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Tomorrowland: A World Beyond [Blu-ray]
Tomorrowland: A World Beyond [Blu-ray]
Dvd ~ George Clooney
Price: £7.00

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3.0 out of 5 stars A World of Empty Promises Await, 5 Nov. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Unlike the trailers that preceded it's release, Tomorrowland is sadly lacking lustre and wonder and swiftly falls into standard fare. It's message is a good one however, and it can't be knocked for that even if it did feel somewhat crow-barred into the script.

I didn't hate it, but it sadly didn't live up to expectations and by its conclusion I just felt disappointed. A good Christmas gift for young teens and okay fare - but not for me.

Edge: The Loner
Edge: The Loner

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5.0 out of 5 stars Captivating & Brilliant, 5 Nov. 2015
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This review is from: Edge: The Loner (Amazon Video)
As someone who isn't even a fan of the genre, this was a total crapshoot to be honest. I looked at this years Pilot line-up which I didn't think looked that strong, so decided to punt on this. And boy, am I glad I did! The show itself is a gritty Drama with some great dry humour thrown in the mix from Edge. Talking of Edge, Max Martini is an absolute perfect casting choice - he's a totally captivating screen presence and makes Edge both deadly and sexy at the same time, which i'm still trying to figure out how an Actor can do that.

I really hope this gets picked up. As I stated at the beginning of my review, i'm not really a fan of the genre, but this has made me reevaluate that train of thought, and I can't wait to see more. Amazon, last year you had me hooked by finally being the network that brought PKD's The Man In The High Castle to the screen - this year it's Edge: The Loner for me.

Fantastic stuff! 5 Stars

Primal Spirit Meatless Jerky Strip Texas Bbq 28 g (Pack of 24)
Primal Spirit Meatless Jerky Strip Texas Bbq 28 g (Pack of 24)
Offered by Broadway Candy Co
Price: £28.31

5.0 out of 5 stars A Tastier Vegetarian Snack Than You Ever Thought Possible!, 13 Jun. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Having turned to Vegetarianism back in 1985 when I was just 14 years old, I had gotten used to the lack of interesting snack products that catered to me. I discovered Primal Spirit about 2 years ago quite by chance and ordered a few bars of their Meatless BBQ Jerky Strips. After one, I was hooked. They are so delicious. Best served slightly chilled I find. They are handy for me when I am at work on the go and I have an item I can run to and not have to prep.

Long story short, Primal have some of the best tasting Vegetarian snack products on the market - highly recommended!

Rainforest 3D (Blu-ray 3D + Blu Ray)
Rainforest 3D (Blu-ray 3D + Blu Ray)
Dvd ~ Julian Thomas
Price: £8.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars Distracting, 16 April 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Good cinematography, but still not up to par with some of the BBC/Attenborough stuff which is far superior in a myriad of ways.

For me, this documentary was spoilt by the incredibly annoying narration which I found grating and intrusive. As such, it gets a mid-range rating from me.

My advice, buy it - but watch it with some suitable music or your own ambient jungle soundtrack!

Dream Boy [DVD]
Dream Boy [DVD]
Dvd ~ Stephan Bender
Offered by fat_buddha
Price: £4.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars A Sorely Lacking Experience, 16 April 2013
This review is from: Dream Boy [DVD] (DVD)
At the risk of sounding like i'm trying to shock, provoke or titillate, I have to say the sex scenes were really uncomfortable to watch. I can almost get past the awkwardness of the two straight actors - it's sadly painfully obvious at times with lots of pitiful arm stroking and faces-rubbing against each other in the vain hope of "is this good enough?" (Sadly, no - it wasn't).

But it was the scenes that intimated penetration that made my jaw drop - I understand the basic conceit at play here with regards Nathan's back-story, but i've never seen anything so poorly handled by a Director, it was laughable.

Believe me when I say, I REALLY wanted to love this movie, as I think Stephan Bender has a bright future ahead of him with the right parts. Whilst brave, this part wasn't a good fit, and sadly - it shows on the screen. I really hope he does eventually get his chance to shine, as although his character falls in to cliché at times with all the shoe-gazing, hunched shoulders, and "please-don't-notice-me-i'm-shy-and-damaged-goods" furtive glances, there is definitely something there worthy of exploration - sadly, I do not feel Stephan was given enough time to breath true depth in to the character, which you can see he's trying to do, it's just nowhere near fleshed out or as ready as it should have been for a film shoot - a play yes, a

Don't even get me started on James Bolton's absolutely abhorrent direction "skills" - some of the worst cinematography i've ever seen. The only thing I can presume is that due to the problems the shoot ran in to on location, they had to piece together a movie from what they had in the bag, which if this is anything to go by, wasn't much. The fact James Bolton was allowed to butcher the story in to the mess that ended up on our screens is borderline detestable (how this won the Grand Jury Award for "Outstanding Screenwriting" in 2008 I will NEVER understand). The way the ending was handled was particularly distasteful, (and Max Roeg, no - this doesn't make it art, sorry). If anything, James Bolton undid all the work Stephan and the rest of the actors HAD done to that point - James Bolton should be ashamed.

It's a mess. The actors try their best, but it's beyond saving due to the dreadful handling by its director.
The best I can advise it to save your money and buy it second hand.

6 out of 10
(For the actors - they do try all things considered)

2 out of 10
(For the movie overall - gaping holes in the screenplay and sorely-lacking in production talent sink this ship)
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Locke & Key Vol. 1: Welcome To Lovecraft (Locke & Key Volume)
Locke & Key Vol. 1: Welcome To Lovecraft (Locke & Key Volume)
Price: £5.29

5.0 out of 5 stars Captivating from beginning to end, 13 Mar. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
It has been a long time since I read a story as well crafted and paced as this.

