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Return to Paradise
Return to Paradise

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5.0 out of 5 stars under-rated live album, 1 Sep 2013
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This review is from: Return to Paradise (Audio CD)
Hard to believe this came out in '98 and disappeared almost immediately,going for silly money,I've waited a while but managed to get it for a decent price.

2 cd's of prime Styx,live in concert celebrating the 'Paradise Theatre' album with 4 tracks,those being, 'Best of Times/Rockin' The Paradise,the superb 'Too Much Time...,and a heavy 'Snowblind'.All the other greats are here including 'Come Sail Away/Babe/Grand Illusion/Reneagade/Crystal Ball etc

Strangely the album is topped and tailed with new (at the time) studio cuts:'On My Way','Paradise' and 'Dear John',they all show the AOR side of the band and are excellent.

Sound quality is very good,performance excellent,Vocals superb,although some people may find Denis De Youngs schmalz between songs overbearing,it doesnt bother me,rather adds to the charm.

Black Masquerade
Black Masquerade
Price: 12.94

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4.0 out of 5 stars Long Live Rock n Roll!!, 30 Aug 2013
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This review is from: Black Masquerade (Audio CD)
Never having heard the bootleg nor seen the TV show,i approach this 'New',you know what its excellent,a worthwhile release,yes the sound isnt perfect,how many live albums are?,still its a worthy 4 stars for this release.

Once the intro's over its top drawer Rainbow all the way,with a couple of Purple classics thrown in,sensibly 'Stargazer' is missing(only Ronnie for that one!),surprised they didnt throw in a 'Starstruck' or 'Run With The Wolf',still cant have everything.What we do get is expertly dealt with by Doogie White,the only singer ,after Dio,that could handle tracks from all era's,he puts in a superb performance here.

I've docked a star,as the sound isnt perfect as previously noted (and the little 'error' on Spotlight Kid' is a little irritating),Bass and Drums dont, really, standout as they should but we're here for the man in black,the legend that is Blackmore!,he never lets me down,his performance is a joy. Listen to the ferocious ripping solo on the likes of 'Spotlight Kid,the ad libs on 'Man on the Silver Mountain,enjoy the delicate, playful 'Temple of the King',I could go on and on,just buy it ,its a fantastic release.

Original Album Series
Original Album Series
Price: 10.93

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5.0 out of 5 stars 5 star music from a 5 star band..., 21 Aug 2013
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This review is from: Original Album Series (Audio CD)
i have to be honest,i swithered wether to get this,as there are 2 discs sets also available,however when i heard that there was an original's vol 2 coming with the hard to get 'One Step Closer' and particularly 'Farewell Tour',i thought i might as well,ultimately(between both sets) your getting 10 albums at about 2 quid each.

This set captures the bands finest 70's discs,so its no surprise that the debut disc from '71 is left off,chronilogically it probably should have been there putting '76's 'Takin It To The Street' on volume 2 but i can understand the record companies thinking(for once).

So to the music 5 great albums from 1972 thru 1976,capturing the classic Doobie rock/country/gospel influenced melodic rock,certainly on discs 1-4,the 5th the aforementioned 'Streets ' album shows the 'aor/Steely Dan' influence creepin in,it would take over in future albums.

All the major hits from this era are here 'Listen to the Music','China Grove','Rockin Down The Highway' etc but its the many classic album tracks such as 'Clear As The Driven Snow','Another Park,Another Sunday' ,'Rainy Day Crossroad Blues' and the like,which will make you wonder why they are not held in higher esteem as a band of great talent.

The only downside is the packaging,as someone who loves the little booklets and archive notes and details,then this packaging was always going to jar,its a cheap box with mini replica sleeves,with writing so tiny its barely readable,and the covers reproduced too darkly,but its a trade off price versus quality,the sound quality is excellent(always loved Ted Templeman's work with the Doobies and Van Halaen) ,so i cant complain to much.

So ultimately you get 5 classic albums for minimal price,its your choice.

Made In Britain/The World Record
Made In Britain/The World Record
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: 13.85

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5.0 out of 5 stars HERE WE GO AGAIN..., 21 Aug 2013
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In the twilight of his career,Coverdale has produced the goods again,i've had this(on repeated play) since the day of release,its a belter.If you liked 'Live In Japan',then you'll absolutely love this!!.

2 discs worth of live 'Snake,in glorious sound,production is excellent and the vocals are to,(the occasional screech not withstanding),disc 1 recorded on the UK 2011 tour,no venues listed per track although Newcastle get a mention during proceedings.Replicating the majority of the audio from 'Live In Japan' you may be put off,dont be,this is top notch performances ,cherry picked beautifully,EVERY track is superb,a hearty 5 stars.

