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Rage: Anarchy Edition (Xbox 360)
Rage: Anarchy Edition (Xbox 360)
Offered by Game Trade Online
Price: £7.47

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4.0 out of 5 stars A Great But Flawed Experience, 9 Dec. 2012
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
I have a lot of positive praise for Rage, yeah it's another "world ends, human's survive in a future wasteland populated by bandits etc etc" and I did purchase it on the strength of Fallout 3 (not New Vegas though) but it is a very different game from Fallout, set in the same sort of story structure. Annnnd I wanted it because of the advert music (A Perfect Circle - Go Back To Sleep) was just awesome. The story is spread over 2 discs with a bulk of the story in disc 1. The 3rd Disc is purely for multiplayer.

Firstly, it's visually stunning. The backgrounds, the character rendering, the movement's of the enemies, its a beautifully engineered game. I had no issues with go slow areas where the game could not handle all that was on the screen, the enemies did not disappear once you killed them (they do once you leave an area though) and there was no massive load times. It runs perfectly. Even during heavy battle scenes, each enemy reacts in a unique way, which is one of my favourite memories of Rage. A Bandit may charge at you and depending on where you wound them, they will react to that impact and if they cant handle it, they will retreat injured and take cover whilst shouting this order out to the rest of their group. It made for a truer experience and I feel that it's one of those games that people don't know its out there and are missing out.

Rage is full of little gems to keep you occupied, so lets look at some of them...

Random mission's but not too many - Rage never really veers of the main story line, and unlike many similar games, it only has a handful of extra non story related missions. Now this does mean the game is rather short (13 - 16 hours) but the mini missions are enjoyable and evenly spread. You can access these through job boards or by speaking to people in the towns and the wasteland areas. You sometimes get rewarded with either money or equipment so keep an eye out for these.

Mini Games - Rage has 5 of these that you can play as and when. Some are very easy and will give you instant cash rewards, others take a bit more time to master. Rage Frenzy is a card game and you play this by collecting cards through out the wasteland so you can use to play. Have enough cards and its quite easy to win. Tombstone is the simplest and is a dice rolling game and a Wing-stick game which is a target practice game at the start. The last 2 I have only managed to complete 1 and just cant do the last one. Strum is a Guitar Hero influenced game which after practice is easy to do. 5 Finger Filet I just cant beat the final round as it changes every time so you cannot learn the pattern. If I say Bishop from Aliens and the knife scene, you know what to do.

I'm A Racer Me - There are 4 vehicle classes that the player can use but naturally has to earn. The better the car, the better the handling. I loved these parts and the enjoyment only gets better when you can add missile launchers, mini guns and mines to your vehicle. Certain people in bars will pay you for blowing up bandit cars, so fully kit your car out with armour and a ton of ammo. To secure these extra upgrades like ammo and flying bombs (yep thats right) you have to take part in races set for certain vehicles. They can become a little tiresome but I did do these in one hit instead of spreading them out, but hey, I wanted the the heavy armour and flying bombs! The cars are nimble and very light, you see a chance to drive of a raised mound, hit the boost button and take off.

Buy, Combine and Construct - It's a normal part of these types of games now where you can pick up random things and use them to create something else to use in your journey. You can purchase or be given schematics (recipes in this world) to craft your own items and you do get some great stuff. A spider like attack drone, a sentry turret, RC Car Bomb or power augmenters that increase your damage output. There's 19 in total to gather and they come in very handy. I never used my full inventory slots as I never had to much that I could not carry, that and the same items stack and have no weight. You can find much of the constructible items in the wasteland but also from floating beacons that you can destroy with your car.

Go Shopping - You can already buy upgrades for your vehicles but these do not use money but rather race certificates that you earn either through racing or by destroying Bandit cars and collecting the reward from the owners of Bars. There are 3 main sellers in the game that you will find in the Hagar Settlement, Wellspring and Subway Town where you can purchase recipes, ammo or constructible items. You can also sell to these guys.

Televised Mayhem - Mutant Bash TV is a great place. It's a TV show that you get to take part in. Progress through each stage by killing all the mutants in different ways and earn a reward from it.

Legend of The Wastes - This is multiplayer and whilst its good, it depends on the other person playing. It can also take a while for another person to join the server. You don't earn any extra's to use in the game but does add a little longevity

Easter Eggs - There are 4 and whilst they don't serve anything towards the game, they are interesting to see. You Have 3 rooms to find. One is based on Doom, Wolfenstein 3D and Quake. There are no enemies but you can walk around and find a sellable item. The 4th Easter Egg is a Dev Room which is also an achievement.

SO why's it flawed? It has a lot of positive points and is a great game, but it fails in a few areas. Now there is a slight SPOILER coming so if you don't want to know, ignore the below 2 paragraph!.

