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Hurt Locker [Blu-ray]
Hurt Locker [Blu-ray]
Dvd ~ Jeremy Renner
Price: £6.00

4.0 out of 5 stars Excellent quality on Blu-ray, 10 April 2014
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This review is from: Hurt Locker [Blu-ray] (Blu-ray)
Great price, superb picture quality and excellent sound.

The slow-motion shots are simply incredible on Blu-ray.

As for the storyline, sometimes I enjoy it, other times not so much.

I think this movie could have potentially been bad, but the superb acting and directing is what makes this movie stand out from the rest. This is quite original as compared to other war-type movies. It doesn't fit many cliches which is good.

I would thoroughly recommend.

Kes [DVD] [1969]
Kes [DVD] [1969]
Dvd ~ David Bradley
Price: £3.89

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5.0 out of 5 stars One of the best british films ever made!, 10 April 2014
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This review is from: Kes [DVD] [1969] (DVD)
This movie is simply incredible.

It's funny, moving and heart-wrenchingly realistic. All the actors in this movie don't seem like actors at all. Everything just appears so natural and unscripted. It's like you're a 'fly on the way' watching others go about their daily lives.

This will bring a lot of viewers nostalgia of a simpler, yet more ruthless childhood, that many people happen to forget.

Every time I watch this I want to rear a Kestrel of my own.

This movie is just too relatable to even put into words. It's simply a must-see.

When I ordered this, I was slightly disappointed that it hadn't been remastered on Blu-ray. But once I seen the quality of film on DVD I understood that Blu-ray probably wouldn't be able to help it in any way. The sketchy quality of the movie adds to it's charm anyway.

The Fourth Kind [Blu-ray]
The Fourth Kind [Blu-ray]
Dvd ~ Milla Jovovich
Price: £6.71

3.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant quality picture on Blu-ray, but nothing more., 22 Feb 2014
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I have been a fan of this movie for a while now, so I decided to buy this on Blu-ray for when I'm having friends round.

First of all, the picture quality is great, no complaints there. The sound is also good for most of the movie.

The movie itself is frightening as it feeds into the fear of being abducted and never even knowing it happened.

Although, after a while the movie does seem to lose its touch after so many viewings.

This biggest disappointment for me would have to be that there is absolutely NO SPECIAL FEATURES.

I'm not usually a big fan of special features, I watch some that might interest me but rarely watch them all. Although, with a movie like this which has apparently real interviews and evidence, I think it would have been a good idea to have the unedited raw evidence available in the special features.

It's still a decent movie on Blu-ray.

Blair Witch Project [Blu-ray]
Blair Witch Project [Blu-ray]
Dvd ~ Heather Donahue
Price: £8.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Well worth it on Blu-ray!!, 22 Feb 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This movie is very scary despite what many people might think. The movie feels extremely real which is why it is one of the most copied and influential horror movies to date.

When you buy this Blu-ray do not be expecting spectacular picture quality. This movie is shown in 4:3 picture ratio which means the sides of the screen have black bars. This must have been necessary in order to maintain as much picture resolution as possible. You can easily zoom in on the screen though using your television settings but much of the picture may be lost. This movie was filmed on old handheld cameras so it's not much of a surprise the picture is shown in this way.

So, the picture quality may be only marginally better than the DVD, perhaps not noticeable at all to some viewers.

But what makes this Blu-ray so much worth buying, is the fact that it has 4 ALTERNATE ENDINGS included in the special features. Which is not included on ANY OTHER FORMAT!

I watched the 4 alternate endings and it was terrifying. The fact that you just don't know what to expect around the corner each time! Also, it really shown the effort and detail which went into the creation of this film. Some of the alternate endings used brilliant special effects which looked 100% realistic. But instead they decided to stick with the plain and simple ending which used no special effects, in order to achieve the most realistic and believable film possible.

All the special features, not just the alternate endings, are amazing also. This is 100% worth the buy on Blu-ray! I'm glad I bought it.

Rec 1 [Blu-ray] [2007]
Rec 1 [Blu-ray] [2007]
Dvd ~ Manuela Velasco
Price: £6.90

5.0 out of 5 stars Extremely scary with lots of suspense., 11 Feb 2014
This review is from: Rec 1 [Blu-ray] [2007] (Blu-ray)
This movie is terrifying! Although, it does use the first person video camera effect which I feel is now often overused with modern movies. This movie seems to pull it off though while being original.

I love horror movies and this is one of the scariest I've seen. Everything is brilliantly timed and executed flawlessly.

*Spoiler Alert*

I wasn't too much of a fan of the little girl being a zombie, I find that idea a bit too cliche, also I thought she was a little unconvincing in parts, but that was really after my second or third viewing of the movie.

I highly recommend watching REC 2 if you enjoyed this movie. It doesn't fail to disappoint. It's one of the best sequels I've seen. Although, stay away from the third one, REC: Genesis, I've heard nothing but bad reviews about it.

