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Vax Air3 Total Home Eco Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Vax Air3 Total Home Eco Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Price: £172.51

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5.0 out of 5 stars An Eco Wonder!, 18 Oct 2014
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
When I heard a while ago that the EU was dictating the power of our Vacuum Cleaners I was horrified. I remember what the lower wattage vacuum cleaners of years back were like, so I dreaded any of my current vacuum cleaners dying on me. Well, what on earth was I worried about! I have the privilege to try out the Vax Air3 Total Home Eco Upright Vacuum Cleaner and wow, it is BRILLIANT!

Like most homes we have a combination of fitted carpet and hard floors and this machine performs exceedingly well on both;

On most of the HARD FLOORS I have preferred to keep the rotating brush roller going, but if you prefer there is a button on the top of the machine, next to the on/off switch, which enables you to turn off the rotating rollers. Obviously there is more noise when vacuuming hard floors because of the wheels on the hard surface. I used in my neighbour's house where there are a lot of slate type tiles and the vacuum did an excellent job of picking up all the bits.

CARPETS come up like new, they really do, raising the pile to make them look great. Our carpets are 10 years old so they are far from new. I have used it on carpets that had been vacuumed only a few hours previously and also on carpets that badly needed vacuuming and the amount of debris that was sucked up was truly amazing. I was amazed how much came up from the carpets that had most recently been vacuumed. I never thought that this Vax would perform better that the others that I have and I was well pleased with them!!! It just goes to show that Vax have managed to create a machine with brilliant suction yet one that uses less electricity. It really does pick up dust! I was genuinely surprised at how much.

Mats are not that easy to vacuum, especially the smaller ones as they tend to get sucked up. You can of course turn off the rotating brush bar or get someone to stand on the edge! Larger rugs are fine including with the rotating brush bar in operation. Alternatively, little mats can be vacuumed using the Stretch Extension Hose with the wand and the Turbo Tool, the same as you would use on your stairs. I now tend to do the little mats after I have done the stairs so it is no hassle really.

Talking of stairs, the Stretch Extension Hose does indeed stretch to go up the stairs and used with the Turbo Tool worked very very well, and after use, the extension tube went back to it's original size. (Only long term use will ascertain if this hose does in time fail to retreat back and condense again. However even if it doesn't I don't think it really matters. The vacuum cleaner is designed for home and not commercial use, and I believe that in most households the stairs are most likely vacuumed once a week on average. It would not be the end of the world to keep this extension hose separate and not stored on the vacuum cleaner, if in time it would not stand up straight and compact in it's on-board holder.

The Flexi Crevice Tool is handy to get under low items like armchairs, settees, divan beds etc at times when you do not want to move all the furniture. It is also useful in the bathroom for vacuuming around the base of the loo and the pedestal basin and in the kitchen for getting under the 'fridge and freezer. It will be great in the car too to vacuum under and down the side of the seats and other awkward areas. It can also be used behind radiators in the home.

The 2-in-1-Crevice Tool is excellent for curtains, curtain rails, ceilings, walls and skirting boards etc to remove dust and cobwebs. Also on lampshades

The Flat Upholstery Tool is great on the upholstered chairs, settee, stools and of course the bed mattresses.

For those of us that have pets as well as the Turbo Tool which can be used on furniture there is also a Fur 'n' Fluff Tool (which has a paw print indented on the front of it) which is great for removing pet hair from upholstery and also for vacuuming the dog beds.

All the tools provided with the Vacuum are easy to fit on to the various parts of the cleaner and the main body of the Vacuum is well labelled showing the removal of the wand for use with the hose and attachments; where to clip the hose; where to place your foot when ready to use the machine. In my opinion this Vax Air3 Total Home is very well equipped for most applications.

The Power Cord is very long and in a lot of homes will reduce the need to keep unplugging and re-siting when cleaning your house.

The flexible movement of the machine takes a little getting used to compared to the fixed head upright vacuums. When I first used it, the action felt very strange and a bit un-wieldy, but you will soon get used to it and find it a handy feature. When you put the vacuum in the upright position, ensure that you hear it click fully into place otherwise it will possibly fall over.

Being able to lower the handle and having some tools on board makes the vacuum easy to store when not in use.

