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CM Storm Sirus 5.1 Headset
CM Storm Sirus 5.1 Headset
Offered by Choiix
Price: 99.00

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1.0 out of 5 stars Nice audio, but speakers are not built for durability and break easily, 1 April 2013
I've had two of these returned to the manufacturer. They accepted the returns. The reason: these headphones may sound okay at first, but audio quality detoriates quickly. In no time the midrange drivers break down and start crackling.

This is a huge disappointment, since the audio quality at first is quite nice. Although, out of the box, it is not very finely tuned. High frequency audio has a muffled quality to it, and bass overpowers a bit (but sill strangely lacks any oomph!-impact). Using a good audio chip equalizer (which is included in the package, but I used my X-Fi) solves all of this: no problem.

And so the headphones, for a while, worked as they should. So how's the 5.1 surround sound? Not very convincing.

Specifically, humans can recognize real-life 5.1 surround, simply because the acoustic quality of a certain noise from the surround speakers differs from front acoustics, given you place a 5.1 surround set in a real room. But in the small spaces the headphones provide you with, there is literally no room for acoustics, so it's a no go from the start. I wish I realized this before I bought the headphones. Virtual surround, which simulates the way our ears can infer surround from acoustics, is a far better way to get positional audio.

But after a while, regardless of the positional audio, the speakers in the headphone started to fail one by one. It seems the midrange speaker is handling a frequency range which it really shouldn't. And then they blow up.

Battlefield 3 (PC DVD)
Battlefield 3 (PC DVD)
Offered by smeikalbooks
Price: 10.71

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5.0 out of 5 stars Maybe the release was hasty, but the support is great, 29 Dec 2011
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Battlefield 3 is fantastic. Although in some areas the maps don't seem as detailed as it's competitor's - Call of Duty - graphically speaking this title is top notch. It looks like Crysis and runs even better. Full marks there.

Gameplay-wise it's even better. Certainly, singeplayer was kinda boring at points, and even silly, but there are some moments that really shine. I got chills down my spine from the jet mission. I even showed it to my spouse, who reluctantly agreed to have a look, but even she was almost instantaneously impressed. There is some atmosphere to the campaign - the music, the Saving Private Ryan sound effect, and the realistic graphics - which make it a thrill to experience.

The multiplayer is where the real fun is. The online game can be crazy mayhem or tactics in cold blood, whichever way you choose to play. You can assume the role of spotter and laser target vehicles from skyscrapers, be a foot soldier and lay down suppressive fire for your squadmates while the bullets whizz by, engange in dogfights with very agile jets, or hang tight just behind the frontlines and supply or heal your teammates. Anything will do. Even if you want to be a lone ranger à la Call of Duty, no problem.

I did not have any trouble joining games and almost never had any lockups (though there were some in the beginning, but DICE fixed it). I love Battlelog. It works excellent, is detailed and fast and lets me select any action packed map with ease. Filtering through preferred servers has never been this easy since Steams Source servers.

There has been some criticism which states that this game hardly does anything new. It indeed doesn't. But it just raised the bar by a mile.

Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy [Blu-ray]
Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy [Blu-ray]
Dvd ~ Johnny Depp
Offered by Quality Media Supplies Ltd.
Price: 26.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Slightly less contrast compared to DVD version, but great quality overall, 29 July 2010
What more can I add when talking about the Pirates movies? They're just damn good fun and if you can buy this demonstration quality boxset for an acceptable price, you should.

Some technical things: the transfer is (obviously) sharper than the DVD, but I must say there is definitely less contrast to be seen. This leads to some unrealistic shadows, especially when combined with special effects. You can see that the digital effect shadows are different than the real ones. But this is a minor complaint.

But it's not a real boxset. Here's why. Somehow it's disappointing that the Blu-rays containing first two movies have a totally different menu layout (and better) compared to the third. Considering the possibilities of Blu-ray, this is just a big miss. It seems that the third movie (At World's End) was the first to appear on Blu-ray, after which the other two older ones(Curse of the Black Pearl & Dead Man's Chest) followed. Somewhere on the way someone decided the menus could be better, so changed it for the new discs that contained the first two movies, but didn't revise this on the Blu-ray 'At World's End'. It really feels as if the three Blu-ray discs that were produced by then were wrapped together in a happy pirate carton.

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