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Streetwize SWCC5 3 Bicycle Carrier Towball Fitting
Streetwize SWCC5 3 Bicycle Carrier Towball Fitting
Offered by BELLESSON
Price: £18.99

1.0 out of 5 stars One Star, 9 Aug 2014
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Poor build, doesn't fit, seller not keen on helping.

JustIngredients Coriander Leaves Loose 100 g (Pack of 5)
JustIngredients Coriander Leaves Loose 100 g (Pack of 5)
Price: £8.57

1.0 out of 5 stars Tasteless, 31 July 2014
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This purchase seemed like a good idea, in theory this amount of coriander for the price would seem to be a bargain.

But, sadly, it is literally tasteless. I've used it in several meals already, in huge amounts, and can't taste anything. It has no taste if you try it straight from the bag, it doesn't have any smell.

I don't know where the manufacturer is sourcing this stuff from but it's presumably the cheapest stuff they can find or is very old and has lost all flavour.

A pointless purchase though, as I will be binning it. You do indeed get what you pay for...

M-Wave Frame Corner Bag
M-Wave Frame Corner Bag
Offered by Roaduserdirect
Price: £3.79

2.0 out of 5 stars Too rigid to be useable., 19 July 2013
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This review is from: M-Wave Frame Corner Bag (Misc.)
The size/material etc are all fine, but the corner section (tube to tube) is far too stiff and rigid, meaning it simply won't fit into the shape of the tube on my mountain bike. Another point is that the velcro straps don't fit around the tubes.

This product is frankly unsuitable for the vast majority of mountain bikes.

Moon GEM 3.0  Rear Light -Red
Moon GEM 3.0 Rear Light -Red
Price: £16.72

3.0 out of 5 stars Great light, rubbish fitting., 12 May 2013
The light is brilliant, 4 options (fixed, brighter fixed, strobe, flashing) all of which are supremely bright. Don't worry that the unit itself is small, it's the led's that pump the light out.

Now then, the strap...

I bought this assuming the strap was an extra and there would also be the usual bracket included. No, it's strap only unfortunately.

The strap will fit round any post but to secure it you thread the end through a hole. It does not lock into position. I cannot see this strap stayinf locked in place during lengthy mountain bike rides. The vibrations, shocks coupled with mud and water lubricating it should see you lose it in a forest or hilltop pretty soon. This did not become an issue for me as the release clip for the light snapped off on its third use, while I was fitting/testing it. I have thus thrown the stupid strap away and now using a standard bracket for it. Much better.

This strap was a prime example of a pointless gimmick. I wish companies would just stick to tried and tested methods.

A good light and cheap considering it's rechargeable, but the fixing issues bring the score down.

Aero Sport® Aero ShieldTM 3M® Scotchlite-Thinsulate® Hi-Visibility Windbreaker Waterproof Glove Grey Large
Aero Sport® Aero ShieldTM 3M® Scotchlite-Thinsulate® Hi-Visibility Windbreaker Waterproof Glove Grey Large
Offered by Sports4ever
Price: £29.99

5.0 out of 5 stars They work!!, 20 Mar 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Tested these on an XC mountain bike ride which involved some light rain and me falling off sideways in a forest into some gloopy sodden mud/clay twice, putting my hand right into the stuff both times in a bid to stop the fall !

The gloves did the job and my hands remained dry, even caked in mud.

I got home and had to give the bike a serious hosedown with my hosepipe that leaks/sprays out sideways near the top. I had to be standing a good 15 minutes spraying the bike with my right hand glove receiving a constant soaking. The glove stood up to this very well, I only finally could feel some water seeping through literally as I was finishing off.

These gloves therefore should stand up to a good few hours outdoors in the rain. Very impressed with this, very happy.

Profex MTB Puncture Proof Tyre  - 26X1.9/2.0, Black
Profex MTB Puncture Proof Tyre - 26X1.9/2.0, Black

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3.0 out of 5 stars Mixed feelings., 8 Mar 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
It's impossible to give a fair assessment of these tyres for their puncture-prevention properties, as you either get a puncture or don't, but in theory the additional layer (although it seems to be pretty thin) should help out even a little. They should have a bit of resistance against the dreaded in-town/under-railway-bridges glass as I can see these crunching straight over small pieces, however I highly doubt they'll stop any rigid sharps (i.e. screws/nails or metal pieces) from piercing straight into your tube, especially at the back on the weighted tyre.

I have however frankly given up expecting any miracle cure for punctures, beyond giving up actually riding.

A criticism I do have is how tight these tyres are. I purchased these specifically to fit my wheel and rim size and boy have they NOT left any margin. I won't say I struggled massively to get them on the rim, but I had to use a bit of force and was wary about pinching the tube. Even when fitted I had to deflate the tyre partway through inflation, as the tyre was now coming out of the rim. They do seem to be a tight-fit when on, which conversely can be a good thing as it should reduce dust/dirt getting into the tyre, but should I ever get a puncture while way out on a trail I can't see myself smiling at the prospect of wrestling one of these things off and back on.

Mountain Bike Guide - County Durham
Mountain Bike Guide - County Durham
by Derek Purdy
Edition: Paperback
Price: £6.41

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3.0 out of 5 stars Interesting but woefully outdated., 23 Feb 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought this simply to check out the Westgate Horror. I have cycled all the paths on this route, but not together as a loop, so am looking forward to trying that. And yes the hill it starts with is horrific, twice as difficult as the ridiculously overhyped Crawleyside. A word of advice regarding this route is don't take the authors advice to sneek through the old quarry works at the bottom of Sedling Vein. This is privately owned residential land with footpath access only. I wandered down there in error once and while the owners graciously let me pass through the quarry, they asked me to dismount and push the bike. And no, I couldn't find the bridleway halfway down the vein either...