In use, this Vacuum is very quiet given the suction power of the product. I could even hear the TV by just increasing the volume slightly and I am an older person. The suction is EXCELLENT, even picking up not just the bigger bits but also the dust that is often unseen. I was AMAZED at what was in the canister. This Vax also cleans right up to the edges which a lot of vacuum cleaners are not that good at. By the time I had gone all over my neighbour's house the canister was full yet there was no loss of suction.

Before you use the vacuum, I recommend that you remove the Dirt Container from the main body of the machine and test out if the flap comes down when you press the dirt release button. If it doesn't, I recommend that you just separate the shroud from the container (See Page 6 of your User Guide) and put your hand in the canister an push against the bottom at the same time as pressing the release button. By doing this you will release the flap which is only stiff because it is new and straight from manufacturer. Just do it 2 or 3 times and then re-assemble and carry on as per the User Manual. I have had no problems at all. If bits get stuck and do not drop out easily then it is a simple matter to use a bottle brush to get the fluff and hairs moving downwards to empty.

This Vax Vacuum is very straightforward to use and even if you haven't used an upright vacuum before, along with the handy User Guide I think you will be just fine. There is also a Vax Careline charged at local rate that you can call and it is open Monday through to Saturday during office hours so you can get spoken assistance should you get stuck.

Rated Category 'A' for energy efficiency makes this vacuum a sensible buy, especially when it is so efficient. In addition with Amazon currently selling it for £169.99 saving a whopping £130.80 on the RRP price of £299.99 now is a good time to buy. I have no hesitation is thoroughly recommending this highly versatile and efficient vacuum cleaner.
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ESSENTIAL FOODS The Beginning Large Breed Dog Food
ESSENTIAL FOODS The Beginning Large Breed Dog Food
Price: £55.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Nutrition, 18 Oct 2014
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
This dog food is packaged in a sturdy waterproof sack with a nice 'Tree of Life' feature picture.

On the side of the sack there is a chart which is a Feeding Guide which takes into account the weight of your Pup/young Dog. It goes up in monthly intervals from 2 months old up to 18 months of age and shows the DAILY serving in grammes. The daily ration does not have to be fed in 1 meal, it could be split as per your preference and/or your Vet's advice. Often it is better to feed the daily allowance in split between 2 or even 3 meals as it gives your dog something to look forward to and can be easier on the stomach so as not to overload in one session.

Large breed dogs need extra care and nutrition to protect their sensitive growth rate, to prote4ct their bones and to ensure, as far as possible, that they grow up healthy, comfortable and with a strong skeleton and limbs. This is done with nutritious food and measured exercise, as advised by your Vet.

This food at £55 for 15 kilos is not cheap, but, you generally get what you pay for and the list of ingredients is more than impressive to provide superb nutrition for the steady growth and health of your dog. There is no grain and no rubbish in Essential Foods, the clue being in the title! As well as Chicken, Duck, Salmon and Trout there are various Fruits, Vegetables, Probiotics, Vitamins and Minerals. Glucosamine and Chondroitin for strong bones is included along with Taurin, Iron, Manganese, Zinc, Copper Iodine & Selenium. All of this is preserved naturally using Rosemary and Natural Antioxidants. Everything contained in this complete dog food can be eaten by a human, there is zero rubbish in it and this obviously accounts for the higher price. (I did in fact taste a small piece and it was ok!)

The smell of the food once the sack was opened got my two dogs quickly out of their beds to investigate and look longingly for some to try. They munched it very happily. The extruded pieces are of a good size (Please see my picture) and they are very hard so for a dog that really crunches rather than wolfs down it's food, this will help with teeth cleaning. The pieces will also fit in some of the activity feeding toys that are available.

It is a great pity that the sack did not have a re-sealable, zip type top like some of the other top brands have. The top can always be folded over and clipped together with little DIY clamps or even strong clothes pegs. I dispensed most of it from the sack into biscuit and sweet tins that I had saved.

