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I Robot (Collector's Two Disc Edition) [DVD] [2004]
I Robot (Collector's Two Disc Edition) [DVD] [2004]
Dvd ~ Will Smith
Price: £0.99

3.0 out of 5 stars Does enough to keep you watching for 100 minutes., 26 April 2008
What surprised me the most about I, ROBOT was how watch able it was despite having a simple storyline with a somewhat predictable conclusion, because lets face it while the set pieces and the effects are all very well done, the story is just a little predictable, don't expect any groundbreaking material besides the effects. However the well-choreographed action, stylish effects and Will Smith factor help make this an undeniably good film, which is based on a series of short stories from the acclaimed Sci-Fi writer Isaac Asimov. I have never read any of these but learned enough about from the moderately interesting bonus material. Set in the year 2035, the world has changed to the point where all our technology now goes through personalised machines, there is a perfect circle of protection thanks to the three laws of Robotics which were designed to ensure humanity's command over the rapid number of machines entrusted with the running of our day to day lives. Pretty standard stuff so far, the problem that occurs in this perfect system begins with the apparent suicide of Alfred Lanning (James Cromwell) a pioneer of robotics, enter homicide detective Spooner (Will Smith), who doesn't trust Robots and harbours resentment over their very existence. Naturally he believes there is more to the case than meets the eye, which of course there is and straight away he starts digging further into the case leading to a long line of special effects laden action sequences, murder mystery, more big action scenes with a surprisingly enjoyable if predictable plot. The end result is a very polished, above average Science Fiction action movie which covers familiar territory but maintains its appeal through solid acting, highly impressive visuals and the above mentioned action which puts to shame some of the more recent releases of the Sci-Fi Action genre. Will Smith gives a strong performance; one of his best that I have seen, in a role tailor made for him, as the somewhat paranoid, irrational detective on a mission, Bridget Moynahan is the supremely up tight "robopsychologist" (thank you wikipedia) who the filmmakers, thankfully avoid creating a typical romantic entanglement with Smiths character which would have made the film too by the book and routine. Alan Tudyk (whom Dodgeball fans will remember as "Steve the pirate") provides the voice and movements of Sunny, the main Robot who is believed to be responsible for the murder of Doctor Lanning. I would delve further into the plot but as I said I, Robot doesn't have too-many surprises, I can't judge how accurate an adaptation of Asimov's but found I,Robot to be an entertaining and impressive feature, crafted with excellent CGI and featuring a typically reliable performance from Will Smith. Definitely worth seeing, I,Robot is a Sci-Fi action film that does the job with style without just being a popcorn flick, but instead a sharper entry in a long line of Sci-Fi which has covered this material before.

Now for the bonus features available. Ill be honest I picked up the two-disc edition and while there is a decent amount of bonus features on disc two to watch on the making of the film and pieces on Robotics, I never really sat down immersed myself in them for too long, I enjoyed the movie but not to the point where I would be interested enough to see behind the scenes and only picked up the two disc version because it was very good value. Plenty of bonuses available, including a few incomplete deleted scenes and extended scenes, and the usual insight into the special effects, the score done Marco Beltrami, (who also did the music for Terminator 3), and production diaries, interviews and trailers and three separate commentaries on disc one. If you really liked I, Robot then I would recommend the two-disc edition, as it is good value for the amount of features you get, if not pick up the one-disc release.

Aliens Vs Predator - Requiem - 2 Disc Ultimate Combat Edition [DVD]
Aliens Vs Predator - Requiem - 2 Disc Ultimate Combat Edition [DVD]
Dvd ~ Steven Pasquale
Price: £2.33

4 of 6 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Another Massive let down., 3 April 2008
Granted I only saw this through a less than reliable internet connection (unfortunately the ending of the movie was revealed to me, making a trip to cinema pointless) which made it rather difficult to see.I have since seen the film on DVD, which proved exceedingly difficult as the entire film is rather difficult to see, both literally and from the point of view of someone looking for anything decent to watch. I still saw enough to realize what an utterly lazy and at times cringe worthy feature this was. There are an extraordinary number of factors present in AVP-R to render it the cheap trash it ultimately is. The main problem was, for me at least the incredibly routine story, no wait even routine Films can have something decent to offer and this clearly doesn't, there is nothing original in this cheapest of re-hashes , at best the entire thing felt like a mesh mash of cheap slasher movies with decent special effects all rolled into one.