For the size of the world, you have to track back over a few areas you have already visited which on the first play through was fine, but the second time was a little boring and increasing the difficulty does not open up new areas either. On the difficulty, playing through on Nightmare is not tough at all which was disappointing. You can purchase the Anarchy Edition and what you get is a pair of Spiked Knuckles, Double Barrel Shotgun, a new type of Buggy and a form of Elite armour. It's really not worth it and I played the game without these. As you progress through the game in the very early stages, even on Nightmare difficulty, you will get stronger weapons by around the 3rd- 4th mission, you can upgrade your armour very early on in the game and the extra inventory you get with the Crimson Armour you don't need it.

*SPOILER!* The way Rage ends is very anti-climatic and this is mainly down to the way the story is constructed. The main enemy you encounter apart from the mutants and bandit clans is The Authority, a group of right wing crazies trying to mould this new world in their vision. At the start of the game, your character emerges from an Ark which was used to safe guard the human race so that those who emerge can repopulate the planet, but The Authority sabotage some of these Arks so they only save those who share their vision. The premise of the story is set but their is no structure after you emerge from the Ark. The Authority is faceless and you never encounter those who control it during the game or at the very end. No big battle, no choice to make about helping the resistance or throwing them to the lions. Nout. Even when you attack Authority installations (several times) they appear in Wellsprings and Subway town and completely ignore you. "I just killed 40 of your men and destroyed and handful of your vehicles!" and its like I never made a dent on them as someone to capture or kill.

Spoiler over, once you complete the game you should load up the multiplayer. Either race or shoot. The racing portion is weak and is set out like an apocalyptic Mario Kart battle. My heaviest criticism is the lag times when you race. Its all over the place and I found it nearly impossible to drive, attack the other players or even stay on the course. The Legend of the Wasteland luckily redeems all, it's fast paced, frantic and much tougher than the campaign, but not impossible. The only problem I had was with a few glitches that appeared during co-op play.

Rage is great, its quality actually and is an absorbing, adrenaline fueled game. Yeah it could had of been better in story and the way it flowed to the conclusion, but it played beautifully, was fun, easy to enjoy, had probably one of the best in game scores I have heard since Assassins Creed II and although I was disappointed with the way it ended, I would play it again in a few years and know it would still be fresh. You wont find anything this cheap on Xbox 360 for what you get for a very long time. Play and Enjoy

Fallout: New Vegas (Xbox 360)
Fallout: New Vegas (Xbox 360)
Price: £11.87

2.0 out of 5 stars Bug Ridden, Glitch Infested with a tendancy to corrupt your saves and constant crashing, 31 Aug. 2012
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
My major frustrations began with Fallout New Vegas as soon as I ran away from a Radscorpion. I was heading towards Sloan when I stumbled across it. It struck me with its tail and I started to lose health, so I ran away to hide. I jumped over cliff edge and landed on the outskirts of Sloan. When I turned round, the Radscorpion had become part of the cliff face. As soon as this Glitch/Bug/general balls up in the Matrix etc happened it only got worse. New Vegas is not a bad game, but it does lack what Fallout 3 had. Fallout 3 was no angel in the glitch department and had some truly frustrating issues.....when it was first released that later got resolved with future downloads and the release of the Game of the Year Editions. New Vegas however has never been fully resolved, no matter how many patches are released, it shows this should never have left production before a full test had been carried out. Here are a few of my (ongoing) issues

- Radscorpion outside Sloan, becoming stuck in a Cliff
- Deathclaw outside Primm Pass, running over some boulders opposite the pass opening and then SKY ROCKETING into the sky, only to fall to earth and die
- A shack near Primm Pass where the Deathclaws haunt and near a Viper Squad. Seeking refuge in the shack when no Deathclaws are around, only to find that they have appeared in the sodding shack with me
- In the NCR Correction facility where the Powder Gangers are, there is a set of two beds in the building at the back. Walk on these and you get stuck between them unable to move. This will result in a reload (several times I had to do this) or a load of a different save game.
- Walking along The Strip, a Hooker slides across the pavement whilst dancing.
- Entering the Ultra Luxe with a buddy, I became trapped in their body! I had Lily with me and I spent most of my time on the Casino floor with parts of Lily's face blocking my view (*updated 05/09)
- Your "buddies" deciding to start shooting enemies, even if they are miles away so you can walk aroun them
- Unable to complete Boone's Mission concerning his lost wife. I ended up taking another local to the front of the Dinosaur statue, having him killed and then Boone thinking it was a women? Bizarre
- Unable to load save files that have occurred in Freeside. The only way I got round this was loading up a much earlier save and then loading from there.
- When you discover the evidence required to stop the Crimson Caravan's and The Silver Rush, Simon (Van Graff guard outside Silver Rush) goes gun totting mental and unloads on everyone one, resulting in a truly difficult scenario with you facing off against 8-10 Van Graff's who are loaded to the teeth with Plasma weapons and the Plasma Caster.
- The V.A.T.S system unable to lock onto a full target at times. When pulling the trigger, this may cause nothing to happen, at which point you are screwed as you are just getting hit constantly
- Vault 32 in the Overseer Office, The Overseer (now a ghoul) will fall through the platform either till the passage below or between the platform (*updated 03/09)
- Vault 32 again, periodic crashing when changing rooms. I was treated to a black screen several times or a crashed loading screen (*updated 03/09)
- Vault 19, going through the gates to the entrance towards the Quarry. If you are killed by Deathclaws, the game will not reload meaning you have to return to the dashboard (*updated 22/09)
- On the outer log fence in Jacobstown, if you were to walk along side this area, you will become stuck and unable to move, causing a reload. This happeneded several times when I was trekking to the entrance (*updated 04/09)
- Freeside, outside the Old Mormon Fort, several large shrubs now suspended 20ft in the air (*updated 10/09)
- Conversations with Lady Jane in Freeside. Sometimes I will get dialogue. Other times I will get the possibility of dialogue but with nothing happening. And my favourite annoyance...
- Stumbling across a cave where an old man lives, Cannibal Johnson. You chat to him briefly and then leave. He is located near Vault 32. Strolling around the wasteland, he will just randomly appear and start shooting at me for no reason. It usually happens when I fight the Golden Gecko's. Sometime he helps out, most of the times he turns out to be a nut job.

