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720P Car DVR Vehicle Dual Camera Video Recorder Camcorder Dashcam GPS Logger G-sensor
720P Car DVR Vehicle Dual Camera Video Recorder Camcorder Dashcam GPS Logger G-sensor
Price: 29.99

17 of 18 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A* Dual Dashcam In-car DVR - Everything you need to know, 18 Mar 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Ordered on Friday and package was waiting for my arrival on Sunday eve in my secure location (gas meter cupboard) having chosen 3-5days economy delivery. Exceptional!

Everything came package up in a tidy little box, all with cable ties for the long leads and all in individual resealable bags. Cellophane covered the lenses and screen. Its the little things for me that make the difference. Audio quality could be improved but is adequate as proof of indicating, engine revving, and general ambient noises. Instruction manual has been translated to English, but is fairly easy to understand.

Suction cup works well on the windscreen, I'm convinced I wont have to reapply it now its up. Push lever upwards to secure it in place. Screen slots into the suction cup with a push to the left. Front camera then rotates around to give a better view upwards or downwards. Changing the direction of the camera affects the light level so have a play around with this to find the optimum. Either use the in-car charger (3m of cable) or a USB in-car adapter (sold separately) for power. The cable is provided for USB to mini USB, however choosing this option to power the dashcam brings up the menu as if you had plugged it into a computer. Options include accessing the micro SD card, using the dashcam as a webcam or recording your driving as normal. If you choose the latter then while the power remains on, operation is identical to powering the device using the in-car charger.

The rear camera comes with 6m of cable, of which I only required about 1.5m as I ran the cable through the roof of the car between the metal and the fiber glass fabric liner. My experience was straight forward. I removed the screws for the pull down visors, drivers side & passenger, at the front of the car. At the back there were 2 plastic push fit buttons that simply pull out. I fed the cable above the liner leaving only 20cm of cable at either end.

Rear cam attached to the rear windscreen using the preattached sticky pad. The orientation should have the horseshoe C-shape open at the bottom like the letter 'n'. This allows the cam to look through the gap! Place within the sweep of the wiper blade as this part of the window will be cleaner more of the time. The rear cam comes with 30cm of cable and a connection to the 6m cable allowing for each to be positioned separately. Remember to allow some slack cable to account for when the boot opens.

Micro SD card (sold separately) is inserted with the electrical contacts facing you as you look at the 2" screen. To remove, push down again and release, and the card will pop up for removal. You're now ready to turn on the dashcam!

Repeatedly press the far left button to access the menus. Use the far right buttons for Up & Down. Middle button is ‘Confirm’.
I changed the video length to 5mins to minimise the quantity of videos on the card. This is the maximum length of a single clip tho recording is seamless between clips.
Auto_backlight_off was set to OFF meaning that the display would remain on permanently (not a bad thing). However on occasions when I want to save battery, I set this to the lowest setting of 1min.
The InfraRed lights dont seem to perform very well so I set them to 'off'.

When the camera is not recording, press & hold the far left button to go into Detect mode (running man icon top left) where filming only occurs when there is movement (front or rear activated). After 5 seconds of no movement, recording stops. I found the trigger for this is set quite low, so I was dancing around, a distance from the camera, and it wouldn't trigger. It takes a car driving close by to set it off so there's a good chance it would capture a collision while stationary in a car park for instance and should capture the culprit driving away enough to get a number plate.

An average of 58 videos, 1min in length for each, gives the following for file sizes:
Front; Max 64.1Mb, Average 36.7Mb, Min 30.5Mb.
Rear; Max 18.0Mb, Average 12.2Mb, Min 7.5Mb.
This implies that a 32Gb card should be able to capture for 11 hours.
Front camera has a resolution of 1280x720, rear is 720x480.
Audio is Mono @22.050kHz.

The supplied in-car charger gives an output of 5V 1.5A. This means that if you plan on using a USB in-car adapter, it should provide at least 1.5A for use with the provided USB to USB mini cable.

Playback of videos
The following played back the video without any problems. Comment if you can add to this list.
Quick time v7.7.1 (1680.42)
Windows Media Player v12.0.7601.18150
CyberLink Power DVD v9.5.1.4418

Not tested
I've not been driving for more than 11 hours since having the dashcam installed. I will need to feedback on the over-writing capability, whereby when the memory card is full, the oldest file is automatically overwritten.
GPS is written in the item's description and on the box that arrived, however this may be an anagram for something else, as this device does NOT have GPS as we know it. It does however have a G-Sensor designed to save the current recording to a separate folder so that it CANNOT be over-written as described above. Accessing the card via computer does allow the file to be deleted to free-up space on the card. The word Permanent in the description refers only to automated over-writing process.
Watch this space for updates!

Thank you for reading, let me know if there's anything I've missed.
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Kingston Technology Micro SDHC 32GB Memory Card - Frustration Free Packaging
Kingston Technology Micro SDHC 32GB Memory Card - Frustration Free Packaging
Price: 10.31

5.0 out of 5 stars A* Plug & play, superfast delivery, 17 Mar 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Ordered on Friday choosing 3-5 day economy delivery, was waiting in my secure location (gas meter cupboard) ready for my arrival Sunday night. Exceptional!

