you upgrade to a new phone.

My only advise is don't slide the screen out to the max when using the keyboard as the hinges may intermittently catch the plastic cover on the way in. However, this is no disaster as it can easily be straightened out.

This is as good as it gets. Enjoy!!!

HTC TyTn II Pocket PC
HTC TyTn II Pocket PC

10 of 12 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Beats All Expectations So Far...But Let Down by WM6 operating system, 8 April 2008
It is hard to believe but it's almost another year since my last review of the N95. As I was on a 12 month contract, it was time for another upgrade and the HTC TyTn 2 was the natural choice.

After reading all the reviews here, I have to admit I was ready to send it back if it was true. However, it would seem to me that all the reviews reporting a "slow" video performance and handset performance must have somehow gotten a dodgy set.

I have been using a Fujitsu Siemens Loox C550 PDA with a top of the line Intel PXA270 520MHz processor for about two years now and the TyTn2 is at least twice as fast in terms of speed, responsiveness and screen refresh. There is no delay whatsoever in navigating between the menus or running programs despite only having a QUALCOMM 400 MHz processor on board.

Excellent built quality. The screen is beautiful, better looking than the N95 and C550. Colours vivid, text crisp and sharp. QWERTY keyboard is precise with high quality keys.

The carrying pouch included is very well made and stylish. Another small impressive detail is the inclusion of one screen protector and a spare stylus.

I am looking forward to testing the camera, GPS, Bluetooth v2.0, WiFi b/g, GSM, GPRS, HSDPA(also known as 3.5G), EDGE, 3G(also known as UMTS), TouchFlo, web browsing and Windows Mobile 6.

One thing for sure, if it's speed and responsiveness you want, you won't be disappointed.

I suspect that my N95 and Loox C550 will now be ready for an early retirement.

Update 13th April 2008:

The Windows Mobile 6 operating platform cannot compare to the Symbian S60 3rd edition on the N95 in terms of user-friendliness and speed.

Using the "Contacts" menu on the TyTn2 to organise phone numbers is a nightmare. You can only delete each contact manually, one by one, for example.

Windows Mobile is too clunky, unpredictable and unresponsive to be the OS
for a Smartphone. There is also NO fully-featured TouchFlo, which is a disappointment. However, you can still use your finger to scroll up and down. It would have been better to separate the two, and let HTC use TouchFlo exclusively for the phone user-interface.

Also, unlike the N95 and Symbian S60, you cannot disable the mobile network GPRS data connections.

This means that even if you have a home WiFi network, the phone may arbitrary connect to the mobile network for Internet data even if you are connected via WiFi on the TyTn2.

Watch out for this as you surf the net with the TyTn2 or you may end up with an unexpected huge phone bill at the end of each month.

Unfortunately, I cannot change my rating but it would have been only 4 stars due to the disappointing operating system, Windows Mobile 6, the lack of a full-fledged TouchFlo user interface and the lack of user control over your own data network configurations.

The ideal handset it would seem to be a N95-like set running on Symbian with at least a 2.8" touch-screen.

I look forward to the N96 from Nokia. This will be the first and last Windows Mobile Smartphone for me. HTC would do much better just using their own TouchFlo user-interface on their own phones.

Updated 30th April:

Have been using Navigon Mobile Navigator 5.2.6 with the in-built GPS. I don't know what chipset the TYTN2 GPS receiver uses but it is fantastic. Outperforms the Sirf-Star 3 chipset on my N100. Leaving the phone on the passenger car seat and it still manages a stable lock on to 6 satellites throughout a journey through the city centre. The Navigator software runs smoothly. No problems with processing power here.

More drawbacks, 13th May 2008:

Much to my dismay, fatal sync-errors between Windows Mobile 6 Professional with ActiveSync 4.5 and Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 or 3 still occurs. The more mature the Windows OS, the more unreliable it becomes. Similar issues exist even if you use Vista, as can be seen on the support forums.

