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Challenge North Atlantic Salmon Oil, 250 ml
Challenge North Atlantic Salmon Oil, 250 ml
Price: £8.50

5.0 out of 5 stars A Quality Product for Pet Health, 16 Dec 2014
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Salmon Oil for Pets has become a prominent product in recent times and for good reason. It is a natural product with no 'nasties' and for very many years, the benefits of fish oils have been promoted to benefit human health. (I am sure lots of people an remember being force fed Cod Liver Oil as children!).

We have 2 rescue dogs and the older one, 10yo "Amber", does have skeletal problems in the form of Spondylosis in her spine and Bilateral Elbow Arthritis. She finds stairs a struggle and is very careful in the way she walks. She is however a dog that also like to play with other dogs and have a run around. Whilst she is prescribed Veterinary medication, because it will be forever, she is on the lowest dose possible so as to as far as possible prevent any side effects, I feel she needs additional help too, so I am always on the lookout for natural products that can help her.

Earlier this year that I had the opportunity to try Salmon Oil and it worked wonders on "Amber" both for mobility and for her coat. It was nice to get an opportunity now to try a different brand.

The Challenge North Atlantic Salmon Oil smells much the same as the other brand. Not a smell I enjoy, but it is not too bad or strong and certainly both the dogs have no problem with it at all. They have canned "Chappie" for their breakfast, so this is the meal to which the Salmon Oil is added. Neither of them have hesitated, not even "Maisy" our younger rescue, who is always very cautious with anything new and has a good sniff before eating.

The bottle is just a normal one, there is no dispensing type cap. You just need a teaspoon to dose. The Manufacturer recommends ½ tsp per DAY for Cats, 1 tsp per DAY for Small Dogs, 2 tsps per DAY for Medium Dogs and 3 tsps.per DAY for Large Dogs. A teaspoon = 5mls.

If you have never fed this sort of product to your pet, then I would strongly advise that you start off with a really, really small dose for a week or so and then very gradually increase it if there are no adverse side effects (eg a runny tummy). That way if your pet has a sensitive stomach, then it will give it time to adjust. This would be the same if you were changing the brand of food. If you have any doubts at all about trying this on your pet, then have a chat with your Vet.

The label assures us that this Salmon Oil is made from sustainably sourced farmed Atlantic Salmon and there are no chemical additives. It is DEFRA and PETA approved. As well as being beneficial for mobility and your pet's coat, the product should be beneficial for itchy, dry skin, heart health and supporting the immune system. All good huh!

Obviously buying smaller bottles is more expensive than larger packs, however, as the Manufacturer recommends using within 3 months of opening, then depending on the size of your pet, this small pack may be just right. Once open it should be stored in a dark place but not refrigerated.

Petkin Mega Valu Pet Wipes, Pack of 125
Petkin Mega Valu Pet Wipes, Pack of 125
Offered by Mighty Oak Trading
Price: £6.82

5.0 out of 5 stars Very Useful!, 15 Dec 2014
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
These Pet Wipes are sooooooooooooooo useful, especially in the wet and muddy weather that we are having at the moment.

After walks when muddy paws have been dried, there is still some dirty residue, so, to protect car and house flooring just use one of these handy wipes to finish off cleaning paws and legs. When the weather is frosty, use these wipes to clean any salt off the paws from the roads and pavements to soothe the pads. When you get home a proper wash can be done and then some Paw Cream applied and - job done.

When your best friend has been playing ruff and tumble with other pals, use these wipes to clean off any doggy slobber and other stuff like grass stains etc.

When your friend is hot and dusty, then a nice wipe down with these refreshing wipes will make him/her feel more comfortable. They will not remove any Spot On Flea Treatments because that fluid sinks into the pet's skin.

After grooming my two dogs, I like to wipe out their ears with these wipes and clean any bits from the outer edge of their eyes. If you have a dog with the longer floppy ears that can dangle in food and drink at their meal times, then these wipes will really come into their own and make your life easier.

Should you have an older pet that has perhaps become a bit incontinent, then these wipes are good for cleaning that backside area. These Pet Wipes are extra gentle and lightly fragranced.

Handy to keep in the car too as well as at home.

Should your dog roll in fox poo, you can use the Pet Wipes to get the worst off but unfortunately they will not remove all the odour. You will need to invest in Fox Poo Remover Shampoo.