Product does what it says on the tin, micro sized card with adapter, both come in plastic storage case. Plugged into my in-car digital video recorder (DVR) and instantly worked upon turning the device on. Couldn't be happier with the overall service.

Veho VSS-006-360BT Portable 360 Bluetooth Speaker for iPhone/Phones/Laptops/Netbooks/Bluetooth devices
Veho VSS-006-360BT Portable 360 Bluetooth Speaker for iPhone/Phones/Laptops/Netbooks/Bluetooth devices
Offered by Refresh Cartridges
Price: 14.99

28 of 29 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars VEHO Bluetooth Speaker - Things to remember, 30 July 2012
This little speaker is simply amazing for its size and price!

The bluetooth connected quickly and the sound blew me away. Its difficult to describe volume adequately but I'll do my best. Its suitable for a BBQ style party with around 30 people talking and this will provide a good background sound. In your room full volume it will seem LOUD! Really lightweight and comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack and a USB charger. I tested the bluetooth to the max going through 3 brick walls and at a distance of 10m the connection remained stable. Without the walls I got to about 17m (see note 1 below). The battery is built in which saves on that extra cost and it lasted me around 5 hours at a little below full volume. There's a light on the side which shows if/when the bluetooth is connected with a switch underneath to change to line-in mode. Very clever piece of kit and I very much recommend it anyone!! Due to point 2 below I've opted to spend the extra money and also buy the more expensive option above this one, the VEHO M4 - review to come shortly :-)

1) The bluetooth range is determined by the device that provides the source signal (ie your phone, computer, etc).
2) Some devices don't support volume control via bluetooth. The best thing is to test it before you buy in a shop somewhere or you may get lucky reading the reviews and find your device listed. My N8 doesn't have volume control but my friend's mobile did (Samsung Galaxy).
3) Don't feel limited by the charging options that come with the speaker. Simply buy an additional Wall or In Car USB adapter for extra flexibility.
4) Only 1 device can connect via bluetooth to the speaker at any time and only 1 speaker can be connected to any device at any time - simply a limitation of the bluetooth technology.

Unbranded 10 x test lead set, 5 colours, 25mm clip 780.011
Unbranded 10 x test lead set, 5 colours, 25mm clip 780.011
Offered by PoundMax
Price: 2.05

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Great little leads, good hold, poor ampacity, 23 Jan 2012
I'm a physicist & I like to do things scientifically. I was slightly annoyed to find that on the back of the packet it clearly states "Max. Current - 0.5A cont." and yet when you read through the product details there's no mention of that limit anywhere!! This does appear to be a downside of using Amazon in general.

Apart from that the cables are well made & perform as expected. Colours are useful & clips are 3/4 insulated, again handy. The insulating sheath can be pulled back from the clip completing revealing it if desired.

Talk to Frank Hall.

Digital Breathalyzer Alcohol Tester
Digital Breathalyzer Alcohol Tester

16 of 16 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Great price, unsure about quality, 23 Jan 2012
I'm a physicist & I do things scientifically! I calculated the volume of Baileys required to account for 3 units of alcohol - an amount that should put me up to about the drink/driving limit (177ml @ 17%, 0.177 x 17 = 3.009units). I downed this in one! I then used the breathalyzer every 5mins for 2 hours. I received a 0.02g/l reading at t=0, 0.01g/l at t=30 & finally 0.01g/l at t=35, all other readings were zero!

If you're confused by the above, it all means the breathalyzer didnt work!

In other tests the breathalyzer clearly produced readings straight after having a drink & trying to make the reading go as high as possible is always good fun :-) If you want a more accurate machine then spend more on it! Otherwise good as a fun little toy.

Solar Powered Fridge or Freezer Thermometer
Solar Powered Fridge or Freezer Thermometer

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent thermometer! Accurate & solar powered., 23 Jan 2012
I was very impressed with this thermometer & I'm a physicist!

Accurately measures from -50C up to 70C in 0.1C intervals.
Cable length about 1m.
Cable is thin - good for fitting between magnetic strip on fridge/freezer.
Min / Max function is very useful!
Works with degrees Celsius & Fahrenheit.
Solar powered.

Refresh rate is about 12s (slow).
Requires light.

I have several other thermometers & this one agrees with temperatures. Think about where you might want to use this - wont work over night in a green house for instance unless there is a constant light source. The probe looks as though it could be water tight (tho no guarantees!). When adapting to changes in air temperature, be prepared to wait 5-10mins (this is fairly normal in air).

Talk to Frank Hall!

Ryobi CJSP-1801QEO Cordless Orbital Jigsaw 18v
Ryobi CJSP-1801QEO Cordless Orbital Jigsaw 18v

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent jigsaw great powertool, 27 Oct 2011
I found this video of a Ryobi Jigsaw that you should definitely watch before choosing which jigsaw to buy. [...] Its an 18V cordless and seems to have an awful lot of features. From looking around its not that expensive either, and even cheaper if you already have batteries.

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