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Fluval 305 External Filter
Fluval 305 External Filter
Offered by Pet-Bliss - Delivering WORLDWIDE
Price: 139.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Quiet enough for the bedroom!, 19 Nov 2011
This review is from: Fluval 305 External Filter (Misc.)
Good points:

~ So quiet, my tank is in the bedroom at it does not trouble my sleep, even though I am a very light sleeper.
~ Relatively easy to set up
~ Instructions that come with it are really informative and easy to understand
~ Easy to maintain
~ Easy to purchase refills (ie new carbon and sponges)

Bad points:

~ Bit big
~ Bit ugly... hide it in the cupboard under the tank.


I recently upgraded my fish tank to a lovely 180litre Juwel rio, and so needed to upgrade my filtration. I have previously reviewed the fluval u1, which I had set up in my old tank. I liked the product, so decided to go with another fluval creation. Boy was i impressed.

The box it came in was big (37x19x41cm), as was the product (the canister itself is 25x19x33cm, not including the pipes) so make sure you have enough room before you buy this! In the box you will find the canister, lots of piping, the valves and attachments, an A3 size quick-start guide (with really easy to follow diagrams), and an A4 size user manual. Oh and you also get a DVD showing someone setting it up which is useful too.

So I started by watching the DVD, got really excited and started setting it up immediately. I wont go into setting up here, as the many instructions are very good and I didn't have a problem, even though this is my first external filter, and i'm a blonde 22 year old! One thing I will mention is that you do have to cut the pipes to size yourself, which wasn't a problem with the ribbed plastic pipe (a kitchen knife does the job). However you do also have to cut the intake assembly to size, and this is a thick plastic. As i don't have a little saw of anything of the sort, I had to use a kitchen knife for this also. Which took forever!

When I set the filter up I decided to put a blanket underneath, so as to stop the vibrations of the filter echoing around the wooden cabinet, I also made sure that this was level and that the canister was not going to fall over! This also helps for maintenance, as when you have disconnected the tubing you can slide the heavy canister out of the cupboard with relative ease. so once it was all set up, I filled the tank (which already had stones and plants ready) with treated water, and got the pump going. this takes a few minutes as you have to manually pump the water to start the mechanisms going. be careful with the prime handle at this point, only move it up and down, never at an angle, in a medium paced rhythm, you don't have to go mad, you will break the handle if you do! You should only have to do this once the whole time you have the pump, unless you remove all the pipes from the aquarium, as it self-primes after maintenance.

So once it was all running, i set about cycling the aquarium. This involves getting the water ready to add the fish, as the good bacteria in the filter have to have a chance to get ready. This took the pump two weeks (with me adding bacteria every 2 days) which is about the usual time. If you want to know more about cycling a new tank you can find lots of info on the fishkeepingforum, search online its a great form.

So once my goldfish were in the tank, after a month I decided to do a big water change and clean the filter. this was easy as you just unplug the filter at the wall, stop the valve, to keep water in the tubes and disconnect them. Away you go! easy peasy. But please not that you should clean the filter sponges in old tank water NEVER under the tap, as it tells you to in the instructional DVD. You will kill all the good bacteria you have worked so hard to put in there.

Sorry this review has beed a bit long-winded, but buying a new filter is a big decision, and I would have liked to have known all this before i bought it!

Conclusion: A very good first external filter. Has not leaked in the 6months I have so far had it running.
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Dark Blue Guitar Strap: 'Ultra Tough' Hemp Electric/Acoustic/Bass (1.46m) Gifts
Dark Blue Guitar Strap: 'Ultra Tough' Hemp Electric/Acoustic/Bass (1.46m) Gifts
Offered by Dangleberry Music
Price: 7.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars hardy and looks the part., 13 Nov 2011
Good points:

~ Very sturdy feel to the strap
~ I trust it to not break and drop my lovely guitar
~ high quality stitching
~ eye-catching metal motif attached
~ Arrived real quick too

Bad Points:

~ Plastic components are a very cheap plastic (but no one will be looking at them so oh well)


I looked in my local music shop for a new strap and the selection they had was really rather dismal. I knew i wanted a blue one (as my guitar is turquoise) but the blue ones they had in stock looked like the cheap straps you get free with guitar hero guitars, horrid shiney plastic things. Anyway so I came on here and found pretty much the same thing, but then stumbled upon these beauties!