This 125 sheet Mega Pack of Wipes that measure 7½" x 6+" are the most cost effective way to buy them. Smaller packs are available but come out more expensive. This pack, having a plastic snap shut closure keeps the contents moist better than the little packs.

I have found these wipes to be stronger than they look. I can thoroughly recommend this product, it really is good..

Esselte Pendaflex A4 Vertical Suspension Files - Assorted (Pack of 10)
Esselte Pendaflex A4 Vertical Suspension Files - Assorted (Pack of 10)
Price: £12.49

3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Quality with Versatility, 5 Dec 2014
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
These Esselte A4 size Suspension Files come in a pack of 10 which contains 2 each of red, blue, yellow, green and white. They are designed to fit in Filing Cabinets or Filing Boxes that are manufactured for A4 size Files only. These hanging files will be TOO SMALL for any filing cabinet or filing box that is designed for Foolscap Files/Folders. Our files are used in a Pierre Henry A4 Filing Cabinet.

The Suspension Files come complete with 10 clear File Tabs and a strip of 10 white card Tab Inserts. There is also the facility to write on the front of the Suspension File as well if required as there are 5 ruled lines on the right hand side. The File Tabs are of a slightly flexible design rather than the hard brittle plastic type. They do not slide over the top ridge of the Suspension File but fit into the special cut out slits either behind the front hanging bar or in front of the rear one. If you want to have access to the Tab Insert you only need to take out one side of the File Tab and then you can slip the Insert out.

Apart from the quality of the card, and the fact that each file is reinforced on each top side and at the bottom, what I really like is the fact that the metal hanging hooks on each side of the Suspension File are not bare metal. They have a plasticised coating which makes them slide smoothly in the filing cabinet, look smarter and will not discolour.

These Suspension Files give you a choice of how you wish to organise your paperwork. Being reinforced at top and bottom, the files are suitable for other slip files or pockets to be put into (eg A4 Ring Binder/ A4 Card Flap Wallet File etc). However there is the facility to put the loose papers directly into the file and attach them to the Suspension File with Treasury Tags or other such fasteners. As you open the file out flat (like a book) there are slits cut centrally at both sides, near to the hanging bar, and also at the bottom, near to the bottom fold or the floor of the file. This can be a useful facility to try and ensure that papers do not stray form the file, but also can save money in the office/home office in not needing to then have the filed papers in another file or binder prior to insertion in the Suspension File.

Not only do the brightly coloured files cheer up the home or office and bring a bit of cheer into what can be a boring job, but using a colour coded system can help in having an organised business system.

I have attached some photos to try and show a little more detail of the files and also how much each one will take.
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BURBERRY Brit for Men Eau de Toilette 30 ml
BURBERRY Brit for Men Eau de Toilette 30 ml
Price: £27.00

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Versatile Masculine Fragrance for any Age Group, 27 Nov 2014
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
When I saw this Burberry Brit for Men Eau de Toilette I was delighted, as I thought it would be great for my husband to try.

On arrival we were both very impressed with the stylish sturdy box that the bottle was packed in. It was even in a little black box type casing within the trademark tartan box. The bottle too is really smart and attractive, again with signature Burberry style tartan. Having a tartan matching top to the bottle is so much nicer than those that come in a plain colour. The bottle top has a nice click on fit which will not come loose when packed to take away with you.

The fragrance is a clean fresh one with some warm undertones. All in all, a fragrance that I feel would be suitable for all male age groups, which makes it a very universal gift. The price for the brand makes it affordable as a gift, or as a purchase for yourself.

The only reason I have taken off 1 star is because the fragrance did not have particularly long lasting powers, either on my husband or myself (I tried just to test on different skin). Of course it does depend on the individual as to how long a fragrance lasts and I often think that the older you get, the more the lasting powers of perfumes and aftershaves etc change because of your own personal body chemistry.

I know that an Eau de Toilette is a less concentrated fragrance and only has a fragrance content of up to 15%. Perhaps it is because there are fewer essential oils and a greater percentage of water in the make up of an Eau de Toilette which results in a less long lasting effect. "Burberry Brit" is a very nice fragrance though despite this.

UPDATE 17/12/14 - I asked our neighbour, who is in his early 30s, to try this Eau de Toilette. Matt liked the fragrance but found that it did not last at all. He said it wore off very quickly.

