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Across The Dark (Cd+dvd)
Across The Dark (Cd+dvd)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Perfection, 12 April 2010
I'll keep this short. As per all the other reviews so far....this is the single best CD of 2009 and Insomnium could very well be the best band you never hear because all the other more 'popular' melo-death/doom bands such as DT et al get the lions share of attention. This is simply awesome, a true timeless classic that will last for years and years to come. You should buy this album AND then get their back catalogue, especially Above The Weeping World which is as good if not better!! Perfect!!

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5.0 out of 5 stars The best metal album ever......., 21 Jan 2009
This review is from: Lateralus (Audio CD)
It's January 2009 as i write this review and having just listened to Lateralus for the 10 zillionth time on my way home from work in the car i felt the overwhelming urge to share my thoughts on this album. I bought it way back in 2001 on the day of its release and nearly 8 years later i still keep returning to it every couple of months or so to get a fix. This is timeless music in every sense of the word, it simply will never grow old. Tool have created the most perfect heavy metal/aternative album of all time. I'm a fan of everything metal/heavy/rock/alternative from Meshuggah to Jimmy Eat World and everything in between but nothing will come close to matching this for sheer effect on the listener. If you dont get it straight away then please keep listeneing as it will crawl under your skin andnever let you go. Highlights......the whole album....but if i had to pick one song then it would have to be the title track Lateralus. It is the culmination and execution of everything heavy music should be about....simply stunning. If you ae a heavy music fan and you dont own this album...what the hell are you listening to? If you've already got it.....i'll see you at the end of the may just go where no one has been!! Pure musical perfection.
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Death Magnetic
Death Magnetic
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4.0 out of 5 stars It is just music after all......., 24 Sep 2008
This review is from: Death Magnetic (Audio CD)
Where do i start? Firstly, to all the obsessive metallica fans expecting the now mid 40 year old Metallica to suddenly become young and pissed off at the world again and rewrite Master or Justice Parts II....It will never happen, just let them grow old gracefully and produce the music they feel comfortable with not what the fans expect of them. You accepted them for what they were then so accept them for what they are now. How many other bands in the world who are still going strong 20, 30 years into their career sound as good as they did back in the day...NONE!! Secondly, this is a very good album with some great songs and had it not been written by the Almighty Metallica and by another of the currently in favour metal bands then it would be hailed as a classic. So for anyone who listens to Heavy, Aggressive, Alternative or whatever you want to call it music, please go out and buy this album because it really is a very good and worthy addition to your music collection, Metallica or not. I for one have listened to this album numerous times already and i am loving the songs more and more. To put this into context, i only listened to St.Anger once and put it on the shelf never to be played again. Death Magnetic has succesfully erased the memory of St.Anger, long live Metallica past, present and future!!
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Price: 11.45

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5.0 out of 5 stars Easily Record of the Year., 6 April 2008
This review is from: Obzen (Audio CD)
I've never listened to Meshuggah before and i purchased this album on the strength of some good reviews in the music press. On first listen i was impressed with how heavy it was, on second listen i was hooked and repeated listens after this i was totally blown away. I then went straight out and bought every other album they have ever done and i've got to say they just dont compare to this. Sure you can see how they got here, but beleive me when i say that this is the true pinnacle of their career so far, both the much lauded Destroy Erase Improve and the so called masterpiece Chaosphere simply dont compare to this. Dont get me wrong they are both great albums and deserve their acclaim but Obzen is just so much more. If like me you've never heard them before but love heavy music then you simply have to have this record, but dont be fooled into thinking the older albums will be as good. Just stick to this one and all the others that follow. If you dont beleive how good this record is then just listen to the song Pineal Gland Optics and at around 1/2 way through meshuggah will prove to you just how amazing they are. Heavy music doesn't come any better than this. Enjoy!!!

As Daylight Dies
As Daylight Dies
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5.0 out of 5 stars Their Best Yet, 9 Dec 2006
This review is from: As Daylight Dies (Audio CD)
Truly an amazing album, their best to date and easily the best metal album of 2006, bar none (and that's including 'blood mountain'). Can't wait for their next one.......................

American Idiot
American Idiot
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5.0 out of 5 stars Welcome back Green Day, 26 Sep 2004
This review is from: American Idiot (Audio CD)
forget all your preconceptions about how green day should sound or whether they are punk or pop or whatever....just listen to the songs and let them do the talking. who cares whether it's as good as Dookie or Nimrod, if they make music that sounds this good they could turn into a irish folk band for all i care. this album is a brilliant addition to the continuing green day catalogue of brilliant albums. now go out and buy it and just play it to death, it's worth it.

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