All in all an excellent food for your best friend and given the dog weight that the food is targeted for, it would not necessarily be for a large or giant breed. The larger of my two dogs weighs 22 kilos but is classified as a medium sized mongrel.
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Webbox Cats Delight Lick-e-Lix Chicken, 15g, Pack of 10
Webbox Cats Delight Lick-e-Lix Chicken, 15g, Pack of 10
Price: £11.80

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5.0 out of 5 stars Expensive but Has It's Uses, 9 Oct 2014
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
The box contains 5 slim tubes of the Lick-e-Lix. The top of the tube is very easy to tear off. The product inside is not solid, it is soft to put in a bowl as a treat, or on top of food (either wet or crunchy). It has the consistency of a smooth yoghurt. I can't see the point on putting it on top of moist cat food unless you are trying to disguise a tablet more than usual! I think it is more suited to use either alone (see further down in review) or put on top of crunchy cat food.

When you open the tube to squeeze out the contents it smells quite nice. Doesn't taste too bad either (I dabbed a bit on my finger) it was a bit like warmed up pate. I tried it out on my neighbour's cat, "Dexter". It was just offered to him straight on a plate and not with any of his usual food. He had a good sniff first and then immediately licked it all up with gusto. He loved it and it was gone in seconds! (Mind you there is not much in each tube, the quantity is very minimal) "Dexter's" Mum and Dad thought the product was extremely expensive, the tubes were very small and it did not last very long and for that reason would not give it to "Dexter" on a regular basis. Even though their pet loved it, they would only use it if "Dexter" had to have to take tablet medication.

These were exactly my thoughts. Having worked in a Vet and also been an owner of a cat, I know first hand that getting cats to take tablets can be quite a fight!! So, that it where the Lick-e-Lix would come into its own.

Tablets could be dropped down the cat's throat and then immediately squeeze some Lick-e-Lix onto the mouth to induce licking and swallowing, thus making sure the pill was well swallowed and to act as a reward for being good. Some Lick-e-Lix could be put on your finger and then offered to your cat to take your pet's interest instead of it trying to get rid of the pill/spit it out!.

Tablets could be crushed using a Pill Crusher and then mixed well into the Lick-e-Lix and fed to your cat.

Containing Chicken, animal and vegetable derivatives, milk, milk derivatives and zinc makes a nutritious product and would be good to give to a weak cat or kitten ( as long as the kitten was older than 3 months), obviously checking with your Vet first in case the product be considered too rich for the circumstances.

"Dexter" recommends it and says it is D E L I C I O U S - meow, meow.

Normally, because of the cost of the product, I would mark it down to 4 stars, but because there is a huge use for dispensing medication or tempting a sickly cat to eat I think it deserves the 5 stars.

Solomons Tale: A Wise Cat Reincarnates to Help a Human Family in Crisis
Solomons Tale: A Wise Cat Reincarnates to Help a Human Family in Crisis
by Sheila Jeffries
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars A FABULOUS, FABULOUS Story!, 7 Oct 2014
On the front cover of the copy I purchased (in Sainsburys) it said "The story of a little cat who saved a family in crisis". On seeing that I thought the book to be non-fiction and was very surprised on checking further that it was in fact a novel. However although technically being a novel, it is based on two real cats called "Solomon" and "Jessica" who belonged to the author.

From the very first page I was completely and utterly hooked and just could not put the book down. It is a 100% page turner and a book that will be remembered and probably be re-read.

The story begins with a little kitten sitting down in the middle of the road to have a think, just at the time when a huge lorry came speeding along the road towards him. The kitten thinks that by staring at the lorry that it will stop. Just then he hears his Angel telling him to RUN!!!!! The little kitten scuttled into the hedge by the road. When he looked out, the lorry had stopped and the driver got out and went into a nearby building. Being curious, the baby cat crawled out of the hedge to examine the big lorry. Being very cold and tired, this brave little kitten sat by the warm tyres while icy hailstones rained down, he then crawled up into the engine to have a sleep.....................

The story then continues by going back in time when this tiny kitten was a shining cat living in the spirit world between lifetimes. Along with the shining cats, Ellen's Mum is there and knowing how much Ellen missed her, she wants to send Ellen a cat for love and support. Shining cat called "Solomon" in a previous life said he would like to go and with Ellen's Mum, they sat in the light and waited. Very soon an angel came to them and told the Shining Cat that she was the Angel of the Silver Stars and that she would be his angel for his coming lifetime on earth.