I have now completed New Vegas, but have to admit I was confused just how I managed to do it. The rate it took me to get to the end I just lost a lot of enthusiasm for the story and what I was trying to achieve. Even playing as the good courier or bad courier, I just did not care in the end. Re tracing my steps due to corrupt saves, having to reload as not all my weapons would be in my pip boy, or constanty being ambused on load screens by the Legion.

It's not just the mountain of issue the game has, I am also struggling with the mission layouts and concepts. Some will be sweeping and involved missions, others are simply pointless and an exercise in running from place to place to do this and that. One mission in Jacobstown requires you to stop some Mercenaries from causing a disturbance. They are located no more than 50 feet away, you tell them stop (if your Speech is 50 or more), they stop, you turn around and tell the guard it's done, 100 XP collected. All in 4 minutes. It's a pointless mission and simply there as filler. Compared with Fallout 3 there must be double the missions with only a handful of these of any interest. At least in the Capital Wasteland you got to visit some cool places like the Lincoln Memorial or the Capitol Building, you know places of relevance. New Vegas I get to visit ransacked Caravan sites or a lump of rock which is a thorough fare for Deathclaws. Many of the places in New Vegas have no point to them and are there as milestones. If you have played the Fallout 3, you will notice that much has been lifted from it such as the names of alot of the Perks and the musical score

Strangely there are a few improvements that I liked which Fallout 3 did not have.

- The introduction of Hardcore mode where starvation (FOD) sleep deprivation (SLP) and dehydration (H20) as well as radiation sickness (RAD) gives the game an aspect of strategy which I am enjoying and your ammo now has weight which means you have to kit yourself out efficiently.
- Having "buddies" accompany you on your journey is a nice touch as the fire power they bring is seriously helpful and you can use them to carry extra stuff. The interaction wheel is also useful and gives you greater control over their actions. If they die though, good luck carrying everything so only give them your least valuable items. They sadly do have a tendency to go a bit crazy and start shooting people when they see a threat, even if they are marked as passive (see above)
- Wider choice of work benches and the types of things you can make. Having a higher repair skill will also mean you can use similar weapons to make repairs to different types of weapon
- The introduction of Fame and Infamy between different groups in the wasteland. But this is still flawed as it just acts like gang territory. I was hoping that if i become "liked" by a group, I would be able to utilise them but you cannot. Only becoming liked by the NCR has so far yielded some perks with a battle radio to call in support. Becoming Villified by the Legion will cause random attacks in the form of bounty hunter raids where as teh Powder Gangers never come near you again unless you approach them

Overall, Fallout New Vegas will probably ruin your future relationship with other Fallout titles which is a complete shame as it is a fantastic series. Start with Fallout 3 GOTY Edition as it is by far the superior title. New Vegas set out to be different. A "warmer" looking Fallout, and its not the same. The destruction of the cities is there, but the destitution and depression nature of the world is not. It is just a side project, and tarnishes what Fallout 3 built. It was probably put together with the leftover's of Fallout 3 and just stuck in the Mojave Desert to make it a bit different. A disappointing instalment which had the potential to trump its predecessor, but like Mr House, it's just a withered shell with little life left in it.
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Transformers 1-3 Box Set [Blu-ray] [2011]
Transformers 1-3 Box Set [Blu-ray] [2011]
Dvd ~ Shia LaBeouf
Price: £9.14

4 of 6 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Disappointed with the overall product, 21 July 2012
This is not a review of the movies. You can go to for all that information. Personally the first Transformers was the best of the 3, but much of the frame work that was built in this movie sadly was not used to its full potential in the follow ups. Revenge of the Fallen is poor but the CGI is great. Dark of the Moon was better than ROTF and got rid of some of the worst Transformers (you know the two) but again mainly relied on CGI to get it through. But, it never set out to be a masterpiece of film making, with a bullet proof plot and message to deliver to audiences. It's a Summer pop corn movie. Guns, explosions, innuendo and cheesy as Hell one liners. I loved it.