Set immediately after the events of Alien versus Predator (which at least appeared some bit creative for a new, if somewhat ineffective environment in a an underground temple in Antarctica). This one is set on Earth is the small town in Colorado, where the Predator ship from the last film crash lands due to the antics of an Alien/Predator hybrid a Predalien. It runs amok in this town bringing with it Face huggers escaped from the Predators ship which quickly latch on to nearby residents in the town and thus the whole place becomes infested with Aliens. A lone Predator, nicknamed "Wolf" by the filmmakers as a nod to Harvey Keitel's Character in Pulp Fiction is sent to cleanup the mess. Shortly after we are introduced to the most cardboard cutout sad excuse for "characters" I have seen for a very long time. I mean the whole story is so lazy, it seems no effort was put into giving these characters anything after they're first names granted many saw these for action and thrills rather than character developed decent writing but if you don't believe in or care about the characters how can you expect to be scared or saddened should any of them die. A lot of people are here just to be Alien/Predator fodder, but the sheer paper-thin characters and unforgivably formulaic story which has maybe one original scene involving a pregnant woman and the Predalien did not interest or excite me in any way. I would like to point out I did NOT expect a great deal from this but was cautiously optimistic it would pass for a decent Action movie (its not particularly frightening so to call it a horror film is stretching it a bit).

For characters we have a solider played by Reiko Aylesworth returning to her family after a stint in Iraq, a teenage boy called Ricky (Johnny Lewis) who lusts after his high school dream girl, complicated by the fact she is seeing the bully in the story who gives Ricky a tough time(probably the dramatic low point in this "story"), Ricky's brother Dallas (Steven Pasquale) (one of many nods to the previous movies, and one of the few that is not that irritating) he's a tough guy just out of prison who is trying to make sure his younger brother does not go the same way. Then you have the towns sheriff who doesn't do a lot except looking like a stereotypically dim witted officer. But then he is merely one of many stereotypes in this highly predictable an utterly hopelessly shallow, brutally mind numbing excercise, where the cast, who to be fair are not exactly a-list performers but most of whom are on, or were on relatively successful television shows, such as 24, Rescue me, and the OC respectively don't have anything to work with. There is a lot of blood but not a drop of it makes any real impact, the film tries to scare you with things most Alien fans have seen far too- many times and its story and paper thin characters don't help what is a rather rushed, un-original, uninspired and in my own opinion, highly unwanted spin-off sequel which adds further misery to a once illustrious franchise.

Lucky to even get a star, which quite frankly I really do need to ask myself why it merits it. I'm not looking for great works of art in Requiem just a decent movie and this is a trashy film, which fails to create any real tension or even a fun popcorn movie effect. I felt I needed to see it because I was a big Alien fan and liked the first Predator movie, and if that's your only motivation for seeing this movie then don't bother, you wont miss anything worthwhile. Seeing this film properly on DVD didn't even help make the picture quality, which compounds a rather wasted 94 minutes spent watching this. Avoid it.

There Will Be Blood (2 disc Special Edition) [DVD]
There Will Be Blood (2 disc Special Edition) [DVD]
Dvd ~ Daniel Day-Lewis
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £2.90

