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Forced Mate
Forced Mate
by Rowena Cherry
Edition: Mass Market Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars "Beauty and the Beast" Meets James Bond, 5 Aug 2007
How do I sum up this delightful novel? Okay, here's the Hollywood pitch: think "Beauty and the Beast" meets James Bond, only funnier, and with aliens.

Meet Tarrant-Arragon, heir-apparent to the interplanetary Tigron Empire. His "Great Djinn" royal family is on the verge of alien extinction, and the poor seven-foot-tall "beast" is hard-pressed to find a suitable mate.

Enter Djinni-vera. She's half-Djinn and half-human, hidden on Earth by her father, the Saurian Dragon and mortal enemy of the Emperor, to protect her from the "bad" side of the family. Thus the romance begins.

It's a timeless "beast meets girl" tale. Alien prince beast kidnaps his father's enemy's half-alien royal daughter. Alien prince beast must woo the lady without revealing his true identity because said half-alien princess is also a Saurian Knight, trained from birth to kill alien prince beast and overthrow his empire.

Mayhem ensues.

Meanwhile, the lady's clandestine fiancé is a spy within the imperial ranks and one of alien prince beast's most trusted officers. Commander Jason will stop at nothing to get his promised half-alien princess back.

And the princess is one of the last royals to possess the famous psychic abilities of the ancient line, making it all the more difficult for alien prince beast to hide his identity, not to mention his emerging feelings for this feisty, head-strong captive.

As our hero becomes more and more desperate either to prove himself to the princess or to trick her into marrying him, whichever he can manage first, time is running out.

The Saurian Knights are plotting against him, the fiancé is closing in, his own valet is pulling for the girl, and the girl is meeting his every heavy-handed demand with the negotiating savvy of a UN ambassador.

What's a seven-foot alien prince beast to do?

This delightful romp has everything a romantic heart could hope for: a powerful but tender prince, a wily warrior princess, enough imperial intrigue to confuse even the CIA, and a British mercenary valet who ranks among the funniest characters ever to grace the written page.

Better yet, it has a sequel...

Insufficient Mating Material
Insufficient Mating Material
by Rowena Cherry
Edition: Mass Market Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars Another Frolicking Foray into the Tigron Empire, 5 Aug 2007
"Insufficient Mating Material" is another frolicking foray into the Tigron Empire and the saga of the Great Djinn. This time it is Tarrant-Arragon's sister, the Princess Martia-Djulia, who plays the role of the reluctant bride, with a few new twists.

For one thing, the man she refuses to marry is the very man she refuses him for.

Huh? (In the immortal words of Inigo Montoya, "Let me 'splain. [thoughtful pause] No, there is too much. Let me sum up.")

Martia-Djulia is madly in love with an officer in the Tigron imperial forces. After a single passionate tryst, she is more than prepared to make their match a permanent arrangement. But her officer has managed to make himself a liability to the Empire.

Fortunately for him, this particular officer has friends in high places. A little misinformation here, a bit of cosmetic surgery there, and he is summarily reborn to his original birthright, the Great Djinn Prince Djetthro-Jason.

Same guy, same gal, only he knows it and she doesn't.

Pining away for her lost love, Martia-Djulia refuses to marry her princely substitute, turning up her nose at the very man she swears she loves. Add a little Rowena Cherry and you can guess where this is heading.

Right you are. Mayhem ensues.

The disgruntled royal couple is stranded on a deserted island, left to their own devices to sort the thing out. Prince Djetthro-Jason must convince his royal sweetheart to forget the memory of... well... himself, and marry... uh... him, instead...

Meanwhile, on the pleasure moon of Eurydyce, this most befuddling royal family is turning up a few well-hidden secrets of its own. Not all is as it appears to be--nothing ever is with these Great Djinn--and it's up to a couple of crafty royal matriarchs to solve a murder and make sure a certain dastardly individual gets his due.

You'll find plenty of romance, intrigue and tongue-in-cheek humor in this second installment of the Great Djinn series. The original cast is back, joined by a new face or two, and of course Grievous, the former British mercenary, is still laugh-out-loud funny.

I just love Grievous.

Now if only the royal family could stay out of trouble long enough for the poor man to settle down...

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