To rub salt into the wound, HTC branded phones bought from Orange cannot be registered on the HTC e-Club, hence not eligible for the current Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrade download.

Finally, if you need to use your phone in bright sun-light regularly, don't activate the pin phone-lock code. The default screen brightness before unlock is so dim that the screen is invisible. No way to tell what code you are typing or touching. There is no way to change this default brightness setting.

It is plain to see that the Windows Mobile 6 "Professional" OS has not been tested for actual usability in the field. HTC has clearly made a customer-losing partnership. They definitely should have stuck to their own TouchFlo user-interface. What a shame.
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Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional (PC)
Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional (PC)

9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Think twice before buying it..., 12 Mar 2008
You might want to spare yourself the grief that I had to go through after spending over £400 pounds for a program that does not run after install and reboot. It just freezes on first startup, no matter what you do, and even after applying both 8.1.1 and 8.1.2 patches from adobe.

This is absolutely unbelievable!!!

Going through the adobe user forum for acrobat 8 pro, this problem have been going on since Feb 2007. I can't believe that this is supposed to be a "professional" product.

There is apparently a fix now for vista but I won't bet my money on it.. Win 2000 and Xp users still have no fix. Doesn't matter if you have the latest service packs and updates. Doesn't matter how you install it. None of the tech-support suggestions work. I've even gone to the extent of reinstalling windows XP and making sure there isn't any other conflicting applications or antivirus software. Waste of time.

Worst of all is that you cannot uninstall it either. None of the "methods" on the adobe support site works. All 1 GB of the full install. Stuck on my hard disk. Paid £400 to download junk code on to my hard disk!!! Makes me feel like a real idiot!!! This is a first after using computers for 15 years.

This is the last time I'll be buying anything from Adobe. This release clearly has not been beta-tested in the real world setting, despite targeting the enterprise market.

I would give this minus 5 stars, if that was possible!!!. I've never felt so cheated before in my life!!!

You've been warned.

PS The Adobe Acrobat 8 licensing service patch for Windows Vista work for me on my Windows XP with SP2, if you cannot get to the product activation window on first start-up.

Once I installed the patch, I could complete the activation process and Acrobat 8 Pro works normally now.

However, other users (including Vista) still seems to have problems. Looks like this patch will only work for systems that "freeze" just before the activation screen.


Sony MZRH1B.EU8 Hi-MD Digital Audio Player and Recorder
Sony MZRH1B.EU8 Hi-MD Digital Audio Player and Recorder

11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Hi-Fi on the go, 24 Feb 2008
A portable hi-fi quality playback/recording deck with optical and line inputs/outputs the size and weight of a small chocolate bar. There is also a line input monitor so that you can adjust the levels to achieve the best recording results.

Built quality is impeccable. High speed USB connectivity and charging makes it ideal for the road warrior. It even tells you the time remaining to a full charge!!

Sound quality must be heard to believe. Even with MP3 files, each percussion note can be clearly heard. The base is tight and midrange faithfully reproduced.

Sonic stage version 4.3 is the latest updated version. Much more user friendly compared with earlier versions.

Finally, 1GB disk can also store files, pictures, etc. File transfer only needs the supplied USB cable. No extra drivers needed for windows XP.

Just what I need on the move. A real bonus to me. You need to see and hear this unit in person to really appreciate what it is capable of.

Highly recommended for audiophiles who is always on the move.

Canon Pixma iP4200 Inkjet Colour Photo Printer
Canon Pixma iP4200 Inkjet Colour Photo Printer

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Best printer experienced to date..., 4 Jun 2007
Affordable, reliable and fully featured.One of the best printers that you can buy. Although the ink may seem expensive initially, you'll get through a lot of printing before you'll need to replace them. The colours come in separate ink-tanks so you'll only need to replace one colour at a time, cutting down on wasted ink and contributing to a greener environment. However, the quality of the ink and printer is excellent, especially when it comes to photos. Use the supplied photo printing software and get perfect results every time. My dad could not tell that the picture prints I showed him came from the printer until I told him so. You'll need to see it for yourself.

