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Peradon 2693 Aluminium 3/4 Cue Case - Natural Aluminium
Peradon 2693 Aluminium 3/4 Cue Case - Natural Aluminium
Offered by Sports Online
Price: £47.59

5.0 out of 5 stars A sturdy lightweigh case with a unique foam interior, 4 April 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I have only just received this so I hope my review is not too early... But from first impressions I can say that this is an excellent product. My initial observations would be:
Pros -
Well constructed
Great inner section that is foam rather than hard dividers
The hinge runs the length of the case
Cons -
Will the foam last?
The balance is not the best when it has the cue inside
The grip feels a little awkward - it doesn't appear to have the same tension front and back

As I say, I have only just got this and haven't carried outside, so these are simply my first observations.

AKG K44 Closed Back  Headphones
AKG K44 Closed Back Headphones
Offered by PlayRecord Net
Price: £17.75

5.0 out of 5 stars Very comfortable, 30 Mar. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
For obvious reasons I prefer 'proper headphones' unfortunately, however, I have a slightly pointy head which makes wearing enclosed headphones a bit uncomfortable over long periods. Even headphones like my AKG K240s don't fit that well. I guess it is a balance between the size of the cups verses the material/shape of the headband and the tension between all of that. To be honest it still amazes me that before headphone manufacturers even get to designing the driver units, the actual comfort (appears to) not have been considered. These however, are remarkably comfortable and have more than acceptable sound quality. I use them for audio transcription and have been able to wear them for hours; most impressed.

Colgate C350 Max White One ProClinical Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush
Colgate C350 Max White One ProClinical Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush
Price: £29.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars To be avoided, 10 Mar. 2015
My friend bought the Colgate C200 ProClinical Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush in Boots. When I went to buy that one, it was out of stock, however, this item was on sale. Judging by the indicated price reductions (from list price down to sale) I assumed that this model had superseded hers, as this is after all a 350 (compared to a 200) - furthermore as this had never been for sale in Boots, I assumed it was the latest model. Having owned and used a plethora of electric toothbrushes in my life, I can say that whilst this does the job, it is the most primitive one I have encountered and really only useful as a temporary travel brush. Using it every day I find tiresome. Firstly it is pencil thin, plasticky, too light, has no grip and is not ergonomically designed. The on/off button is placed right where you hold it meaning you will likely turn it off when you are using it. As it is round it also doesn't stand up well and there is no carry case to boot. My advice would be to go for the C200 which is ergonomically designed, is not round, stands up, feels better, has a grip and comes with a travel case.

Book of Longing
Book of Longing
by Leonard Cohen
Edition: Paperback
Price: £7.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars A half idea extended twice as far as it should have been, 20 Feb. 2015
This review is from: Book of Longing (Paperback)
Of course it is a moot point that I am a huge fan of Cohen (otherwise why I else would I have paid list price for this at Waterstone's?) So why do I find this offering so bad? There are three distinct reason why, but before sharing those with the reader, I should point out that unlike reviewing a 'product' that either works or doesn't, perhaps breaks or is defective in some way; the review of literature (small 'l') is invariably a subjective pursuit and that is why any comments to this post are meaningless and will not be read. Whilst you might disagree, you can never 'argue' with someone's subjective opinion; the joys of democracy!

My first, and perhaps real problem with this offering is that it is only really 'half' an idea, it suffers from being premature, not fully formed and as a result lacks cohesion and clarity. What exactly is it supposed to be? A collection of lyrics, poems, thoughts, drawings? A scrapbook of life? A 'train-read' or an airport book? I am not sure and if truth be told Cohen doesn't know either. What this smarts of is a great idea (probably a drunken one) that is incredibly poorly executed. It is the sad irony of demand for the famous beyond their natural 'shelf-life' - when their light is no more than fading rays emitted by a dying star, it is no longer true radiance emanating from the growth, desire, and vibrancy of youth; the underdog.

