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The Love of My Life
The Love of My Life
Price: £1.34

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1.0 out of 5 stars Very disappointing, 10 Sep 2014
I bought this because of the rave reviews, but seem to have read a different book to everyone else. I only finished the book because I was on a plane. I djdn't identify at all with Liv, and the other characters are shallow and one-dimensonal. The prose is full of cliched descriptions, and poor editing has left irritating repetition of adjectives. It would have been an OK book if it had come free wth a women's magazine.

Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy (Bridget Jones series Book 3)
Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy (Bridget Jones series Book 3)
Price: £2.85

2.0 out of 5 stars Happy ever after ruined by cashing in, 16 Aug 2014
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If this book had been about a different character, then I would have given it 3 stars, but this is Bridget Jones, and has a lot to live up to. It was easy to read, and quite funny in places, but was all just somehow off the mark.

One of Bridget's redeeming qualities in the original books was that she was a genuinely likeable and kind person who always meant well, despite her silliness. This Bridget is shallow, self-obsessed, and often downright rude. The problems in young Bridget's life were funnier versions of what we all experience. I just couldn't identify with this pampered princess and her supposed issues.

The characters were not believable, particularly the children (what ages were they supposed to be?)

I found it very irritating that so much of the book was obviously written with a future film in mind, rather than as a book in its own right. Old characters were dragged back in for cameo appearances without contributing at all to the plot.

All in all it felt like a crass way of cashing in on the previous books.

Swivel Store Spice Bottles Kitchen Shelf Tidy Holder Tray Cabinet Organizer
Swivel Store Spice Bottles Kitchen Shelf Tidy Holder Tray Cabinet Organizer
Offered by Zoozio Tv
Price: £5.75

4.0 out of 5 stars Good for the money, 19 Aug 2013
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This rack is made of very flimsy plastic, which I can't complain about for the price, but I'd be happy to pay more for a sturdier version. It hasn't broken yet, but is very bendy. It fits standard spice bottles neatly, I have a mix of Schwartz, Bart's and morrisons and they all fit. It takes a little bit more space than I'd anticipated, as the rack needs space either side to swing out.

Kaffe Quilts Again
Kaffe Quilts Again
by Kaffe Fassett
Edition: Paperback
Price: £14.80

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3.0 out of 5 stars Old designs in new colour schemes, 19 Aug 2013
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This review is from: Kaffe Quilts Again (Paperback)
This book contains 20 quilts, but only 17 different patterns, as some are shown in two colour ways. These are all quilts which have featured in older K F books, but are re-done in different colour schemes, or in one case in the same colour scheme, but newer fabric choices. This is useful if you want to use the book as a recipe to copy exactly, but if you use the books for inspiration and choose your own fabrics, you'd be disappointed you're getting nothing new. There are photos of the original quilt, and the new one, so it is interesting to compare how the different fabric choices affect the design. Unlike some of the older K F books, you don't get told the general fabric recipe, (e.g how many "lights" and "darks") just the exact codes for the fabrics used in the quilt shown. So if you want to use your own fabrics, you need to work this out yourself.
Like all the K F books, these are design led, and skim over the techniques, so if you're new to patchwork, you would benefit greatly from another technique book to make it much easier and faster. All the block pieces are described using templates at the back of the book. This is frustrating if you use a rotary cutter, as you have to decipher the pattern to work out how to cut and sew in strips.
To a certain extent these books are marketing tools for rowan's new fabric ranges, with a whole section at the front on the patterns available this season. The quilts are quite wasteful of fabric, for example, the s block quilt uses 2.5" strips. Each block uses 36.5" of the main colour, so if you use standard 44" fabric, there is waste 7.5" every block. Several of the quilts have similar frustrating leftovers. With a bit of maths you can tweak the block sizes to reduce this.
I love Kaffe's style, and the quilts are beautiful and inspiring, but I only give three stars because of the frustrations I had with the practicalities of the book.

Is It Just Me?
Is It Just Me?
Price: £3.49

4.0 out of 5 stars funny but not hilarious, 26 July 2013
This review is from: Is It Just Me? (Kindle Edition)
I found this book funny, but didn't laugh as much as at "no, it's us too". I found the conversation with her younger self were annoying.