I really cannot stress enough how thick and hardy the strap feels. Definitely feels like a 30 strap not the 6.99 I payed. the leather parts to the strap are also of high quality (although they came in brown not the black in the picture), and stitching is also really nice, with no loose bits of thread anywhere i can see. The only bad things I can find so far is that the plastic connectors on the strap are the only things that give the game away with it being a 6.99 strap. However there are only two of these, they are unobtrusive in black, and I think no one will notice them. Also my strap looks abit more purpley-blue than the picture, but it goes really well with my guitar so I am not complaining.

Conclusion: A great quality strap for the price.

Ladies Osprey 34" Chest Full Length Wetsuit *X-Small* in Pink
Ladies Osprey 34" Chest Full Length Wetsuit *X-Small* in Pink

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5.0 out of 5 stars Skinny, tall beginner surfer buys wetsuit., 3 Jun 2011
I have only just tried this wetsuit on for the first time, so will do a small review now, and a bigger one later, once i have tried it out on my week long surfing holiday this summer.

I was very nervous about buying this wetsuit before trying it on, but it was such a good price I just went for it (after much deliberation). I am 5'7'' so was thinking of getting the long small version, but thought this would end up being baggy on my slim frame, so went for the extra small regular instead.

Fits perfectly. I am really looking forward to going surfing this summer!

Exo Terra PT2192 Solar Glo Mercury Vapour Lamp, 125 Watt
Exo Terra PT2192 Solar Glo Mercury Vapour Lamp, 125 Watt
Offered by Fish-Fever
Price: 28.50

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great for my tortoise table., 15 Mar 2011
Good points:

~ Really bright
~ Maintains good constant basking temp of 32 degrees at 12 inches high
~ Safety overheat shut-off feature
~ Emits no annoying buzzing noises
~ Is used without an expensive thermostat
~ Less cables/leads compared to my old separate heat/UV setup
~ I think it uses less electricity than the old separate bulbs
~ Happy tortoise

Bad points:

~ Tortoise table is near my sofa and I am blinded every time I look at it.
~ Tortoise confused: forgot it was daytime when she was at the other end of the table, to i had to put a normal light that end.


Having been reading up on good chelonian husbandry online, I decided it was time to get rid of the old stuffy vivarium and make my lovely tort a tortoise table. She is much happier now. She has much more space to run around (well its more like ambling really) and the temperatures are now exactly as I have read they should be (20 degrees cool end, 32 degrees basking spot).

I previously had a separate heat bulb, linked up to a Habistat Dimming Thermostat, and a Zoo Med ReptiSun 10.0 UVB 18in (15W) Reptile Tube Light linked to an Arcadia Dry Vivarium UV Tube Controller 25/30W. While I found these to be quite adequate for the small vivarium, I wanted something more appropriate for a tortoise table. Also, as I was thinking of getting another tortoise, I wanted a product that would be easy to manage, not be eating up the electricity, and not have as many cables as the two separate heat/uv setup.

I Have no UV meter (seriously considering buying one) to measure the output of the bulb, but I am told that over their lifetime they have a higher output of UVA and UVB than the strip tubes.

I did find it annoying when i accidentally turned it off at the plug, as it would not turn back on again for fifteen minutes due to the safety shut-off feature. Also, when I got home today i found my tort asleep as she did not have enough light at the opposite end of her table. This was easily solved by placing a normal lamp that end. She promptly realised it was in-fact daytime and proceeded to trot around well into the evening.


Seems to be a more energy efficient, and easy to use option. Will have to measure the UV output when I buy a meter.

Update: I now have two tortoises, both on separate tables and both with these type of bulbs. Both bulbs have lasted about 8-12 months. I am now on my second set of bulbs. They annoyingly both gave up within a few days of each other, so had to go to a local pet shop and buy a normal heat bulb while I waited for more of these to come in the post. So now i also keep a spare cheap exoterra sun glo basking spot bulb for emergencies.

