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Guns (Kindle Single)
Guns (Kindle Single)
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5.0 out of 5 stars Eloquent and erudite. As you'd expect., 26 Jan 2013
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Given the effective and consistent gun laws we enjoy in this country, along with the memories of hideous massacres of the past like Dunblane, King's essay is probably preaching to the converted somewhat when read by us here in the UK (or a majority of developed countries in this world when you get right down to it).

I, like Nellie's little boy, am a gun owner (in my case a shotgun for clay pigeon shooting) so am not anti-gun. I am heavily anti-stupid though, and King's essay does a very good job of once again highlighting the idiocy that grips the far right in the USA when it comes to the issue of gun control. Okay, this is rather like shooting fish in a barrel (pun sort of intended) given just how moronic the views of the NRA and their conservative supporters are, but it never hurts to have someone with Stephen King's considerable public voice re-stating it to a nation that really, really needs to unplug its ears and start listening.

An excellent, quick, thought-provoking read that once again underlines not just Stephen King's talent with words, but his ability to evoke an emotional response on any topic he cares to write about.

A Short History Of Nearly Everything
A Short History Of Nearly Everything
Price: £4.68

5.0 out of 5 stars A sublime, fascinating read, 3 Nov 2011
Frankly, this doesn't really need another five star review to sell it, but it's a rare occassion when a book has such a positive impact on me, so I'm happily adding to the chorus of recommendations with my own.

This book should probably be required reading at some point for everyone. It takes more of less all of the biggest concepts and theories we have about the world and the universe and puts them across in layman's terms. It truly is a fascinating read, with Bryson weaving his way from the big bang up to present day in a way that never loses your interest.

Bryson's trademark humour is also evident throughout. It's not often you find yourself laughing while reading about sub-atomic structures, but you will here.

Thoroughly recommended!

Bic Crystal Ballpoint Pen, Medium Point, Black
Bic Crystal Ballpoint Pen, Medium Point, Black
Offered by Premier Life Store
Price: £0.94

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5.0 out of 5 stars Warning: Pen may be slightly possessed by hellspawn, 13 Jan 2011
Having unwrapped my new Bic pen from the two foot wide box Amazon sent it in, I happily started to write some memoirs in the A4 note pad I'd stolen from a small child earlier that day. With a bottle of Blue Nun and some sugar coated monkey nuts at my side, I set about penning my latest ode to existence, entitled 'If I Stick My Hand Up Here, Will My Dreams Come True?'.

For a blissful three hours the pen was wonderful. However as I wended my merry way into the fourth hour of composition, I noticed that the pen was no longer writing what I wanted it to! Instead of recounting the delightful time I went punting on the river with Reverend Chumley on that clear August day when the mescaline was really kicking in, it instead began to write out such odd epithets as: 'Bow to your lord and master Shaberoth, he of the tentacles and oddly shaped genitalia' & 'The sky will rain blood as Shaberoth comes down among you...and waves his oddly shaped genitalia'.

Imagine my surprise!

I was further amazed when said demon lord Shaberoth appeared from the end of the pen in a cloud of sulfur...and waved his oddly shaped genitalia at me. This didn't faze me, having played rugby in my younger days, and I subdued the hellspawn with large Blue Nun and all the monkey nuts he could eat.

So, while the pen did turn out to be possessed, a lovely evening was had by all - until Shaberoth ate my pet guinea pig Winklehoven. I had to kindly ask him to leave at that point.

Other than this slight problem, the pen was very reliable and I still have it.

Five stars!!
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