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The People of the Abyss
The People of the Abyss
by Jack London
Edition: Paperback
Price: £6.90

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5.0 out of 5 stars The working poor of today should read about similar forces which created the working poor of yesterday, 1 Jan. 2015
With many parallel's with modern times, this Book takes us to the very streets of the East End of London in 1900, against a backdrop of a massively rich landlord class and very large working underclass. The underclass/working class barely survive and live a day to day precarious existence, working on a insecure ad-hoc basis with high rents and wages that don't cover bare essentials.
(One force which caused these levels of poverty and wage compression were due to immense immigration into the East End of London between 1870-1905, until the Aliens Act of 1905 Limited immigration).

This book is full of insightful observations on the forces and processes that created such bleak lives and renowned poverty - drawn from direct accounts from the streets of the East End.

I remember a passage where the author interviews people living in 'respectable houses' nervously eye the crime ridden slums forming just up the road and know its only a matter of time before they will have to move out. These houses are bought by west end landlords and packed with waves of subsistence workers, 'hotbedding' and delivering immense rental returns.

Thus - the process of slumification, from respectable neighborhoods into slums is starkly illustrated.

The people and grimness come alive in this book and so many things are the same, or not very different to today. This beats Orwell IMO.

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4.0 out of 5 stars A quality brand - but will it work for you?, 24 Oct. 2014
I like the Kirkland brand (i.e., as a quality brand. I bought Kirkland Vitamin D recently and they were cheaper on Amazon than on Costco, so you have to compare.

I have 'Runners Knee' - Chondromalacia. - accompanied by grinding noises.

The cartilage under the kneecap softens and deteriorates, and, overtime this can result in osteoarthritis (bone rubbing against bone). I exacerbated it by walking my pulling dogs despite the pain, and not resting wrongly thinking it would get better with exercise.

After finally using a proper rest 2 months! The pain went and I felt I was OK again (for about 2-3 weeks). I then made the mistake of kicking a football for the dogs to go for. Just like that - my knee 'went' again (felt it would slide sideways off my lower leg!), and I was unable to walk for the next 2 weeks or even press in a car clutch peddle to drive because of the pain.

I then decided I needed to give myself every aid I could to get over it. I vaguely remembered 'TheRock' (i.e. Dwyane Johnston) puts himself through 40 mins of cardio everyday before has breakfast and then hits massive weights. He said that now he is over 40 he does have joint pain and takes Glucosamine & Chondroitin for it.

So on that basis - I decided to give it a go, as its as good anything.

I have tried other various cheap discount supermarket brands. I have not yet tried the Kirkland.
I have to say, *within a day* it definitely worked for me and I could walk comfortably without pain rather than limping about. I took them with Cod Liver Oil. I am now walking the dogs without too many problems. After 2 weeks rest it would have got better anyway - but I am certain the Glucosamine helped a lot.

I still have creaking noises in my knee however they are far less than before when I could hear them walking up the stairs!

The Kirkland brand is not that more expensive that the discount supermarket Glucosamine given its likely better and you get 220 tablets of 750mg GS & Chrondroitin, but, if you are skeptical and want to test if they will likely work for you I recommend trying the ones available from your supermarket.

I am thinking when you reach the bone rubbing against bone stage its too late, BUT while you still have some weakening, softening cartilage left over your joints, this stuff prob does work. The only problem is that I feel slightly 'hot' throughout my body after taking it, so I think I may be allergic to shellfish from which its made (or there are a lot of heavy metals in it which is another worry!).

I know - I have not yet used the Kirkland brand above, but I felt I should impart my experience on whether G. Works *AT ALL* which it does IMO if you have joint pain (although I can understand it not working in more serious osteoarthritis patients where no cartilage is left).

I also recommend people buy knee braces/stablizers (ranging from under £1 to a few quid from places like Home and Bargain) to stabilize the joint and reduce the pain. This is quite an important aid to recovery and preventing re-injury.