Cute and Easy Crocheted Baby Clothes
Cute and Easy Crocheted Baby Clothes
by Nicki Trench
Edition: Paperback
Price: £10.39

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3.0 out of 5 stars Cute but not always easy, 11 April 2013
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I borrowed this book from the library, then because the first item I made was so good, I bought my own copy so I could keep making more. Most of the items in the book are very pretty, and the styles are quite current. there is however a heavy bias towards girls. The projects are graded in difficulty from one to three. The one star items are very simple, I made a lovely cardigan in only a week, and a ripple blanket pretty quickly too. I then tried some of the three star items and it has not gone well at all. Some patterns are very difficult to follow, and it would really help if after a lot of increasing or decreasing the stitch count was given at the end of a row so that you could check. I have been trying to make the toggle cardigan and after several attempts I just can't get my sleeves to line up with the arm holes so have given up and made up my own pattern. So far I have made four projects, two were lovely and two disastrous.

Garmin Nuvi 255W Widescreen Satellite Navigation System with Full EU Mapping
Garmin Nuvi 255W Widescreen Satellite Navigation System with Full EU Mapping

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3.0 out of 5 stars Not great for rural driving!, 6 Nov 2009
This is my first Sat-nav so I can't compare it to any others.

Turning it on first time, it finds the satellites and current location quite quickly. The touch-screen controls are quite intuitive, which is good, because it only comes with the quick-start guide, which is incomprehensible. It is possible to download the full manual from the Garmin website.

I tested it out by trying out some local routes first. The first big problem is that it only searches for addresses by house number and street, or by postcode. I live in a rural area,so most houses have a name, not a number, and quite often village not street. It can't deal with these, so you have to use the postcode. As one postcode can cover a mile or more of country lane, this doens't always get you really close to your destination.

I then tried it on a longer route. The navigation was fine, but the estimated arrival time was completely unrealistic. It seems to work on the assumption that you will drive at the speed limit the whole way. This is not realistic at all. I have heard that other systems work on much lower average speeds depending on the road classification, (e.g. 30mph for unclassified roads, 50mph for B roads etc).

The other thing that REALLY annoys me is the speed camera alert. The Nuvi is will accurately display on screen the speed limit where you currently are, and the screen will change within a few metres of passing the sign, which is really useful. It even has the temporary speed limits, e.g. the current roadworks on the M4, which are updated from the internet.
This sounds fine, but what really annoys me is that if there is a speed camera near the end of a 30mph village, and you then leave the 30mph zone and accelerate up, it will beep and flash like crazy because you are within a short distance of the camera and doing more than 30mph. This is even though it knows that you have left the 30 limit, and is displaying the higher limit on the screen. I also find it irritating when I'm not speeding and it beeps to tell me there's a camera nearby, because if I don't need to slow down, I don't really care.

In cities it can be a bit tricky to follow. For example, the nuvi will say "at the roundabout take the second exit" and the screen will show the street names, but the roadmarkings are for the next town, and this can be very difficult if you need to get into the lane before you can see the roundabout sign.

So far, I have mostly only listed the bad points, but actually I do like it. If you are driving alone, it is much less distracting, so safer than trying to read a map, especially for long distances, or complicated bits, e.g. lots of turns close together. The other thing I really like is that it tells you how far to the next command, so on the motorway it helps to know how soon you need to move over to the slow lane.

The other thing I found really useful was "find the nearest petrol station". This is invaluable if like me you never notice your fuel gauge until it starts flashing red! The only gripe I have with this feature, is that on the selection screen, it gives you the distances, by most direct route so I chose the nearest garage 2 miles away, but because I have the system set up not to do U-turns, and I was pointing the other way (which I had no way of knowing) it actually took me over 7 miles to get there by going in a big loop! Also, I suspect that companies have to pay to be on the system, because I have put in nearest pharmacy, and it directed me to the Boots in the next town, when I know there are two independent pharmacies in my town.

The thing I like best, is that if you take a wrong turning, then it will re-calculate your route in a few seconds. This is so much less stressful than having to do panicked map-reading, arguing with passengers etc.

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