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J. Myers "gelatinelens" (Tyne and Wear, England)

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Capital [DVD] [2015]
Capital [DVD] [2015]
Dvd ~ Toby Jones
Price: £12.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Poundstretcher goods in a Fortnum and Mason carrier bag, 12 Dec. 2015
This review is from: Capital [DVD] [2015] (DVD)
'Capital' began with a compelling premise, neglected by the third act. There was no dramatic build, just the usual, over-stretched, BBC fizzle. The diverse characters, who seemed interesting in the early days, flat-lined into stock, safe, stereotypes. Contemptible, when you consider how excellent the cast assembled. What will it take to shock the Beeb into a post 'Breaking Bad' stratagem for drama? It persists in catering to an over sensitive, precious, middle-class that probably doesn't watch any more (if it even exists) - and the mind-numbing, depressive drivel of 'East Enders'. Where are the 'new' Dennis Potter's who could have coaxed a heart-beat out of these cardboard cut-outs? Or put some grit into the sterile, over-polished events? And that's not a petition for nudity or violence - it's a demand for DEPTH. There wasn't a researched or developed character here. What should have been normal, domestic interrelationships seemed formal and strained - the believability of the police interactions with the residents was laughable. The book had weight and wit. The characters 'existed' in a world with genuine 'threat' and modern, materialistic infatuations. Everything here is a thin approximation.
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Everything I Know About Poverty
Everything I Know About Poverty
by Iain Duncan Smith
Edition: Paperback
Price: £4.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars A magnificent journey through the intricate and altruistic musings of a criminally underrated political genius., 31 Aug. 2015
I was desperate for something intellectually satisfying - to tear myself away from the varied and compulsive output of Channel 5. And was charmed by this equally scrupulous tome on the under-classes. It was mind-blowing! Many of these strangers-to-soap have found themselves struggling in recent years and this meticulous dissection of their plight really brought home their ongoing journey in an albeit stiff but kind-hearted way. Steinbeck himself, would be proud. The Welfare State has clearly gifted our lower cousins with magnificent new opportunities for expression - surely 'Chav' is an art form in itself. It's all here. The ascent from starchy-pressed cloth caps to the complexities of mix and match Burberry scarfs. Who knew that Shell-Suits were passed on - from father to son - in an unbroken ritual? Or the finer-points of their cider-induced mating-rituals? The socially-housed are a perplexing lot! We clearly should have closed the pits earlier - and opened-up this wonderful new subculture. I cannot wait for the sequel: IDS In The Court Of Miracles - Iain's miraculous reversal of all forms of disability. I see a Sainthood in the offing!

Sevenoak® Video Handheld Camera Stablizer for Iphone Gopro Camera Camcorder
Sevenoak® Video Handheld Camera Stablizer for Iphone Gopro Camera Camcorder
Offered by Oxford Street
Price: £27.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars Best in its price range, 15 May 2015
This is an excellent camera stabilizer for those on a budget. The design and build quality are high and it comes with it's own fitted case - looking far more expensive than the cost. However - there are a couple of issues you may want to consider before buying.

I haven't had time to use the device with a small, symmetrical camera - my primary interest was camcorder usage (the Canon Legria HF R56.) As with most camcorders - this means you'll have a viewing screen folding out from the side of the camera body. This creates an obvious imbalance on the horizontal axis - which I tried to remedy by removing all of the supplied weights and stacking them off-centre. I adjusted the fully extended part of the stabilizer so that it sat around 30 degrees right of the main structure. If it was a clock face, in usage, the camcorder would be the minute hand at 12 and the stabilizer would be the hour hand at 5. Using the supplied spirit level - this worked immediately. But only in appearance.

Despite much practise during filming, there is a slight (but absolutely annoying) 'rocking motion' along the horizontal axis when walking forward. A problem negligible during panning. Irritatingly, this is a glitch 'created' solely by the stabilizer - it would never happen using a camcorder by hand. So it all depends on how professional you want your shots to be. It's a personal trade off. In the scope of things that the eye accepts watching film; shudders, pitches etc - horizontal rocking is the equivelant of motion sickness. Not good.