Emma (Clothbound Classics)
Emma (Clothbound Classics)
by Jane Austen
Edition: Hardcover
Price: 11.30

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover., 5 Feb 2011
Good Points:

~Elegant cover design (in my favourite colour).
~Is hardy and wont damage easily, will look pristine for years.
~Has a in-built bookmark.
~Gives a history of Jane Austen (including chronology an a section called 'The Penguin Edition of the Novels of Jane Austen'.
~Gives a short history of Penguin Classics.
~Has all the really useful notes on the text in the back, and gives all the 'Emendations to the Text' in the back also.

Bad Points:

~Would be really useful to have two in-built bookmarks: one for the text and one for the notes in the back, to save time flicking through the notes constantly.


People looking to buy this book will most likely fall into one of two categories; those that have read Emma before, love it, and want a binding of the book that will last forever, and those that have never read Emma, always wanted to, and loved the look of the cover on this version. For those that have read the book you will be happy to hear that I will not be doing a long review of the story, as this would read much like an English Lit. essay, and that is not why you are reading this. For those that have never read the book, all I can say is that you will not be disappointed if you are familiar with reading books from this period.

The key thing that sets this book apart from the others is surely the binding. It really is beautifully done, and is of a very high standard, well worth the extra 5 on other paperback editions. If you are like me, and have to keep your books looking pristine (by not bending the spine on paperbacks) then it will be a relief to know that its almost impossible to make this book look bashed. Unless you get water on it. Don't put it in your handbag with a leaky flask like I did, as it will be watermarked. The little chair design by Coralie Bickford-Smith is superb, and looks brilliant on my bookshelf, much better than the plain looking black spines of the other penguin bindings. The paper is also of a very high gsm compared with cheaper versions so is less likely to spoil also. My only worry is that the cover may fade in sunlight, so I have put mine on a bookshelf I have in my hallway (where there is no windows, and so no damaging sunlight).

The introduction and notes are by Fiona Stafford and are interesting to read once you have read through the book. I guess these notes and introduction would be very useful for people reading this book for academic purposes.


You will be putting this book in your will, it will last that long no matter how many times you read it!

by Peter James
Edition: Paperback
Price: 5.24

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4.0 out of 5 stars Masterfully written, a real page turner., 27 Sep 2010
This review is from: Twilight (Paperback)
Good points:

~ Compells the reader to keep reading.
~ Brilliant description.

Bad points:

~ Was over too quickly, I think I may have read it too fast!


An out of body experience, and a wife buried alive, how are these two seemingly separate incidents associated? This book is a completely unique take on the butterfly effect. When I started reading this book I would never have suspected the way things eventually pan out, I do like a good twist in a novel.

However, I would like to warn people that there is a graphic rape scene in the book, with some people may find upsetting, and it happens totally out of the blue, so there is no avoiding it.


Well worth a read.

No Title Available

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4.0 out of 5 stars It works!, 27 Sep 2010
Good points:

~ My infection has now all gone.
~ Has no horrid smell, like some other treatments.
~ Cheaper online than in a chemist.

Bad points:

~ Took about a year to complete the treatment.


After wearing boots for the whole of last winter (to keep my poor toes warm) I developed a slight infection in my right big toenail. Thinking it would grow out itself over the spring, mistakenly I left it alone... and it got slightly worse. So just before the summer was due to begin I decided to get some treatment for it. I was to embarrassed to go to a chemist, so I bought it online (it was alot cheaper too).

When the product arrived I found that the box had many more things in it than just the treatment itself (EDIT 13/11/2011- when i bought this product it came with lots of little extras, but apparently now this is not the case). There was a little bottle of the product, even though it seemed little, trust me its more than enough to last over a years worth of applications on a big toe. There were many little plastic applicators, as this stuff is not very good for your skin. A plentiful supply of alcohol wipes, which are small, but alot better quality than supermarket ones, which can be quite stingy with the moistness. A pack of little nail files came with the product, and finally so did the all-important instructions.

Basically, you file the surface of the nail a teensy it, clean it with an alcohol wipe, apply the curanail liquid with the plastic applicator, then leave it to dry for a minute. You do this once a week, until the nail has grown out, then your infection will be gone!

This does take a while for big toes.

One thing I found that I didnt like about the product is that it seemed to kill of quite alot of my nail at one point. It could have been that perhaps I was using too much product, or that maybe my nail had too much infection, and it was just killing off the infection (which apparently must have been alot of my nail). Although it shocked me at the time, my nail is now fine and infection free, so no longterm damage done. I do advise you to use it sparingly, do not pile this product on, or file away too much of your nail in one go.