The reader is then taken along with the new life of the Shining Cat being re-born on Earth and being guided by the Angel of the Silver Stars. There are trials and tribulations; there are highs and lows; good times and bad; worrying times as to whether "Solomon" will survive. To tell you too much about the continuing story will really spoil the book for you, but believe me it is gorgeous. It brings out the love that there is between pets and their people and the strong attachments they have for each other. Pet owners will really understand this and those readers who perhaps have not shared their lives with a pet, hopefully will be tempted to do so when they have read this beautiful story.

The story also tells of the problems that there often are within marriages and is dealt with in the book in an understanding way. It is a very tender story that at times will have you worried, have you smiling, have you reaching for the tissues but also have you breathing a sigh of relief. Having shared my life with pets since I was 8 years old I have experienced all these feelings with them over the last 60 years. There is a thrill and nervousness when you first get a pet, brilliant years and then the final upset. This book however softens the sorrow at the end of a pet's life. I always think of pets as going to Heaven when they die so the way it was described in this story really appealed to me. Also there are a great many people who believe in re-incarnation.

In my opinion this book (which is based on true cats) definitely surpasses that written about London cat "Bob" and I am sure that "Solomon's Tale" will be a best seller. It is a beautiful, beautiful story and would make a great film for the big screen on the lines of "Marley & Me". Children would love it - everyone would love it!

Kid Galaxy Morphibians Shark
Kid Galaxy Morphibians Shark
Price: £19.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars Quite Amusing, 4 Oct 2014
This review is from: Kid Galaxy Morphibians Shark (Toy)
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
The Shark comes packaged in a brightly coloured box that will appeal to kids, with the toy on full view. It is very securely attached to the box and will need a parent to take it out rather than the child.

Under the box there are the diagrams that show where the batteries need to be inserted. The batteries are not supplied and I think this is a grave error on the part of the manufacturer. In this day and age the batteries should be supplied and they should be of the re-chargeable type.

There is a little leaflet inside the box in extremely tiny print (you will need a magnifying glass) written in 13 languages! The information however is very minimal. I am not sure if the product has a Guarantee as there is nothing mentioned on the leaflet. Under the display box there is printed "Proof of Purchase" and instructions to retain the info on the pack for future reference! All very confusing. I do think that a toy of this price and type should have some type of Guarantee.

There is an 'on/off' switch on the Shark Unit. The Handset seems to be a bit flimsy, especially the little moveable levers/buttons. I think it would be very easy for these to get broken, they do not feel very durable. The Antenna part seems reasonable and is nicely plastic covered with a large moulded top piece.

There are no instructions as to how to manoeuvre the Shark. SO, what I found was that to get the Shark to go straight forward or back, use both the handset buttons together - forward or back. To turn the Shark, use the handset buttons separately.

The unit has a nice solid feel and the plastic does not feel too brittle, however I did not think the finish was that good. In use for indoor play the noise is not too loud and did not disturb. The Shark ran very well on the smooth floor in the kitchen, but not so swift on our 80/20 wool carpet that has a close cut short pile. It moved well outside on the patio but I have yet to try it on grass or water. I need to get some re-chargeable batteries and will then give it a more extensive test outside. I will also see how the neighbour's children like it and will give a further update after that. They are aged 6 and 4 so it will be interesting to see how much they like it.

The Girl on the Train
The Girl on the Train
by Paula Hawkins
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £9.09

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5.0 out of 5 stars An Excellent Story to keep you Guessing!, 4 Oct 2014
This review is from: The Girl on the Train (Hardcover)
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
I feel it is always a privilege to read and review a book prior to it's publication, and "The Girl on the Train" is one such book.

The first page inside the book is an introduction by the Author, Paula Hawkins and then begins the story.

At the top of each chapter there's the name of the character in the story who is narrating the chapter. Within the chapter are also the date and times of day, so that the reader is sort of living the story with the character. All the chapters are in this same style throughout the book. This sounds confusing, but in fact once you get used to it and get further into the book it all falls into place. I have read many books recently that seem to adopt this style of writing, so perhaps it is the fashion of the time.

Rachel, the foremost character in the book is the one to start off the story. The scene is set on a train full of commuters going to work. There is the rustling of newspapers, mobile phones ringing, the tapping of fingers on computer keys, the noise of the train as it stops and starts then trundles on, (late again) while people tut and sigh, on its journey to London, Euston Station. Rachel gazes out of the window, noticing rubbish by the train tracks, looking at the houses and gardens and imagining the lives of the people who live there. Just something we all do when on a bus, train, coach, walking down the street even. We are all voyeurs - its normal and only becomes bad when people rubberneck at accidents and the like.