Second point; to make it (the above) worse, the raw materials are not that bad! Cohen's pen drawings are fairly competent, his sketches OK. Obviously his lyrics and poetry can be sublime, and are in places, but only in places. Too often however, the drawings are re-sized, reflected, and re-used, and the peculiar images that look like they were generated after a session playing on some 'paint-and-draw' software are horribly stagnant and inert. Too often the prose is just drivel, and the poetry unpoetical; the curious paragraphs left needing.

Finally, what I dislike about this book is that it shows the astute reader something which Cohen himself knows only too well, and something he has been trying to tell us, his audience for a long while; but something we won't listen to; a joke he has shared with his detractors and critics, but which we, the faithful have yet to interpret. Namely that he is not the new messiah, he is not that which has been projected on him, he is not that talented, he has been miscast, misplaced, wrongly filed and miss assigned; he's on the wrong floor, in the wrong box, on the wrong shelf. Now he could have renounced that position quicker, shouted much louder, but he is lazy, he is too fond of kind comments, free lunches, and willing women that this position generates. If he were to reveal his true character, his true nature, he fears the legs would close and the converted re-convert (or would the projection be too strong)?, that he would be alone (which is where he is anyway). But alone by choice and alone by fortune are quite different. Yes, Cohen has moments of brilliance, utter brilliance in some cases, but he is almost naked now and his once sharp suits are in rags. Yes, he is persistent and charming, and perhaps his life, his existence, his output says more about us, his audience, that it does about him. Maybe he was always the (un)willing performer, the jester, the stunt-double, the fall-guy, the designated driver, and not lead into which he was pushed.

What this project really needed was a creative art-director who had a clear vision of what this curious melange could be; someone who would push Cohen out of his lazy zone and make him extend himself to produce something of worth that would not only satisfy the sheep, but attract nearby goats too. Sadly his name in lights blinded both he and the slathering publishers into taking this nub of an idea through to press. And as I have stated before, in doing so it pushes out the next up-an-coming prospect who would not have got a break as a result. In closing I say leave this type of self-congratulatory drivel to the vanity presses and leave literature to the people who deserve to be published on the strength of their ideas alone.
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Bodum 1928 Chambord Coffee Maker - Stainless Steel - 8 Cup /1.0 L
Bodum 1928 Chambord Coffee Maker - Stainless Steel - 8 Cup /1.0 L
Price: £15.00

3.0 out of 5 stars The plunger is too tight in the glass, and the glass is too tight in the cradle., 28 Jan. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I own a 2-cup Bodum chrome press, and for French presses, I have only ever used them. Whilst friends have had problems with the cheaper plastic ones and also their thermal glasses, I have enjoyed years of happy coffee making. As the 2-cup is not really enough for a Sunday I decided to buy the larger 8-cup. When the first product arrived with a small nick out of the class, but Amazon soon replaced it. My new press is great, made to the same very high standards I would expect from a product at this price-point, however, there is a discrepancy in the 'fit' of the plunger. In engineering terms it might only be a fraction of a hair's width off, but off it is. The plunger is too tight in the glass, and the glass is too tight in the cradle meaning the glass cannot be removed to be hand-washed and I have to wash the whole unit. This will mean that the chrome will not only likely scratch but will eventually rust, whereas my 10 year-old 2-cup is still pristine. Disappointing. My advice would be to perhaps stump up the extra cash and buy one from a shop where you could check the plunger fit before purchase.

Guy Laroche Drakkar Noir EDT Spray 200 ml
Guy Laroche Drakkar Noir EDT Spray 200 ml
Price: £31.73

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great fragrance, unbeatable price, 21 Jan. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I first used this back in the late '80s and have recently revisited it again largely due to this price. Like many of the classics from that day: Kouros, Aramis, Obsession, it is a fragrance that is both unmistakable, and unmistakeably masculine, and has stood the test of time. It actually has a very distinctive fragrance rather than being an unclear melange of shower-gel/room-freshener/deodorant, which I find most contemporary mens' EDT tends to be. This is an unusually large bottle (which makes it all the more reasonable) so don't buy it if you are not sure as you will never get through 200ml. But if you know the scent you will not be disappointment and will also find the generous nozzle that delivers a good spray a plus.