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Mesmerizing, 21 Mar. 2008
I had never seen Daniel Day Lewis before There Will Be Blood, yes I know shocking, so I was more than interesting in seeing this if only to see the man everyone loved so much and afterwards I can certainly see why. I will be honest I feel a mere simpleton trying to deliver any kind of meaningful analogy with regards to There will be blood, but if only for Daniel Day Lewis's performance I thought I would try. Whether or not the movie grabbed me, I don't think so, but the leading man was, well it was one of those performances that leave some people sitting there just mesmerized. If I never see another movie with Daniel Day Lewis in it, I will still have enough to remember for this one performance. I thought Brando In the Godfather was powerful but this was more intense, almost relentless at times my only gripe here is that if you remove Daniel Day Lewis you don't have a critically acclaimed "masterpiece" that's my view anyway. The only relatively well known actor here is Daniel Day Lewis, his character is given by far the most screen time, obviously but it seems any potential weaknesses the movie may have had the makers tried to cover by dumping the full weight of this massive feature on one mans shoulders, luckily that man was Daniel Day Lewis so not a lot of people have a great deal to complain about. For the record I am not a serial follower of Day Lewis, I has never seen anything he had done beforehand, I am saying this simply to bring home the point that besides his utterly engrossing masterful performance there was not a lot I could take from this movie which tells the story of a silver miner turned oil man on a mission for power, during Southern California's oil boom of the late 19th century and early into the 20th century. The other characters are basically just there to serve their secondary functions, I mean if you replaced all of them save for two, the son and the preacher Ely with different actors then I wouldn't really notice there is one central character in this whole movie, who gives it its drive to call anyone else a "supporting actor" is stretching it a bit, I may be off here but other than the lead, everyone else just shrunk into the shadows and other than his son and one very annoying preacher left no real impact given how little they appeared to be needed. This felt like a one man show, and that's my rather meaningless criticism how can a movie be perceived as a masterpiece when it so heavily reliant on one actor to pull it through, the ending or rather the scene right before it was very, very moving, sad and quite powerful and NOT just for Day Lewis but up until then the only thing that ever struck a chord with me as a observer, emotionally or otherwise was the PERFORMANCE of Daniel Day Lewis, the story was interesting for me any way solely for the sheer... insert any word that can sum up the magnitude of you know who's performance, the story for most parts, id say maybe 80 % or more never really gripped me as I expected given the A list everything that went with this highly anticipated and critically acclaimed movie. Put it this way, certain scenes which one would think should affect you in a certain way don't, like a rather brutal scene at the climax which felt more like black comedy at its finest than the end to the "Citizen Cane Surpassed" as one big paper said I think. There will be Blood just feels rather empty at times, maybe because the characters are never fully explored despite the fact its the best part of 2 and a half hours long, maybe because its hard to remember anything else besides one truly (insert adequate word here) show from one man, I don't really know. Certain parts of the story did grip me but for the most part it was considerably less involving than many far less acclaimed and inevitably beloved pictures. For the final time, subtract one actor and its curtains for there will be blood, but I can say with pleasing comfort that if you see this film, that Oscar winning performance should grip you from the very opening seconds to the last shot, it seems fitting that a film centered around one man should start and end on his characters terms, and this alone makes There Will Be Blood a must see, anything else, and to plenty I am sure, there will be other aspects that will make more of an impact to plenty than this single viewer. Go see it, either way one-man show or not it's a very good watch.

Batman Begins - 1 Disc Edition [DVD] [2005]
Batman Begins - 1 Disc Edition [DVD] [2005]
Dvd ~ Christian Bale
Price: £0.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent., 13 Mar. 2008
This is easily one the best superhero films ever made and although I have not seen any Superman movies I would rank it above every other movie of its kind I have ever seen, compared to this the Spider man trilogy (excluding part 2) does not merit a second glance. What sets this above the other ones, what makes it more than a guilty pleasure? Quite a few things actually, for starters an extraordinary cast including Michael Caine, Liam Nesson, Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman and with almost minor roles filled by the likes of Tom Wilkinson, Cillian Murphy, Rutger Hauer, they give the film an almost epic feel with superstars and screen icons filling in supporting roles. But the key difference here is story, in the other four you start off with this billionaire and all these cool gadgets that came from nowhere, very little time is actually devoted to the back story of Bruce Wayne and whatever I thought of parts 1-4 in any capacity there was no sense of realism like in Batman Begins, or rather the illusion that a man might want to the extraordinarily theatrical things has never been presented in such a way that while it is a stretch you never stop believing in the world created on screen.

