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The Beatles - All These Years - Extended Special Edition: Volume One: Tune In
The Beatles - All These Years - Extended Special Edition: Volume One: Tune In
by Mark Lewisohn
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £96.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars This is a must-have for Beatles' fans., 2 Dec. 2013
After buying both editions of this book my friend Charlie expressed doubts to me on getting the extended version becxause of a couple of derogatory reviews here on Amazon. I explained that, as he was as passionate about the Beatles as I am, he would have to get the larger copy.

Following the excellent review by S Riaz I am unable to add to that critique. But I intend to address the one star comments posted here.

One of them claims to be a Beatles' fan but if this is the case why gripe about the extra text? If you don't want to know all there is to know about the band then don't buy it. There are hundreds of books out there on the subject that cover the basics and should suffice. There are edven books by distinguished authors who profess to be "intimate" with the Beatles who publish the bare bones of their story. Of course, they do include errors, incorrect facts and absolute untruths. A particular author, who shall remain nameless, issued a book in the eighties about the Beatles and reissued it as a revised and updated book some 22 years later still choosing to include the numerous errors made in the previous version.

So, If you do want all thje facts, this book is the one to buy. Mark Lewisohn is widely recognised as the leading authority on the Beatles' history and you can trust his accuraty on the subject. He will not flannel you or mislead. He spent ten years researching this book, speaking to people who were part of the story and using reputable quotes from other sources. On every page you will uncover at least one fact that you did not know before. Surely this is what a book is read for; the information.

Okay, no invites to Paul's house are include but you will enter the real world of the Beatles as it happened and the extended version has pictures extra to the ones in the shorter edition which will help obtain a sense of how it was back in those days. Lewisohn transports you back there, he really does.

Now Charlie is happy about purchasing the extended version and we both think that the people who slated the book without actually reading it are quite sad. How do you do that when you don't know what the content is?

As for the price and packaging, i got my copy from for £67.99 and it arrived by courier in a solid outer box with extra padding wrapper around the book. It was well protected and arrived in perfect condition.

If you are a true Beatles fan then this book is the one to have.

Shout!: The True Story of the Beatles
Shout!: The True Story of the Beatles
by Philip Norman
Edition: Paperback

3.0 out of 5 stars Mistakes as well., 29 Nov. 2013
As well as the criticism of Philip Norman's book being on the nasty side to three-quarters of The Beatles, he made several rather glaring mistakes in the first issue of 1981. In the revised and updated version of 2003 he retains the errors and replacing one with a different outrageous mistake...

He states that Parlophone, "in the six years up to 1962," had only one Top Ten hit. There were actually 23 of them in that time! And if you count 1962 up to The Beatles' entry into the charts the number increases to 27 Top Ten hits!!!

The second error that he made was by saying that when The Beatles went to Hamburg they were suppoprt group at the Star Club to Johnny & the Hurricanes whose "biggest hits, Rocking Goose and Beatnik Fly were in the late 1950's." These tracks both charted in 1960.

He manages to get John and Cynthia's marriage date wrong, 24th, instead 23rd of August 1962, the correct day. He says that John's mother and John Dykins did get married. They did not get wed, they lived their time together out of wedlock.

In the updated version of 2003 he leaves out mention of Johnny and the Hurricanes (who actually were the headliners of the December 1962 Star Club dates)and replaces them with Carl Perkins, who was not on the bill at all.

There are photos of the promo posters of time with J & Hurricanes and the Beatles, to be seen, albeit with their name misspelt as the Batles.

This has to be the big error as it is completely wrong. It shows that, for all the claims Norman makes to being in the know with what was going on at the time, he quite obviously wasn't. A little research should have been done.

All these errors are made and repeated 22 years later with a bigger mistake replacing a part truth. He is not very bothered about his readers I feel. An inaccurate book.

Price: £27.18

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5.0 out of 5 stars A precious diamond in a shabby cardboard box., 18 Nov. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Boston (Audio CD)
This is a welcome update to the so much shorter 2000 Snapper 2xCD set of the Boston concerts. It covers the three days' performances by the great, original (well, nearly, you know what I mean) Fleetwood Mac. The sound is superlative and refreshing, it comes out of the speakers loud and clear There are added numbers that there wasn't room for previously and I wonder why anyone could omit "If You Let Me Love You". It is a stunner!

The overall power of all the glorious music makes this writer wish so much that he could have attended all of the sessions. But the sounds creates the feeling taha you are actually attending the shows. Just close yor eyes and revel in delight.

So, sound is as expected, now comes my big beef!

The packaging is terrible. It comes in a round cardboard box which is tight fitting and the base with the tracklistng to the CDs is stuck on badly so that mine is peeling around the circumference in a couple of places already. Any attempt to remove contents from the box faces the same problem. There is a band around the inner part of the box which is being eroded when replacing items in the box so that mine looks as though i have had it years already, not for less than a week...

As if this wasn't bad enough, when you come to the CDs, the reason for such a purchase, there they are, sitting flat and loose. They are separated by two pieces of lint. To protect the bottom CD it is necessary to place it in the box with its label side facing down.