Rachel goes one step further than most in that there is one house on her journey that she particularly likes to look at. So much so that Rachel knows that if she sits in D Carriage, when the train stops at the faulty signal as it does most days, she is then in the right place to look into house number 15, her favourite trackside house. Rachel invariably sees the occupants of this house, who she has named Jess and Jason, and weaves her own story about them. Rachel sees them as a golden couple with an enviable life. Four doors down from them is where Rachel used to live when she was married to Tom, but now she cannot bear to look at the house, so she closes her eyes and counts to twenty and knows that when she opens her eyes again there will be nothing to see.

Rachel is a drunk. She has a room in Cathy's duplex. Cathy and Rachel were friends at university. Damien is Cathy's boyfriend. Rachel was married to Tom but they are now divorced and Tom is married to Anna. Rachel cannot accept this and is constantly calling up Tom on his mobile. Anna moved into the house with Tom, into Rachel's marital home.

The next chapter is narrated by Megan. Megan is married to Scott and they live a couple of doors down from Tom and Anna. She knows Tom and Anna because she has worked for them as a child minder, looking after their baby, Evie.

As you read on through the book you will learn more about Rachel and Megan's lives. We meet Kamal, Megan's therapist and we learn that Megan & Scott's marriage is not all that it first seems.

Megan is missing! What has happened? Has she walked out? Has she had an accident? Has she been murdered? We hear from Anna, Tom's wife. Rachael continues to lurch her way from one drunken episode to another and then decides to turn detective concerning the disappearance of Megan. From being the voyeur on the train, Rachel is now in the thick of it but is she right in her suspicions? She herself gets in a dangerous situation but who is she at danger from? Will the truth about Megan ever be found out?

The story twist and turns and just when you think you have sussed it out, wham, you are not quite so sure. Is anyone who they appear to be?

I found this to be an excellent book, a real page turner that I did not want to put down. Unlike other stories of this type it did have an end, a proper conclusion.

I think it would translate well into a film for the big screen or into a mini series for TV. Once on general release I think that this novel will prove to be very popular.

Corelle 1.9 Litre Vitrelle Glass Lightweight Bake/ Serve/ Store Rectangular Baker with Plastic Cover, White
Corelle 1.9 Litre Vitrelle Glass Lightweight Bake/ Serve/ Store Rectangular Baker with Plastic Cover, White
Price: £23.99

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars An Expensive Item, 26 Sep 2014
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
When I received this Corelle Rectangular Baker I thought I would be giving it a glowing review. On seeing it for the first time I loved the clean creamy white look of the dish and the smooth feel of it. As there are just the two of us, the size is perfect and I thought it would be a really useful item to have in the kitchen. I am not overly fond of cooking and like things kept simple. I also like items that are easy care, durable and which I don't have to worry about. This follows through on every aspect of our home and clothing etc. I have a large chest freezer and it is handy to have a dish such as this with a lid that can be popped in the freezer if required.

This Corelle Bake Dish came with just a cardboard sleeve around it which given the price was rather a surprise. Luckily being super efficient as they are, Amazon packaged it well in a box with protective packing for dispatch. This is the sort of luxury item one might give as a wedding present, therefore it would be better if the manufacturer presented it in a better way, and even more so when you read more detail on the product.

At first glance, the cardboard sleeve seemed to be just that. But, once you take the sleeve off, printed on the inside of it is a myriad of Do's and Don'ts in 3 languages - English, French and Spanish. (Usual for the USA). The information is titled "Safety and Usage Instructions and Warranties". Given that there is a lot of information and rules concerning the use of the product, as well as it being very expensive, I think the Manufacturer should have included a proper little Instruction Booklet printed in a decent size, readable font. The size of the print on the inside of this sleeve is very small and not easy or comfortable to read.