Here we actually see some, trial and error and the reasons why a man woke up one day and decided he was going to dress up like a giant bat, take the concept of this man fighting injustice and treat it as seriously as a superhero film can be and the end result is surprisingly believable. Granted this is a film about a man who dresses up like a giant bat but it still is presented in such a way that it is made as realistic as is humanly possible partly thanks to the painstakingly well shown process of the suit and the gadgets coming about and we actually see the origins of the character not told as a mere 30 second flashback or rushed through to get to hollow explosions and impressive set-pieces that simply look good but lack depth, instead there is a carefully worked process where the hero nearly breaks his neck, gets incinerated, gets beaten and bashed and has to figure out all those seemingly impossible tricks that were made second nature in either Burton or Schumacher's films. Speaking of which I never saw all of Burtons two "critically acclaimed" adaptations, Schumacher's films I have seen and well some things are better left unsaid. I am bringing this up purely for the point that seeing as I was never a big Batman fan this movie proved a surprisingly very enjoyable watch which was never merely a great action piece but a well told, gripping story which seemed to combine all the positive things the other ones were trying to get to but in a way that was much more dynamic and more meaningful.

Christopher Nolan is a very good director, and he, or his cinematographer I should say creates a mean Blade Runner style Gotham that perfectly conveys the desperate state of the city and its people. The effects needless to say are terrific, never has a flying tank seemed so appropriate and necessary to a high-speed getaway. The only negative things I can come up with relating to this picture is the occasionally, potentially tricky lines between Bale and his characters love interest played by Katie Holmes who got a Razzie nomination for her performance but I thought she did just fine but see for yourself and make up your own minds, but these lines are better than most regarding love and superheroes and only pale in comparison to what comes before and after it. The acting in this filming was superb I thought and I honestly cannot think of a single person who annoyed me or didn't at least get the job done. For once in a superhero film not every thing is laid out in black and white, this one actually provides a surprise or two along the way. This is a highly satisfying film which breathes life back into a failing (seemingly dead franchise) and is overall a top-notch film and far from a guilty pleasure thanks to the best cast any of the Batman films have ever had and easily the most believable plot. Intelligent, supremely well crafted and entertaining film that successfully transcends its genre.

Cloverfield [DVD]
Cloverfield [DVD]
Dvd ~ Lizzy Caplan
Price: £1.74

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2.0 out of 5 stars Colverfield?, 9 Mar. 2008
This review is from: Cloverfield [DVD] (DVD)
Firstly, the acting was very good, the effects were very good, the characters were very believable as was the entire story,given its premise it manages to maintain a surprising level of realism. Why then am i giving it a two? I didnt care one bit for any of the characters and scenes that were designed to make me jump(without giving anything away the close up scene in particular)failed to do so. I cant for the life of me criticize the characterization, the writing or any of the technical aspects of this picture. My problem was quite simply i didn't care, Cloverfield failed to capture my imagination, make me jump or empathize for the people in it(all acted superbly well). I am beginning to suspect the monster movies are wearing a bit thin if you have seen one well then you know how most will follow, Cloverfield does its utmost to be original but ultimately the film simply gives us something we have already seen a before or are at least very familiar with but from a different perspective and thats it basically. Had Cloverfield been released a few decades ago (granted that limitations in effects would have rendered it pointless) it would probably be a genre defining piece, but because it tries to take a worn out idea albeit by presenting it in a new much more dynamic way it still, for me anyway, just another monster running around with the occasional scene that like a 3-d ride tries to shock you every now and again with something moving at you very fast, but in my case didn't really do it. Cloverfield is a good movie and i only rate it so poorly because it suffers from the been there seen that syndrome because there have been so many movies like it that follow a similar pattern. I cannot stress enough this will only apply to those of you who have seen maybe one too many of theses types of movie with their own unique monster. If you haven't then you may, as a lot of people have enjoy Cloverfield immensely, after all it is good. I just found it too... uninteresting, boring,dull even though i beleived in the story i just didn't find it particularly appealing. It all boils down to whether things that look like their going to poke you in the face very quickly from a large screen can thrill you, if not maybe give this one a miss.