And if that is not enough, it prints on CD/DVD media too via a dedicated attachment. Printing speed is fast and it supports automatic double page printing. Saving money and the environment even further. In night mode, its whisper quiet, albeit at a slower speed. Otherwise, the printing speed is very respectable. Hence, ideal for work, study and play.

But the best thing about this printer is that it "talks" to me. The printer driver is able to tell me exactly when I will run out of a certain colour due to the special way that the ink-tanks are designed (precision optics in the cartridges itself). So no more guesswork and having to "hunt" to get replacements in the middle of a deadline.

Furthermore, changing the ink-tanks has also been transformed from a usually complicated and unrewarding task to one that is not only easy, but visually satisfying. The ink-tanks glow with beautiful colours when installed and they will flash when needs changing. Almost impossible to get it wrong. This is what aesthetically beautiful and yet functional design is all about.

Drivers function reliably in the background and there has not been any "conflicts" or crashes when used with Windows 98SE, 2000 Professional and XP Professional over the past two years of use. Something that I have not experienced prior to using Canon printers. This simple reliability can
sometimes be the most important factor when buying a printer, especially if you need to meet deadlines like me. A special "Web-print" driver also ensures perfect print-outs of web-pages. No more frustrating, time-wasting and useless prints of web-pages with the margins way beyond the paper margins. How they do this, I don't know. Clever and useful, that's all that's matters to me.

In short, if you need a multi-talented, photo-quality and reliable printer, get one if you can still find it at a sensible price. You will thank yourself later for doing so. Have not used the latest iP 4300 but would be a much better choice at 1/3 the price on Amazon, as it uses the same technologies, albeit upgraded!!!

Last word of advice, the print-head for the iP 4200 is a precision engineered device []. Using refills may be penny wise but pound foolish. It defeats the purpose of buying this decent printer. Better to buy a cheap low quality printer with cheap ink cartridges. That is a better bet to save money and avoid heartache and regret resulting
from any unforeseen incompatibilities.

The Canon ChromaLife100 inks are worth every penny, especially when used for printing photographs. Try to see the pictures printed by this ink system before you buy anything else. []... Enjoy.

Krusell N95 Dynamic Multidapt
Krusell N95 Dynamic Multidapt

24 of 24 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Fully portable, robust, stylish and best protection for the N95, 29 May 2007
I have always protected my handsets with a case ever since I started buying them so this time was no different. In addition, I find that belt clips makes carrying them around at work much less of a torture, especially in summer when the depths of the pocket can get very hot and uncomfortable. Also, the case must have all the appropriate holes cut out for access. Otherwise it defeats the purpose. At present, I could only find reasonable cases from Bodyglove and Krusell for the N95, and have used both as neither has satisfied all my needs.

Many times in the past, my handsets have been saved by the case cushioning their fall and by keeping the odd shower from the delicate screen and keypads. Therefore, I have always felt that they are worth the effort and costs...

However, not all cases are created equal. Bodyglove clips tends to pop-out when stressed and are very difficult to put back in. Better built ones are by Piel-Frama and Krusell, where the clip have an integrated self-release mechanism if put under pressure from the bottom when you sit down. You can then easily slide it back into position once you adjust your sitting position. The phone is secured from falling downwards by clever design. You have to see it for yourself to know what I mean. Only drawback is that these very well design clips are more bulky in size.

The Krusell Dynamic case protects the phone in the front, the back and has extra hard padding for the camera's lens protection on the back of the case. It has a transparent plastic cover for the screen and the key pad which I find so essential.

It has holes for most parts but "forgot" about the camera playback and "shutter" buttons. These are so tightly held down that you cannot use them without removing the cover.

The Bodyglove case has all the right cuttings but lacks the protective features above. Belt clip is also extremely dodgy and falls appart very often with normal use. It is also extremely difficult to put back together again and I suspect most people would just give up and bin it.