This box set is a bit of a let down. These types of movie are only worth purchasing for the additional content discs and I would urge you to purchase the separate copies of Transformers. At nearly £30, you could buy them individually and save money AND get more for that money. I do own this, but did not purchase it. It was a gift for my birthday.

If your are not concerned with the special features and just the movies, its still too expensive for what you get so you can either wait for it to become cheaper or purchase them on their own

Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition (Xbox 360)
Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition (Xbox 360)

5.0 out of 5 stars An Epic Experience, 14 July 2012
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
An amazing game. Truly one of the first games I have played that totally absorbed me. Fallout 3 deserves the recognition it received from the gaming communities. It's a rare thing to find a great and intelligent game that has an unholy amount of violence, gore, humour and prostitutes. Oh and a nuclear grenade launcher, everyone needs one of these.

But why does Fallout 3 divide opinion? Most of us seem to think it's awesome, some think it's boring and too difficult and rate it 1 star. This does not deserve 1 star, not by a Capital Wasteland mile which there are plenty of. There is so much on offer in Fallout 3 that a 1 star review does not show the grandness of a player's experience. It shows someone playing 30 minutes of the opening scenes and getting bored because there is no blood and guts hanging from the walls and you can't shoot anyone in the face yet. I love Fallout 3 and recently bought this, the GOTY Edition. The value is too good to pass up and works out far cheaper than obtaining it through XBLA.

This is the Game of the Year Edition I would like to share with you. The 5 extra downloadable contents that are within the package comes on a separate disc and will require you to load these onto your Xbox 360's hard drive so ensure you have the space. If not, you will have to sacrifice some game saves so this is the perfect time to delete Viva Piñata and PES 2006. Whilst you're at it, get rid of Just Cause too. It's OK, no one will ever know. The whole process takes 10-15 minutes and is always a good idea to load the extra content on before you take your first steps into the Capital Wasteland. Having played the originally packaged Fallout 3, I noticed it improves...

- Enemy AI - Only slightly, some enemies still have a habit of running at you from a far with a sledgehammer, whilst you unload ROCKETS AT THEM)
- Increase in XP from level 20 to 30 - This helped me play with a greater sense of freedom as I had more chances to try different skills)
- More enemy types in the main campaign - Mainly from the Enclave, Feral Ghouls and some insect life. You now have the added joy of the Super Mutant Overload. A gigantic pain in the arse. These things will destroy you without the proper planning
- Less screen tearing and crashing - There are still a few issues with the scenery eating you. It may be a coincidence but It always happened to me near the Sat Com Arrays in the Original Fallout 3 and seemed to happen in the GOTY Edition
- Greater haul of weapons - Many of these I stumbled across. When I loaded up my first save game, I noticed that none of these weapons where in my cache. Some are great, especially in the energy weapons but some are there more as gimmicks

Now you can enjoy Fallout 3 however you like, which is the beauty of it. Do whatever you desire. Sticking to just the main campaign missions, you will probably complete this within 5-7 hours if you power through. If you go achievement hunting, exploring and truly experiencing everything within the Capital Wasteland: Without the extra content, 60-100 hours! With the content add another 20+ on.

Now...A WARNING! This game is huge, massive. Actually it's bigger than BIG. It's at least twice the size of Saturn. If you are in a relationship, have a job, pay a mortgage, have children, pets, a social life etc. Say bye-bye to the lot as you will lose it all very quickly. No this did not happen to me; I was smart with my movements and planned when I would play it. Ok that sounds a little strange but im still married, able to pay my mortgage as I still have my job that supports my kids and pet cat and funds a social life.

So what about all this added content you can purchase for this low price? What's the best way to play each of them? Which one should you play first? Again, it's your choice but allow me to give you some clarity. I will rate them in order I wished I played them and also what I thought about them.

1. Point Lookout 5/5

Point Lookout was by far the best of all the DLC. I played it 3/4 to the end of my campaign but wish I had played it nearer the middle. Set within its own separate world, full of extra inventory and apparel you could pick up, it really tested my ability as all the enemies are seriously tough. Set in the pleasant (or unpleasant) Seaside Resort of Point Lookout, just up the river from the Capital wasteland, the main story revolves around helping the resident of Calvert Mansion. Essentially you are here to settle a dispute with his former colleague or with him (The Karmic Choice). Forgive the basic explanation but it would give too much away.

As soon as you leave the Ferry (you buy the ticket in the wasteland) you can go directly there or go exploring. Naturally I went exploring and found an insane amount of stuff and extra missions. This was the first time I encountered a Feral Reaver. In a phrase, why won't you die!! The toughest enemy in the whole game and after I left Point Lookout, would crop up in the Capital Wasteland. Super fast, strong and will tear you apart within seconds. Cripple the legs, at least gives you a fighting chance and use powerful weapons. A .32 Pistol will be like hitting this thing with farts.

