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Motorola Moto G Premium TPU Hydro Gel Case Cover included Screen Protector and Polishing Cloth Capacitive Stylus Pen
Motorola Moto G Premium TPU Hydro Gel Case Cover included Screen Protector and Polishing Cloth Capacitive Stylus Pen
Offered by covers-case-mobile
Price: £1.85

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4.0 out of 5 stars Very good case -- tight fit and nice extras!, 1 Jan 2014
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Well, this is my first review so bear with me, but I will cut the formalities short and get straight onto the review -- *ahem*

---- The review is quite in-depth, so if you JUST want to see the CONCLUSION, go to the full review and SKIP TO THE BOTTOM! ----

--- Introduction ---

I received all the items described very promptly -- a full 3 days before the fastest estimated date! The items were in good condition, although the envelope that held the items was flimsy (but still did the job) and somewhat crushed; thank the postman for that...

--- Case ---

Lets begin with the case -- as many other reviews have already said, the case is a REALLY good fit. It covers the phone perfectly and is quite satisfying to use, as the matte texture makes sure the phone stays in your hand, so it isn't sliding around even if you have a loose grip. The buttons are really easy to use too and still retain a good press, unlike other phone cases I have used in the past. There was one in particular that was like this case, with the same patterns and such, but for a different phone and that case was no where near as snug as this! Not to mention the buttons were extremely difficult to use with that case. This one is much, much better, despite looking to be the same make.

To conclude this section, the case is VERY good, does the job very well.

--- Screen Protector ---

Next up, is the screen protector; It's a standard, cheap protector that does the job, and is essential if you keep your phone in the same pocket as your keys. Unfortunately, this one isn't as good as the case -- like most screen protectors, it was difficult to apply, and even now there are a few of air bubbles on my phone (most of which I have been able to get rid of, fortunately). The cut of the screen protector is another down side, as mine doesn't line up particularly well, causing the screen protector to go over the camera and speaker slightly, as the holes for the camera and speaker are too high up. I also had to push out the holes for the speaker and camera, which was easy to do and not a problem but I didn't notice until I was about to apply the protector, so be careful!

To conclude this section, the screen protector does the job; not particularly well, but not badly either.

--- Styluses ---

Finally, we come to the styluses! However, just like the screen protector, they're nothing to write home about, at least for me. The package comes with two of them, one short one, being around 4cm in length and a longer one, being around 11cm.

Lets start with the short one: it does come with a string which has quite an innovative little feature, that allows you to keep it attached to your phone via a plastic jack that fits into your phones sound jack, which I thought was nice, especially as the plastic jack is quite sturdy, so you likely wont have to worry about it breaking off into your sound port. It is also universal so you can plug it into any device that has a sound jack too. However, it is really short, so for someone with large hands like me, it isn't particularly comfortable to use. It also isn't that responsive as you have to have a relatively firm press to get a good response from the screen (The lack of responsiveness may be due to the screen protector, so keep that in mind if you only want the case and the stylus, however, I haven't tried the stylus on the bare screen and I don't plan too). The diameter of the stylus is quite large too, being around 8mm, and in comparison to a Nintendo 3/DS/i stylus which has a tip only around 1mm, this is massive. This is understandable, as the phones screen is capacitive, but none the less, the whole point of a stylus is for precision and speed, and I feel that both are stunted by this stylus. The larger stylus, suffers from most of the same problems, apart from the issues with comfort, as it is just the right size and comes with a clip so you can clip it to clothing or inside pockets.

All in all, they're not too bad, you don't have to press very hard on the screen, however, you cannot just glide over it like you may do with you finger, or with other styluses on other devices. The short one is too short, but the long one is the right size, and they're nice extras to use, however, I think I'll likely just stick to my finger.

--- Conclusion ---

To sum up, this is a very nice set for someone with a Moto G. It came fast, and the case is very good; it's the best part of this set, mainly due to its great fit and great feel. The extras are alright too, the screen protector is your standard, cheap protector, however, it does the job and you can't really ask more than that for something of this price. Finally, the two styluses are nice little things, although I for one prefer to use my finger as the styluses are not as responsive as they could be, and to me, are slightly gimmicky. Just to reiterate, good set for a very good price that I'd certainly recommend, mainly for the case.
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