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J. Broadhurst "jonah" (Midlands, UK)

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Pro Evolution Soccer 3 (PC)
Pro Evolution Soccer 3 (PC)
Offered by Quality Media Supplies Ltd.
Price: £39.49

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2.0 out of 5 stars Proceed with Caution!, 24 Nov. 2003
I would so dearly love to recommend this game. I loved Pro Evo 2 on the PSOne, and it is so much better than Fifa. The fact it was now making the transition to the PC seemed excellent to me, not having a PS2 and loving Pro Evo. So I went and ordered it, and how I wish I hadn't. This game appears to have some serious compatability and authoring issues.
The list of problems is almost endless.
First, on mine and one of my mates PCs, it wouldn't get past the video at the start. Second, when we found a PC it worked on, it was very very s l o w. I mean really, really slow here. It was unplayable. For a game that relies on the fluidity of its gameplay, its a slight problem as you can imagine.
The other big problem is the fact it is such a direct port of the PS2 version, it still has the PS2 controller as its button layout screen.
If I could play the game, I know the gameplay is incredible, the graphics are amazing and it is a worthwhile game, but just don't expect it to work.

Price: £9.50

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5.0 out of 5 stars Melancholy has never been so Happy, 4 Aug. 2003
This review is from: Lycanthropy (Audio CD)
This is an album destined to be forgotten by most people. Heck, I only bought it because I heard one song on NME. I'd be amazed if anyone actually read this review! I'm so glad I did buy it, as this is a wonderful debut album from this 20 year old English 'electro-folk' whizzkid. Kicked out of home at 15. He has been slowly building this album up over the last five years. In fact, the album is his life story, with storys about life in London-Pigeon Street and London- a jaunt to Paris in Paris and also an odd rather dark tale in The Childcatcher. There are also general tales of growing from a boy to a man. This gives the album an incredibly interesting point, and joins all the songs together.
As for the music, well, words can't describe it. Wolf takes both very unusal instruments (many broken or played off on purpose) such as an accordian, a baritone ukelelee and violins. He mixes this with his wide ranging voice, that goes from folksy singing, to almost poetic reading, to screaming, all over the place. On top of this, on many of the tracks, he adds electro loops and beats, and on others samples, such as Big Ben on London, and other background recordings. It all gels brilliantly, and in some places it really shouln't at all. Only a few songs miss the mark. In particular Demolition, as it just goes nowhere, and nowhere fast either. But aside from this, all the songs simply hit the spot. Nothing more can be added. I can't really say that you should get this album if you like, because he is completely different. I admit it isn't for everyone, but it is worth a listen.

Magic and Medicine
Magic and Medicine
Price: £3.49

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2.0 out of 5 stars Some Magic and Medicine needed., 4 Aug. 2003
This review is from: Magic and Medicine (Audio CD)
Now, lets get one thing straight. I loved The Corals self titled debut. It is a wonderful album, full of genius ideas, and yes, there is the thing about it all being done before, but I'm 18, it's fresh and new to me. It is a great debut album.
But Magic and Medicine seems to suggest that The Coral may well go the way of The Stone Roses. Make a wonder of a debut, and then only have a few god songs peppered across there next few albums, then dissappear. I do hope this doesn't happen honestly, but if the form of Magic and Medicine is anything to go by, I do worry. It's certainly not that it's an incredibly bad album, and The Corals debut wasn't gloriously perfect, so unlike say The Strokes or The Stone Roses, they didn't have a MASSIVE reputation to hold. Compared to quality before, this album sounds average, tired and dare I say it, mixed to a polished perfection that makes it seem they wanted to appeal to the masses. It's actually tried to be mainstream and failed, by simply being too derivative.
The running theme is love on this one to an extent, with a break for the excellent track Bill Macai, a tragic tale of a song. as I said, there are good songs on here, such as Don't Think Your the First, Bill Macai, Talking Gypsy Market Blues and maybe one more. But unlike the first album, the tone seems to remain pretty much the same, with no excitement. Skelleys voice is almost monotonous, and the album just goes no-where.
It's a fine album for the average listener, but I heartily recomend the debut against this with an enormous amount of ease. Plus, I miss the pirate theme!

