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Redeemer of Souls
Redeemer of Souls
Price: 9.99

4.0 out of 5 stars The return of the Priest..., 20 Aug 2014
This review is from: Redeemer of Souls (Audio CD)
Have to be honest,i wasnt sure what to expect,'Nostradamus' didnt really do it for me so i took a gamble and bought the deluxe edition at a bargain price,thankfully it was worth it

At this point in their career its damned if you do(change your sound/approach),damned if you dont(and revisit old ground),so they cant win.

For what its worth this is a very good album,time will tell if the fans hold it up as a classic,initial listening wont.Over the piece they manage to capture elements of all era's,tracks such as 'Crossfire' and my personal favourite ' Beginning of the End' transport me back to the 76/77 period while 'Metalizer' could be the 90's.

Opening with a thunder clap leading into 'Dragonaut' followed by the superb title track was a statement of intent if ever there was,i personally love Halfords vocal approach.

Yes there are a few cliched titles,would have thought MANOWAR would have had 'Halls of Valhalla' copyrighted,its true both that and 'Sword of Damocles' do sound Maidenesque,it doesnt detract from the tracks themselves.Why focus on that when the likes of 'March of the Damned' and 'Down in Flames' are quinntessential Priest,as i said this covers all bases.

The bonus disc is also quite interesting, 'Snakebite' is probably the closest to mid 80's on the whole package,yet failed to get a place on the main disc,while to these ears 'Creatures' could easily be from the Ripper years and i do believe it might have been a mistake to leave off 'Never Forget' from the main disc another little beauty.

The deluxe edition iis packaged beautifully,i didnt have any problems removing the discs from their sleeves,the sound quality outstanding. An easy 4 stars.

Price: 11.17

5.0 out of 5 stars IT'S TED.. WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED TO KNOW?, 20 Aug 2014
This review is from: Shutup&jam (Audio CD)
The clue is in the title,this is a back to basics ,low fi recording that sounds as if he jammed in the basement with a few friends,it sounds superb.

From the opening thrust via the title track,straight organic rock n roll Ted's doin' what he does best -rockin hard,other highlights ,easy ''Fear Itself' is struttin rock while 'Everything Matters' takes you straight back the to glory days circa 75-77,no doubt helped that Derek St Holmes guests on vocals.

others to take note of the 'blues' version of 'Never Stop Believin' while 'Trample the Dead....' has Ted waxing lyrical as usual.

Throw in the strident 'I Still Believe' and the hard rock stomp of 'Do Rags and A 45 ', and you cant go wrong..

This album wont please everyone but i love it...

Price: 13.05

4.0 out of 5 stars Starcastle 2010 rock candy edition, 20 Aug 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Starcastle (Audio CD)
Originally released in 1976 this album got a well deserved makeover via this Rock Candy release in 2010,superb sound ,excellent booklet,the complete package.

There's no deny their influences,it would be stupid to try,prog rock at its best with an american twist, opening with the epic 'Lady of the Lake' the bands prowess there for all to hear with former Reo Speedwagon vocalist Terry Luttrell times, uncannily like Jon Anderson.If the band did indeed inhabitate a STARCASTLE then i hope they called it YES TOWERS,seems only fair,ha ha.

Starting with the albums best track might lead you to belive it would be all downhill after that,fear not the class continues with the likes of 'Elliptical Seasons',a fabulous title or the superb instrumental 'Stargate' which ELP would have been proud of.

Housed (originally) in a beautiful sleeve,the booklet still conveys its magnificence,this is the real deal,dont hesitate,its superb

Love Grenade
Love Grenade
Offered by Books-and-Sounds
Price: 7.25

3.0 out of 5 stars a bit disappointing 3.5 stars, 3 Aug 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Love Grenade (Audio CD)
After the 2 previous studio albums,this is ,in my opinion,disappointing,no where near the standard set on the two earlier releases,another line up change saw Marco Mendoze replaced on Bass by Barry Sparks, while some special guests appeared to give a helpin hand Eric Martin & Tommy Shaw helped out with backing vocals whilst former Damn Yankees pal Jack Blades contributed Bass on 3 tracks including the title track,he also co -produced.

Despite having a stunning sound,this disc lacks the spark of the 2 previous,yet its starts so well,the title track and follow up 'Still Raising Hell' are excellent and can be held up high,the rest? well 'Funk U' is just average as is 'Girl Scout Cookies'.

Add to that the mid section grouping of 'Geronimo & Me/Eagle Brother/Spirit of the Buffalo and Aborigine,they are just plain boring,throw in an uneccesary cover 'Journey To The Centre Of The Mind' then sadly the middle of the disc sags badly.

'Stand & 'Broadside' are valiant attempts at pulling it round while 'Bridge over Troubled Daughters' is memorable only for the humourous title.,Thankfully 'Lay With Me' finishes the disc in some style(if your still listening at that point

Price: 7.78

5.0 out of 5 stars A Must If You Love Ted Nugent, 3 Aug 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Craveman (Audio CD)
5 years after the under rated 'Spirit of the Wild' album,Uncle Ted bounced back with arguably his best studio album since the mid 70's,14 tracks,all killer,no filler.

Highlights? all of it, opening with 'KLSTRPHNKY',which had appeared as an instrumental on the previous years 'Full Bluntal Nugity Live 'release,this is simply amazin',a down and dirty riff that rattles the speakers,Ted's manic vocal in the back ground,indeed he sounds manic several times thru the course of this album.

Tracks such as 'Crave' and 'Raw dogs & War Hogs' have a direct conduit back to the 70's,while those such as 'At Home There' can be tracked back to the blues.

