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Price: £7.08

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5.0 out of 5 stars the next phase, 3 Oct 2008
This review is from: Watershed (Audio CD)
As a long standing (years) opeth fan... and an old man (45), AND having listened to this album at least 100 times i can say that this is a logical step upwards, read the others for detail, but this is easily as good as the previous no better than the others.. just a typical and surprising twist in the genius that is opeth. the new line up is detectable, furious pin point accuracy in the drumming... as before... but more in your face, confident blast beats and crippling accuracy replace the genius, subtelty and understated brilliance of the former drummer (who i still rate as one of the greatest) experimental guitar works formidbally well, is it better than reveries, deliverence or park??? NO... its just a evolutionary step up from them all.. this band MOVES.. experiments and thrills. a superb album.. judge on its own merits and cast an eye back to the masterworks that lead to it. BUY!! its quite an experience!!

Panasonic DMC-FZ7BS Digital Camera - SILVER [6MP, 12 X Optical Zoom]
Panasonic DMC-FZ7BS Digital Camera - SILVER [6MP, 12 X Optical Zoom]

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5.0 out of 5 stars superb, 27 April 2007
Ill get to the point, this is a superb camera!! stunning crisp images are achieved with great ease. after 30 years of using hideously expensive 35mm prime lenses, i found i could surpass even my finest quality prints with this remarkable device. there are enough modes to satify all but the most demanding professional and its simple enough for a child to use in its "simple mode". All in all its something of a bargain, although its worth mentioning that a 7.2 Mp model is just out., so there may be further discounts available on this one. highly recomended.

Creative ZEN V 2GB MP3 Player with Colour Screen - Black/Green
Creative ZEN V 2GB MP3 Player with Colour Screen - Black/Green

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4.0 out of 5 stars ace, 10 Jan 2007
superb little player, ignore the moaning gits. its a doddle to use and it sounds amazing.. thats all you need to know, beats the 2gig ipod into the dust, fantastic. buy it.

Creative ZEN Vision:M 30GB MP3 / Multi-Media Player - Black††
Creative ZEN Vision:M 30GB MP3 / Multi-Media Player - Black††

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4.0 out of 5 stars mp3 virgins, 10 Jan 2007
right, this is the first mp3 player i have ever owned so im not really interested in the i pod v's whatever thing thats going on... i really don't care. so, this devise.. is a nice looking thing, not to big (fag packet sized.. but slimmer) great sound, great screen, crap headphones, easy to use and navigate, touchpad IS very sensitive.. youll get used to it, plays everything,sod the life style product marketing, if you want a good, versatile player then buy this. simple review, read the others for the gripes and moans cos i cant be arsed with them. tis a fine player. youll love it. just do it justice with some decent headphones, the ones supplied are shite and too big, its like having half a basket ball covered in sponge in each ear.

Ghost Reveries [CD + DVD Digipak]
Ghost Reveries [CD + DVD Digipak]

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5.0 out of 5 stars worth every penny, 2 Nov 2006
what you have here is ghost reveries plus a bonus track, plus a Dvd and ghost reveries again in 5:1 surround sound for around a tenner... which is pretty good value. the CD proper contains Opeths Beautiful cover of Deep Purples soldier of fortune, and it is beautiful. The creamy sweet vocals which mike conjures up are enough to melt your heart and worth the price of this set on its own. He's such a talented singer
the Dvd has an excellent 40min documentary showing the band at work in the studio and on stage. there's some great footage of Martin Lopez doing his stuff, which for all fans will be something to treasure. Its fascinating, funny, and poignant, giving a good insight into this remarkable bunch of musicians. the5:1 mix is brilliant and the video for the "grand Conjuration" is well worth having, if a little perplexing (snakes, toilets, hospitals, S&M.... cool!!)
so if you already have Ghost Reveries you'll know what a great album it is... but you need this as well.
Those new to Opeth could do worse than start here.. its a great introduction to the band, and no doubt the begining of a spellbinding voyage of discovery with the finest band on the planet.
The one gripe i do have is with roadrunner who know the dedicated fan will buy "special editions" having already bought the origional release... corporate greed or clever marketing? make your own mind up.
It does the bands no favours really because many fans will not buy new releases and just hang on for the specials to come out being content to listen to downloads and illegal copies of the initial release in the interim' and who can blame them?
But this review is based on this edition as it is, and as a one off purchase (wether you own the origional release or not) it is superb.
What we really need is a live Cd set from the ghost reveries tour and assurance that the London roundhouse gig, (which was filmed) will be released on DVD. In the meanwhile all we can do is wait for the next proper album to appear....but dont hold your breath, you cant rush these things!!