A warning I have is with the amazon review and rating system. I have noticed, especially on supplement reviews but often other products, that many fake reviews are seemingly created that stand shoulder to shoulder with genuine reviews - for example, you can see many user accounts (newly created) that do a few glowing paragraph reviews on the same day which is likely the manufacturer pumping up the ratings. Amazon should change its rating to be a lot more foolproof - similar to ebay - where the amount of years of membership of a reviewer is given as well as the amount of reviews.

Young Blood: The Inside Story of How Street Gangs Hijacked Britain's Biggest Drugs Cartel
Young Blood: The Inside Story of How Street Gangs Hijacked Britain's Biggest Drugs Cartel
Price: £4.36

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent book, an amazing story of the City. Well worth a read., 17 Oct. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
It took me about 20 pages to 'get into' this book, as it quickly covers some of the story from 'The Cartel' which details the period 1973-2003 when Liverpool became the number 1 drug importer city in the UK.

But from then, it gets gripping, as the book then goes into the gang wars which occured between established cartel figures and allied gangs from the southside of the city (Toxteth) in conflict with the new American style street gangs and crime families rising in the north of the city - Everton, and the Nesgy soldjas and Crocky crew, (Croxteth and Norris Green).

What you will find as you read it is that many apparently unconnected news reports that you have seen - for example the grenade attacks and shootings on 2 WPCs by the one-eyed Dale Cregan, and basically went 'What the F! was that about???' These become starkly illuminated when you read the book (this was part of a gang campaign to intimidate the police along with exploding cars outside police stations) - all of which you don't get from the news reports. Or the shooting of the child Rhys Jones on his bike in Liverpool (by the crocky crew) etc.. finally you understand whats been going on in the city.

A lot of the story centers on Kallas and Sideoius (his lieutenant) and their gang war with Bubbley and cartel old school figure 'the Financier'. I soon established that Sidoius (who is described in the book as hanging around with a well known soapstar), was in-fact Tony Richardson (recently locked up) and the soapstar/gangsters moll was Jennifer Ellison. Kallas is James 'Pancake' Taylor.

No idea the real names of the rest, but one thing that is useful to do when reading the book is to look up on the Liverpool echo website/do general Internet searches on the characters i.e. Tony Richardson, or Colin Smith (the Boss of Bosses) who was recently assassinated in a hostile takeover attempt by other members of the cartel (also covered by the book). You will be shocked at how the articles in the echo match virtually word for word the content of the book.

The events and sequences will have you hanging on every page in a mixture of disbelief and suspense. (has this really been going on - thousands of people i the city on the drug payroll etc?).

Finally, one thing that has to be said, and is also covered quite well, but rather uncritically, by the book are the police reaction to the US style gangs and gangsters. The figure of 'the Analyst' - the policeman who encouraged new innovative policing methods used against the gangs talks to the author, and shows how major changes in the law against the gangs and gangsters - such as 'Joint Enterprise' - i.e. being able to charge an entire group of people with a serious offense if they all stay silent and 'don't grass' - (so they give up the shooter/leader) whereas before the law 'not grassing' would let them all free due to insufficient evidence means they all now grass - and a major part of the protection of being in a gang (i.e. being untouchable and above the law) has crumbled away.

Also the changes in/or application of the law to confiscate assets of crime if there is no proper explanation of how the suspect came by them legally, (which is what you would think would happen anyway!) this means the law is seemingly, finally, coming together with a toolset to effectively work against the gangs and gangsters. The police part all comes over as a bit panglossian as other news reports have shown that the Serious Proceeds of Crime Act is in fact rarely used, and there is a huge inertia in the system, with only a skeleton staff at the Home Office doing such asset confiscation.

Basically if you live in the city - this is a MUST READ! If you don't its still a amazing read.