Villeroy & Boch 0.10 Litre Premium Bone Porcelain La Classica Nuova Espresso Cup, White
Villeroy & Boch 0.10 Litre Premium Bone Porcelain La Classica Nuova Espresso Cup, White
Price: £14.90

5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful cups at an unbelievable price, 21 Jan. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
These cups are £15 each in House of Frazer (although the seller has now upped the price, I paid about £3 each for them!!*). Great little espresso cups perfect for people with large hands. Very ergonomically designed, great weight and balance, very elegant to boot. Now I am waiting for the £10 saucers to be reduced ^_^

*N.B. This review was initially written when they were cheap now they are normal price, so why not go to House of Frazer...?

Cafédirect Fairtrade Machu Picchu Organic Roast & Ground Coffee 227g (Pack of 2)
Cafédirect Fairtrade Machu Picchu Organic Roast & Ground Coffee 227g (Pack of 2)
Offered by Net Outlet Center UK
Price: £12.56

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Go to Tesco!, 21 Jan. 2015
Fantastic coffee, but not at this price, I'm afraid! Head on down to Tesco and you will likely find it (as always) on a 3-for-2 deal or some such price-breaker and then it is an absolute bargain. They also have another roast by the same company. Incidentally, their Guatemala (Tesco Finest) is one of the best coffees I have ever purchased for a French Press, so grab a pack of that too if you like this flavour, and that's FairTrade too!

Waterman Carene Black Lacquer Silver Trim Fine Nib Fountain Pen - Gift Boxed
Waterman Carene Black Lacquer Silver Trim Fine Nib Fountain Pen - Gift Boxed
Price: £112.81

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Inferior product, avoid!, 4 Dec. 2014
I received this a leaving present and initially chose it due only to the style. Having owned it for over a year and used it pretty much every day I can say that it is faultlessly smooth in the flow of ink. It only ever dries as it should - when it is getting low on ink and I use the standard converter with Waterman ink, so would recommend that combination. It feels good in the hand and looks impressive too. If there are gripes, and there are, then I would say that the fact the metal foot doesn't align with the nib (quite an important aspect, with a design like this) is very annoying and can only be rectified by unturning it a quarter of a screw. The other low point is the material. I am super careful with this and yet there are scuffs around the nib where the cap must have touched it when being applied, there are also a few scuffs on the body and yet this lives inside my suit or coat pocket. All in all, I would recommend the product though, especially as a fine celebratory gift; the very least it will do it impress your friends, and it might even improve your writing!

Soon after writing the above, and for no apparent reason cracks started to appear round the nib making the product unusable. Clearly this is not the kind of quality you would expect from a product of this 'quality' and price. Needless to say I will be contacting Waterman!

Acrylic Paint - Special Offer Multi Pack
Acrylic Paint - Special Offer Multi Pack
Offered by Yellow Moon UK Ltd
Price: £19.00

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2.0 out of 5 stars Image not to scale, 20 Sept. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Whilst I don't think the company was 'intentionally' deceitful about the size of the bottles (they Do state the volume as being 170 - but how many people can visualise that?). Their 'product image' is, however, either photoshopped or originally shot against a white background, and is thus, difficult to determine the actual size of the bottles. I was quite disappointed by the smallness of these bottles, and if you are expecting stout squeezy bottles full of paint, you will no doubt also be disappointed. Whilst I haven't used them yet. so can't confirm how far the paint will go, I am anticipating it not being enough. For the price (they are not cheap) I would suggest then, that you can find cheaper elsewhere. Certainly not recommended if you are working with large groups and they squeeze out more than they need. Shop around.

Having used the paints I can say they are excellent. very easy to use straight out the bottle, and although they are runny (be careful) a little goes a long way! I would suggest either the facilitator dishing out the paint or putting them in resealable 'caps' otherwise it will soon be gone.
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