Characters you actually care about and feel invested in, combined with sublime artwork make this an absolute must have for any self respecting fan of either graphic novels or suspense/thrillers.

Highly recommended - about as damned close to perfect as you could ever hope to get.

Mrs Brown's Boys - Series 1 (Blu-ray + DVD Bonus Disc)
Mrs Brown's Boys - Series 1 (Blu-ray + DVD Bonus Disc)
Dvd ~ Brendan O'Carroll
Offered by Springwood Media
Price: £9.70

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1.0 out of 5 stars The Mind Boggles, 13 Mar. 2012
The mind boggles as to why things like this get a Blu Ray release, and other far better looking shows and movies are left to flounder in the vaults of TV and Film companies. Who in hell would want to watch this in high definition, seriously?

Truly bizarre.
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Feb 24, 2014 3:24 AM GMT

Battlestar Galactica: Downloaded (Inside the Universe of the Critically Acclaimed TV Show): The Official Color Companion: 1
Battlestar Galactica: Downloaded (Inside the Universe of the Critically Acclaimed TV Show): The Official Color Companion: 1
by David Bassom
Edition: Paperback
Price: £14.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Incomplete, but a beautifully presented and upgraded edition, 25 Feb. 2011
Just to add a little further context etc to previous reviews, if you're a fan of the Battlestar Galactica universe as reimagined by Ronald D. Moore, then this is a no-brainer of a purchase. However as previously mentioned, this is nothing more than a graphically updated edition of the first two books Bassom wrote on BSG but on better paper stock and in colour.

Whilst I certainly have no qualms about adding it to my collection regardless of essentially having the same thing twice, my only real disapointment is that it is incomplete. As this was released in 2009 (and if memory serves me correctly POST-finale) then it would have been truly appreciated by most if not all fans of the show to have everything collated into one volume. A good example of how this can be done is the wonderful 'Lost Encylopedia' - a true treasure trove of trivia for fans of the show.

I would have given this 3 stars if it hadn't been for the fact that it had been for the quality upgrade. Much deserved - just a shame there could have been so much more.

Incomplete, but hardly essential if you have the previous seperate volumes.

For diehard fans only.

Lost Encyclopedia
Lost Encyclopedia
by Tara Bennett
Edition: Hardcover

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5.0 out of 5 stars 4815162342 Reasons To Love Lost All Over Again, 1 Nov. 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Lost Encyclopedia (Hardcover)
Lost was a show you either loved or hated. Those that 'got it' went along for the ride. Those that got left behind will sadly never be convinced that what they missed was something truly special, the likes of which will never be seen again.

To pull off a show that had such a huge story arc and fantastical elements to it, yet have the characters all remain such well-realised and believable is no small feat, and reading the Lost Encyclopedia just makes you appreciate the sheer depth, scope, and hard work that went into delivering the show to such a rabid and passionate fanbase who asked as many questions of the creators as they demanded answers. There is only one other show in recent memory that I can think of that had such a consistent and rich universe to play in, and that was Battlestar Galactica - a show that touched upon things that spoke to the core of who we are as people. Lost was no different, but it does approach things in a more intimate and direct way by pushing emotional buttons.

All of this aside, the work that Tara Bennett and Paul Terry have put into this mammoth tome really shows. It is lavishly illustrated at every turn, with detailed information on every and any character that ever made an appearance - be that big or small. If it had some bearing on Lost's winding narrative, it can be found here.

The one thing you will not find however are too many definitive answers - many things are expounded upon, and the wealth of information and trivia is plainly obvious right out of the box. But the cryptic nature of The Island and its mysteries was (and always will be) the beauty of Lost. The only definitive answers you will find here are what the show already provided us with. The fact that this overwhelming wealth of information is collated here in one book is pretty awe-inspiring when looked upon as a whole, and gives you a real appreciation for the sheer depth of the show. A great example being that I've recently started rewatching the show from scratch on Blu-Ray, and in Season 2 Locke answers a crossword puzzle with the word: 'Gilgamesh'. The scene must last all of 2 seconds at most on screen. I went and looked it up on Wikipedia...pretty amazing stuff in hindsight.

Those that got it, enjoyed one of the most rewarding and satisfying shows that connected with us on very personal levels. This book only seeks to prove this further, and does so with great style and conviction. I applaud the authors and the obvious amount of hard work and effort that went into making it happen, I certainly don't envy their task!

For those of us who went down with Oceanic 815, this is an absolute must have. For those of you who are yet to visit the Island and uncover its secrets - put this on your Amazon wishlist, because once you've reached the end you'll be left craving more - and this book delivers that in spades, and then some.

PS: It smells absolutely great out of the box too - nothing like the smell of a freshly printed book! Kudos to all involved in putting this together.
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The Rocky Horror Picture Show [Blu-ray] [1975]
The Rocky Horror Picture Show [Blu-ray] [1975]
Dvd ~ Tim Curry
Price: £7.75

8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars You'll Shiver, With Anticp...., 1 Nov. 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)

Rocky Horror fan? Then simply put, this is a must have for your collection.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show has never looked or sounded so good, plus you get some pretty amazing extras to boot.

My only gripe (hence the deduction of a star) is that finding the extras for the first time is quite the chore. I'll not say anymore, but you'll see what I mean. Obviously, once you've located them and how to navigate thru them it's fine, but it's just a shame that it's the one area that let's it down, as it could have been done better with a little care and attention.

That said, overall it's an absolutely stellar package and worthy of anyones collection who's credo is 'Don't dream it'.

Content = 5 stars.

Menu Navigation = 4 stars
Comment Comments (2) | Permalink | Most recent comment: May 1, 2011 11:34 PM BST

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