Offered by Bridge_Records
Price: £3.53

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4.0 out of 5 stars Not at all sleepy., 2 July 2003
This review is from: Lovers (Audio CD)
The Sleepy Jackson are one of the greatest new bands around today, although I admit there are plenty of them. hailing from Australia, they bring a bit of Mercury Rev, along with a load of other acts, and merge it into some of the most wonderful sounding music ever. NME have hyped these lot incredibly, but they do deserve it. This is beautiful, swirling, psycadelic rock with a thouroughly modern twist. There are some wonderful songs on this album, of which I have heard a preview. This Day, Good Dancers and Vampire Racecourse are all wonderful songs, but the rest is no slouch either. So it isn't all perfect. I prefer my music a little more rememerable, if that is a word, a little more catchy. Most of the album is, but sometimes it goes a little too trippy for it's own good. this can probably be put down to the fact that Luke Steele, the lead of the group has been on drugs for about 10 years. This has the poppy singles, wonderful lyrics, and haunting, beautiful guitar work. A great debut*
*it isn't technically, you an also get their mini LP The Sleepy Jackson, which contains Good Dancers and some beautiful ballads.

Nikon COOLPIX 2100 Digital Camera [2MP 3xOptical]
Nikon COOLPIX 2100 Digital Camera [2MP 3xOptical]

2 of 5 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars If you're on XP, think before you buy, 21 May 2003
I just got this camera today, and overall, it is very good. It is incredibly easy to use, has good quality photos, is good looking, comfortable and small, and lots of photo options. However, there is a major problem that I have so far been unable to fix. Getting the photos onto the computer using Windows XP, like many other things, is seemingly impossible. I have installed all the drivers, and it states quite clearly that it is perfectly compatible wity XP, and it is even the easiest to use. But it doesn't seem to recognise my camera at all. A friend has also had similar problems. One other point, the camera in fact comes with a battery recharger and rechargable batteries, not the AA ones as stated

Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom [VHS] [1984]
Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom [VHS] [1984]
Offered by qualityfilmsfromuk
Price: £4.70

3 of 8 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Fails an otherwise excellent trilogy, 8 May 2003
Temple of Doom is by far the worst film of the trilogy of Indiana Jones films. It incurs a similar problem to Star Wars Ep. 2. It has a few entertaining set pieces, but it does drag a lot, in the middle. The list of errors made in scripting this film is quite long. The woman and the small kid are not in the least bit funny, and just pass off as annoying and just get in Indy's way. The cult tribe are just a rubbish enemy, the set pieces are worse, and they tried to much with the composite effects. The bridge scene is also dire, and the meal scene is not needed. This is the rushed out sequel to the highly enjoyable Raiders, and it shows, the fact it is designed as a prequel is just a rush job to get Indy into a story. Luckily, the failings of this movuie were successfully addressed in what I feel is the best of the 3, Last Crusade. Funnier, more exciting, and you feel for the characters. Watch that Instead.
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Apr 4, 2011 8:26 AM BST

Make Up the Breakdown + DVD
Make Up the Breakdown + DVD
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £3.99

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Short but Absolutley Brilliant, 23 Mar. 2003
Lets get this out of the way. This album is only really like The Sleepy Jackson Mini LP, and at 32 mins, manages the feat of being even shorter than The Strokes' Is This It.
OK, now to the review. Hot Hot Heat are one of those new bands that NME raves about, and hail from Canada, although they have taken the New York sound of The Strokes etc. and given it a good kick up the backside. Up until the final song, the keyboard player/lead vocalist of the band never slows down. This is fast paced stuff alright. Along with Guitars, this band also like the sound of the keyboard, mainly because the lead singer plays it. There are also tambourines and bells present in some of the songs, and it makes for a very enjoyable sound. The first 5 tracks are without a doubt the best, with Oh God Damnit and Get in Or Get Out particularly good, even showing up the excellent 1st single 'Bandages' It tails of a little in the 2nd half of the album, but there are still highlights in Save Us S.O.S. and This Town. For a debut, this is wonderful stuff, and I expect big things from them in the future. Are they New Wave, Punk. Well I'm rubbish at putting bands in genres, but they are good. Highly Energetic and only loses the mark for the shortness and a couple of songs that don't live up to the heights of the rest of the album.

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