Now, I always thought it was better to not expose playing areas on CDs and you shouldn't be touching them. So what does one do when wanting to play the bottom CD? It is necessary to place the pieces of lint down appropriately in order to safeguard them. But those bits of lint are so flimsy, they will not last long. What are you supposed when, in a few weeks they are disintegrated? I am inclined to find some regular CD cases to store them in, thus making what was expected to be a glorious celebration of this new release into a DIY bodge-up job of it all. And why should I do this? Why should I have to?

The booklet by Roger W Dopson is well written and informative but still it is lacking. As it is round it has but one staple to hold it together. The paper is les sturdy than cut-price toilet paper! So the booklet will not be around too long either. It will fall apart with re-reading it is so flimsy.

There are 5 beermats with photos of the group members as well, why? Could Madfish not have used the costs of the unnecessary mats towards a better package?
All in all the box reminds me of those ones that carried figs and dates at Xmas time years ao, only this box isn't as robust as those were.

The shabby nature of all this makes me think that Madfish are taking the proverbial out of Fleetwood Mac's first LP. Although a dustbin would actually protect the CDs. This shabby piece of cardboard tat will most definitely not

The five stars i've awarded are for the music. The packaging would not merit even a single star from me. It is nothing short of disgusting.
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The King Of Rock 'N' Roll: The Complete 50'S Masters
The King Of Rock 'N' Roll: The Complete 50'S Masters
Offered by skyvo-direct
Price: £14.68

4.0 out of 5 stars Not quite a complete remake., 17 Jun. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
If you are thinking of replacing your 12 x 12 box set of the nineties & you are a completist there is a somewhat glaring omission. It is almost an identical reproduction, albeit a smaller & therefore neater one there is one, but, there are no songwriters' credits to be found. Unlike the original set which had them inside the individual CD cases. That is why I have left a star off of it.

So, if you are bothered about such points you should beware. I know it's a small point but it doesn't spoil the overall joy of this truly compact set. But now I have to retain my old bulky box if I wish to refer to the writers. Otherwise it's great.

Let It Rock - The Animals
Let It Rock - The Animals
Offered by horizons-usa
Price: £12.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Sheer sixties magic!, 20 Feb. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
P. Whitehead has it about all nailed down about this CD. I'm just writing to endorse his words and to say that if you are a fan of the sixties then you owe it to yourself to snap this gem up before it is no longer available!!!
This piece of history was recorded (pretty well for an ancient tape recorder!) in December 1963 before the Animals hit with "Baby Let Me Take You Home" in April the next year, so it reveals how their wild performanbces led to the origins of their name came about. Not to mention their their confident ability with their art. I am so thrilled to say i own this CD.
If you were there in the sixties then this will transport you back for 74 beautiful, thrilling minutes.

The Magnificent Moodies
The Magnificent Moodies
Price: £8.83

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5.0 out of 5 stars Not just another 60's band but-Magnificent!, 17 July 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: The Magnificent Moodies (Audio CD)
Anyone expecting "Nights In White Satin" material should steer clear. This is pre-Justin Hayward mod type, mid-60's energy and style.

Although thre weren't in the main league of groups of the time they had a lot of clout just the same. They were all proficient at their music after slogging the usual rounds of clubs and dives that catered for the "Beat Boom" of the time and Denny Laine's underrated vocals let the band soar. They wrote much of their recorded numbers and they could hold their own with the best of the acts of the time. And the had a distinctive look so they stood out visually.

I only found this CD was available recently after searching for the singles for ages. Don't even know how i happened across this but i bought immediately and was not dissapointed.

A friend had the singles in the 60s and we played them to death all of the time and i have'nt heard them since those days until this CD became mine at last. I have an inferior cut of the LP on a CD, minus a couple of tracks so the joy i felt at the acquisition of all of the original line-up's album and singles again was phenomenal to me, especially after all this time. The sound is perfect nand the liner notes are well set out with rare photos that show them, in all their 60's glory.

So, if you want to be reminded of how great the Moodies were before they changed musical direction aqnd became even greater then this CD is a must. It is a gem! Such a shame that their early output isn't held in higher regard. And, in contradiction to a previous reviewer, there are NO duff tracks here.
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The Eddie Cochran Story
The Eddie Cochran Story
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: £20.70

6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Not all his tracks are here., 7 Mar. 2010
This review is from: The Eddie Cochran Story (Audio CD)
If you are an Eddie Cochran completist and you are thinking of buying this and discarding your present Cochran CDs then check them first. Although an undoubtedly grand collection there are some tracks not included here. The ones i've spotted are: 1."Take my Hand(I'm So Lonely). Okay, this is by The Four Dots & Eddie is only on backing guitar but, if you have the track & you sell your CD with it on you'll lose a worthy number. 2."Chicken Shot Blues" a rocking instrumental showing his guitar prowess. 3. "Lonely" this was released as a single in 1960 and is a great track. It would be a great loss if you were to part with it unknowingly. Why it hasn't been include is a mystery. Be warned.
mick Jones, Gravesend, Kent.
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