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Whitehall: The Street That Shaped a Nation
Whitehall: The Street That Shaped a Nation
by Colin Brown
Edition: Paperback
Price: £9.99

3.0 out of 5 stars Interesting but not focused enough, 2 Dec. 2013
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Full of interesting little anecdotes and facts that leave you feeling quite satisfied as an armchair historian but the lack of focus in each chapter just left me feeling as though I was jumping through the centuries almost at will. I don't want to know about Elizabethan or 18th Century Whitehall in the Henry VIII chapter, nor do I expect to read anecdotes about modern day Whitehall in the Wolsey chapter.

A few factual inaccuracies at the beginning of the book also immediately put me on edge (Hampton Court was a private residence of Wolsey not an ecclesiastical palace). It's a shame because it is a fascinating subject but at times it felt like the author needed to get to a certain word count and so felt obliged to throw in extra stories where ever a few extra lines were needed.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (Nintendo DS)
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (Nintendo DS)
Offered by MICRO LTD
Price: £14.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Take That!, 27 Dec. 2006
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
Well first of all i have to say what a fantastic game we have here. Probably slightly underrated in the Western Gaming world, this fantastic game is a must have for all DS owners.

The game revolves around the main character Phoenix Wright, a new attorney on the block who has to prove himself in a series of increasingly difficult cases.

If you are looking for action, shooting and running around, this is certainly not the game for you, but if you are looking for something that has well written characters, challenges for the old noggin' and some annoying, but ridiculously catchy music then this definitely is for you!

Inside In/Inside Out
Inside In/Inside Out
Price: £4.41

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1.0 out of 5 stars As the Monkeys would say "Don't believe the Hype", 15 Sept. 2006
This review is from: Inside In/Inside Out (Audio CD)
Heralded as the new kings of Indie, this disappointing debut album sums up all that is bad about the music industry at the moment SAME OLD SAME OLD SAME OLD. I bought into the hype as much as everyone after hearing some rather catchy tunes on the wireless and hurried down to my local record shop on the day of release to purchase it. As soon as i got home, the jacket was flung in the corner and a mad dash was made for the CD player. Some time later i was left confused. No, it can't be. That was pretty poor. i must have something wrong, this is THE KOOKS. *all hail the kooks* remember. Listen to it again you fool. Several listens later i was sure that my musical ear had not deserted me. This was a poor, nay, terrible album. Sure there are the catchy "wash over your head" tunes which have been destroyed by radio overplay and molly coddling by Jo Whiley.

I enjoy music a lot and do get frustrated by musical trends that are banded around and perhaps this have a detrimental effect on the listening of this album. What claims to be an "indie" album (i mean look, they have unkempt hair and look like they don't wash. They pretend that they don't want to be loved by the adoring masses and moan on their records) But what is portrayed as indie, is certainly outie. Now maybe the cynic in me would not allow the enjoyment of the album for this reason. But perhaps it is just because it is rubbish. I think that the second reason is the more prevalent, but the first just stokes the fires that were already burning.

In short, this album is poor, but if you enjoy you outie music then by all means go with it. But in my opinion, any album which has a track called Jackie Big Tits, is certainly not one for me.

Silent Alarm Remixed
Silent Alarm Remixed
Offered by The Music Warehouse
Price: £5.75

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5.0 out of 5 stars Hold the phone, a re-release that isn't just a moneyspinner!?, 15 Sept. 2006
This review is from: Silent Alarm Remixed (Audio CD)
Bloc Party are far and away one of the biggest musically successes from the UK in many a year. There success is down to their huge fanbase, which was brought about through their (and i don't use this word lightly) phenomenal first album "silent alarm". It is impossible not to relish in the rich musical tapestry that these talented lads have woven. So i was slightly suspicious at this re-released "remix" album. Was it to continue the success of silent alarm? Or was it a genuine reflection of their popularity amongst fellow music makers?

Well fellow Amazoners, i chanced it after noticing the number of fantastic musicians who have contributed to this album (Death from Above 1974; Mogwai; Four Tet; Ladytron & The Engineers to name but a few) and let me tell you what an unbelievable buy it was. From the first haunting echos in Like Eating Glass (Ladytron Zapatista Mix) i knew that this album was going to be something quite special and something very different.

For the first week of owning the album, i could not bring myself to turn it off. The howling at the beginning of Helicopter , the thumping bassline of Banquet, the trancendent sound of Blue Light. It was like an addiction, and everytime i heard something i had not heard before, and i fell in love with the album a little more.

In my opinion the standout track on this album is without doubt Luno (Death from Above 1974 remix). It is out of this world. Completely and utterly out of this world. It is simply a fantastic remix of an already of what was a good song, but DfA1974 just kicked up another notch, which previously had not even been imagined!

In short, if you are thinking about buying this album, then WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!? Buy it now! You can not fail but be impressed by what an amazing album it is.

Creative Zen 20GB MP3 Player - Black
Creative Zen 20GB MP3 Player - Black

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3.0 out of 5 stars disappointing, 11 July 2006
After having had a Creative touch for a good spell, it eventually gave in to the constant battering that it took (and it took a lot!) and so i reentered the MP3 market. My Creative experience up until purchasing this product had been fantastic and so it was an easy choice for me to pick the Creative Zen. However i was bitterly disappointed with it.

The battery life is absolutely atrocious, i cannot stress this enough because there is nothing worse than only getting through half the day when the battery died. My particular Zen froze up after 3 days of use and only served as an adequate reason for my returning of the product, heartbroken and confused.

The Creative team have really let themselves down with the battery life. The supposed 9hrs is nothing like what you actually get (and i don't care if people suggest ways of saving battery life, saving the battery should not be an issue in my view), it was especially annoying after having experienced the 24hr battery life on my old Creative touch.

Creative have some great pieces of kit. The sound is good, the software is the easiest to use of all MP3s in my opinion and they do look good. If you decide to purchase this product, then please do not judge all Creatives on what you receive here, because this is a mere blip in the Creative market, who truely are serving to be a growing competitor for the iPod.

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