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Independence Day [1996] [DVD]
Independence Day [1996] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Will Smith
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £3.65

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5.0 out of 5 stars Cheesy well-paced Action from days of yore, 22 Oct. 2013
Gah...they don't make movies like this any more. I said I should actually review a film I like, and now I am. I love this film. It's so stupid, but utterly engaging. It's very well-paced, with engaging characters, an excellent set up and a satisfying pay off. It's generally what I look for in a block-buster action film, and what I find is so lacking nowadays (I mean, it's no Jaws, but this was the 90's).

I think there's really nothing particularly special about this film other than it manages to fit all it's 'block-buster' fair into such a tight package, and casts it so well, that it works. Again, I go on about pacing, but for me it's crucial in a 'block-buster' film. Don't outstay my welcome, don't give me dull characters I don't care about, who act as mannequins to pad out the film in between set-pieces.

What I want in block-buster films are outlandish scenes like a stripper, her son, and their dog finding and saving the First Lady. Will Smith punching an alien in the face. Brent Spiner in a weird wig. Jeff Goldblum doing some hardcore Goldbluming. An alcoholic ex-fighter pilot redeeming himself. You stuff. All too often, too many block-busters are so po-faced.

To be sure, it's films like this that are responsible for the crap you see now. But, you know, at least this is fun crap. It's not the CGI that makes this film enjoyable, and it's not the set pieces either. You know, it's not the stuff I feel that Hollywood thinks is important. It's the same stuff that's always important. I may be wrong, and deluded, and bound to say that considering my age. But still, I can quite happily watch this film on a Sunday afternoon from beginning to end and I can't say the same for any block-buster film I've seen in the last few years.

World War Z [DVD]
World War Z [DVD]
Dvd ~ Brad Pitt
Offered by Rikdev Media
Price: £2.98

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2.0 out of 5 stars Should have been a TV show counterpoint to Walking Dead, 22 Oct. 2013
This review is from: World War Z [DVD] (DVD)
Firstly, there's nothing (in my mind) inherently interesting about Brad Pitt in and of himself. He's a very good actor, and when he gets good parts he's very engaging (Fight Club etc...). But in this, he's Mr.Bland floppy haircut. He's got no character, and that's one of the biggest problems in this film. When there are interesting characters, they're given about 2 minutes of screen time. Then it's back to Mr.Bland and his tedious quest to bla bla zombies bla bla cure. It's just Brad Pitt wandering around looking pained. This is a Brad Pitt vehicle, not an adaptation of Max Brooks book of the same name. This is 'Benjamin Button', but with zombies.

Quite often with these kinds of films, I like to watch the making-of extras on the DVD so I can listen to the filmmakers explain themselves. With this film, someone (the Director, I think) spoke about having the family element in it to create a sense of drama about Mr.Bland having to leave them and go find out how these zombies were created. To me, that is one of the problems with this film. Shoddy paint-by-numbers script writing. See, Walking Dead had Rick concerned about his family. Walking Dead works because the family aspect is an integral part of the show - it's organic. This feels ham-fisted and lazy. Like, "Oh, see, he's a family man! CARE ABOUT HIM PLEASE!!" And then several disjointed scenes in various places around the world.

Really, there's nothing much to differentiate this from any other bland zombie film.

It's a very difficult book to film - primarily because it's comprised of a large collection of small stories. And you can't do that in a film, at least not in a way that will make the film engaging. It's called 'World War Z' because the stories take place all over the world. Hence, why this would have made a better TV show. Each episode covering a different small story around the world.

And I dread to think what the original ending was like, considering that Damon Lindelof was called in to make the actual ending watchable. I actually liked what they did though - the idea of it anyway, and the much smaller 'sacrifice' element they had. I believe the original ending was one of those OMG ZOMBIES EVERYWHERE FIGHT FIGHT CGI BUILDINGS COLLAPSING EVERYWHERE EXPLOSION endings you get nowadays.

I liked the little speech the scientist guy gave about nature and clues and whatnot. I also liked the whole Jerusalem part, and the image of the zombies piling up on each other to get over the wall was fantastic! As usual with these kinds of films - lots of small clues to what the film could have been.