Alien Quadrilogy (9 Disc Complete Box Set) [DVD] [1979]
Alien Quadrilogy (9 Disc Complete Box Set) [DVD] [1979]
Dvd ~ Sigourney Weaver

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5.0 out of 5 stars Value for money., 21 Feb. 2008
For £22.00 on Amazon you get a grand total of 9 discs containing all 4 Alien films remastered, with both the theatrical and extended cuts, which in the case of Aliens and especially Alien 3 is an improvement on their original release. For each movie you get two discs, disc one containing two versions of the film and disc two has probably the most comprehensive in depth look into just about every aspect of the Alien saga. From the first draft of the script to casting to principal photography to special effects and many more story/technical features including input from directors Ridley Scott, James Cameron, and Jean Pierre Jeunet and the cast in crew of each film everything is covered.

Particularly enjoyable was the split interview between creator Dan o Bannon and producer Walter Hill, both claiming other had less to contribute to the pictures etc. Each Disc two contains detailed files on pre production-post production work. Just everything is packed in, in a fascinating look into the films, in particular the look into what went wrong on Alien 3 with frank interviews from various cast and crew members along with producers and so on which shows you how NOT to make a movie. Seeing the films digitally is something to savour on this format with commentary tracks for each films including Scott, Cameron and Jeunet and various cast members including Sigourney Weaver for the Alien track, the only commentary she does on any Alien film.

There is also an hour-long documentary about Alien, along with trailers, still galleries a look into HR Gigers design for the Alien and how it was made real through sculptures and animatronics. All these features are highly entertaining and then you have the films. For me anyway Alien and Aliens are two of the best Sci-Fi thriller/horror or in the case of Aliens action movies ever made but to go through all the things that made those movies great would require two more very long reviews, and the DVD collection covers it pretty well anyway trust. If you're an Alien fan buy it is EASILY worth its price tag and is tremendous entertainment in the films alone then all the many bonuses will provide hours of viewing pleasure, there is also a sleek booklet contained it the case which shows the time line between each movie and lists the bonus features cast crew and an interesting little snippet on Alien 3. This set is a great addition to any DVD collection and contains some of the most detailed and fascinating documentaries I have seen for any films. Though for people who live in Ireland anyway, the DVDS are a mere 20.00 in HMV, trust me that's some bargain for 9 discs, 4 films and for the above mentioned extra features which are so good the films themselves ALMOST become the bonuses in this mammoth set.

The Shining [DVD] [1980]
The Shining [DVD] [1980]
Dvd ~ Jack Nicholson
Offered by DVDBayFBA
Price: £3.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Definitive Horror, 11 Feb. 2008
This review is from: The Shining [DVD] [1980] (DVD)
Is the shining enjoyable? Depends on whether or not you enjoy something this emotionally and psychologically draining , is it a faithful adaptation of Steven Kings acclaimed novel, from what I hear no, is it entertaining, well that depends on whether you like films of its kind. I don't, yet I had to see this film, which has been deemed one of the influential cinematic masterpieces of all time. And after seeing it, it's rather difficult to suppress the urge to talk about it, at least once. The story is about a recovering Alcoholic played by Jack Nicholson who agrees to take the caretaker job at the overlook hotel for the winter season. The hotel will be entirely deserted and has a violent and disturbing past.