My eventual solution was to twist the viewing screen on the camcorder 360 degrees and fold it flat to the camera body - so that I could fim with the viewer 'flush' to the camera body. I then completely reset the stabilizer. Obviously, this negates the use of the viewing screen itself - but it worked. I don't know if all camcorders allow this.

The other issue is less important, but still worth mentioning. It takes quite a bit of time, trial and error to initially set up the exact level for your camera. The weights that control this don't have much exposed thread - so can only be tightened gently. In practise, this means you'll need to keep realigning your set up every time you transport it anywhere.

Dr Stringfellow KDS100 String Cleaner and Lubricant
Dr Stringfellow KDS100 String Cleaner and Lubricant
Price: £5.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Play faster - instantly., 19 Nov. 2014
Nothing enlivens your strings as quickly as this product. Easily gets rid of the grease, grit etc and speeds up your playing surface. Shake, spray onto a cloth, and only use a small amount. Lasts for ages. As another reviewer has mentioned - very difficult to find off-line these days. Works great for guitar and bass - almost makes round-wound strings play like flats.

No Title Available

3.0 out of 5 stars Inadequate packaging spoils great product., 19 Nov. 2014
Great product - IF you can find one that doesn't dry up on you immediately. The flimsy packaging is the sole cause of this. The lid comes loose as soon as the sides of the plastic drum are held with any pressure. Such a pity, because the wooden applicator is a great design.

Hofner Ignition Violin Bass - Sunburst
Hofner Ignition Violin Bass - Sunburst
Offered by DLGuitarsRotherham
Price: £309.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent for the price., 19 Nov. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I needed a replacement bass for recording. This arrived in a couple of days and, because of the low price, surpassed expectations immediately. The lack of weight is surprising against a traditional solid body, coupled with a short scale neck; great features for beginners. There's good playability even with the close-set string configuration. When seated, the guitar has a slight tendency to tip neck-ward - but nothing you can't adjust for.

On the copy I received, the exposed edge of the fret wire at the 12th had a minor spur, soon remedied with a needle file. The centre screw of the scratch plate stood a little proud too - easily fixed. Sound wise, the Hofner 511B "Staple" Humbucking pick-ups deliver a mellow, woody 'purr'. No growling here. For recording purposes, this sits in the mix close to the timbre of a double-bass. If you're after the classic Hofner/distinctive McCartney sound - it's there on tap. Part of that sound is the lack of a centre block - so lessened sustain/resistance to feedback. Not to everyone's taste.

Visually, it's very close to the original outline of the classic Hofner violin bass - though I've heard that the Ignition series has experienced a changeable profile with a few variations. The standard of the build quality, pots, control panel divides opinion - but the original 1960's model was cheap in itself. I think that it's great value for the price point. Ditch the pre-fitted round-wound strings and replace them with some La Bella Hofner short scale strings. Bargain.

Price: £101.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Action Man's More-Than-Prestigious Cousin, 6 July 2014
Dragon In Dreams figures are Action Men given a million dollar make-over and a (1/6th scale) foot in the camp of museum pieces. At times only the subject matter and scale are common ground because the enhancements are astonishing. This range of figures bridges the gap between a 'dress-up' childhood toy and a painstaking effort to capture the authenticity of a particular battle costume in every badge, buckle and accessory. The results are astounding; made possible by a construction blend of plastic, cloth, leather effect, wood and metal. The head sculpt alone is wholly photo-realistic. Skin pores, varied airbrushed flesh tones and vivid eyes. If you like to take photos of your collection; features that stand up to extensive digital magnification.

These models display fantastically well. And they're designed to display - including the beautifully rendered box. The higher-end Dragon In Dreams figures come with a 'wrap around' cardboard front-piece that attaches to the main packaging with concealed magnets! The reverse image is a diorama themed to the theatre of war relevant to each figure - perfect for exhibition. In fact the standard of the box is so high; vivid images and raised font - you may not want to open it. Everything howls quality, quality, quality. And of course, all this work is reflected in the price and how fast they sell out.

Which brings us to "LUCA" DAK NCO. First off: maximum Brownie points for any DAK figure in a faithful olive colour. The movie-pervasive 'Tan' look came long after exposure to the elements, it was not even-toned and it was not 'off the peg.' Soldiers would also bleach parts of their uniform (field caps) using standard issue Losantin/anti-gas tablets.

