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Kiss (A Savoy rock'n'roll book)
Kiss (A Savoy rock'n'roll book)
by Robert Duncan
Edition: Paperback

4.0 out of 5 stars A piece of Kiss-story..., 21 July 2014
The first Kiss book i ever bought,saw the cover never looked back,i was hooked,other books released in the same time period such as 'KISS By Swenson' and KISS THE REAL STORY' stayed true to the everyday well known persona's,stories true or manufactured and sugar candy press image.

This book with its author's ascerbic style was quite different ,over the top language and imagery that was surreal,throw in a few black and white photos - no MTV or internet back then - just kept the mystery hanging there,its a piece of history.

Now reissued in 2014 complete with new cover and liner notes

Live In London Hammersmith Apollo 1993
Live In London Hammersmith Apollo 1993
Price: 9.72

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4.0 out of 5 stars Strange Highways indeed..., 7 July 2014
Another year,another Dio live double disc,yet i never tire of the man nor his music,this however is a little different,it doesnt represent a high point in his career,nor a particulatly well loved album,arguably its his weakest band and yet there is something that pulls you to this disc.

On the rebound from Sabbath,Dio released a highly dark,dense album,no fist in the air anthems just doom laden rock, I'm sure much of this may have featured in a follow up to Sabbath's Dehumaniser,had they continued,he clearly believed in it,hence 6 tracks performed live and captured here for your pleasure.They are a breath of fresh air,yes its great to hear the classics but its even better hearing something different,so the highpoints on this release(for me) are the likes of 'Strange Highway','Hollywood Black and the rest from the then current release.

Sound quality is pretty good,the keyboards tend to be in the background until required,the Bass is well up in the mix,particularly on the newer tracks,Tracy G,well he sounded more at home on the tracks he'd recorded in the studio , maybe he was trying to hard to put his stamp/style on the others or he couldnt handle the original solo's,you can make your own mind up,i enjoyed his performance. Ronnie ,of course sounds excellent.

I've docked a star because with some judicial pruning,this would have fitted onto 1 disc,we didnt really require guitar/drum solo's again.

Regeneration, Vol. 1 & 2
Regeneration, Vol. 1 & 2
Offered by collectorsheaven
Price: 5.89

4.0 out of 5 stars Styx reinvigorated, 23 Jun 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Initially i had though this was another compilation,however i realised after reading some reviews it was actually rerecordings.

Irritatingly it could fit on one disc rather than 2 but at theses prices i couldnt resist.

superb versions of accepted classics sit alongside album tracks such as 'Miss America' and 'Queen of Spades',with two covers of DAMN YANKEES' tracks and 1 new song.

Given that Tommy Shaw and J J Young were the driving force its no surprise that its weighted towards the heavy rock tracks,amazingly 'Rockin the Paradise' is absent.

This is a decent release well worth investing in.

Spirit Of The Wild
Spirit Of The Wild
Price: 5.40

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5.0 out of 5 stars Spirit of the wild....2009 remaster, 23 Jun 2014
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This review is from: Spirit Of The Wild (Audio CD)
After a decade or so of lacklustre releases Ted bounced back with this little belter,one look at the sleeve told you 'Uncle Ted' was back.

How can you not love an album that opens with atrack titled 'thighraceous'?,stunning stuff ,classic nods back to the 70's on the likes of 'Tooth,Fang Claw','Spirit of the Wild',while the occasional nod to modernism such as 'Wrong Side Of Town' may have too many Bon Jovi Na Na Na's ,it would have been a hit for him and 'Heart and Soul' could easily be a Damn Yankees' leftover.

But there's more to this disc... listen to the Funk of 'I shoot Back' and 'Love jacker' or 'Hot and Cold ' with its arrogant strut nodding to the 'Stones '

Best moment on the album? the superb 'Fred Bear' a foot tappin mother of a track.

5 stars all the way Ted was back his best,easily the best disc since the 70's

Offered by positivenoise
Price: 4.93

4.0 out of 5 stars Nugent ....2009 remastered edition, 23 Jun 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Nugent (Audio CD)
Originally released way back in 1982,Ted was faltering slightly as were most of his peers,if Desmond Child didnt write,chances are it wouldnt be a hit.