Jack Torrance (Nicholson) brings his wife (Shelley Duvall) and son (Danny Lloyd) along for the winter. From the very start Nicholson appears unstable and the tension is carefully added with every minute that passes, thanks to the edginess to Nicholson's character and his sons imaginary friend who tells him that he shouldn't go to the hotel. It is the son who has an extraordinary "gift" The Shining that he is told he shares with Dick Hallorann, the head chef, who tells Danny about the hotel, and alerting Danny that something terrible had happened there. The hotels dark past regarding a previous caretaker who went insane and killed his family starts to affected the family one by one with Danny and Jack and eventually Jacks wife seeing various horrific visions. Iconic Scenes so as "Here's Johnny!" And the scene when Shelley Duvall's Character discovers what her husband has been writing were merely the pick of some memorable albeit disturbing scenes. This film has this eerie atmospheric feel to it and had me watching intently despite very little actual gore that you see in so many knockoffs nowadays where is just a bloodbath. Though you will get something a lot like that in a couple of brilliantly done scenes.

I wont spoil the story for you but as someone who does not subscribe to this type of cinema I found this fascinating but very draining, its the way it manages to pile on the tension in this atmospheric hotel without actually producing more than a single bloody murder that impressed me. Unnerving and exhausting, a film that will leave you so drained chances are you'll have no difficulty getting to sleep right after it. It takes your mentality and slowly strips it away leaving you so open and believing that when you see things towards the end your not thinking about whether its real or not but completely caught up in it altogether.

I think Spielberg summed up Kubrick films best and it REALLY applies here, "once you turn it on a Kubrick Film you cant switch it off" and the Shining holds true to that statement.

Sunshine [DVD] [2007]
Sunshine [DVD] [2007]
Dvd ~ Cillian Murphy
Price: £2.08

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5.0 out of 5 stars Unbelievable., 31 Jan. 2008
This review is from: Sunshine [DVD] [2007] (DVD)
I found it difficult deciding whether this was a five star movie for me, then i realized i couldn't find a single negative aspect of this film. Its a throughly enjoyable intelligent science fiction that works as a great drama and even a top notch disaster movie, which is almost impossible to find nowadays. The crew of the Icarus II are on a mission to re-ignite the sun which is failing and leaves mankind on the verge of extinction. The crew in this movie(brace yourself) is NOT all-American, call me cynical but after watching the USA save the world in about every other movie where the fate of the world was at stake, i found this highly refreshing. The story of Sunshine does not seem to subscribe to the overblown and quite frankly worn out plots which other films where the world is at stake have insisted on using, there is quite a lot of originality here even if it bears some similarities to say Alien for example with a claustrophobic feel to it at times particularly the last 25-30 minutes when the crew get a "surprise" to say the least. The cast is one of the best I've seen in a science fiction film for a long time, everyone plays their part with such believability and in particular Cillian Murphy, Rose Byrne and Chris Evans are all great to watch. Given its relatively low budget(in comparison to some other Science Fiction films)its visuals are as good if not far superior to some special effects laden blockbusters which shows that its is an extremely well crafted film. Overall as i said i was just pleasantly surprised with this, its got an interesting and original story with good all round acting and terrific effects and brings back some welcome feelings experienced when watching Alien. Underrated and most DEFINITELY worth watching i could ramble on but in a nutshell this was a great watch for me so i highly recommend it, not just if you like Sci fi but really good films in general.
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Back To The Future Trilogy [DVD] [1985]
Back To The Future Trilogy [DVD] [1985]
Dvd ~ Michael J. Fox
Offered by Quality Media Supplies Ltd.
Price: £20.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Lightning strikes x3, 2 Jan. 2008
A personal favourite of mine, I HIGHLY recommend this set, you get 3 dvds each containing digitally restored versions of these excellent movies. The bonus features for disc one are fairly impressive giving an excellent insight into part 1 with original interviews with the cast and crew and new ones with Michael J fox and Robert Zemeckis and co creator Bob Gale. Each movie has a fairly good documentary; other features include surprisingly enjoyable anecdotes that can be played during the movies, which appear like subtitles with a fun fact or trivia concerning the film. There are scarce deleted scenes virtually all of which come in their rough editing format. Based on the special features alone id say MAYBE get the 4-disc set. The 3 disc is great and the bonus features are quite good but you will may get a bit more on the 4 disc edition. Now for the movies.