Kirkland B-100 High Energy Complex 250 Tablets
Kirkland B-100 High Energy Complex 250 Tablets
Offered by Once Upon a Time .............
Price: £12.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Pretty potent and a quality brand. Might be better taking 1/2 tablet for B-50 dose., 17 Oct. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Have to say these are great. I originally bought for a relative who is a alcoholic to stop any chance of wet brain. Wet brain (the brain partly disintegrates) is not some sort of long term condition. No - it happens in a few hours, when the drinking has caused the brain to run out of B vitamins (thamine and folic acid). Hence every alcoholic needs to be popping B vitamins on a regular basis. This tablet provides 10000% the RDA of thamin to give you an indication of how protective they are. They are freeking huge as well - and hard to swallow - unlike the tiny tablets (less potent) from the GP.
I got these for under £13. Costco sell them online for £17. I think Costco have pushed it's prices up recently.

Although I don't drink myself, because of the reported effect on energy levels and skin I started taking them as well.I quickly noticed my urine turned NEON yellow - which is quite alarming! There is nothing on the packet about this. Only when you then look online about B vitamins do you find this is directly due to riboflavin (a B vitamin) being flushed out my system by my kidneys - this indicates how powerful these tablets are! So I cut the dose to half a tablet - still pretty yellow, but not looking like its radioactive!

Maybe because I am taking a half tablet? But I have not noticed any massively noticeable change in energy levels, But overall I think thats because I have trouble getting to sleep, waking up at 3-4am and then having to get to sleep again, (nothing to do with the tablets - a long running problem...) As for the effects on skin and hair - I do notice that where I had a few graying hairs cropping up in my eyebrows (I am over 40), that seems to have stopped.

The caveat with all this is that I have only taken them for about 3 weeks so far, but I don't doubt the quality of the Kirkland (i.e. Costco) Brand.

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5.0 out of 5 stars SSD is Unbelieveable improvement but HOWTO move ProgramData and Users Folders. Heres HOW..., 27 Sept. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Bootup time - 12 seconds to Windows 7 login prompt, 15 seconds beyond the prompt. Not 3 minutes like before. But thats minor - where it really make a difference is in loading applications, when your actually using the computer - 1 second to load Word for example! It's freeking INSANE! Best improvement that you can make - forget better CPU - forget faster GPU, Memory - this makes EVERYTHING run like greased lightening.

I had about 1Tb of stuff on my C: drive that I had to make run on a 250Gb SSD! (see below for how to do this properly). This SSD came with a copy program which was therefore useless for me to use. I had to 2 copy 2 folders (called Users and ProgramData) to another 'normal' Harddrive (D:) - when this was done everything else - all the installed programs, operating system etc...took only into 70Gb of the 250Gb SSD. To do this properly you have to use some tools that come with Windows 7 (run under Audit mode and SysPrep)

You can only write something like 1000 times to the device before the transistors in that area are burnt out and the area is marked out of use. So the device will degrade over time its space will shink as it marks areas off.

So, IDEALLY *AND I STRESS IDEALLY* because it will take maybe years (over a year at least) to degrade even if you don't bother follow the rules to reduce writing to the device, by which time prices will have dropped again and you can simply buy another one.

But - if you want to squeeze maximum lifespan, you want to do a few things to reduce Windows writing to the device.

The biggest of these steps is to move the Windows ProgramData and User folder to another Drive. Most likely you have to do this anyway as they could not fit onto an SSD!

My SSD is 250Gb and my Users folder alone was 500gb! There is plenty of advice on how to do move these 2 key folders on the internet - but most of it is wrong or would result in a half baked approach.

A lot of them will say simply copy the folders to another drive and set a link to the drive (a directory junction). Nope! BE WARY! The easiest way is to use Audit Mode and System Preparation Tool to do this.


I personally decided to reinstall Windows 7 as that also would result in a massive speed boost and instant de-clutter of temp/orphaned files etc.. and then followed the guide above.