The irony here was Ted assembled a top notch band once again,retaining Dave Kiswiney on Bass and welcoming back Derek St Holmes whilst bringing drumming legend Carmine Appice on board.

The remaster has given some welcome oomph to the original hit or miss production,the majority of tracks appear to have the title as the chorus such as 'No No No', 'Bound and Gagged' 'Fightin Words' etc No stranglehold'd here.

Still its a decent release, the afore mentioned tracks are all catchy,bring a smile,have to say i clearly didnt pay attention way back then at the lyrics too much,didnt realise 'Bound and Gagged' was Ted's response to the Iranian hostage crisis.

Whilst the majority of the tracks are simiiar, 2 stand out 'Ebony' with its superb solo and 'Tailgunner',the albums standout,the closest to classic Ted as we get.

Approach with an open mind,it was Teds attempt a fitting in in the 80's,he passed with flying colors,it wouldmt last though.

In Concert '72 (2012 Remix)
In Concert '72 (2012 Remix)
Price: 6.43

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Class of '72 ..... 2014 edition, 22 Jun 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Never having gotten round to upgrading my vinyl copy of 'Live 1970-72',this is a great way (and reasonably priced) to get the expanded 1972 radio broadcast portion.

Yes its been released before ,as part of the 40th anniversary MACHINE HEAD release and as an expanded CD and a vinyl release,where the soundcheck version of 'Maybe I'm a Leo' first appeared.This is the first time the soundcheck has appeared on a CD release.

Sound quality is excellent,the band on form and its great to hear rarely played material such as 'Never Before' and 'Maybe i'm a Leo',its rather quaint to hear the DJ intro's and the polite applause,hard to believe a mere 5 months later,the band would record 'Made In Japan taped at fever pitch.I have no hesitation in saying this release,along with Copenhagen '72 are both essential just like Made In Japan..

The packaging is fine,liner notes basic and more a history of the recording as opposed to the band,which is fair enough,there's not much more that can be written about them i guess.At this price a true bargain and an essential purchase.

Price: 11.47

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4.0 out of 5 stars What the Dickens?..., 12 Jun 2014
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This review is from: Outsider (Audio CD)
... another solid performance from the Heep,5 excellent studio albums in a row,still life in the old dogs yet.This is a superb balls to the wall all out rock album,no need to look back,this belongs in the here and now,its excellent and whilst there is the occasional guitar riff,keyboard flourish and harmony vocals,that will always evoke the past,their not resting on it.

Within seconds of the Hammond organ drifting out your speakers( on opening number 'Speed of Sound') you know its them,its Heep and its a welcoming feeling,so it continues rocker after rocker,'the Law' has a typical Mick Box riff and solo whilst the likes of 'Jessie' and 'Rock The Foundation' are just good ,feet tapping fun,my favourite track(at the moment) is 'Kiss the Rainbow' it just strides out of the speakers.

If you want to be picky,there is no light and shade here,just all out rock,previous albums will have a ballad or two,maybe an acoustic track,this however rocks from start to finish,i can handle that,its done well and very enjoyable.
The band all perform at a high level,Mick Box imperious as ever,the new Bass player(Davy Rimmer) doesnt really get any showcases or time to shine but its a solid rythmn section as ever. Bernie Shaw,whilst never the best vocalist in the world,puts a real shift in here and passes with flying colours.

If Uriah Heep rockin is for you,then buy this,as a long term fan,i can hear little bits and pieces that remind me of Heep from '73/74,it may be old age clouding my memory,its still a thoroughly up to date version of Heep and i love it,so 4 stars from me,will it be rated a classic?,only time will tell.

Rock 'n' Roll Telephone [Deluxe]
Rock 'n' Roll Telephone [Deluxe]
Price: 13.62

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4.0 out of 5 stars Dan bows out in style..., 11 Jun 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Completing the trilogy that started with 2008's 'The Newz' followed by 'Big Dogz' in 2011,we now have 'Rock n Roll Telephone',excellent title,it has a ring to it (sorry- couldnt help myself).Once again produced by Yann Rouiller,he again creates a razorsharp production,truth be told it could be BIG DOGZ part 2,if you werent fond of that album,then this may not be for you.