A timeless (quite literally) classic trilogy, this is clever and fantastically entertaining. There is no weak link here, which makes them all the more satisfying. Unlike other great franchises which produces some disappointing sequels for example Alien after the first two or the NEW star wars trilogy, Jaws or even the third Godfather these films set a standard in pure entertainment without letting it fall at any point. In this trilogy you will see a teenager by the name of Marty travel through time in a Delorean car made by the "Doc" Brown. While at first this may sound silly and brainless it is anything but (as a sceptical friend of mine found out upon viewing part2 which he gave 10/10.)

The plot lines surrounding the time travel are wonderfully intricate, small things that happened that almost naturally you forgot about carry great importance latter on and time travel has never been presented in such a seemingly paradox free state, at least from what I have seen in film. The acting is superb, the effects are simple yet effective, enhanced by a tremendous score by Alan Silvestri which amplifies the story even further, a story which has just about a bit of everything you might want be it romance, comedy, music, Sci-Fi, Drama, and some brilliantly done end sequences which now how to build suspense. Honestly I can't find a thing wrong with any of them.10 out of 10.Classics. Film one revolves around Marty Mcfly a teenage boy making the most of life in the eighties, his life is pretty ordinary but he has an extraordinary friend in "Doc" Brown. One faithful night Marty is transported back in time in a wonderful sequence involving a machine gun, car chase, and terrorists. He arrives in the year 1955 and soon encounters his parents. From here on the writing is just superb, it's funny, clever, and nostalgic but overall wonderfully entertaining without ever resorting to lowbrow comedy. There is hardly a dull moment in film one and the last thirty minutes are just stunning, a rock and roll ride that manages considerable suspense in the closing minutes...till the very end.

Films two and three were made simultaneously and easily maintain the quality of the first, the second at times surpassing it I thought. In both these films without giving the story away you see the future and old west respectively and it's just great, because the story somehow seamlessly switches from the present-past-present-future-past etc without ever becoming dull, cheesy or stupid and characters are given whole new dimensions thanks to the consequences of time travel which in the case of picture two makes things (if possible) more interesting, the stakes are raised. Lets face it, you don't generally get Science fiction, romance, westerns, period films, adventure stories all rolled into one over three movies which stay fresh and entertaining. Here you do. A great adventure trilogy that never gets old and can be viewed again and again.

The Terminator - Definitive Edition [DVD]
The Terminator - Definitive Edition [DVD]
Dvd ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger
Offered by wantitcheaper
Price: £3.61

77 of 85 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A True Classic, 23 Dec. 2007
Made on a budget of around 6.5 million dollars its a real marvel a film like this was made, quite simply its edge of your seat thrills and non-stop suspense at its finest, but with great heart and tremendous story. A lot of work has clearly gone into this wonderful movie and its evident on screen. With Cameron's masterful story telling, an underrated cast with some chilling effects for the Terminator cortesty of the legend himself Stan Winston and an amazing story which maintains realism despite time travel and the sci Fi elements i honestly cannot find one significant flaw in this movie.If you like action or sci Fi or thrills or intricate story or even a bit of horror or even a love story then you will like/love this film because it somehow SUCCESSFULLY combines them all seamlessly.

As for the DVD it has been re-released on several versions but the Definitive edition is just that, it has all the documentaries and features the other versions had but with a few extras. Disc one contains the film itself in its best picture and remastered sound, basically the typical DVD improvements that you get as opposed to VHS. Disc Two contains about half a dozen deleted scenes some more relevant than others (one which contains a very good twist which sets up part of the story for The sequel T2) and several documentaries. The legacy of the terminator and closer to the real thing are OKAY its "Other voices" which contains the real gold, fantastic look into the films making cast,crew, effects and a number of brilliant anecdotes regarding effects,filming,casting(given budgetary constraints things like the last Scenes were made involving a good few VERY interesting stories) this two disc set comes in a metal slip book and is almost certainly the best edition you will get for the first Terminator movie.

A great Film presented in a premium DVD package it is a movie you need to see at least once in your lifetime. Top notch entertainment.
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