The Krusell design also entails sliding the top part of the phone over the plastic sheet protecting the underlying keypad. This is a clever design but has been let down by insufficient built-in "slack" to allow this movement. This has led to a tight fit and place the top slider under some unnecessary stretch. With some additional slack, one should also be able to use the two button mentioned above without any additional cuttings and make the fitting process a lot easier.

Fitting the phone took a bit of effort to get it right, but it has been saved by the high quality workmanship, the nice leather, the robust overall protection and the very well built belt-clip. The case also comes with a professional package and clear instructions on how to use it.

The final analysis is this. If you want protection and a well design robust belt clip, buy this case.

After only two weeks, I have chosen the Krusell case over the Bodyglove for the reasons above. It does not seem to cause any problems with the sliding mechanism despite my initial worries, although I would have still prefer to have more play in the bottom transparent cover.

Still, I feel happier knowing the N95 is fully protected. A fully deserved four stars. For comparison, the Bodyglove case would only get one star. At present, there is no better case for the N95 and it's a "steal" at this price for the quality that you get.

I have not suffered any "battery drain" issues after 4 months of use now. No cutting needed. I just take the phone out if I want to take pictures.

Don't get put-off by the susposedly "3-5 weeks" waiting list. Go to the actual product page in Amazon and you will find many other sellers who have this in stock. Happy hunting!!
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Nokia N95 Sim Free Mobile Phone (discontinued by manufacturer)
Nokia N95 Sim Free Mobile Phone (discontinued by manufacturer)

12 of 13 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The One.., 28 May 2007
I previously own the Nokia N70 and have been very intrigued when I
heard about the specifications of the N95. I thought to myself, "it
will weigh like a brick or more, takes a car battery to power it and
have so many antennae sticking out that it'll look like a
porcupine. And oh, it'll never work...." But curiosity got the
better of me and I upgraded with Orange when my contract was up.

And I am glad I did.

It is plain to see that a lot of thought and effort have been put
into the design. Not only does it look good with clean lines, it is
lighter and smaller than my N70. This is very impressive after
packing in a quad band plus 3G phone, a GPS receiver with in-built
antenna, a IEEE 802.11g class Wifi transmitter and receiver, a
Bluetooth receiver, an in-built modem for internet connections, a 5
MP camera with flash at the back, the VGA camera at the front, an FM
radio, stereo speakers and a digital music player that supports MP3,
AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA and M4A files.

Then there are the 3.5 mm headphone jack, the USB port, the 2 GB
Micro SD card slot, the video out port and the ambient light sensor
which adjusts the brightness of the screen automatically. And I
almost forgot to mention the extremely gorgeous 2.5" screen.

The long and short of it is that you will be able to use this
handset in almost every country in the world. The Wifi is WEP, WPA
and WPA2 compliant, meaning you have the latest secure wireless
networking technology, at work, home or play.

The Bluetooth is version 2, which supports the use of the latest
Bluetooth headsets with Hi-Fi quality sound.

For entertainment, you have the 5 MP Carl Zeiss lens camera; which
also takes 30 frame per second video. You have the capability to
play video and music files, you can make movies and edit them on the
phone, there are games, and you can download more to your heart's
content. With the 3G connection, you can have live TV and
video-conference with other 3G users.

As regards the SatNav system, it's just briliant. The performance
is comparable to any industry standard SatNav in terms of speed of
lock-on and stability of satellite connections. I have used this in
built-up areas in the city and it has no problems finding the
satellites with only the built-in antenna. The software is fully
featured (i.e. 3D/2D view, route planning, post-code search, etc).
The maps of most countries in the world can be downloaded for free
using the Map Loader software from Nokia. you can then use these
material for free to navigate manually.

However, if you want voice prompts, then you have to pay for a
subscription service. You can also purchase dedicated navigation
software from Navigon for Symbian. This will include all maps as
well.The most surprising aspect of this software is how fast and
stable it is, despite the fact that the processing power of the
phone is no where near those of the PDA's or PNA's.