Eleven tracks in 44 mins,short and sweet,straight to the point, the album follows the pattern as before rockers (Boom Bang Bang/One Set Of Bones) and ballads (Winter Sunlight/The Right Time),some of the lyrics could easily be applied/interpreted as reflecting on Dans health and resultant departure,there's definitely a melancholy,sadness to some of the tracks,which is understandable.The disc closes with two belters 'Speakeasy' and 'God of the Mountain'.

Disc 2 at approx 35 mins could have easily been placed on the main cd, 2 studio tracks ,'Wanna Feel Good' being the best,probably too upbeat for the main disc and a selection of 'Live ' tracks,ranging from an average 'Big Boy' too a superb rendition of 'Sunshine' and a manic version of 'Expect No Mercy.

Personally i still think Big Dogz tops this one but its a great way to bow out,thanks Dan for the music and the memories.
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Face the Music: A Life Exposed
Face the Music: A Life Exposed
by Paul Stanley
Edition: Hardcover
Price: 12.91

4.0 out of 5 stars From Sad Child To Starchild...., 8 Jun 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
...What a journey! with the other three books,you deep down knew that Ace & Peter 's would be a dialogue of screw ups and with Gene's any interesting parts would be overtaken by his arrogance but Paul Stanley,well what a surprise his travel from sad,shy child thru stardom whilst still being a tortured soul,is mesmerising.

Whilst Ace and Gene had always been the stars as far as i was concerned,i had an admiration for the Paul Stanley i thought i knew,you know the one, supremely confident,articulate,a superstar frontman with one of the biggest bands of all time,who knew the pain he was going thru,he hid it well.

Anyone with a child with any 'disability' can relate to his childhood where he didnt get the support he needed,you can feel his sadness seep from the pages of the book.

Its plain his childhood left him with issues ,a desire to succeed and an almost pathalogical mistrust of most people,expecting to be let down and retreating further into himself everytime it happened.

His band mates take a beating,Ace and Peter,no surprise there,more surprisingly Gene cops a lot of flak and its really depressing his 'relationship' with Eric Carr.

Ultimately its an eye opening journey from Mr Stanley,it shed some light(maybe not enough) on the bands 80's and 90's phase when members came and went and the albums seemed disjointed.Thankfully he's in a happy place now,personally and musically,40 years !!! he finally got there.

All in all a great read,its his story not the KISS story,and thats as it should be,well worth purchasing.

Price: 11.03

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5.0 out of 5 stars You Wanted The Best.........., 29 May 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: KISS 40 (Audio CD)
....... You Got The Best !! Kiss 40 ha ha, is that 40 years or 40 compilations?,fantastic career spanning 2 cd set,whilst never going to satisfy everyone,yes i would have had a different track list,most of us have our own favourites,this is as close to a track list that should suffice,its not aimed at the die hards,although there a couple of lesser known tracks plus the unreleased demo to keep us happy.

Sound quality is excellent,most noticeable on the likes of 'Let Me Go Rock And Roll','Down On Your Knees' & 'God Of Thunder (demo),much better than on their previous releases,the demo is a fun 'Gene' tune,clearly cannibalised for 'Christine 16',surprise surprise it follows on next.

When you can only chose 1 track per release,then you've got a difficult job on your hands,they've done it well,the compilation flows pretty smoothly and a plethora of live tracks helps get a few fan favourites included.

As a pointer to their career,it effortlessly shows that they have rocked when required,gave it some heavy when neccesary and been 'Pop' if the mood took them,throw in solo albums and tear stained ballads ,then you've had the lot.

The packaging is the only real disappointment,no liner notes,they could have given the full story right up to the Hall of Fame induction,still there a some decent photos,not many you wont have seen before.

Still i'll give it 5 stars,i was always going to get it,if you haven't tried the band before,you could do worse than start here.
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