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Hard 'N' Heavy
Hard 'N' Heavy
Price: 4.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars excellent compilation, 11 April 2013
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This review is from: Hard 'N' Heavy (Audio CD)
Salvo certainly know how to mine the Nazareth back catalogue!!!, We've had the box set,anthology,greatest hits,the singles collection and now this,Hard and Heavy,what next? the the Soft & Cuddly ballads collection?.

Having said that,once again its a superb package,the heavier tracks from the back catalog,several lesser known tracks from the albums such as 'Beggars Day/'Changin Times etc.its a great release,

Not surprisingly two thirds of the collection comes from the 70's,still their golden era,the 80's and 90's less so,surprisingly nothing from the last disc 'Big Dogz' although 'The Newz' gets 2.

Great sound quality as is the norm with the salvo remasters,hopefully no more colections,how about a retro live package?

If you love 'heavy rockin' Nazareth,then this is a no risk purchase.

Live from Birmingham
Live from Birmingham
Offered by marvelio-uk
Price: 5.21

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4.0 out of 5 stars Decent live recording of the superb Magnum...., 11 April 2013
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This review is from: Live from Birmingham (Audio CD)
... the big question is how legit it is!,i bought it in good faith,it says previously unreleased but tracks 1-11 have been issued before as a 'live' video,while further reading of other CD reviews,specifically 'Live On Air' they have been taken from the same source as the video(with poor sound quality,according to the reviews).

However,neither had the complete 15 tracks and to my ears this is a decent live recording,the occasional poor vocal here and there,as most live discs have,

Packaging is minimal,digipack ,no booklet, sound quality pretty good and its a decent listen,the band are on form and the crowd well up for it,i'm happy with the purchase,although i will be disappointed if i've been allowed to purchase something dodgy via a legit outlet,i hope not,

Magnum fans will make their own choices wether to buy or not.
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Price: 6.71

4.0 out of 5 stars The Men From Atlantis......, 3 April 2013
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This review is from: Ocean (Audio CD)
After years of line up instability,Eloy had finally settled on a consistent set of band members

Frank Bornemann - guitar, vocal
Klaus-Peter Matziol - bass
Detlev Schmidtchen - keyboards
Jürgen Rosenthal - drums,

this line up would last from DAWN (1976) thru to 1979's SILENT CRIES .. disc,encompassing this album from 1977 and the follow up 'LIVE' from '78.

It certainly shows as the band hit their stride,with what many fans believe to be their best studio disc,its a belter.

Opening with the classic 'Poseidon's Creation' the bands influences are there for all to hear specifically Rush and Hawkwind,the incredible Peart like drumming breathtaking.This album would be the backbone of the following years live album,providing 3 tracks.

As with all these remasters,this is from 2004,the original production sometimes is shown up but it shouldnt lessen your enjoyment of a truly lost album.

Live In Concert At The 2006 Montreux Festival [CD + DVD
Live In Concert At The 2006 Montreux Festival [CD + DVD
Price: 10.12

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4.0 out of 5 stars EXCELLENT VALUE FOR MONEY....., 3 April 2013
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... If you shop around,i got it for less than 7,essentially a repackaing of the cd and dvd,similair to the recent Status Quo 'Pictures' release.

Sound quality is excellent,band on form,Steve Morse is on fire.the opening two tracks 'Pictures Of Home' & 'Things I Never Said',his solo's simply superb,all the classics are here including the inevitable 'Smoke On The Water' with its interesting intro.

As with many Purple live releases these days ,the big debate will always be Ian Gillan's Vocal performance.Yes its noticable,unmissable actually that he struggles at times,for me, its not enough to not listen to and/or enjoy this release,others may not be able to do likewise.

The Dvd contains several more tracks making up the full concert,well shot,the crowd seem more into it than on previois Montreux releases.

If you can pick up cheap,then its a welcome addition to your collection.

Maiden England '88
Maiden England '88
Offered by mrtopseller
Price: 7.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars MAIDEN ENGLAND- STUFF OF LEGEND!, 26 Mar 2013
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This review is from: Maiden England '88 (Audio CD)
At last a full and proper release for one of the best, most, sought after Maiden concerts,i've had this since the original vhs/cd package was released as part of the 'sound and vision' series,alongside the likes of Marillion/Black Sabbath.

