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Nokia Lumia 625 Sim Free Smartphone - Black
Nokia Lumia 625 Sim Free Smartphone - Black
Offered by TUFFskinz
Price: 111.00

62 of 63 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely Great Phone For The Money, 1 Feb 2014
Firstly I am an Apple Guy with Mac and iEverything, and I love the Apple Ecosystem. I just mention this to put my review into context.

I wanted a personal phone so that I could leave my work phone at home when not in work time, I have some experience of Android and I'm quite familiar with the interface and always find it confusing and messy! So when looking for a personal phone I wanted to keep away from Android and couldn't really justify the price of more Apple Kit. So I looked at Nokia's Windows Phones.

I have to say that I am hugely impressed. The Windows interface is clean, large on the screen and works well. Whilst I am supposed to be using this for my private life I have successfully integrated my iWorld with it, and have my iCloud contacts and calendars updating in real time; yes it can be done. I have transferred my music; from iTunes on my MAC, to the phone having put a 32GB Micro SIM in. The Music Interface is not quite as neat an interface than Apple but it works well.

Before moving to the actual hardware of the phone I have to mention the Windows App Store, one of the criticisms of the Windows Phone world is the shortage of Apps. I don't have any games on any of my devices and I'm also not a big user of social networking, so I can't comment on these apps. I have however found all of the Apps that I need including Train Times, Traffic Information, Skype, Evernote, Amazon Kindle, Audible, BBC iPlayer, DropBox, GotoMeeting, Teamviewer, WhatsApp and Viber. I am sure that there are plenty more that I will find of use too. I like the Office interface on the phone. A phone is not a suitable place to create extensive Office Documents but if all you need is to view and maybe amend something simple then it is more than adequate. The interface with Skydrive and Dropbox just works well and makes the phone hugely useful.

Now onto the hardware. The first thing that you note is the size of the screen.. wow! It is not a particular good resolution screen so if you are looking for retina display performance then look elsewhere, but for those like me with middle aged eyesight, you will find the larger characters easier to read, certainly I have not had to reach for my glasses with this phone, very welcome when I'm catching up with news or Kindle on the train. This phone has saved me reaching for my wonderful but now rather bulky iPad to read the daily news on a few occasions. I'm not suggesting that this phone is a replacement to a tablet but it fills a little gap in between. I wonder if the screen was a higher resolution whether this would be as much of the case, the screen would be less pixilated but it is the larger characters without fiddling with Accessibility settings that I like.

The buttons on the phone are easy to catch and I have accidentally invoked the camera on a few occasions now; somewhat frustrating. It took me a while to get used to the position of the on off button as well; located to the middle on the right hand side of the phone.

The onscreen keyboard works well and typing is easy. The larger screen makes thumb typing with the phone in my left hand a little more challenging, especially the backspace key; often the most used when typing is more difficult. I am sure that someone with smaller hands than me might struggle with this. Holding the phone in my left hand whilst typing with my right is easy though and I make surprisingly few mistakes.

I have read some comments about the touch sensitive screen not being as sensitive as some, I have not experienced this and find using the screen and typing to be more than acceptable.

This model is of phone only has 512MB of RAM and 8GB of memory which is quite restricted. This is reflected in the price and not a moan on my part. I understand that some games won't play due to the low RAM. Doesn't affect me and to be honest I have seen to reduction in performance. The processor seems to keep up with no apparent lag in changing screens or scrolling around. You can increase the available memory using a MicroSD card unto 64GB. This should be enough for most people. It is worth noting here that I was originally looking at the Lumia 925 but was absolutely put off because that model does NOT take extra memory???? What a mistake on Nokia's behalf.

The camera is just that, a camera. I have to say that I have never expected much from a camera mounted in a mobile phone and always find myself to be impressed by the quality of photographs taken through what appears to be little more than a pin hole lens. I use a phone camera to catch the unexpected event that occurs when I haven't got my proper camera to hand. I would say that the camera on this phone is competent for those occasions. If you want a better camera on your phone then look at other more expensive phone options, certainly there are other Nokia phones with superb cameras if you want to use Windows Phone.

The phone is robust is its construction. The rounded corners make it feel nice to hold but it is also a little slippery and can easily slip out of a pocket. The back of the phone is matt polycarbonate and feels strong, it has marked quickly though which makes the phone look older than it is... The edge around the front of the phone where the rounded back meets the face of the phone looks like it would be a good place to pick up muck too, I am sure that I will be cleaning this regularly. Cleaning the screen with my glasses cloth brings it up well. Inserting the SIM and MicroSD card into the phone was not difficult, prising the back off the phone took a few moments but was no more difficult than any other phone. The fact that the back does not slip off is better than making it more flimsy.

The Micro USB connection is as it always is awful. I truly don't know why we have allowed such a horrible connector to be so prevalent. I have no dexterity problems but find using this connector awful; especially when trying to plug in the connector in low light. Please will someone do something about this.... moan over!