Smear Campaign
Smear Campaign
Price: £9.72

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5.0 out of 5 stars AAAAAARRRRGGGHHH!!, 18 Oct 2006
This review is from: Smear Campaign (Audio CD)
Lets not piss about here, napalm death are the angriest ,loudest most venemous band on the planet.. they go from strength to strength blasting out their unique brand of vitriolic despair and gut wrenching angst come what may. smear campaign is a relentless assault on the senses from the first note, pounding, grinding power and conviction the likes of which makes most bands of this genre sound shallow and contrived. this is the reality check music in general needs. a brilliant brilliant album that sorts the men from the boys. listen with caution... listen and learn.

Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: £6.75

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3.0 out of 5 stars overrated, 29 Sep 2006
This review is from: Supremacy (Audio CD)
If your into Trivium or chimaira you may get something out of this release, although as musicians both bands are light years ahead of hatebreed, who, by comparison are one dimensional and repetative.
if death or prog metal is your thing then youre gonna hate this with a passion, it has little depth and no variety.
still, each to their own, i gave my copy to a friend who thinks its great... fair call.
even at a poxy 36 minutes this seems overlong. solid vocals let down by mundane musicianship.
the production is crisp and crystal clear, unfortunately this only serves to highlight all that ive written.
Hatebreed have no soul, no depth, and on the strength of this album, no future. chav metal best sums it up.
3 stars for the production only.

Still Life [Digipak]
Still Life [Digipak]
Offered by FastMedia "Ships From USA"
Price: £25.41

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5.0 out of 5 stars the best, 12 Sep 2006
This review is from: Still Life [Digipak] (Audio CD)
ok you,ve read the reviews and your probably no wiser as to which opeth album to buy first. i,ve listened to them all countless times over the years and this is the one to buy first.. its a masterpiece. then buy blackwater park, morningrise, my arms your herse, orchid, deliverence, damnation and ghost reveries ... in that order. by the time youve soaked them all up and learnt them Opeth will have released their next album. so now you know what to do there's no excuse... get off your ass and go buy!!
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Hancock's Half Hour, the Lost Episodes (Radio Collection)
Hancock's Half Hour, the Lost Episodes (Radio Collection)
by Tony Hancock
Edition: Audio CD

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5.0 out of 5 stars lost?, 6 Sep 2006
why the new secretary is regarded as lost is something of a mystery as its on vol. 10 of the BBC cassette release but not on the complete box set which appeared some years later... only 3 or 4 years later. i think "misplaced then found again in order to sqeeze a few more quid out of people who shelled out a small fortune on the cd boxed sets" is more accurate, stone me! anyway, 5 stars for this release as its an absolute joy.
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Live - Return Of The Champions
Live - Return Of The Champions
Offered by Dirty Deals UK
Price: £12.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars this aint queen., 8 May 2006
great singing great music, but it just sounds like a very competent cover band. Queen without Freddie just doent work, about as convicing as the stones without jagger or the who without daltrey. brian and roger should have done the decent thing and followed john deacons example and laid queen to rest. still its not a bad album, but i cant see the point in listening to it when the real thing is so readily available.

Hail Freddie.

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