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Dazzle Ships
Dazzle Ships
Price: 7.42

5.0 out of 5 stars omd's masterpiece, 17 April 2010
This review is from: Dazzle Ships (Audio CD)
this is without doubt, for the hardcore fans, omd's magnum opus, a band at their creative apex. dazzle ships is a mix of exploritory/experimental soundscapes n' loops and omd classic pop - some upbeat, some beautifully meloncholic. i'm so glad the band had the arrogance or perhaps innocence to construct and release such a bold work - a work of pure undiluted creativity unhindered by commercial considerations. but, like others have said, the band, while idolised by the fans for producing such a brilliant piece (and outstanding stage show to promote it) got burned ..... bad. nobody outside the omd hardcore bought it. it got quickly buried and with the release of the band's next album, the ultra poppy junk culture, omd regained commercial viability and popular recognition. decades on dazzle ships has finally being given the praise it should have got on its release and with this remaster it can finally shine. the sound quality is amazing. if any of you don't have the original lp get a hold of a copy. the original peter saville designed artwork and die cut gatefold sleeve is a piece of art in itself. no cd cover could do it justice.

No Title Available

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4.0 out of 5 stars you don't need to buy an hdmi cable with this unit, 19 Oct 2008
this is probably the best freesat box available at the moment. just to clarify one thing. this unit comes with an hdmi cable. check out the manufacturer's site for full details under "support" and then "accessories" for confirmation.

Price: 9.08

5.0 out of 5 stars unexpected greatness, 5 Sep 2008
This review is from: Nashville (Audio CD)
i stumbled upon this artist and album just last week in that very rare circumstance where you are browsing in a second hand record/cd store and you like what you hear on the store playback system so much you've just got to enquire about the music (i had listened to about three tracks and all were fabulously melodic seasoned acoustic pop). bought the album right there.

i'll just add to the other glowing reviews of this album by saying there aren't any duff tracks on it. it's so nice to listen to an album straight through and then wanting to play it again.

i'm just wondering how i could have not noticed such a great artist/album for all these years? anyway, i've now got a whole catalogue of rouse's stuff to explore.


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5.0 out of 5 stars inspiring heavy rock/metal from a band at their very best, 25 May 2008
This review is from: Blackout (Audio CD)
from 79' to 84' the scorpions produced 4 albums that couldn't be touched with regards to superbly produced energetic punchy metal melody. blackout is perhaps the band's finest achievement of that period - the most "metal" of all scorpions releases. forget the scorpions that would regrettably lose their cool and be known as a "power ballads" band. this album has it all: top song-writing, fantastic arrangements and a delivery that just grabs you by the balls. lead player matthias jabs is on fire. singer klaus meine's vocals are blistering. he would never again reach this level of performance. the production from the legendary dieter dierks (the 5th scorpion) is clinical and crisp. i've never heard a better "metal sound". it's little wonder that the scorpions during this period would inspire future metal acts like guns n roses and ratt.

unsurprisingly their are many scorpions classics on this record - title track blackout, can't live without you, dynamite etc etc. as others here have said the ultra heavy "china white" is a metal gem. "arizona" is a personal favourite.

the clarity of this digital remaster is something to behold finally letting this classic work be heard as it should be. an essential record for anybody into metal and hard rock.

Live: Architecture & Morality & More [DVD] [2008]
Live: Architecture & Morality & More [DVD] [2008]
Dvd ~ O.M.D.
Offered by collectorsheaven
Price: 10.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars best omd presentation since the dazzle ships 1983 tour, 20 May 2008
the classic omd line-up reformed in 2007 and hit the road with a fantastic live presentation of architecture & morality (perhaps the bands greatest album?) plus a greatest hits package. any of you who attended these concerts will know what a special live act omd are. the band have lost none of their onstage brilliance.

does this dvd capture that brilliance? yes ..... just. first off, the sound. some have been commenting on what they describe as a poor dts mix. well, i've listend to the dts and dolby digital 5.1 mixes and the sound is tops on both (dts being the better sounding). i didn't experience any "drop-outs". as for the vocals being too loud - it's subjective and i disagree. those of you who feel the vocals are too prominent in the mix can take down the centre channel volume. that's the flexability of multi-channel.

as for the pictures - one can get a strong flavour of the great stage set and the band's commanding of it. the visuals on the large screens look spectacular and compliment the music perfectly (would loved to have had a fixed wide shot in the dvd extras "angle" function). frontman andy mccluskey's driving gusto and enthusiasm easily shine through. given the constraints of budget and venue the camera work is generally good and the direction fine. my understanding is that the footage was filmed over two nights on a tight budget. given that, the final cut is remarkable. my only gripes are some poor and unimaginative hand-held shots of the audience and the band onstage.

fans and newbies should buy this dvd. for those who attended the concerts in 2007 - this is a must have memento. for everyone else this is an ace primer to go and see the band live. sure, the omd show looks fab on dvd but the band are so, so, so much better in front of you, on stage.

Bouncing Off The Satellites
Bouncing Off The Satellites

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5.0 out of 5 stars a downplayed and overlooked classic, 6 April 2008
the only reason this isn't up there with the band's other greats like "wild planet" and "cosmic thing" was the sad death of ricky wilson during the production of this work. the band were in mourning with the release of the record and the subsequent promotion of the record was minimal. the record itself heralded a new b-52s sound - much more polished and sophisticated with the heavy use of synths and hi-tech production techniques. the overall sound is exceptionally lush and vibrant. of course this would be meaningless without great songs. thankfully the quality of the songwriting and arranging is very high. the songs, in true b-52s style, are quirky, fun and addictively catchy. there are also some contemplative tracks with a slight melancholic feel - "ain't it a shame" and the gorgeous "she brakes for rainbows". cindy's and kate's vocals, in isolation and in unison, are just lovely, particularly cindy's. a truly great album.

Photoshop CS3 In Easy Steps
Photoshop CS3 In Easy Steps
by Robert Shufflebotham
Edition: Paperback
Price: 9.43

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4.0 out of 5 stars don't let the cheap price put you off, 1 April 2008
the thing about instructional books is that the good ones tend to be bulky and quite expensive - there are exceptions, and this book is one of them. concise (not too thick), nicely illustrated in colour, easy to understand and follow. if you're new to photoshop then this is ideal to get you up and running. for the casual user it's also useful especially with the more in-depth functions of the programme. i'd say i'm more than a casual user and this book consolidates and sharpens abilities for heavier users while encouraging the exploration of functions the user might not have contemplated or used. give it a try.

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