Disc 2 shorter at approx 50 mins or so,is from the Eurpean tour supporting the Forevermore disc,so its great that there is only 1 track duplicated with disc 1,again it wonderfully produced and a few acoustic performances thrown in,magnificent,wish he'd called it 'Made In Europe,that might have ruffled a few feathers,ha ha.,again 5 stars all the way.

This is as close to the definitive 'live ' disc for modern 'Snake,so hopefully he can concentrate on another studio disc,maybe even find time to release a few archive live albums individually rather than expensive box sets,just a thought.

Anyway if you were hesitant about buying,no need its excellent.

Can Do
Can Do
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: 12.79

4.0 out of 5 stars Pat Travers..Can Do.....what ever he likes.., 11 Aug 2013
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This review is from: Can Do (Audio CD)
...he's earned the right,so right now he's released one of the best albums of his career.Opening with the insistent throbbing riff on the title track,you immediately know he means busines,its a track that could easily have sat on any of his late 70's early 80's albums,superb opener.

The next 3 or 4 tracks all have a commercial sheen with hooks and refrains that bury into your memory,i totally agree with R Muir(his is an excellent review),that if Bon Jovi had released some of these,the radio would be following over themselves to play on heavy rotation,thats life for Travers unfortunately,he wont get a sniff at airplay.The Tracks 'Diamond Girl' & 'Wanted...' are both standouts on this album.

The rest,well Travers pretty much covers all bases, a quirky Eurthymics cover version(for me the weakest moment on the disc)immediately followed by the albums best track,the excellent instrumental 'Keep Calm and Carry On'.The final 3 tracks(with 'Dust & Bone' particulary outstanding) could all have featured on the 'Blues on Fire' album,they highlight just how comfortable Travers is in this area and you'll gently finish the album with your feet tapping and a daft grin on your face.

Certainly there's nothing new or wildly different about Travers here,he's done strange cover versions before,a couple of tracks are or seem vaguely autobiographical,slightly sad at how things have turned out,namely 'Long Time Gone' and 'Wanted....'.

Still its a great album,for his loyal fans one to savour. a solid 4 stars.

St Cecilia: The Elektra Record
St Cecilia: The Elektra Record
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: 11.38

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5.0 out of 5 stars Just stunning!!!!, 22 July 2013
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Couldnt think of any other title for this review,its short and straight to the point,a magnificent release,that i've long coveted.If you love the early style of B.O.C,especially the debut disc,then this is for you,late 60's pyschedelia never sounded so good.

This release on the Wounded Bird label would appear to be a straight reissue of the Rhino release from several years ago,certainly it replicates the front and back cover,unfortunately this release has limited sleeve notes,no photos or lyrics.

Despite being a low fi recording,this disc sounds beautiful,the production and(remaster?) capture that late 60's sound to perfection,a couple of the tracks were added to the remastered debut disc but they were out of context there and as such remained an oddity rather than enhancing the debut's reissue.

Highlights? i'm tempted to say all of it but if pushed the glorious double header of 'A Fact About Sneakers' & 'St Cecilia' from the initial 9 tracks,Buck Dharma's playin just mesmerising.The 2 alternate versions of 'I'm On The Lamb' are also superb

Tracks 1 -9 from the unreleased Elektra disc
tracks 10-16 unreleased demos/original versions
tracks 17-18 mono elektra single

This music is timeless,it beggars belief that elektra actually turned this down.How do i know its timeless? well my 17 yr old son actually stopped what he was doin' to comment on the music and particularly the guitar playin,track playin at the time was 'Ragamuffin Dumplin' another highlight.

A must buy disc if you are a cult fan (or a fan of late 60's music)
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Live at the Bamboo Room
Live at the Bamboo Room
Price: 15.44

5.0 out of 5 stars pat travers live and kicking a**, 18 July 2013
This review is from: Live at the Bamboo Room (Audio CD)
Pat Travers , whats he like,you wait years for albums,then 3 in a year(not forgetting Fidelis from 2010),2012's Blues on Fire was superb,this years 'Can Do' is on its way,and well this is Travers doing what he does best,playin 'live' and rockin' out.

As its live,there's always the occasional bum note,a wobble here and there,and frankly, to be honest Pat's vocals have never been the best,even back in the day,especially live,anyone who's seen him can confim,you go to see Pat playin guitar,his vocals are secondary,rough and ready and thats what you get here.

The audio disc contains 15 tracks while the DVD contains 14,'Red House' being specific to the DVD and 'Rock n Roll Susie/Stateboro' Blues only on the CD.

The CD sounds excellent,the band tight enough to do justice to the early 'rock' material whilst being fluid enough to accomodate Travers on the blues numbers when he feels like stretching out.