But, overall, MEH! (Yeah, I know, check my other reviews and I've only reviewed films I dislike so far! Seriously, I do actually like films! I just seem to find myself compelled to review films that urk me over films I love! Perhaps I should actually go review a movie I love for once...)
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Avengers Assemble [DVD]
Avengers Assemble [DVD]
Dvd ~ Robert Downey Jr.
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £5.72

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3.0 out of 5 stars Big Pile of Meh and I actually enjoyed Fantastic Four more, 22 Oct. 2013
This review is from: Avengers Assemble [DVD] (DVD)

Maybe it's because I don't really care about Marvel, its superheros, and the tedious things they get up to, but I found this film to be 'alright'. Mostly boring. I do not understand the hype. I was drawn to give this a chance because of good old Joss; I needn't have bothered. Yeah, I get he's a fanboy; aren't they all nowadays? I certainly don't see what Joss brought to this film at all - you could have got anyone to do this film, it seems the result would be the same.

I can't get that overexcited over a never-ending stream of fanboys wet-dreams. And this film is no different from all the others (although, I've not seen Thor yet, and there's a small chance I might like that). It's like...yeah, so what. I'm waiting for them to assemble. They assemble. They piss about for a bit. The end. Ugh...

There are some interesting scenes and ideas - yeah, Bruce Banner is finally an interesting character. Tony Stark is engaging as always. The scenes with Tony, Bruce and Captain America figuring out S.H.I.E.L.D's secrets is engaging. Loki vs. the Black Widdow. Loki vs. that guy who was probably in the Holocaust. These were very good - I would have liked more of this. [SPOILER] I was actually sad when Phil died. [/SPOILER] I don't think it was the fact it was a heavy ensemble film that made it so boring - actually, I think that having the ensemble actually interacting MORE would have made it a better film.

But, the film could have been a good 30-45 minutes shorter. Hulk vs. Black Widdow was an unnecessary scene - I was just waiting for the fight to end so we could get on with the actual story. Actually, that was my feeling for most of this film. Waiting. The last 'STANDARD BIG MEGA SUPER-BATTLE' was boring, because a) you know they're gonna win and b) I've seen it before. No amount of super special effects can make a dull story engaging, and this film really was mostly made from and glued together with stuff I've seen many many times already.

I actually enjoyed 'Fantastic Four' way more, AND 'Rise of the Silver Surfer' too (even though I find Jessica Alba greatly overrated and irritating). Those films, from what I can remember, was pretty much straight to the point and very silly and at least kept me engaged throughout.

I won't be too hard on Joss - I can imagine all kinds of studio constrictions and considerations that influenced how this film came out. I can imagine his fanboy nature blinded him to the fact that just because Marvel get's him hard, that it will get everyone else hard in the same way. I can't even begin to imagine the stress and responsibility inherent in manning a huge-mega-blockbuster like this. Also, I can imagine there's an old Hollywood system approach to this film, in the same way John Ford spoke about film making. Roll off the easy cheap fodder (this film) and once in a while save your creative energy for a good film ('Cabin in the Woods').

In the end, this film made me really appreciate Christopher Reeve's Superman which have appeared on British TV over the last few weekends.

Run for your Wife (DVD) 2012
Run for your Wife (DVD) 2012
Dvd ~ Danny Dyer
Price: £9.75

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1.0 out of 5 stars Like looking into the mind of a Blackpool pier stand-up comedian from 1993, 14 Oct. 2013
This review is from: Run for your Wife (DVD) 2012 (DVD)
I'm very thankful for this film; every time I have a crisis of confidence regarding my skills as a writer, I feel as if I can watch this film and think, "My God, I am a genius!"

One of the high points was the anticipation of waiting for Neil Morrisy to sit on the cake. Then he did. There is also a vast amount of door slamming in this film; much of it done by Denise Van Outen.

This is a script written by an amateur; like Anthony Minghella had a spoiled arrogant nephew who thought that because his uncle was in film, he could just toss off a script in a weekend and it'll be amazing.

According to my boyfriend, 'Spiceworld: the movie' is better than this. The live turtle butchering scene in 'Cannibal Holocaust' is better than this.

This film is a kick in the nuts for the British film industry, and every film student or creative writing student should buy this film (second hand) and study it and write a 1000-word essay on just exactly why this film is so awful. Then they should go watch any Carry On film, even Carry on Columbus, for some actual dated British comedy that's actually funny.

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