It's here in PL that you will obtain the Superior Defender perk which improves your defences. It's tough to get as you will no doubt experience as soon as you enter Calvert Mansion but is certainly worth it. Take your time with this DLC and enjoy it

2. Mothership Zeta 3/5

Mothership Zeta was the first DLC I played and to start with I enjoyed it as you are abducted by Aliens and have to escape back to the wasteland but does become a labour. It starts of well as you explore the first part of the ship looking for a way out and you get to use all the advanced weaponry, it's just that it lacks any real drive behind it. The level design is pretty bland, enemies are lacking in variation and it has been padded out to get you playing a few hours more. Before you even consider playing MZ, leave as much equipment behind as possible, including weapons and anything else you don't need. It's a treasure trove up there and will get you a handsome profit in caps back in the wasteland. I didn't and had to part with a lot of my favourite weapons.

If you do manage to push through to the end, you will have the opportunity to return to the ship to pick up some goodies, collect some more captive recordings and speak with some of the captives you rescued up there. Apart from that not much else and proves to be a Meh experience. You will however get to take back with you Xenotech weapon technology which is also a Perk you will get whilst up in Space. The weapons are very powerful and can make your time in the wasteland a lot easier

3. Operation Anchorage 2/5

This was the first DLC sent to us by Bethesda and honestly could had of ruined everything. It was just terrible and I think they probably knew it was a bit pap. The only enjoyable parts were the ability to choose your team and have load outs on weapons.

The major frustration was the whole thing is not real, but rather a simulation set in Anchorage during the war. You have to go through this in order to unlock a door in the real world for the Outcasts. Err, come again? This room is a weapons room with experimental technology. Oooooo I hear you say. Well don't because it really is not work it in the end. A suit or armour I never used and weapons I pretty much already have. The only enjoyable part of this DLC was when I finished it; sometimes a glitch would occur resulting in the Outcast Brotherhood members going mental and killing each other for no reason, leaving all their equipment behind. I would play this near the beginning, after you complete the GNR quest. It's not a hard DLC to tackle and will give you some pretty hard hitting weapons to use.

4. The Pitt 4/5

I played this just before the end of the main campaign and was quite surprised at how enjoyable it was. The Pitt is how I imagined the whole of Fallout 3 would had of been like but may have just been a little too depressing. And that is what it is, depressing. Set around Traders and Slavers, the Pitt is the depths of humanity and depravity in a slave labour camp, and you get to run around it all with a big rotating chainsaw! The story concerns a slave uprising and the search for a cure to radiation. Enjoyable yes but far more enjoyable when you rise through the ranks of being a slave through arena death matches and become one of the Slavers!

To start with you are stripped of all your belongings and have to earn them back through the arena. You will probably die many, many times over as stimpaks and ammo are not readily available and much of the first half of the game is melee, so get practicing.

Again you can venture back here if you want but there is no real point as you will gain little from the experience. This is a simple DLC to enjoy and then get back on with the task at hand

5. Broken Steel 4/5

No choice for this one as you can only access this after you turn on the purifier (the purifier?!? What's that? Play the game!) You join the Brotherhood of Steel to rid the wasteland of the Enclave and get freshwater out to the people. Not many side missions in this one but is massive on action and tons of enemies storming at you. As this is your last outing, go out with a bang, any extra upgrades you get won't do you any favours as you have got this far already. Sell what you don't need any more before you begin the Main achievement missions and bring out the big guns. Especially the Experimental MIRV, Fat Man, Gatling Laser, Plasma Weapons and Xenotech disintegrator. GO NUTS! You can even take Fawkes along for the ride which I heartedly recommend. The thing is like a wall and will tear through everything without as much as a scratch

A fitting end to the DLC pack that will no doubt bring about bouts of depression once you have fully completed it causing you to return to the world of the living. You can of course do these missions in the order you choose, this is simply my opinion. Enjoy them and take full advantage of each (well rush through Anchorage, it did suck) they easily add life to an already vibrant game.

Petron Fun Handbow (Pink)
Petron Fun Handbow (Pink)
Offered by PATRICK'S TOYS EST1948
Price: £24.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Crazy fun, with a pink handbow gun, 14 July 2012
= Durability:5.0 out of 5 stars  = Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars  = Educational:1.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Petron Fun Handbow (Pink) (Toy)
I purchased this product as part of an incentive for my staff. We placed a bull eyes up on the wall or hung it from a ceiling. Each time they got 5 sales, they got 3 shots of the handbow. One with the highest points won the prize at the end of the day.

By the end of the day, the prize no longer mattered. Instead it became what could you shoot and what could you hit. (we obviously adjusted the incentive, not just allowed people to shoot at random things or each other) Its only a few pound, meant for children but even our directors were playing with it and it really brought our sales floor up in a bit of morale. The directors, who never come out their offices started talking more to the teams as a result of this basic incentive and now they speak with our teams far more. Even if the excuse is so they can shoot the handbow

It comes with a pack of rubber tipped arrows that stick to surfaces and can easily travel over 12 metres. Put a bic in (please don't, but do it) will go nearly 17 metres. I am going to use it for our Olympic event.