Does what it says on the tin.

EDIT (13/11/2011) I have been informed that this product no longer comes with the little alcohol wipes and nail files supplied, which is a shame as i thought the whole package worked really well.
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Tigi Catwalk Fashionista Shampoo and Conditioner 2 x 750ml
Tigi Catwalk Fashionista Shampoo and Conditioner 2 x 750ml

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3.0 out of 5 stars Not bad, but not that good either., 25 Sep 2010
Good points:

~ Smelt appealing
~ Hair felt good after the first use
~ Kept my blonde colour from getting brassy

Bad points:

~ Felt it left a slight residue after prolonged use.
~ Never made my hair shine.


I was really looking forward to using this product, as I had heard good things about it. After using the more expensive Tigi S-Factor smoothing shampoo and conditioner, I began scouring the Tigi range for a cheaper alternative. First I ordered the Oatmeal and Honey conditioer, the smell of which put me off immediately and I gave it to my housemate. Then I ordered the self absorbed range, fund that it ruined my colour and gave it to my sister (who has dark hair, not likely to be affected by orange shampoo). So finally I have moved on to the Fasionista range.

Sadly I was left dissapointed once more. I never felt as if the product misturised my hair enough. I was left dissapointed, and wishing I had stuck with the S-Factor smoothing product that I have previously used. Maybe the trouble is that I dye my hair too much, and so need an intense conditioner all the time. However, I find that Pantene Pro V shampoo and conditioner moisturises my hear just fine.


Not reccommended for dyed blonde hair. Buy the Tigi S-Factor range or Pantene instead.

Nosh 4 Students: A Fun Student Cookbook. See every recipe in FULL COLOUR.
Nosh 4 Students: A Fun Student Cookbook. See every recipe in FULL COLOUR.
by Joy May
Edition: Paperback

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars easy, cheap and fun cooking, 25 Sep 2010
Good points:

~ Brilliantly appealing photos of every dish.
~ easy to tell how hard the dish is to make.
~ vegetarian options for most meals
~ extremely helpful sample menu and shopping lists, very handy for those living alone for the first time.
~ Useful tips at the start of the book before the recipies.

Bad Points:

~ Could not find mango pulp anywhere in my local supermarket (as the book said you could), and the book didnt have details on how to prepare this but it was very easy to find online: Just peel and blend a mango with a little water.


I recieved this book one year as a christmas present from an aunt. I didnt really have enough money in my first year of uni to be able to experiment with food, because my car broke-down every five minutes. But in my second year I started to try a few of the recipies from this book, and it made a massive difference to my diet.

The recipies are easy to follow, and the good quality colour pictures (of every recipe) really helped me decide which ones I fancied making.

There are sections at the start of the book about how long things can be stored for, cooking times for different vegetables,how to cook pasta, how to cook rice, and other handy advice (like 'wash up now and then!'). This book is also extremely good for vegetarians, as lots of the recipes have vegetarian option.

Also, if you are running out of money, vegetarian option is usually chraper than buying meat, and just as tasty!


Makes a very good present for someone living away from home for the first time.

No Title Available

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5.0 out of 5 stars The best yankee candle, 20 Sep 2010
Good points:

~ Lasts ages.
~ Not overpowering
~ Doesn't give me a headache like most other candles
~ brilliant aroma for cold winter nights in.

Bad points:

~ Expensive (But worth it)


I was given this candle for christmas one year from a close friend, and I have been looking for a cheaper version of it ever since, and have so far been unsuccessful. The trouble is its so good, nothing else even comes close.

The aroma is perfectly ballanced, its not sweet and overpowering but nor is it bland and weak. When I came home from work, many hours after burning it, I could still smell its beautiful smell. Because I loved it so much, and it helped calm me during revision, after a few weeks it had all gone, and I went candle shopping! I have bought many candles since and nothing has come close.

Unfortunately, smell-o-net is yet to be invented, so you cannot smell it before you buy it. If you dont trust me then I recommend that you buy this scent in a smaller version to try it out. I really hope I get this one for christmas again. If not then I will just have to buy it in bulk with christmas money.


Best. Candle. Ever.
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