My SSD drive after installing a pile of stuff is now just over 25% full and will last years and everything is running like lightening compared to before.
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Stoga Black Extendable Telescopic handheld Self Portrait Monopod Extender with CAMERA Shutter REMOTE CONTROLLER plus Universal Smartphones Holder Clip for Digital Camera iPhone 4 4S 5 5S 5C 6 6G 6S Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 S4 i9500 S5 Galaxy Note 2 (Black)
Stoga Black Extendable Telescopic handheld Self Portrait Monopod Extender with CAMERA Shutter REMOTE CONTROLLER plus Universal Smartphones Holder Clip for Digital Camera iPhone 4 4S 5 5S 5C 6 6G 6S Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 S4 i9500 S5 Galaxy Note 2 (Black)
Offered by Mini Kitty
Price: £2.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Thought it might be stupid - after using it - it's a MUST HAVE IMO., 27 Sept. 2014
I first thought this would be a bit stupid. I mean does it really improve your shots? Wouldn't you look a bit stupid using it? I saw a group of South American lads using something like this complete with duct tape and a hero go pro camera on the end when I was walking around Marble Arch/Hyde park and they were all getting in the shot by a war memorial for their family.

So I gave this a go. I thought at least I can be in the shot next time.

But when you actually use it, its much more than about filming yourself - it's simply a vast improvement on simply pointing and shooting.

And its not just that you become part of the scene, its the perspective and angles that you get that you cannot get any other way! You can sweep with the camera at over 10ft above the ground (depending on your height and arm length) - it really gives amazing shots that are worth watching because they explore the scene in many dimensions and hold the interest of the viewer in the way still point and shoot shots don't.

Its small enough (its telescopic, so collapses to around 12 inches/ 30cm) to place in a jacket pocket or - more likely - bag.

I would say if you are going anywhere at all for a visit - a city etc..- its a MUST HAVE item to stick in your backpack. It telescopically extends to about 1 meter maximum.

Its clasp (to hold the camera) extends to 3 inches max, so if your camera is any wider then it won't fit.

My camera is a Nokia 808 (a 'standard size mobile phone')- of about 2.5 inches wide. No modification was necessary it simply clipped into the end. The spring loaded clasp seems to hold the camera fine. (I wouldn't start flinging the camera around though - its only a clasp after all.)

It's also quite well made - The plastics look good quality and its got a good general build quality about it (touches like real rubber handle (not plastic), wrist strap, nice telescopic metal).

All this for around a fiver - just a great bargain.

As a side bonus - It also looks as if it will be handy as a monopod (for point and shoot shots which you need steady without all the hassle of a tripod).
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Yiboyuan 2x 3500mah Battery with Wall Charger for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 II GT-N7100 N7100
Yiboyuan 2x 3500mah Battery with Wall Charger for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 II GT-N7100 N7100

5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic - both batterys have been as good as original. And charger is great., 18 Aug. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Let me tell you that the Batteries work great. Store charge just as well, or 90% as well as the Samsung Battery. Basically I cannot tell the difference. I have been using them for a few weeks now. (It took a few weeks for them to arrive)

The 'wall wart' charger supplied is excellent. (even has a USB connector at the top). It will not overcharge (smart charger) - It lights up pink when the inserted battery is undercharged, and blue when fully charged. As another plus, the pcb stress and fracturing possibility of inserting the microUSB dongle (often the wrong way) has gone. I now have no worries about the microUSB port being damaged on my Note 2 to charge the battery.

Essential when traveling IMO or goign to some event IMO. Can travel with 3 fully charged batteries in your wallet. Using high power apps - sat nav, camera, video etc.. for hours holds no worries. Can charge one while using another. You can forget occasions were device goes offline for a day when you have forgotten to plug in the microUSB charger overnight and the battery is dead and needs charging.

It's GREAT! (Charger takes about 2-3 hours to charge a battery).

I have to say, that I bought the massive 6500mAh battery with adapted backplate to help with me needs, but its pretty cumbersome, and this solution is better for traveling and general use IMO.

If you have a Note 2 - buy this - you won't regret it!

Ambrosia Semolina 6x400g
Ambrosia Semolina 6x400g
Offered by Emaan Limited
Price: £9.47

1.0 out of 5 stars The most horrible, overly sweet, pale grey imitation of semolina ever., 18 Aug. 2014
This review is from: Ambrosia Semolina 6x400g (Grocery)
Just bought a tin of this from a supermarket and have to say, its the most horrible, overly sweet, pale grey imitation of semolina ever. My shock at the poor quality lead to this review.