Its addictive and an easy way to motivate. I would recommend you use it briefly though. There will come a time when you start to "modify" the darts and the release mechanism. Record distance is 23 metres for my team on a rubber tipped dart. They then decided to put a clear bic biro in it, with the new and improved catapult system. We never found the pen but we still have the hole it left in the plasterboard wall. My team had basically made a child's crossbow with ninja like aim and deadliness. I now have the handbow in my drawer. In my locked drawer.
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Lest We Forget: The Best Of
Lest We Forget: The Best Of
Price: £4.41

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great Best Of and DVD, but go for the albums, 14 July 2012
For a best of package, this is pretty good. There are some truly fantastic recordings on here that span up to Golden Age of Grotesque and there are some real belters like Fight Song and Irresponsible Hate Anthem that should help anyone who is new to Marilyn Manson go scurrying for his back catalogue. Personally, his earlier material is easily the best and hardest stuff. The Reflecting God is possibly the best song he has ever done. If you only know him for Beautiful People or Sweet Dreams and you liked those, some of these songs may be too much for you but give them a listen.

Would had of liked to have seen this best of spread over 2 discs. Holywood had some crackers on it. It was never a single but Target Audience Narcissus was an amazing track and Anti-Christ Superstar from "Anti-Christ Superstar" is also missing which is a shame.

The DVD is a decent accompaniment to this best of. It has many of the music video's you may not have seen or remembered, a few documentary style recordings and galleries. You will know if you have the DVD and CD version as it will be much thicker and come as a folding cardboard case. That version is a few items down when you search for Lest We Forget so make sure you click the right one. The CD version just comes with many of the photographs of Manson's career in the booklet, the DVD and CD combo version has it printed onto the packaging inside which looks better

If you prefer a single collection of some of an artist's best work, by all means get this. It condenses down some of the more popular song Manson has done. If you prefer the other way though, get these Albums first.

Anti Christ Superstar - 3rd Album. Heavy
Omega and the Mechanical Animals. 4th Album. Probably the break through one. More mainstream than ACS
Holywood - In The Valley of the Shadow of Death. 5th Album. My Personal Favourite
The Last Tour on Earth. The Reflecting God live is immense

Sadly, Golden Age of Grotesque is where you start to see Manson fall. Eat Me, Drink Me has a handful of decent songs and The High End of Low again only a handful, but I would recommend Four Rusted Horses from that Album. The simple drumming and bass is great.

Dead Space 2 (Xbox 360)
Dead Space 2 (Xbox 360)
Offered by Rainbow & Sunshine
Price: £10.47

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5.0 out of 5 stars Christ....., 9 July 2012
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Christ is possibly the best word to describe what I felt playing through Dead Space 2. There are moments that would make me stop the game, sit back and simply say "Christ" in disbelief at some of cut scenes or interactive areas. Dead Space 2 is not for the faint hearted, or those with a serious problem with horrific violence. Its brilliant.

Moving on from the original, Engineer Isaac Clarke, the unluckiest man in the universe has arrived on the Sprawl, a massive space station orbiting Saturn. The Ishimura and its horrors, long left behind him, are still with Isaac. He suffers from hallucinations, voices and bouts of physical madness that can endanger his life. He is not a well man. And who could blame him! As the game begins after a short "previously on Dead Space" style meeting between Isaac and a physiatrist, the Sprawl is under attack by another Necromorph outbreak.

The game is never positioned as Isaac being the hero to save the day, but rather a pure survival game where the main protagonist must survive the onslaught and from going completely insane. Isaacs insanity takes the form of his long since departed girlfriend Nicole, who appears as a bloodied and gaunt figure with fire blazing eyes. She provides some of the creepier moments of the game.

Dead Space 2 is a violent game. Make no mistake of this as the violence at times is truly shocking and will cause the "Christ" moments. It's not just the visual violence, but the audio too. The gurgling of blood from a slashed throat or the tearing of a limb that has been caught in an elevator door, that's the stuff that will stop you sleeping. Compared to the first game, DS2 is another level of wrong. The original is mild in comparison. You have a greater level of threat in DS2. The enemies are stronger, faster and more varied. You have the original Necromorphs and those frustrating black ones, but now you have devil children and exploding babies (another "Christ" moment) and a huge monstrosity know as the Tormentor. If you lose against this enemy, it will provide one of the worst death scenes Isaac can experience... that and the eye machine.

Weapons and Scenery has been greatly improved, with a wider variety of weapons and a greater sense that the environment you are walking through can act more as a defensive or offensive obstacle for you to use against the hoards. The harder the difficulty you play, the less the ammo becomes and the greater role the environment plays in your survival. On the hardest setting (below Hardcore) Dead Space 2 can be very unforgiving. The Final Chapters on hard is sodding hard. Hardcore mode is just absurdly hard. I still haven't completed it and probably never will.

There is a DLC pack which allows you to play as another character called Gabe, a security officer who is in the mines at the beginning of the outbreak and tries to get back to his wife. This was a bit of a letdown as Gabe's story does not have any effect on Isaacs, rather just run alongside it. It's also not set in any new areas of the Sprawl which is disappointing. It's cheaper to get and will add to your achievements but it's nothing that special.

