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Asus VivoBook S200E-CT216H 11.6-inch LED Notebook (Intel Core i3-2365M 1.40GHz Processor,4GB DDR3 RAM, 500GB HDD, Touchscreen, HD 3000, USB 3.0, HDMI, HD Web Camera, Windows 8)
Asus VivoBook S200E-CT216H 11.6-inch LED Notebook (Intel Core i3-2365M 1.40GHz Processor,4GB DDR3 RAM, 500GB HDD, Touchscreen, HD 3000, USB 3.0, HDMI, HD Web Camera, Windows 8)

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1.0 out of 5 stars Check asus guarentee very carefully, 28 May 2014
Bought this from John Lewis. Seemed fine initially then one of the pins in the plug of the adaptor snapped as it was being pulled out of the wall. The Notebook was only 8 months old.Asus said that the adapter was not covered by the guarentee!! John Lewis are currently looking into the matter but seem to be very slow. Meanwhile I bought a replacement adaptor from asus. This comes with 5 tips, one of which almost fits into the asus s200e socket, but keeps falling out. So not fot for purpose.
My recommendation, dont buy from asus unless you have asked what the guarentee covers. Check whether the adapter input into your notebook is standard, if not don't buy.

iGroove SXT Digital Audio System for iPod and iPhoneSystem
iGroove SXT Digital Audio System for iPod and iPhoneSystem

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1.0 out of 5 stars klipisch, 21 Mar 2011
I bought the previous klipisch recently. It was excellent. Then I replaced my itouch3 with the itouch4. Now the itouch4 still plays on the klipisch but it does not charge. so if you leave your itouch in the klipisch overnight you have lost all your charge. Klipisch's response is that apple changed the spec. They are just not interested. I will not be buying any of their equipment again.
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BS25999: A Pocket Guide
BS25999: A Pocket Guide
by Tony Drewitt
Edition: Paperback

1.0 out of 5 stars BS25999 - a pocket guide for a very small pocket!, 27 Dec 2010
I was expecting a pocket guide, but this was for a very very small person's pocket!
The title very clearly states BS25999 but there was very little mention of BS25999 and it content. You would get far more comprehensive information about BS25999 by searhing on the Net. Save your money for something far better. I sent it back.

Let Go
Let Go
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: 2.90

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4.0 out of 5 stars Approaching angry brilliance..., 4 Jan 2003
This review is from: Let Go (Audio CD)
I really want to give this album 4.5 stars, but I can't, so I'm going with 4. This album is very close to being perfect, but its occasional lack of originality, and clunky lyrics and melodies, just hold it back from the point of perfection.
1. Losing Grip- This is an excellent, angry song. It sets up the album very well, telling you exactly what type of song (and quality) to expect. 9/10
2. Complicated- Maybe the best song in the album. It has brilliant lyrics, and is amazingly catchy. After hundreds and hundreds of listens, I'm still not bored of it. 10/10
3. Sk8er Boi- This is an energetic, punky song with good lyrics, but isn't really very memorable or as good as some of the other songs. 7.5/10
4. I'm With You- Amazing slower song. The atmospheric arrangement of instruments, Avril's voice, and the haunting melody and lyrics combine to create an unforgettable song. 10/10
5. Mobile- A really catchy, fun song. Great, clever lyrics, which are easy to relate to. It's completely memorable and the guitars sound excellent. 9/10
6.Unwanted- Possibly the loudest song on the album. It is furious and fun, not very catchy, but it has effective lyrics and is perfect for getting mad to. 8.5/10
7. Tomorrow- A beautiful, slow song, full of hope and quietly strumming guitars. Avril's voice sounds great and this is a welcome change from the louder songs on the album. 9/10
8. Anything But Ordinary- A great, fun, memorable song. The lyrics are expressive and show off Avril's voice well. This song really is trying to prove that Avril isn't ordinary, and it totally succeeds. 9/10
9. Things I'll Never Say- A fun, catchy song, with lyrics that could have wandered out of a teenage girls diary. This mostly avoids being a problem here because of the quality of the song. 8.5/10

10. My World- One of the best songs. It bounces with energy, contains excellent, witty lyrics, which brilliantly sum up teen feelings, and it's just pure, blissful fun. 10/10
11. Nobody's Fool- This isn't really a great song, it's not very memorable, catchy or fun. The lyrics are ok, but don't really add anything or contain much interesting. 7/10
12. Too Much To Ask- An amazing, angry song, with clever, meaningful lyrics, a very catchy chorus, and simply perfect thrashing guitars. 9.5/10
13. Naked- A very good song to end the album. It's catchy and soothing, with evocative lyrics and a great melody. 8.5/10

Firesong (The Wind on Fire III)
Firesong (The Wind on Fire III)
by William Nicholson
Edition: Hardcover