Corelle Vitrelle Glass 12-Piece Winter Frost Chip and Break Resistant Dinner Set, White
Corelle Vitrelle Glass 12-Piece Winter Frost Chip and Break Resistant Dinner Set, White
Price: £52.71

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Modern, Crisp and Simple, 23 Nov 2014
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
This simple, plain Dinner Set just oozes quality with it's super white finish and lovely shine. It is a great starter set for someone perhaps setting up home for the first time, a young couple starting out or someone at the other end of the scale of life, who is perhaps downsizing and wanting to keep things more simple.

I just love the fact that this crockery is so light weight. As you get older you do not have so much strength and I am finding a preference for lighter weight products.

I use the microwave a lot and the fact that this dinner set is microwave safe is another bonus for all manner of reasons. BUT, if you have a combination microwave, DO NOT USE this Corelle Ware with the browning element of the microwave. The instructions also advise that this ware is NOT suitable for cooking popcorn or any other convenience food that has fast heating packaging. My understanding that the fact these plates and bowls are able to be used in a microwave would not be for actual cooking but for re-heating.

It is certainly space saving, as all of the 8 plates within this dinner set take up less room in the rack I have in the cupboard than the other plates I have. Everyone likes to save space no matter how large their home so this Corelle set accommodates that without doubt.

These plates and bowls wash up so very easily (we do not have a dish washer) and when left to drain on the rack the water runs off easily and really do not need drying with a tea towel.

Being thinner than the normal type of plates they feel delicate, so it is good to know that they are chip and break resistant and tougher than they look.

For safety reasons there is advice to avoid sudden temperature changes. The little Safety & Usage and Warranty Instructions leaflet is written in French, English, Spanish and Portuguese, which being an American made product, are the usual languages for that country.

The plates are very plain, but in my opinion food looks better on plain crockery and indeed on the various cookery programmes on the TV, their meals are always served up on plain plates to show off the food. The large plates are dinner plate size. The small plates are useful as large side plates, snack plates, breakfast plates or for dessert. The bowls are good for a medium size portion of cereal, for soup, desserts and as side salad/side dish bowls.

I found that when the hot food was put on the plate, that the heat was absorbed into the plate and it became very hot on the underside. This crockery is also slightly slippery, but that may wear off in use and I would think would definitely do so, when washed in a dishwasher on a daily basis.

The dinner set is packed into a strong sturdy box which shows illustration of what is in the box and also has the Guarantee printed on it. Therefore it is advisable to keep this box for the Warranty period in case it needs to be returned for any claim - indeed the wording tells you to.

All in all a very nice product, which if it lives up to all the claims and gives a long life, is not too expensive in the long term. Sometimes it is better to buy quality for longer lasting use. Cheap does not always work out.

This boxed set would make a great Wedding gift and there is the facility to purchase Pasta Bowls, Serving Platters, Noodle Bowls and Large Serving Bowls to add to the dinner set.

Wahl  Deluxe Heated  Massager
Wahl Deluxe Heated Massager
Price: £23.44

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Useful & Easy to Use, 22 Nov 2014
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
This Wahl Electric REFRESH FUll Size Massager is a very simple personal appliance but nonetheless a very effective one.

The Massager is sturdily built but not too heavy to hold comfortably. There are 3 Massaging Heads;
SMOOTH HEAD recommended for general all over body use for gentle and relaxing massage
SOFT HEAD recommended for light muscle massage as it has smooth raised areas on it
DEEP HEAD designed to be used to target deep tissue and concentrated areas

The 'neck' of the massager has some slight flex & movement but only a little. If it was too much it would not be suitable for applying any pressure to concentrated areas.

The massager can be used on the shoulders, neck, face, scalp, chest, arms, legs, back, abdomen and joints.

The Massaging Heads are easy to change, just grasp the head and twist to the right, put required head on, twist to the left and you will hear it click into place. The heads only need to be cleaned with a dry soft cloth and obviously must not be immersed in water. There is a choice of 2 speeds with the switch being located on the long handle.