It is grey. Hardly any actual semolina, and thus no real body. Translucent, watery milk, like its made with a third evaporated milk, then water, and so much suger added it makes you gag when eating!

It truly defies belief they would sell such a low quality item under a brand name. The whole brand is now relegated to below smartprice quality for me. You might as well just add water and lots of suger to milk and heat it. Truely Disgusting stuff.

Apparently the consumer brand 'Ambrosia' has been bought and sold a few times over the past decade, and its current owner is Premier Foods. I would advise any shareholder to sell this company, as they are clearly destroying the Brand, and it must be a good sign of the overall management of the company

Generic Replacement Extended 6500mAh Battery with Back Cover For Samsung Galaxy Note 2 II N7100 White
Generic Replacement Extended 6500mAh Battery with Back Cover For Samsung Galaxy Note 2 II N7100 White
Offered by Viworth
Price: £6.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Really is 6500mAh (or close to it) IMO, 25 July 2014
Yes - it really does greatly extend battery life - and I reckon it must really be 6500mAh as I can get 2 days out of it near enough. (although I have only used it for 5 days)

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a beautiful device but the stock battery on the Note 2 doesn't last amazingly long, as the Android operating system is a energy hog, noticeably not shutting down apps when you close them, and the very high specification of the Note 2 (2GB RAM, Quad Core processor and GPU) being almost similar to a laptop to produce its magic, means the battery even at 3500mAh usually lasts less than a day with use.

So I bought this 6500mAh battery and case.
First the negatives ;
1. You get a glossy plastic back cover which fits well enough and is sturdy enough but has no NFC (not that I have ever used this) like the original case. But with the extra bulk you will have great difficulty getting any cases you have to fit it.
2. The huge battery takes about 4 hours to fully charge, although it then lasts about 2 days of use.

Is it worth it? Well, yes it certainly does the job, and appears (so far) to be genuinely 6500mAh or close to it, however I would encourage people to think about buying 2 spare 3500mAh BAAKYEEK batteries and a charger for around the same price, and simply carry them in a wallet and swap them as needed as there are fewer negatives.

However, despite saying this - I would expect this is IDEAL for anything like the following use cases ;
Driving around all day using GPS, heavy use and simply not being able to swap out batteries or carry the bulk of the spare batteries about.
For example, going away on a weekend trip without having access to a power point to recharge or wanting to carry fully charged spare batteries. Or going away with access to a power point, but knowing you are going to have heavy use of the device all day without the complication of battery swap outs. There are plenty of use cases where you would not want the problems of carrying spares and knowing you will be without a charger for a while. For this the product is ideal.

CiT 3.5 inch USB 2.0 SATA and IDE HDD Enclosure
CiT 3.5 inch USB 2.0 SATA and IDE HDD Enclosure
Offered by Box Limited
Price: £24.99

5.0 out of 5 stars One of my best purchases ever!, 9 July 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Everyone needs one of these!
This can connect SATA or IDE (by changing the leads supplied inside the box) its magical to see the data locked up on old HDDs.
So easy to slip a HDD in and suddenly its all accessable - even on ancient HDDs I have not seen in 10 years (1.7Gig) sometimes the odd HDD did not show up but usually changing the jumper settings on the HDD sorted that out.

I can now use some of the (less old) HDDs of hundred+Gb range as a data Backup at least. 1 in 20 drives fail within a year so its definately worth backing up your data, multiple times and places.

The only niggle is that there is a clip on panel by the power and on/off switch that comes off a lot when sliding the drive out and putting a new one in, and cables need tacking down now and again with your finger to get the cover to slide over the HDD.

They really are niggles though and this is a bargain for what you get and the utility value. WELL WORTH BUYING EVEN IF USED AS A BACKUP DEVICE ONLY,

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