In one sentence we are told that the Corelle Dish is made of lightweight yet durable Vitrelle glass and obviously being glass, must be handled with care to avoid risk of damage or breakage due to impact with a solid object, risk of burning when handling hot glass and risk of breakage due to sudden change in temperature. That is all understandable. Next we get Warnings stating that failure to follow the warnings may cause someone to be seriously burned or may cause your dish to break or shatter immediately! What follows (and I will just outline it) is why in my opinion, there is just too much to remember and worry about.
Liquid must not be added to the hot dish; it must not be handled with a wet towel etc or put down on a wet or cool surface; it must not be put down on the countertop, any metal surface or the sink. The hot dish must only be put down on a dry cloth or on a cooling rack and it must be cool before washing it; the dish can only be put into a pre-heated oven; you may not add liquid to the bottom when cooking certain foods and if you are cooking food that may release liquid, we are instructed to add a small amount of liquid sufficient to cover the bottom of the dish prior to cooking.

There then follows a list of what not to do when using the dish in a microwave and the do's and don'ts of washing the product.

Apart from all of this, I feel that the usefulness of this dish is impaired by not having an oven proof lid and only having the plastic one. Interestingly, on the instruction side of the sleeve there is mention of a glass lid which it says can be used as a cover and used in a pre-heated oven, in a microwave, in the 'fridge and the freezer. Given the price of this Corelle Dish I think it should have come with both types of cover.

There is a limited 3 year Warranty on the actual dish and a 1 year Limited Warranty on the accessories (ie the lid). I feel that this product is extremely expensive for what it is and that all the do's and don'ts are just too much to worry about for an item that would probably not be in daily use.

Konstsmide Lightsets Outdoor 3612-110 19.04 m 120 Micro LED Fairy Lights, Warm White
Konstsmide Lightsets Outdoor 3612-110 19.04 m 120 Micro LED Fairy Lights, Warm White
Price: £24.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Bright Star Light!, 25 Sep 2014
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
These Indoor/Outdoor Kontsmide Lights are just fabulous!

I have long fancied having something nice in the garden for night time and this string of LED Lights fits the bill perfectly.

We are in a terraced house and the garden is quite long but narrow. We do not have any outside electrical sockets, but, all the garages are in blocks, and we are lucky enough to have our garage in a block that backs on to the end of our garden which enabled us to have a personal door cut so we can walk from our garden straight in to the garage. We do have electricity in the garage and this has enabled me to set up these lights. Because the lead in power cord from the string of lights is 10 metres long from the little plug that goes into the Transformer to the first light, it means that the power cord of the lights was able to be fed from outside into the garage via the air brick in the wall and then into 1 of the sockets in the gang. Excellent - mains electricity for the lights with no costs to get an outside electric socket installed and the Transformer in the dry of the garage and not at risk.

The lead in cable comes through the garage wall air brick, along the side fence next to the path. When it reaches the rose arch over the path, situated midway up the garden that is where the lights on the string start. I have zig zagged them up and over the archway and down the other side. They then meander through the larger shrubs in the centre plant bed alongside the little lawn, across to the shrubs to the other side of the garden, then through the Tamarisk Tree, along the fence in and out the plants and the obelisk and up towards the small patio at the back of the house.

I have plugged the Transformer into a Timer in the garage so they come on after dusk and go out at midnight.

The lights are a lovely bright soft white and light up the plants beautifully. They are surprisingly bright and give great illumination. The power cable is sort of plaited and each little LED light is just a dot. Totally plain LEDs that are well secured into the twisty power cable. The set of lights are quite heavy and feel solid and sturdy (not like normal Christmas Tree Lights) and well made. Like Christmas Tree Lights, because they have been wound up into a box, they are a bit of a pain to un-ravel. I found it best to unravel and straighten them out on the lawn and then work from the end of the lights down towards the lead in cable to sort of work out likely positioning.

The black cable does not show up in the plants and in daylight you would not know the set of lights were there. This is great BUT you must be wary when gardening, cutting back etc so that you do not damage the cable and then get an electric shock! I have had mine in the garden for 2 days now, but intend to wind a little strip of coloured insulating tape at intervals around the cable, just to remind me/make me aware when cutting back, that when I see the little bits of colour they are not on a plant! Where I have attached the lights in some areas (eg under the arch through the plants I have used some little pink clothes pegs. They blend in with the climbing flowers but also act as a reminder that there is cable there!