I loved Dead Space for its story and for what it set out to be, a blood and guts fright fest of a game. Dead Space 2 delivers this in spades. It has been criticised by a few reviewers for being spread over 2 discs, but you can see why with the sheer scale of the game. What Dead Space 2 doesn't need is multi-player. Dead Space 1 got by without it fine and EA just buckled. Admittedly its fun but I haven't bought this for the online.
Better than the first game, bloodier and scarier too.

Bulletstorm (Xbox 360)
Bulletstorm (Xbox 360)
Offered by Game Trade Online
Price: £6.72

4.0 out of 5 stars Lude, Crude and Unapologetic Mayhem, 27 Jun. 2012
Why this game is GREAT:

Great presentation and graphics. No screen tearing/scenary eating and no lagging when things get hectic
Amazingly crude humour and vicious one liners. Add in a ton of foul language and you have a winner.
Easy to use weapons, not that many but enough variation to keep things interesting
Easy upgrading. Simple and effective.
Evenly balanced weapons in regards to power and impact on the game.
Some interesting achievements to prolong the game
Guns + Alcohol
The Leash
The Skill shot system

Why its missed out on AWESOME

Bulletstorm is a great game, it is one of the few titles that has replay value that last longer than 6 months and does not have "Call of Duty" in the title I have only recently purchased it and its a good sign to see that other players are still on the servers. But Bulletstorm does fall short of 5 star brilliance. There are minor annoyances to be had; the game periodically becoming stuck on certain chapters so you cannot progress further or items may on occasion not be there - causing you to reload the checkpoint or chapter and some of the textures not fully loading on your characters but these are minor and did not damage my experience too badly

The campaign, whilst enjoyable and varied, is rather short and on a dedicated run through can be completed in under 3.5 hours. The hardest difficulty, challenging it may be at times especially during the Vulture missions, can be completed by moving through the game slower and taking cover with no apparent repercussion to the player. If you look at Mass Effect 2, when you took cover against the Collectors, they would push forward to get you. This does not happen in Bulletstorm and only the larger enemies will come towards you at a very slow pace but even they are on a pre determined path and will circle the same scenary

Multiplayer is excellent and easy to get to grips with. My grumble is you are limited to Anarchy mode. A team based wave of enemies where you have to perform skill shots to progress up the waves. Strangely you don't miss the whole Deathmatch or Capture the Flag you generally get in FPS multiplayer, but it would be better if there was a few multiplayer challenge maps like what you get from the Echo missions on single player. If you are going to play the multiplayer, try and play it with people who will do the team challenges. I played wave 9 for over 45 minutes as we kept failing the required points limit. Due largely to members of my team not following the team challenges and just killing everything they could without thinking about it. To get through Anarchy mode, skill shots and the team challenges are the only through. Play with a group of people you know (I'm Hitcher83)

Echo Missions are just re runs of the campaign levels in bite sized pieces. Again they are fun to play but lack any imagination. Its great to get as many points as possible but some different single player challenges would had of been better.

Skill shots. Very cool to do and very cool to see. But again it's a slight overlook from the developer. The things you want to do with the leash, such as grab and enemy and swing him around or use it as a trip wire have not been included which is a shame. Maybe there's will be in the second game

It's very cheap to get at the moment and is easily a bargain for the enjoyment you get. New copies come with additional content which will give you a different colour Leash and extra Echo Missions. If you are after the full DLC content, I recommend purchasing this through XBLA as the EPIC addition of Bulletstorm will give you little in return and only a few gimmicks

Mass Effect - 2 Disk Special - Classics Edition (Xbox 360)
Mass Effect - 2 Disk Special - Classics Edition (Xbox 360)
Price: £10.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars A monumental achievement. The beginning of something special..., 16 April 2012
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
I was quite late to the world of Mass Effect and wrongly wrote it off when I was presented an opportunity to play it back in 2008. I watched a mate play it and after an hour, it looked boring and soul destroying. Go here, talk to this person, run around aimless for a bit, shoot some robots and run around some more whilst driving around in a big tank every so often. However for that hour, I remember how my friend had not said a single word or even moved his gaze from the screen. He took in every detail that was happening, would listen to every possible piece of dialogue and took great pleasure in tweaking his characters appearance. It all seemed too long winded.

I finally got round to playing Mass Effect in September 2011 and have only just finished it in March 2012. It is such an absorbing game and addictive to play, you will find you are sucked in to this galactic community and won't want to leave. 6 months may seem a long time but hear me out...

Mankind has joined a galactic community of varying races after the discovery of alien artefacts on Mars. This lead to the discovery of Mass Relays, the galaxy's highway, that connected to different systems and planets. You play as Shepherd, and begin your first mission investigating a Human Colony that has been attacked by an unknown enemy. As the game progresses, you unlock clues to the purpose of this attack and those responsible for it. You build relationships and conversations with people you meet through your travels and unlock extra missions depending on your conversation choices. You choose to be good (Paragon) or bad (Renegade) depending on how you prefer to play, but your actions will have repercussions on Mass Effect 2 and will require you to make tough decisions so choose wisely. You can take 2 additional people with you on each mission who bring their own unique talents to fire fights and character interactions.