For the first time all the tracks are part of the CD release,now a double disc,the missing encores and tracks only previously available on the video.

Sound quality is improved significantly on this edition,the full potency of Maiden in full flight,i've always believed this tour (and) release are easiliy the equal of 'LIVE AFTER DEATH',finally this edition confirms it.Highlights for me will always be the 'Seventh Son' tracks,here they sound superb while the lesser played tracks such as 'Killers' are a welcome addition.

I cant recommend this high enough, Maiden in all their pomp,worth every penny.
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Price: 8.97

5.0 out of 5 stars Saxon - No Sacrifice neccessary.., 23 Mar 2013
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This review is from: Sacrifice (Audio CD)
..they still do whats required,without sacrificing or compromising who they are,,Biff and the boys continue to rock and surely now can be seen as the UK's premier metal band of the last 20 years,no other has made consistently great albums at this level of quality,in my humble opinion.

It may not be 'Wheels Of Steel' nor 'Denim And Leather' but their 20th studio album holds all the traditional Saxon moments, you want songs about History ? try 'Guardians of the Tomb' or 'Made In Belfast', fast cars see 'Warriors of the Road',war? take a listen to 'Wheels of Terror',you want an anthem then blast 'Stand Up And Fight' from your HiFi, everyday life then how about 'Walking The Steel' and (cough) 'Standing In A Queue'.The title track 'Sacrifice' is modern metal based on traditional values,its a screamer with nods to Motorhead',which just leaves 'Night of the Wolf' another superb metal moment.

Clocking in at approx 37 mins (if we forget ,the frankly , rubbish intro (procession),this is the shortest Saxon album for a while,its and to the point,as good an album as they have ever done,well done lads,another classic,all enhanced by a tremendous sound curtesy of Andy Sneaps' production.

Live At Rockpalast 1996
Live At Rockpalast 1996
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: 12.07

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2.0 out of 5 stars audio disaster............., 18 Mar 2013
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This review is from: Live At Rockpalast 1996 (Audio CD)
I've actually had this for a couple of weeks and its a real disappointment,the audio is really average,lead guitars? Hatchet have had a few,not that you can hear them here!.This is easily the poorest sounding live disc Hatchet have had issued.

From the opening moments of 'Bounty Hunter' the problem is immediately obvious,keyboard swirl well upfront,backing vocals high,so far so good then Phil McCormack lead vocal barely audible,before rising in the mix,drums sound tinny,guitars have a real crunch,then time for the solo,!!! well where is it? its so far back in the mix its a waste of space... so it continues for the duration,Bobby Ingram could be playing the best solo's of his life and your struggling to hear it,really poor.

Its sounds,in general terms that the band were on form but the audio replication doesnt do them justice,one for completists and die hards only

Price: 10.84

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3.0 out of 5 stars strange choice to celebrate 40 years., 15 Mar 2013
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This review is from: Celebration (Audio CD)
I never quite got the decision to re-record classics rather than have a 40th anniversary live disc,was always asking for trouble.Having had 2 excellent but overlooked discs in SEA OF LIGHT & SONIC ORIGAMI,it was great that Heep has had major critical approval of their most recent disc the excellent WAKE THE SLEEPER,so taking two steps back with this release never made sense.

The 2 previously unreleased tracks 'Only Human' and the fantastic 'Corridors of Madness' ,outakes from 'SLEEPER',are wasted here,its a pity they didnt make the final cut of the aforementioned album,as for the rest ,well,in a live scenario you can generally get away with comparions to previous singers as live recordings are usually rough and ready.However when you commit your 'new' versions to tape in the studio,then comparisons are much easier,so while this is a decent collection of reworked classics,its pretty pointless and unfortunately Bernie Shaws limitations are brought to the fore,none of these tracks tops the original,always second best. It might have seemed like a good idea at the time,in hindsight maybe not so much,for completists only.

This version,came with a bonus 7' single,featuring 2 tracks from the 'Live from Sweden' disc and is autographed by Mick Box,a collectors item for sure,but wont see much action in the CD player.