He's clearly having fun on this disc,as 'Wang Dang Doodle' is a playful nod the the classic track from CAT SCRATCH FEVER,while 'Earthtones is a beautiful instrumental highlighting yet again what a superb guitar player he is..

Sound quality is superb, band is on fire Mendoza still on Bass ,although Tommy Aldrige has been replaced by Tommy Clufetos on Drums,still makes for a stunning rythmn section.His old partners from Damn Yankees co write a couple of tracks,indeed 'Damned If Ya Do' could easily have sat on one of their albums.

5 stars all the way stunning

Metromania [German Import]
Metromania [German Import]
Price: 6.64

5.0 out of 5 stars stunning Sci Fi Rock, 3 Aug 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The 4th and final of the albums released in the UK by Heavy Metal Records Label,this came wrapped in a stunning Rodney Matthews sleeve,arguably one of his best..

Opening with the upbeat driving rock of 'Escape to the Heights' with its electronic synths & 'drums soundscape and treated vocals,it may not be to everyone's taste,you could argue its a little dated but it just works,it worked then and still grabs me now.

In what would the final album by this line up,the band covers all the bases, Heavy rock with gutteral guitar on the superb 'Nightriders',while the title track bounces out of the speakers with an almost dance beat(proggy disco ? ha ha).

'All Life Is One' is carried along on a menacing repetive bass/drum track while the albums highlight 'Follow The Light' is a wonderful contradiction of prog rock keyboards,strutting guitars and an insanely catchy chorus provided by the female back up singers,it shouldnt work but it does,quite superb


5.0 out of 5 stars Another top PERFORMANCE from ELOY, 3 Aug 2014
This review is from: Performance (Audio CD)
The third album in a quartet first brought to the UK by the Heavy Metal Records label back in the early 80's,its another classic.

While the 2 previous discs had been related in a world of cosmic tales of good and evil,this release took a step back,in subject matter,whilst retaining the high perfomance levels,no pun intended,Opening with a quick one ,two of 'In Disguise' & 'Shadow and Light' with their simpler formulaic Bass and Drums,the former with ripples of Floydian guitar,the latter reminiscent of early 80's Hawkwind,thoroughly enjoyable they are to...

Other highlights would be 'Mirador' a sinister Bass driven instrumental that Rush would have been proud of,wonderful stuff, listen to the proggy Steely Dan attitude on 'Surrender',whilst traditional epic 'A Broken Frame'(the final track on the original vinyl), has some stunning lead guitar heroics.

This 2005 remaster comes with 3 bonus tracks,recorded live ,from Paris France 1983,decent if unneccessary,the audience has been mixed down almost completely inaudible.

Slightly off topic,even the cover was a step back from the Sci Fi concepts of the earlier releases,very Floyd,if you ever wondered where those guys from Sabbath's NEVER SAY DIE disc went,i'd swear thats one of them playing pool on this sleeve,ha ha,maybe not.

a stunning album - missed by most sadly.

Full Bluntal Nugity
Full Bluntal Nugity
Offered by positivenoise
Price: 17.22

5.0 out of 5 stars OUTSTANDING LIVE DISC..., 25 July 2014
This review is from: Full Bluntal Nugity (Audio CD)
I ignored this for years thinking it was the soundtrack to the DVD of the same title,didnt realise this was released first and both were taken from separate concerts.

Recorded with a top notch rythmn section of Tommy Aldridge (drums) and Marco Mendoza (bass),this gig recorded on New Years Eve 2000 is a thunderous affair.

Opening with a (new at the time) instrumental,and i do mean 'mental','KLSTRPHK' just blows you away,you've barely drawn breath before 'Paralysed' kicks in ,the rest tried and tested classics,they're all here 'Snakeskin Cowboys','Stranglehold',''Wang Dang...' etc. the acoustic 'Fred Bear'' allows a little respite,while its always great to hear 'Great White Buffalo'.

Quite simply this is a must have....

Intensities In Ten Cities
Intensities In Ten Cities
Offered by EliteDigital UK
Price: 16.88

5.0 out of 5 stars The Great Gonzo in his natural habitat...., 25 July 2014
This album kinda slipped by me,back in the day,not quite sure how that happened as the discs either side of it 'Scream Dream' (1980) & 'Nugent' (1982) were,both, day of release purchases,Anyway my loss 'cos this is a belter...apparently once listed in Guitar Worlds greatest live albums at no'9 !, who am i to argue?

Alledgedly recorded live in concert,each track was brand new and unreleased in studio form,i'm not sure i believe that,sound quality is way to clear,suspect the old KISS trick,record it at soundcheck then apply the audience,i may be wrong but who cares its a great disc.

Titles like 'Jailbait','I Am A Predator' and 'My Love is Like a Tire Iron' wont win any lyrical contests,hell its uncle Ted doin' what he does best,'constructing' songs out of a manic riff and some stunning lead guitar.

Play loud and enjoy

Kiss (A Savoy rock'n'roll book)
Kiss (A Savoy rock'n'roll book)
by Robert Duncan
Edition: Paperback

4.0 out of 5 stars A piece of Kiss-story..., 21 July 2014
The first Kiss book i ever bought,saw the cover never looked back,i was hooked,other books released in the same time period such as 'KISS By Swenson' and KISS THE REAL STORY' stayed true to the everyday well known persona's,stories true or manufactured and sugar candy press image.

This book with its author's ascerbic style was quite different ,over the top language and imagery that was surreal,throw in a few black and white photos - no MTV or internet back then - just kept the mystery hanging there,its a piece of history.

Now reissued in 2014 complete with new cover and liner notes

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