Sounds like every other RPG right? Yeah pretty much. This was a major factor in delaying to play Mass Effect for so long. I had notions it would be like Star Wars Episodes I - III when I really wanted it to be like Star Wars IV - VI with a splash of Total Recall and a Matrix sound track. What I got was much better and the experience has been imprinted on my memory. This is a truly exquisite game, with fantastic voice work, presentation and vast amounts of replay value if you want to try the different character classes. My favourite sections where when you had to upgrade you squads abilities, weapons and armour and this was only in the options screens! Once you get the hang of Mass Effect and have completed it twice, you will fly through the game on your additional play-throughs if you are achievement hunting. I would recommend starting on casual level to build up your experience and damage dealing levels. I started on hardcore and regretted it as I was constantly failing. Mass Effect is not a hard game. Actually its pretty easy but without proper plans laid out when you attack a Geth outpost, you will be taking a dirt nap very quickly.

Now with all this wonderful entertainment on this epic disc that is Mass Effect, there are some minor frustrations. Shepherd cannot run or jump. He can only run when in attack mode and enemies are near. This was incredibly frustrating as walking through the Citadel, the games political hub for all the people of the galaxy (and sharing a resemblance to a shopping centre) can take a very long, laborious time. Some of the conversations you have can last too long and have no real relevance, you are given a mission on Noveria to retrieve a package for a Hanar called Opold. Essentially I went up and down the lift and completed the assignment. Pointless. Luckily these are as I said, minor and you will forget about them as you cruise round different planets searching for clues and resources to complete your final mission

The extras you get with this are surprisingly good and I found I would return to one of these regularly. The first DLC is Bring Down the Sky, which you can pick up on XBLA for 80 Points. Its around 45 minutes long but you have to stop an asteroid from hitting a habitable planet. The asteroid has been taken over by Batarian pirates and you have to stop them. Pinnacle Station was the last DLC and wasn't so much a story related game but rather a "shooting gallery" style mission where you land on a space station to under-go extra combat training in multiplayer style scenarios. I enjoyed this one the most.

Mass Effect is fantastic, immersive game play and has managed to achieve something that very few games can achieve, characters you care about and want to invest time in learning their background stories. You can find this incredibly cheap if you shop around and for its age, it's still attracting new players.

Perfect Dark Zero - Classics Edition (Xbox 360)
Perfect Dark Zero - Classics Edition (Xbox 360)
Offered by dw jackson
Price: £6.70

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2.0 out of 5 stars Like 2 month old cheddar, it has not aged well, 30 Sept. 2011
= Fun:2.0 out of 5 stars 
Perfect Dark on the N64. Now that was a gem of a game. Harder than GoldenEye and the multiplayer was fantastic with a slight improvement in the graphic department and awesome weapons. Perfect Dark Zero... is pap. Sorry but it is.

Now I'm sure when it was first released, it was seen as a great game with an easy to get to grips with feeling and an enjoyable multiplayer. That's how I remember it and PDZ gave me my first taste of online play. Sadly this game has not aged well at all; I played it again for the first time in 5 years and I was shocked at how outdated it looked and felt. Even older games such AS the original Perfect Dark or older PS2 titles feel more recent.

Clunky menu's, slow reaction times, over enthusiastic zoom on the sniper rifles, awful targeting system for your weapons (especially in multi player if anyone is ever on it), seriously dodgy animation and its possible that PDZ has the worst AI I have seen in a game and I played COD World at War. I recognise that many of these reviews were posted quite a few years ago and that PDZ was a hotly anticipated title so it's bound to have one or two issues with it, but come on! How dumb does Rare think its players are? There are so many restrictions on the player to explore and to follow one set path that it's embarrassing. I can do an evasive move that moves to 3rd person, but I can't jump over a 2ft divide? Lazy development and poor testing let this through.

Avoid PDZ if you played the original, it will totally tarnish your fond memories. PDZ lacks the spirit the first had and has been replaced by a glossy, over the top and laughable at times second outing. The main campaign is short, lacklustre and bland. Multiplayer can be enjoyable if anyone is ever on it but this falls short on all aspects of good multiplayer gaming. How this was given a Classic rating bemusing me. This just shows me that there is in fact no way of measuring what constitutes a classic title and anything will be deemed as a classic if it sells a desirable number of units. By that reckoning Sega Rally, The Simpsons Game and that crazy Bikini Samurai title should be gold plated classics by now.

How disappointing to give this game such a low rating. The possibility laid out before it was monumental. It had the opportunity to claim the FPS throne and be the Classic it deserved. I would wager that there would had of been more PD titles after the demise of Rare, but after PDZ, the franchise is clearly and unfortunately dead in the water.

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