Long term resilience to the weather will have to be reported on at a later date, say at the end of the Winter. From my experience of positioning these little gems of light, I would not want to keep moving them around or taking them in and out. Not only would it be tedious and time consuming, but it could weaken the cable, not to mention damaging any plants that are a bit delicate (eg Clematis). It has rained with a few prolonged showers since I installed the LEDs in the garden but there has been no problem so far. They are performing brilliantly.

I think that these lights would overwhelm a Christmas Tree and be too bright and also be a bit too much in the house generally. In a large house they would be nice entwined up the staircase for example but in my opinion they are more suited to outdoor use. They would be lovely over the top and sides of a gazebo, or threaded through a small tree.

The LED lamps are not replaceable, which is understandable because being manufactured for outdoor use, they are all sealed on.

The price of £24.99 I think is very good given the quality of them and the fact they are well designed and able to be used outdoors. I can thoroughly recommend them, they are sooooooooooooo nice and plain and simple.

Webbox Chicken Fillets, 100 g, Pack of 15
Webbox Chicken Fillets, 100 g, Pack of 15
Price: £29.23

4.0 out of 5 stars Very Expensive Treats, 23 Sep 2014
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Inside the 100g packet of Webbox Chicken Fillets that I had to try out, were 5 pieces of treated meat. They have the appearance of smoked salmon and being 99% Chicken are obviously extremely nutritious. I like the fact they are gluten free making it highly unlikely that there would be an adverse reaction on the dog's digestive system.

The packet was well sealed and easy to open, but disappointingly could not be re-sealed and once open were required to be stored in an airtight container in cool, dry conditions. So something like a Tupperware container would be ideal.

When the packet was opened the smell of the product is extremely strong and not a bit like chicken. It reminded me more of those little crispy Bombay Duck pieces that you can buy in an Indian Restaurant. I confess that I did not like the strong smell that came from the packet.

The feel of the treats is like greasy plastic and was not very easy to tear. There was a lot of residue on my hands and for that reason I would never consider them suitable to take out on walks for training and reward. Also time would have to be spent cutting them up into smaller bits with a knife.

I have 2 dogs - Amber is a Cross Breed who is a greedy girl who will eat anything and is a gobbler. The other is Maisy, a petite Border Collie who eats like a little lady and really savours her food. Both dogs were eager to have the treat as to them the smell was very appealing. I gave them a full piece each. Amber true to form didn't do much chewing and it was soon gone. I did think that Maisy would be chewing the treat for quite a while, but no, it did not last long even with her and she was definitely not gobbling. I cannot see how these Chicken Fillets are supposed to be beneficial to teeth cleaning, as they clearly do not take much chewing and anyway do not seem to be the right sort of texture for that purpose.

The current Amazon price of 15 packets of treats for £35.49 works out that each packet containing just 5 strips of Chicken Treat, costs a whopping £2.36 and that is very expensive. I love my dogs to bits, but I do think that these treats are far too expensive, even as a special treat. That is the reason I have only awarded them 4 stars.

I note that the manufacturer recommends they be fed to your pet outdoors and that the chicken strips may stain. My girls had theirs in the dog beds, so it was ok, but even if there was no warning about staining, because of the strong smell, I don't think anyone would want that residue on their carpets.

Lastly, make sure the packet is kept out of reach of your pet as inside there is an oxidation pouch which must not be eaten by your pet.

USG Happy Day® Banana. Natural treats with banana flavour. Single pack 3 KG.
USG Happy Day® Banana. Natural treats with banana flavour. Single pack 3 KG.

5.0 out of 5 stars From the Horse's Mouth!, 16 Sep 2014
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Well, when I first opened this box of Horse Treats, I was amazed at the tasty, fruity smell that came out. Really, really nice! (no, I did not try them for myself!!!)

There is a lonely horse that was put in a field near us at the start of the year and who does not get any care and attention or food at all. Having made the RSPCA aware of the plight of this horse, I keep an eye on him and visit nearly every day to give him some treats etc.

Well, Charlie (as I have called him) absolutely loves these treats and they seem to be quite substantial and satisfying to him. Feeding them to him by hand, there is no nasty residue or stickiness left on my hands and when he munches them they smell even more fruity. He is soon nuzzling at me for more so I think that is a good recommendation, straight from the horse's mouth. Charlie is not a greedy horse, just lonely.

I think that the price was reasonable, considering that buying anything in small quantities is the dearest way to do so. The tub is sturdy and can be re-used for more treats.

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