This movie is stunning on Blu-ray.

Despicable Me (Blu-ray 3D) [Region Free]
Despicable Me (Blu-ray 3D) [Region Free]
Dvd ~ Steve Carell
Price: £10.00

3.0 out of 5 stars 3D crosstalk is terrible!, 11 Feb 2014
The first few minutes of this movie is terrible in 3D. Right from the opening title, the crosstalk is serious!

Although, after the first 20 minutes of this movie the 3D seems to improve with little to no crosstalk. I heard the same problem occuring for other viewers of this movie.

The movie itself is great and it does have some fantastic 3D scenes but the crosstalk in some of them is too much to ignore. The 2D movie included with this is just flawless. The clarity and colour in this Bluray is mind-blowing.

It's just a shame about the crosstalk. It's probably one of the worst Bluray3D movies in my collection.

If it wasn't for the crosstalk I would have given this movie 5 stars.

The Jungle Book (Limited Edition) [Blu-ray Steelbook]
The Jungle Book (Limited Edition) [Blu-ray Steelbook]
Dvd ~ Phil Harris
Offered by hunting_for_a_bargain
Price: £27.90

5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect!, 6 Feb 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This movie is just great! I loved it as a child and I still do.

The colours on this Blu-ray are nice and vivid. The picture fills out the entire screen and there's not one spec of dirt on the screen throughout that could show its age. Each frame of this movie is crystal clear and looks like it could have been made yesterday.

They should make more cartoon movies nowadays instead of everything being CGI.

This steelbook looks fantastic and is probably the nicest steelbook in my collection. The colours are nice and vibrant and the bevelled design on the front is a nice touch. Some people have complained that the back is too plain but I like how the back has a green, darkened ambient scene of the jungle. It might have looked a bit over the top with more vibrant artwork on the back. The inside is fantastic, it displays a beautiful scene of Mogli floating on the water and when you lift the disc it then shows Baloo floating on the water also.

I think it would have been nice if they also used artwork on the disc itself, instead of a plain blue colour with the title.

The special features are also fantastic.

I recommend this steelbook. 10/10.

Matilda [Blu-ray] [1996]
Matilda [Blu-ray] [1996]
Dvd ~ Mara Wilson
Price: £7.50

5.0 out of 5 stars One of my favourite childhood films., 1 Feb 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Matilda [Blu-ray] [1996] (Blu-ray)
I grew up with this movie, so I had to add it to my Blu-ray collection.

This is a really fantastic and fun film. I've had teachers in the past like 'Ms. Trunchbull' and it's nice to watch a small child standing up for herself and others.

The image quality isn't anything breathtaking but it would be better quality than video & DVD.

The Robert De Niro Collection: Heat / Goodfellas / The Mission / Once Upon a Time in America [Blu-ray] [1984] [Region Free]
The Robert De Niro Collection: Heat / Goodfellas / The Mission / Once Upon a Time in America [Blu-ray] [1984] [Region Free]
Dvd ~ Robert De Niro
Price: £9.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars A must have for De Niro fans!, 1 Feb 2014
This is brilliant! I loved all the films in this collection apart from 'Once Upon A Time in America'.

'Once upon a time in America' was boring and uncomfortable to witness. I don't think I'll ever watch it again. I know a lot of people love it, but the prolonged rape scenes and unnecessary adult scenes involving children were terrible and added nothing to the movie. I really disliked it. Possibly my opinion might change in the future but I just can't see that happening.

However, the three other movies were 10/10! I seen Goodfellas before on DVD but I had never seen 'The Mission' or 'HEAT'.

What brilliant movies, they have good storylines, fantastic actors and unbelievable lines. What more could you want!

As for the quality on Blu-ray, I really have no complaints. I like how most of them fill out the entire screen and the sound quality on them is excellent. You won't get any other versions of these movies in better quality anywhere else, so it's completely worth the buy!

I would have given this 5/5 stars only 'Once Upon a Time in America' was bit of a let-down.

Jumanji [Blu-ray] [1995] [Region Free]
Jumanji [Blu-ray] [1995] [Region Free]
Dvd ~ Robin Williams
Price: £5.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars A blast from the past!, 29 Jan 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I seen this for sale on Blu-ray and I wanted it straight away.

This was one of my favourite films as a child.

I always owned it on VHS but I had to to add to my Blu-ray collection.

The picture is great and it fills out the entire screen which I love. Although, I do think it could have been better. The picture seemed to lack contrast for me. The colour just wasn't as prominent and the picture wasn't as crisp as Blu-rays of older movies usually make them.

That's not to say the quality was bad, it was great! But I've seen better.

Also, I love the interactive Jumanji game you can play in the special features. The Jumanji game could have been slightly better but I really did enjoy it even though my brother hated it.

So overall this is a great Blu-ray to add in your collection but don't be expecting something phenomenal. And for €5, you can't beat that price.

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