Eight of the 16 tracks come from his 'glory' period 1976-1980, no surprises there,tracks such as 'Snortin Whisky.../Life In London/Crash and Burn and a glorious 'Stevie',all show up well .

You want the blues?,well stunning playing on the likes of 'I've Got News For You',Red House'(dvd only),'If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day' and 'Black Dog Blues' should certainly put a smile on your face.

The dvd is a decent recording,the band stuck on a tiny stage in front of a small audience,not unlike the last time i saw Travers in Glasgow,on the Renfrew Ferry,then as here,he gave it his all,cant ask for much more than that,excellent release,well worth the money

Live At Wolf Trap
Live At Wolf Trap
Offered by Dirty Deals UK
Price: 5.72

5.0 out of 5 stars Listen to the music... its wonderful, 16 July 2013
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This review is from: Live At Wolf Trap (Audio CD)
When my ears have tired of the heavy rock and metal that i love,they need some soothing,i'm also quite partial to the likes of Steely Dan/The Eagles and especially The Doobie Brothers,so sometimes ear relaxation therapy is required,this is where this album comes in...

Recorded in 2004,its a superb recording which covers their entire career up to that point and includes material from almost every album,nothing unsurprisingly from 1980's 'One Step Closer' or '77's 'Livin' on the Fault Line',although im surprised nothing features from the excellent 'Cycles' disc from 1989,omitting 'The Docter',criminal really.

Highlights are a plenty, the opening one,two of 'Rockin Down The Highway'/'Jesus is Just Alright' is fantastic,there's some delightful acoustic playing on the likes of 'Five Corners',a breath taking version of 'Rainy Day Crossroad Blues'(could easily have been 70's Skynyrd for the first 2/3 minutes before the Sax appears), equally 'Clear as the Driven Snow' just mesmerises you.

So it continues,the production is excellent,the horns sound superb,personal preference,i would have liked the bass a little clearer more defined,but its a small point,doesnt hamper my enjoyment,the DVD has 6 extra tracks,this CD appears to be a straight forward reissue of the previous release,no extras.

Wonderful stuff.

Live On Air
Live On Air
Offered by jim-exselecky
Price: 4.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Reissue of Almight Blues & Beyond...., 3 July 2013
This review is from: Live On Air (Audio CD)
I love live albums,some bands were just meant to be heard 'live',Wishbone Ash are certaily one of them, depite having many great studio albums,a couple of them classics,their live albums are really were the show is at.

This appears to be a straight forward re-issue of the Almighty Blues & Beyond,disc,for reasons long forgot,i never managed to get that fabled disc,it now commands some silly money,so i'm thankful for this release. Eleven tracks of quality Ash,5 of which come from the,then,new disc 'Bona Fida',at the time it was hailed as a superb return to form,it was,however 'Live ' the tracks take on a life of their own,the disc opens with a stunning version of 'Almight Blues' whilst the likes of 'Faith,Hope and Love','Come Rain,Come Shine' are just magnificent.

Throw in a excellent rendition of 'Standing In The Rain' (from '96's under rated Illumination album) and 4 classics ,3 from Argus and a lively 'Jailbait' and you've got yourself another contender for best Ash 'live ' disc.

At this low price,you'd be mad not to.

Setlist: The Very Best Of Molly Hatchet LIVE
Setlist: The Very Best Of Molly Hatchet LIVE
Price: 7.32

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4.0 out of 5 stars excellent music,shoddy packaging, 3 July 2013
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I previously stated ,after buying a Blue Oyster Cult set list release,that i would never buy another,well ignoring my own advice,i bought this,once again i'm left slightly disappointed.

The music is excellent,'live' Hatchet is always a treat,tracks 1-7 are from the superb 1985 release 'Double Trouble Live',while tracks 8-12 claim to be previously unreleased,recorded 'live' at the Palladium L.A on 23/02/1982,great they are to.

However they sound identical to those versions found on the 'Extended Versions' disc released 2002, which were sourced from the King Biscuit greatest hits live album released earlier,that recording states the tracks are from the Palladium L A on the 12/02/1982(although some believe the extended version date back to 1981),all rather confusing.

For the record this release contains 'Bloody Reunion' which was only previously on the ,hard to find,King Biscuit release,so i've gained a track i didnt previously have,maybe the next set of 'unreleased tracks' will include 'Boogie No More' from that release ,so we can have the full set!!!!.

The liner notes are poor, several of the tracks from 'Double Trouble' are listed as recorded live in 1982,when they hadnt been written/recorded until '83 & '84,Producer Pat Armstrong is noted as Pate Armstrong,laughable shoddy presentation.

Sound quality,supposedly remastered,it sounds slightly better,less rough and ready round the edges,than the 'Extended Versions 'disc.

All in all its a poorly presented release,containing some fabulous music,from an under rated band,at the low price,its your choice.

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