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5.0 out of 5 stars A stunning conclusion to a magnificent trilogy, 28 Oct 2002
The Wind on Fire trilogy is truly wonderful. In the Publishing Aftermath of the enormous success of the Harry Potter books, many less great books have been published, with Potter-esque storylines, and other assorted fantasy elements. Most of these books are terrible. The Wind on Fire trilogy stands out among these. It is obviously not trying to cash in on Potter's success, and it is original and far more epic than Potter. The first book works on many levels. It is a enthralling adventure, layered with myth and magic. It was also part satire, with much comedy and brilliant character detail. The second book far topped it, with inspired new characters such as the princess Sisi, and wonderful developments of already known characters. It also had astonishing locations, such as the Mastery compound and scenes of pure tension, such as the final attack and Bo's confrontation with the Master. I thought there was no way the first two books could be topped. And then I picked up Firesong.
It surpasses the first two books hugely. It manages to contain as much of the thrilling action of the first two, while acquiring an emotional edge, which culminates in a finale which would draw tears from the most hard-hearted of readers. It is beautiful and poetic, and the entire book is full of sly jokes, metaphors, and clever imagery, brilliantly evoked by Nicholson's warm, generous writing style. It is a masterful, magical, totally compelling conclusion to a trilogy which is distinctive, original, and will hopefully join the ranks of modern fantasy classics.

Lost in Space
Lost in Space
Offered by ZU-EUROPA
Price: 10.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars An astonishing piece of work from Aimee Mann, 25 Oct 2002
This review is from: Lost in Space (Audio CD)
I had never heard of Aimee Mann before I watched Magnolia. Her songs caught my attention, so I quickly bought myself the Magnolia soundtrack and her album Bachelor No.2, which both came out in 1999. But neither of those brilliant collections of songs hinted at what Mann would acheive with Lost In Space. This album is transcendent, beautiful and uplifting. It's worth buying if you like listen to well-crafted, meaningful songs with lyrics as important as the singing. And the lyrics here really are important. Mann brilliantly gets across her points on drugs, depression, and love. Here are my song reviews:
1. Humpty Dumpty- A great start to the album, with ironic lyrics and lilting melodies. 9/10
2. High on Sunday 51- A real slow-burner, which is slightly less great than other tracks, but still solid 7.5/10
3. Lost in space- An excellent, memorable title track, which lingers in the mind for days. 9/10
4. This is how it goes- Rocky, memorable, nice song. 8/10
5. Guy's like me- A catchy song, with clever lyrics. Not a classic though. 8/10
6. Pavlov's bell- One of the best songs on the album. Rocky, catchy and showcasing Aimee's great talent for writing lyrics full of meaning. 10/10
7. Real bad news- This song definitely isn't real bad news. It has relatable lyrics, and a memorable singalong-esque chorus, which shows off Aimee's voice, and further hammers home the depressing themes this album focuses on. 9/10
8. Invisible Ink- A masterpiece. The lyrics are wonderfully expressive, and Aimee's voice has rarely sounded more beautiful and fragile. And the chorus is unforgettable, sounding a bit like Aimee's response to the (in my opinion, stupid) people who believe she has become stuck in a rut..."Nobody wants to hear this tale/ The plot is cliched, the jokes are stale/ And baby we've all heard it all before..." 10/10
9. Today's the day- Another brilliant song. The lyrics are hopeful, and Aimee's voice is emotional and wonderfully strained. 9/10
10. The Moth- The lyrics are masterfully metaphorical, but this song isn't as catchy as most of the others, and slightly more forgettable. 7.5/10
11. It's Not- Simply stunning. The backing is beautiful, and Aimee's singing is gorgeous and expressive. Haunting and unforgettable. 10/10

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Once More With Feeling
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Once More With Feeling
Price: 26.38