The problem with this book is it's age (16 years at the time of this review) and it hasn't been updated. The Hamsterley routes are largely redundant since it became a fully fledged trail centre and the Consett to Sunderland route (or 'Sutherland', as the page headers state in error) hasn't existed in this form for years. You can follow the route in a fashion if you know the area, but much of the old C & S Railway Path marked on the map all the way to Sunderland was in fact reopened as the Metro railway years ago. The best route is to stay on the north of the river at Cox Green and follow the C2C cycle path.

Another impassable route is Durham to Finchale Priory. The route is possible in theory, but bikes are no longer allowed in the woodland/riverside within the Priory. That's already 2 out of 28 routes I know are no longer rideable and I haven't got up off my sofa yet.

I will be trying the Weardale routes as I know the area, but may scout some locations beforehand to be sure some supposed bridleways are definitely accessible, but given at least the Sunderland route is now non-existent it would make me wary about trying some of the other long routes in unfamiliar areas.

I appreciate the author put great work into this, but given it's effectively 16 years out of date I would suggest this book be used for ideas on the most part and routes are checked against tools we now have available, i.e. satellite imagery on Google Maps etc.

Weldtite Dr Sludge Protection Tape - Black, Size 26 (Pack of 2)
Weldtite Dr Sludge Protection Tape - Black, Size 26 (Pack of 2)
Offered by bikes4life limited
Price: £9.98

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1.0 out of 5 stars HEAVILY REVISED REVIEW...., 19 Jan 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I've edited this review as I'm now absolutely furious at having had two inner tubes on two consecutive rides destroyed by these stupid things.

Got a flat while out, which dismayed me no end as I bought these to stop exactly that from happening. Managed to get home and investigated the inner tube. This thing had been wearing away at the inner tube while on the ride, this much was obvious as you could see a clear line where the tape had been wearing away into the tube. This caused a series of small holes along wear the edge had been rubbing.

Changed the inner tune and stupidly put the tape back in thinking this may have been a one-off, but exactly the same thing happened on my next ride.

This is literally the most abysmal product I have ever purchased, EVER. What is the point of buying something that causes the problem it is supposed to cure?


Transformers: Dark of the Moon [DVD]
Transformers: Dark of the Moon [DVD]
Dvd ~ Shia LaBeouf
Offered by The Happy Zombie
Price: £3.20

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1.0 out of 5 stars AN UTTER ABOMINATION THAT MAKES NO SENSE, 21 May 2012
I happen to think T1 is reasonable for what it is and T2 okay as a one-off viewing, but this literally falls within the top 5 WORST movies ever. It literally is that horrific.

Waaaaay too long, essentially the same plot as the others (albeit watered down 10,000%), scandalously abysmal dialogue and acting that would get you fired from the set of Hollyoaks (INCLUDING Malkovich). There isn't even much action to distract from the stagnant dullness. Amazing that a movie written by people who seemingly cannot write, would be so dialogue heavy.

Tons of stuff going on without reason: Malkovich's character, Sam's parents, Megatron's unexplained second reincarnation, Soundwave being introduced as some legendary character only to appear for all of 60 seconds or so, and the actual point of why the Decepticons actually bother.

The Transformers concept is so simplistic by this movie. The notion of good and bad is so silly. Decepticons all but selling themselves as the posterboys for badness - there isn't any suggestion that they think what they're doing is right, it's reduced to them knowing they are bad guys, which isn't how real life works.

All the obvious above points put to one side, I don't get who the movie is aimed at. The language is frankly vile for this kind of movie (F*** is genuinely said more than once), it's humour is purile and crass and it's clearly not suitable for minors. But the people who CAN watch it won't get past the lack of story, awful acting, awful dialogue and grossly excessive running time. Add further that this film is sexist, mildly racist, jam packed with morally bankrupt characters both human and robot (including the often bizarre, indifferent, stubborn, annoying and highly questionable conduct/true attitude of many of the Autobots) and just plain moronic and you'll find nothing of value here.

Seriously don't bother. It's not even a car wreck worth a glance at, it's just awful and that's the end of it.

Vitabiotics Immunace Extra Protection 30 Tablets
Vitabiotics Immunace Extra Protection 30 Tablets
Offered by Activecare Online
Price: £9.29

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5.0 out of 5 stars Definitely of benefit to frequent cold sufferers., 6 April 2012
Much to the annoyance of the missus I have for years had the ability to catch cold at the drop of a hat. I always took it as just one of those things I had to put up with. However, last year I was on holiday oveseas for two weeks, during which I rapidly caught full blown flu and spent a week in bed. I was physically the lowest I have been in my entire life. I was 35 then and was extremely poorly but knew it was short-term, frankly many older people would have died from this flu, it was that bad. I resolved that when I got back to health I would do my best to stop this happening again. Proving that advertising works, I seen an Immunace Extra poster on the back of a bus and pledged to try it. Months down the line I am glad I did so.

It is, of course, no wonder pill. I still get tired from work, I still have periods of low energy, it has no effect on mood. Vitamin ad's that claim to have these powers are lying.

It has however improved my immune system and I genuinely believe that, for me personally, it has proven to have done so. For the last month some reasonably bad colds have been in my office. I have had a sniffle here and there, but it hasn't developed into cold and went rapidly. Two weeks ago there was a terrible bug causing sickness, migraine and fever. While my missus unfortunately vomited and shook for 8 hours through the night I escaped with 'just' a bad stomach for a few hours (the day of which I obviously abandoned taking this tablet, being quite big and digested over several hours).

Basically what I have learned is you will never escape colds and bugs but you really can quite radically minimise their effects. If you are put off by the price then I would say look at what you pay for the (highly enjoyable) food and drink we all buy that we know to be bad for us and reconsider.

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