From the top, where the massage head is attached, to the end of the handle the length is 9½" / 24.13cm which makes it easier to use without too much bending or stretching. Obviously there will be some areas that are difficult to reach. Usage is made easier because there are no fading batteries to worry about, this Wahl Massager is mains operated with a lovely long power cord which measures 7' 10" / 216.40cm from the appliance to the plug

I have found the Massager useful to try to tone up my aged limbs and to generally try to tone face and neck and to improve circulation. The very best use for me has been after a cramp attack. Even with GP prescribed Quinine Sulphate tablets, I still suffer frequent bouts of cramp from toes to upper thigh and for no apparent reason. Often there is still a lot of pain afterwards. I have found that to use this Massager on the afflicted area, really helps it to feel more comfortable and back to normal afterwards. I did not notice any noticeable heat coming from the Massager and indeed there was no mention of it on the box. The title on the box of mine said "REFRESH FULL SIZE MASSAGER"

The Wahl Massager is very nicely boxed which has lots of information on it printed in multiple languages. Inside with the appliance is an Operating Instruction leaflet printed in no less than 24 languages to include English. A 2 year Guarantee shows that the manufacturer has confidence in the product and at a very good price the Massager makes a good purchase for you or as a gift for someone.

IMPORTANT - 1 Dec 2014
Since I posted my review of the REFRESH - Full Size Massager, the picture of the appliance has been changed. The REFRESH model is a straight/stick style appliance in silver and very very dark blue.
The picture now shown is of a dark red appliance and is totally different to the one I tested and reported on. It is no where near the same including the attachments.

Pooch and Mutt Calm Relaxed Complete Dry Food
Pooch and Mutt Calm Relaxed Complete Dry Food
Price: £13.99

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Expensive, but potentially a Calming Aid for Dogs, 21 Nov 2014
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
The Pooch & Mutt Brand are fairly new to the market in respect of Dog Food. They originally started with Supplements, kick started by a medical problem with their own dog in 2007/2008.

They are a very ethical Company and their products are not tested on laboratory animals, instead they have been trialled on their own dogs and those of friends and customers. Clearly they would not do this if there was any danger to the health of their initial doggy tasters. I think that can give us, as potential consumers, peace of mind because no one would risk the health of their own dogs or of those owned by people that they are close to. Pooch & Mutt are approved by PETA.

As I opened the little sample packet of this Calm & Relaxed Dog Food, there was a pleasant Marmite like smell. It was a tasty smell and not at all over powering. This little sample was in a plastic pouch so I would assume that the proper size 2kg bag would be in the same type of bag. It would be a bonus if the bag was re-sealable, but not the end of the world if it wasn't.

What I specifically like is that there are no artificial flavours, preservatives or colouring and that there is an absence of grain, cereal and gluten with no genetically modified food stuffs. It is these sorts of ingredients that can lead to skin problems in some dogs and then tend to be difficult to cure or keep under control. Skin problems are dreadful for the dog and can lead to large Vet bills and a lot of stress for dog and owner.

The list of ingredients shows all natural foods with no nasties and Turkey is the predominant ingredient. L-Tryptophan found in the Turkey is the protein source that forms Serotonin to provide the feel good factor for your best friend. I like the addition of Pro and Pre Biotics for good stomach health and the special addition of Nutra-Bionic which aids joint, digestive and skin & coat health. Again, all things that are very important to keep your pet in tip top condition. On top of all this the food is Vet recommended and it is British made, which for me takes the worry out of it.

There is a condition known Serotonin Syndrome which can occur if a dog is taking more than one type of medication that causes levels of serotonin to increase in the body. This condition can be extremely serious and if not caught in time, can lead to the death of your dog. I think therefore, that before feeding this Calm and Relaxed Dog Food you do need to check what medication, if any, that you dog is being prescribed and if in ANY doubt whatsoever, check with your Vet BEFORE feeding this food to your dog. It is better to be safe than sorry.

The food is a fairly small kibble with average hardness. Both of my dogs ate some with no problems and no hesitation, albeit what they were given was not very much because it was just a sample between them. "Amber" is the greedy one, who does not always crunch her food, but "Maisy" savours her food more and the food had a good crunch but was not too hard. On hand feeding it to them, there was no nasty residue on my hands - the food is nice and 'clean' so could also be used as rewards when out walking & training.

The kibble size makes it suitable for the activity feeders that we use, which primarily slows "Amber" down and also gives both of our dogs something to think about. I think it would be suitable too for the smaller dogs.

(I have puts some photos with my review to give you some idea of the size of the kibble)

It is an expensive dog food at £13.99 for 2 kilos, however if it works in calming your dog, then once the habit of nervousness, hyperactivity etc that your pet may have has diminished or gone away, then I would think that it is possible to wean off feeding the food all the time and just use as a top up which would be more economical. Unfortunately, due to only having a little sample pack to try I am unable to comment on any calming affect that the dog food is supposed to have.