Every aspect of the uniform is finished to an impossibly high standard with particular mention to the boots. The detail is amazing;
eyelets, hooks, leather-effect uppers secured to a more course legging part and perfectly spaced, visible stitching. They fit exactly. They look realistic. I mention this because there's an alternative 'Soldier's Story' 1/6th DAK figure and it's no where near the same standard. Expect high grade stitching throughout; loops, webbing, bread bag, shirt, skirted tunic, jodhpurs-style/riding breeches/pants (unusually a lighter colour to the tunic.) The water bottle/canteen even has a faithful 'vulcanized fibre and wood' effect covering. The steel helmet is campaign painted and weathered. The field cap is a perfect size for the figure's head and holds its shape (not always true) and carries the waffenfarbe symbol colour (white) for ground infantry. The inside of the cap is plain, but could easily be altered to a bright red for aerial display.

Purists may note that there are no removable hooks at the rear of the tunic for belt support - too small a complaint with so much that's right.

The accessories, as expected with Dragon In Dreams, are superb: wood and metal entrenching tool with cloth cover, metal MP40, pouches, insignia, metal bayonet, metal gas mask canister, scarf, belt and (perfect for reconnaissance) a 35mm camera and movie camera. So endless Kitbashing possibilities. The least realistic aspect of this figure are the standard Dragon In Dreams hands - which look a little oversized and 'plastic' compared with the perfectly toned head sculpt. Only one pair supplied - but they hold the various-sized accessories well, so it's a moot point. All in all, a magnificent addition to the DID legacy.
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EXHIBIT - Solid Wood 6 Shelf Glass Wall Display Cabinet - Black
EXHIBIT - Solid Wood 6 Shelf Glass Wall Display Cabinet - Black

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Steep Price - Build Issues - But Solid Quality., 6 Jun. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The first thing you'll discover upon opening the delivery packaging is the overpowering chemical stench of the treated wood - it could probably be weaponized. So asthmatics be warned. The second is the scary weight of the front glass panel - easily the heaviest thing you're ever going to add to this case. Assembly is easy. But using the pilot holes provided you're going to end up with a frame side which protrudes slightly at the back - making it impossible to fit the backing board perfectly flush. On the version I received, the backing board also overlaps the edges of the case slightly - and I think that's pretty poor workmanship at this price.

The makers have already cut and fitted the small brackets from which the case will eventually be wall mounted. But considering the weight of the finished item - due solely to glass - I think they should have made the openings for the screw heads larger. You're going to need long screws to take the load - and few of those have small heads. There's no fitting template, so I'd advise making one before drilling your wall - it's almost impossible to line up without one. Also of note, the front panel sits slightly forward of the sides - so it's not dust tight.

On the PLUS side? Lightning FAST shipping - and BAGS of potential. Amazon willing, There should be some photos which show the scale range of this case. It's great for the two main sizes in collector cars. Whizwheels, Superfast, Corgi Rockets, Hotwheels/Redlines right up to the larger Dinky/Corgi vehicles. You'll even get the average Corgi (outer) display boxes in there - Batboat/Batmobile etc but not the one for Joe 90. 1:35th/Del Prado Napoleonic figures fit a treat - as do Timpo figures and vehicles. By avoiding the full compliment of shelves you'll even get some Major Matt Mason astronauts in there too. So there's lots of versatility. Personally, I'd slide the whole front glass panel out before moving anything around inside - because it's worryingly heavy.

Offered by MyArmor
Price: £3.19

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3.0 out of 5 stars OK for a vertical light weight microphone, 18 Feb. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This works OK for a verticle mounted microphone but it's too flimsy for a boom arm - perhaps where a microphone might need to be positioned at an exact angle. To face an amp's speaker cone for example. And you can't really tighten it sufficiently without risk of damage. There are far better clips on the market for only a small amount more.

Heavy duty microphone stand - black
Heavy duty microphone stand - black
Offered by Simply Sound Ltd
Price: £19.95

5.0 out of 5 stars Solid and reliable, 18 Feb. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is geat for studio work. Strong jointed construction coupled with a small, weighty base. Takes up very little floor space - so worth every penny.

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