Inside/Floating/Power and the Passion/Dawn
Inside/Floating/Power and the Passion/Dawn

4.0 out of 5 stars ELOY: A TIME MACHINE....., 15 Mar 2013
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Superb box set at excellent price capturing the early days of german space rock/prog rockers ELOY.At over 3hrs of music for this price you cant really go wrong,the only disappointment being the packaging,the cd's are housed in replice sleeves which carry no information re who played what or where,all housed in an incredibly tight cardboard slipcase which wont last very long.

So to the music,side stepping the bands debut(ELOY from 1971),this set contains the bands next 4 albums as follows,

INSIDE (1973) **** Excellent album with influences of Floyd/Hawkwind/Heep/Purple occasionally Tull(usually the vocal phrasing from Frank Borneman),the highlight being the epic 'Land of no Body' clocking in at 17 minutes .this release includes 2 bonus tracks,2 shorter tracks which bring to mind Heep circa 70/71.

FLOATING (1974) ***** by far the best album of the early 70's from Eloy,the title track once again evoking Heep circa 'Very Eavy Very Umble/Salisbury', while the superb 'The Light From The Darkness',another epic at 14mins or so,sounds like Deep Purple circa 1970/71,if you didnt know better ,you'd swear it was Jon Lord playing the keyboards! If you love guitar/keyboard driven rock then revell in the likes of 'Plastic Girl' & 'Castles in the Air'.This edition has 3 bonus live tracks,sadly no info as to where and when recorded.

POWER AND THE PASSION (1975) *** Arguably the most dated of the 4 discs here,a concept album about a boy travelling back in time,shorter tracks and more singing,so if Franks over powering accent gives you a problem,you may not like this much,that being said its still enjoyable in parts,the opening flourish straight from the E.L.P handbook,while after a gentle opening track 2 'Journey into 1358' bursts into a Maidenesque gallop,can Steve Harris have heard this way back and been influenced?,certainly he knows his Prog Rock.Other highlights would be 'Love over six Centuries' which could have graced Heep's 'The Magicians Birthday' disc while you'll recognise the riff from 'The Zany Magician'.This edition gives 1 bonus track a pointless 1999 remix of the albums final track 'The Bells of Notre Dame',so you get one right after the other,strange.

DAWN (1976) **** A slight change of direction here,with the use of an orchestra,great idea,they should have done it more often,it adds another layer to their music.After the atmospherics of the albums opener,howling rain,thunder alongside the orchestra we have more acoustic guitar than usual,its all great.
This disc ,for me,was the first that nods to mid 70's Floyd and Rush. Best track 'The Dance in Doubt and Fear' while 'Gliding Into The Light and Knowledge' runs it close. No bonus tracks on this edition.

Sound quality is generally excellent,they were productions of their time,the remasters highlight that,the first 3 discs are remasters from 2000 while the 4th is from 2004.

A quick check of the bands history,confirms this band was pretty much Frank Bornemans(guitar/vocals) baby,every album had line up changes and by the time DAWN was released he was the only surviving member,so it would continue,they would make better albums,however this is a great place to start if your curious .

Early Stages: The Highlights (The Official Bootleg Collection 1982-1988)
Early Stages: The Highlights (The Official Bootleg Collection 1982-1988)
Price: 7.76

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5.0 out of 5 stars highlights indeed!!!, 15 Mar 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Having long coveted the 6 disc box set,(its too damn expensive) i couldnt wait to buy this release,at such a bargain price.

As a stand alone live release this is perfect,it captures the spiky,raw performances from the early gigs such as Glasgow and the Marquee,while charting the progress to Reading '83 and a young band with supreme confidence to open the show with 'Grendell'.

Disc 2 continues the journey a more mature band at Hammersmith and a well oiled machine by Wembley.Personal taste would always have me listening to disc1 more,as the first 2 albums are my favourites but theres' nothing in it really,the superb track listing allows Fish's 4 albums with the band to be well represented,while for the collecter there is a previously unreleased version of Market Square Heroes from Fife 1988.

Packaging is spartan, a rehash of the notes ,edited,from the box set,its functional,does the job,its the music that matters and the sound quality is near perfect,a couple of 'live' moments here and there but Radio Clyde and Radio 1 generally didnt do bad sound quality.

So its a great release in its own right,as a pointer to the box set it does its job,my craving has been increased,we can only hope that decent sales of this release,may encourage a 2nd issue of the box set,at a reasonable price or several stand alone double discs.,here's hoping.

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