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5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing accompaniment to an amazing hour of TV!, 25 Sep 2002
The musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "Once More, With Feeling", is one of the most inventive, astonishing, brilliantly acted and directed hours of television of all time. It received enormous amounts of critical praise, and huge fan adoration. The songs, written by show creator Joss Whedon and performed by the cast themselves, were all excellent. The musical format was ideal for this genre-bending show. And now, the songs are finally available to buy on this beautifully packaged CD. The booklet contains a nice intro from Joss, and the complete song lyrics. Here is the track listing, and my little reviews:
1. Overture/Going Through The Motions: The overture is a cute little piece, made up of tunes from other songs. On Going Through The Motions, Sarah Michelle Gellar displays her adequate vocal talents in this well-written song of suicidal despair. 9/10
2. I've Got A Theory/Bunnies/If We're Together: This song contains much humour as the Scooby Gang wildly theorize about what is causing the strange singing curse. The Bunnies segment is absolutely hysterical. Buffy's section has beautiful, life-affirming, ironic lyrics. 9/10
3. The Mustard: Mildly amusing, short song about successful laundry. (Sung by Buffy writer/director David Fury) 7/10
4. Under Your Spell- Possibly the best song on here. Amber Benson's voice is beautiful and sweet, the lyrics are haunting and wonderfully expressive of Tara's deep feelings for Willow.
5. I'll Never Tell- Funnily performed and written, this is a warm and affectionate song behind all the bickering. It is reminiscent of duet's from the classic movies of the 50's and it works well. 8/10
6. The Parking Ticket- Short, sweet song about the pain of getting parking tickets, sung by Buffy Co-Exec Producer Marti Noxon. Kind of a satire of epic, sweeping ballads? 8/10
7. Rest In Peace- Great rock song, with awesome lyrics, finally letting us know some of what Spike really thinks about Buffy. It is enhanced by James Marsters' expressive voice. 8/10
8. Dawn's Lament- Showcases Michelle Trachtenberg's cute voice and Dawn's desperate feelings. 8/10
9. Dawn's Ballet- Nice piece of music, but it doesn't really work too well without the action onscreen. 7/10
10. What You Feel- Smooth jazz song, with impressive vocals and funny and disturbing lyrics. 8/10
11. Standing- Beautiful song. Anthony Stewart Head's voice is so full of pain and anguish, and the lyrics are wonderfully evocative. 9.5/10
12. Under Your Spell/ Standing (Reprise)- Amber Benson and Anthony Stewart Head's voices blend very well to produce this heartbreaking farewell to two very different types of love.
13. Walk Through The Fire- Melodic, epic song, combining all the characters, all struggling against personal demons, their senses of wrong and right, and the horrifying urge to sing. Particularly impressive are Amber Benson and Nick Brendon, who, although is not a great singer, he is a real trooper and gives his all. The lyrics of this song are cleverly metaphorical.
14. Something to Sing About- This is a stunning song. Sarah Michelle Gellar truly impresses. It really shows the huge amount of effort she is putting in, and the results it gets. The lyrics are poignant, full of despair, and eventually heartbreaking as Buffy reveals the horrible truth of where she was to her friends. 10/10
15. What You Feel- Reprise- Nice reprise, amusing lyrics. "That's what it's all about." 9/10
16. Where Do We Go From Here?- Very moving song. Haunting lyrics and vocals, enough to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up on end. 9.5/10
17. Coda- In the episode, this song comes complete with shocking impact and a stunning final shot. It is slightly less powerful on CD, but is still a nice wrap-up to this very emotional episode. 9/10
18. End Credits (Broom Dance/ Grr Arrgh)- Funny, definitely listenable jazz bop. 8/10
19. Main Title- Cute little variation on the regular theme tune. Is it me or does this sound a little bit Christmassy?
20. Suite From Restless- Atmospheric arrangement, in particular the African theming and soft singing linger in the mind. 8/10
21. Suite From Hush- Amazingly creepy music. Brilliantly evokes the terrifying silent episode Hush. Few will ever forget the sight of the Gentleman slowly gliding down the street, with the haunting music sending a shiver through your body. 8/10
22. Sacrifice- Who didn't cry when they first heard this? The lasting images of Buffy swandiving into the portal, of Dawn weeping at the top of the tower, of the gang's discovery of the body, of the horribly final sight of Bufyf's gravestone. This music is touching, painful, beautiful, and entirely unforgettable. 10/10
23. Something To Sing About- Okay, so this is Joss' wife, Kai Cole, singing Buffy's big number. It's not a great listen, (her voice is okay, but nothing special, and don't say "well, you could say the same thing about SMG", because the situation is different) and the backing is lacking (rhymes!), and though I know (and again!) that is because this is a demo, it is still not particularly interesting. 6/10
So overall, this CD is a worthy addition to any Buffy-lover's collection, and possibly any person who enjoys (mostly) good music. It compliments, and slightly adds too, what I believe to be the best episode of Buffy of all time, and yes, DEFINITELY one of the best hours of television of all time.

Speak (Bite)
Speak (Bite)
by Laurie Halse Anderson
Edition: Paperback

5.0 out of 5 stars Hysterically Funny and Painfully Moving, 10 April 2002
This review is from: Speak (Bite) (Paperback)
This is a truly unique book. It is full of hilarious observations of high school life. The story is told through Melinda's eyes, and you really get to know her well throughout the book. It is very easy to relate to her feelings of alienation and loneliness. The story also manages to be scary and quite disturbing, as Melinda remembers what happened at a party at the end of the previous school year. This is one of the funniest books I have ever read, and also one of the most gripping. The words used by the author create a beautful novel full of breathtakingly funny moments, and overwhelming detail and care.

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