The phone was well packaged in an attractive box and came with a charger with an integrated 1.5 metres long connection cable, a separate 200mm USB cable; too short to be useful. There are also earbud headphones, although these feel very fragile and would be unlikely to last my kids more than two minutes. I haven't tried these as I use my own headphones.

So in conclusion, would I choose to replace my trusty iPhone for this? Probably not, but as a low cost option I think that this phone is absolutely fantastic. I would throughly recommend it to anyone who wants a practical and functional smart phone. If you have a particular desire for a high resolution screen or wish to play demanding games on the phone then I suggest that you look elsewhere. If you are new to Smartphones and like big buttons then I thoroughly recommend this phone, especially if you are a Windows user and want to integrate your Windows desk/laptop world with your smartphone.

But also please don't despair if you are a MAC user, I have managed to integrate this phone into my iWorld very well and as I mentioned earlier have successfully set up the Calendar and Contacts to update with my account.
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Kindle Fire HD 7", Dolby Audio, Dual-Band Wi-Fi [Previous Generation]
Kindle Fire HD 7", Dolby Audio, Dual-Band Wi-Fi [Previous Generation]

10 of 11 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Previous Android and iPad User Smitten, 3 Feb 2013
I have been a long term iPad user and love the iPad for many tasks, but given its value and size it does not lend itself as an everyday e-reader. I therefore purchased a Kindle Touch last year as an e-reader only. The Touch is a great device but the lack of coloured screen made it less desirable to read on than the iPad. I have therefore upgraded to a Fire HD 16GB model and love it.

A previous experience with another Android Tablet running ICS left me unimpressed. The interface was confusing and fussy. I quickly fell out of love with the device due to the interface and almost vowed to avoid Android altogether. The Fire HD has changed that. The interface is clean and easy to follow. The Amazon ecosystem; criticised by some, is clean and easy to understand and manage my content. As an e-reader it is as good as the iPad without the size, and the purchase price of the device leaves me feeling less vulnerable using it in public places and carrying it around when travelling.

If you want all of the confusion and complication of a fully blown Android Tablet then you might want to consider other devices. If what you want is a clean and tidy interface with a consistent content management interface coupled with the ability to easily purchase your content, then you should look no further than the Fire HD. I would most certainly recommend the Fire HD to a "non techie" who would like to dabble with a tablet computer. I am personally a very experienced IT user with significant systems development experience and yet I think that the Fire HD will satisfy my needs from a tablet computer for a long while to come.

Philips Pico Pix PPX1430 Multimedia Pocket Projector With MP4 Player - Black/Silver
Philips Pico Pix PPX1430 Multimedia Pocket Projector With MP4 Player - Black/Silver

18 of 20 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Great Projector, Very Happy, 29 April 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I had been looking for a projector that I could use with my MacBook and iPad for some while and eventually chose this model.

I would have given the product 5 stars but chose to not do so as the unit does not come with the necessary cables, I ended up paying a considerable amount more for cables to connect to my iPad and MacBook. In fairness the description clearly states that the unit is not shipped with either VGA or iPad cables, although there is some confusion over the VGA cable as this is sold with the unit by some retailers and one of the reviewers on Amazon mentioned that he ordered the VGA cable with the projector and got one in the box. For clarity, the projector that I purchased from Amazon did NOT include the VGA cable. Incidentally it is worth noting that the iPad cable does not allow mirroring! The IPad cable will allow you to project photos from iPhoto and video from the iPad's native Video app. If you want to mirror the iPad; as I did, I ended up buying Apple's iPad VGA adaptor and then using that to connect to a VGA cable to the projector. I did speak with Apple and they said that their composite cable would provide mirroring and I think that I could have used that to connect to one of the cables provided with the projector but I didn't try this so I cannot confirm that it would work.

As with all Pico projects don't expect to be able to use it in well lit rooms, you can see the picture but it isn't good enough to work with, ideally the room should be darkened but having said that as long as you are not trying to project a large image then it can be used in normal office ambient lighting, perfect if you simply want to project an image the size of a normal monitor onto a screen or wall, the projector is much easier to carry then a monitor or course.

The unit came into its own when my wife and I used it to project a film onto our bedroom wall, wow! With the projector located 3 metres from the wall we managed to project a clear image of about 1.1 metres wide. Our wall had a very light lilac pattern that did not show through or affect the image at all. The internal speaker is not particularly good but we used a little battery powered speaker to improve the volume and depth of the sound.

The construction is good and the unit does come with a little pouch, although as noted by another reviewer this is only large enough to hold the projector and not the stand, cables and charger.

The battery appears to last well and when it ran flat I was able to run the unit on the power supply, I couldn't see this ability mentioned in the manual so I don't know if this is recommended or not.

The projector has a fan that can be heard when it is used but I have not found this to be intrusive, if you wanted a silent room then it might be annoying.

The stand is satisfactory although when using cables such as VGA cables it is easy to knock the unit over by moving the cables as I have done twice now.

All in all I have been delighted with this unit and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a Pico projector and understands and can work within the limitations of the technology. If you need a projector to work in bright areas then you should avoid this type of projector. Also remember that you will probably have to spend another 20 to 50 on cables and adapters.

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