I have awarded 4 stars because of the quality ingredients of the food, the ethical standards of the Company that has produced it and that it is British. The one star deduction is purely because it is so expensive and possibly therefore out of reach of the average dog owner.
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Quiet Dog
Quiet Dog
Price: £4.99

8 of 10 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars It Didn't Have Any Effect, 21 Nov 2014
This review is from: Quiet Dog (Misc.)
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
I was interested to see and try this product as it makes a lot of claims.

I have a petite Border Collie that we got from Dogs Trust just over 2 years ago and she is approx. 4½ years old. It has taken her a while to learn to play, but now she does she is a far too noisy, which tends to sometimes startle other dogs that don't know her.

I put this Quiet Dog device on her at home, to try it out to see if she could still pick up a tennis ball. Yes, she could so I decided to try it out on our next walk. I was hoping that it would stop her barking all the time she was running around and playing with our other rescue dog.

I found the best way to put it on her was not as it instructs in the product sleeve. It was easier to drop it over her nose (see my Pic 1) and then to cross it under her chin and then clip it together behind her ears (Pic 2). She did not make a fuss over wearing it and we continued our game. Prior to putting it on Maisy, I had thrown their ball a couple of times to see if she would bark as usual. She did, so on it went.

Failure!!!! Yes, she could pick up the ball but it did nothing to quieten her down at all. I kept it on her for quite a while and it was useless.

It might work on some dogs in some situations, but at the end of the day I cannot see how on earth it could be effective with jumping, digging and scratching, which are all activities that the dog does not have to use it's mouth for.

I am not surprised the packaging has been designed so that a prospective purchaser cannot see the product when it is in the box, because I am sure if they could then they would not buy it. It is just elastic with a buckle and an adjustment feature.

Products designed and sold by The Company of Animals used to be very good but this is a bit of a non starter as far as "Maisy" was concerned. Still, it was worth a try I suppose.

Please remember this device is NOT a Muzzle
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Offered by IronMongery Hardware Shop
Price: £31.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful Quality at a Brilliant Price, 18 Nov 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is not the sort of product that I would normally buy on-line, because I prefer to see things like this in person to check the colour, finish and weight for quality. Not finding what I wanted or could afford, I resorted to Amazon!

I need not have worried; these Lever Latch Handles in the Satin Nickel are EXCELLENT!!!!

They have a really good finish. The handles have a nice subtle sheen, which is a little shinier than those I have seen in the shops, but is perfect and really, really nice looking. The colour and brighter sheen nicely lift what is, at the end of the day, just a utilitarian product. These Latch Door Handles are so much better than others that I have seen and I went to lots of shops (B&Q, Wickes, Homebase, local hardware shop, Wilkinsons, The Range etc). They are a good thick metal with a nice weightiness and again, far better quality than others that I have seen, and which would have cost me far more than these ones. Even the screws that are provided are quality and match the metal of the handles. Spindles are also included. The price, for the set of 5 that I purchased, was unbelievably good too.

All in all a BRILLIANT purchase and the Seller (IronMongery Hardware Shop) was brilliant too. I had a couple of questions so sent the usual email via Amazon. The Seller answered quickly and politely and was very helpful. My order was well packed and sent very quickly. All in all PERFECT!
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iMobi Accessories Doro PhoneEasy 612 Red Premium Leather Pull Tab Case Cover Pouch (M)
iMobi Accessories Doro PhoneEasy 612 Red Premium Leather Pull Tab Case Cover Pouch (M)
Offered by iMobi Accessories
Price: £2.90

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Just right!, 18 Nov 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I have purchased this as part of a Christmas gift for a friend of mine who has jus been given a Doro PhoneEasy 612 mobile by her husband.

I wanted to get her a case that would be easy to see in her handbag, was not too bulky, would give good protection for the phone and be easy to use. This case fills all the criteria.

It is a nice bright red without being a harsh colour, and the tab makes removing the phone easy, even with gloves on. The leather-look fabric is practical and can be wiped clean when necessary. All in all a good product and would definitely buy again. In addition the Seller was excellent with the product being well packed, my order dealt with swiftly and being sold at an excellent price.

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