Last but not least, you can sync your phone with Microsoft
Outlook. The unit comes with software that can open and edit
Microsoft Office files as well as PDF files. This is the most
important aspect of the phone for me as I can now leave my PDA at
home. With the in-built 3.5mm headphone jack, there
isn't any reason to carry your MP3 player with you anymore either.

You can drag and drop files onto the Micro SD card once you have
installed the free Nokia PC Suite. The phone supports email and MMS
as well. Internet can be accessed via the phone network, a WiFi
connection or via a PC/Laptop. It also has an in-built modem which
allows internet connections be made through the N95 for any
connected PC/Laptop.

As for the battery issue, I charged my unit for 12 hours straight
the first time before I started using it. This ensures that the
battery performs at it's optimum capacity for the rest of it's life.

Also, the WiFi scanning feature does not turn itself off
automatically once you use it, so make sure you disable it after

Power drain is exponential if you use the phone or if you leave it
one while you are travelling in a car or train for long distances.
Switch it off or use the off-line mode unless you must be reachable
at all cost. Lastly, most of the software remains in the background
consuming power if you do not close them before using the phone or
selecting another function/program.

It's the one device that I had been hoping that someone will take
the time, effort and detailed planning to do properly so that I can
replace my mobile phone, my SatNav, my PDA and my portable music
player with just one unit.. Nokia have done just that with the N95
and they have done a really good job.

But Nokia is right. This is not a phone. It is the future of
computers, communications, digital media and satellite navigation
integrated. So, be prepared for a very steep initial learning curve
in order to get the best out of the N95.

Two accessories that I would recommend are a phone case and a
firewall/antivirus application.

For the former, read my read on the Krussell Dynamic case.

For the later, I am using F-Secure Mobile Security Suite. It's
fast, easy to use and configure. It includes both a firewall and
anti-virus features.

Five stars for clever integration of cutting edge technologies
that actually makes work, using digital media, communicating and
travelling easier.

Canon LiDE 60 Colour Desktop Flatbed Scanner
Canon LiDE 60 Colour Desktop Flatbed Scanner

5.0 out of 5 stars Documents to photos to PDF files...a star performer, 3 April 2007
Documents to photos to PDF files...a star performer

Have been using scanners for the past 5-6 years now. What I realise is that what matters is not how great the hardware is or how great your software is. The truth is, you need both to work seamlessly and not crash on you. Last important bit is the drivers. You want them to work, nothing more.
LiDE 60 does exactly this. Bundled Web Print, picture editing and photo printing software are all designed to complement each other so you get a complete suite that works.

Canon have proven themselves to be the leader again in the field of printers and scanner. Latest technology that works. And the device looks really sleek and modern too.

Scanning speed is fast. Less than 10 seconds for a A4 document at 300dpi at greyscale quality. No more waiting. Not only does it scan directly to PDF format, it even asks you politely whether you have more pages to scan and then collates all the pages and number them for you into one pdf file.

How thoughtful. No more time wasting. If I wanted the earth, I would have expected the scanner to read my mind and name the pdf file for me too...just kidding. I am a haapy man with this unit.

Colour scans are not a problem, as long as the original is of good quality. As the saying goes, garbage in, garbage out. Just remember that the quality of the printed scanned image also depends on the quality of your printer, ink cartridges and print paper. I would recommend the IP4200, also from Canon as it gives beautiful results with glossy photo paper.

Serious digital photographers will appreciate the quality of the pictures printed, especially if you don't want to spend all your money on just the printer or scanner.

Been using this for over 2 years now and have stood up well to the test of time and all that I have thrown at it. Highly recommended. Another rare joy to use product.

Note: If you are reading this on my profile page, click on the Lide 60 link anyway and you'll be taken to the main page in Amazon where you can still order one for less than £40. Ignore the "Currently unavailable" message on this page.

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